Billy Price Makes Three for 2013

By Alex on February 13, 2012 at 3:23p

It was just two weeks ago that Austintown Fitch DL Billy Price told Jeremy that he wouldn't decide on a college until his senior year was over. Apparently, that timetable changed as Price confirmed to that he has committed to Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes after a weekend trip to Columbus.

Price, a 6-4/305 two way lineman, is one of the best players in the state for the class of 2013. He was always thought to be a Buckeye lean, but after Tatgate went down and Jim Tressel stepped down as head coach, he was a little more open to hearing from other schools. When Urban Meyer was named head coach, the full court press was once again put on the Youngstown stand out and after the junior's visit to Columbus on Saturday, he knew for sure Ohio State was where he wanted to be.

This is a huge pick up for Ohio State as Price is an excellent player who can make an immediate impact in Columbus. He is set to play defensive line for the Buckeyes, but is talented enough on offense to fill the void there as well if need be. Price becomes the third verbal commit for Urban Meyer in the class of 2013, joining ATH Jalin Marshall and DB Cameron Burrows in what is the ground work for a possible top class in the entire country.

Stay tuned as 11W will have more on the commitment of Price and the class of 2013 recruiting in the near future.



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Just absolutely love the first highlight on that tape.  Kid is obviously disciplined and football-smart.  Nice addition.  Gotta have some beef in the 2013 class too.

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yea buddy, this makes Monday not as bad...

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Should we expect any more commits this week on the heels of Junior Day?

Alex's picture

Eli Woodard perhaps

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thanks Alex - your hard work is much appreciated.

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Rivals #130 overall nationally

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I didn't realize how big of a kid he was. That's a whole lotta dude coming through the line! 

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Wow our D line is gonna be scary the next 3 years

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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LOL. I was just thinking this morning OSU should look at bringing in some DTs in 2013. I thought it was expected that Urban wouldn't really want some real beefeaters? I thought he would like fast and lean linemen? Glad I thought wrong!

Looking at that first clip he definitely is not fast. I guess Schutt is a big boy too but he looked quick. This guy is just massive!

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He did run a 5.01 40 time, that is pretty quick for a guy his size.  ESPN lists it as the fastest 40 run by a OT in the 2013 class (unfortunately they didn't realize that he isn't an OT, but that is another issue).  I know those are less than stellar blockers, but in some of those shots he got off the block before they could even get it set.  He doesn't necessarily look 6'4, but that isn't a huge problem if he can get leverage and push people around.

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You have to recruit the big bodied players at D tackle..especially in the big 10, otherwise you get pushed around by bigger stronger O-Lineman that roam the rosters of Wisky, Iowa, etc. D-ends are a different story, you want the long lean bodies that possess the speed and agility.


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By the time the season begins we may have only 4 spots left.

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If FNL over the summer goes well, it could be even less.

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He reminds me of John Simon... which is a great thing.

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REALLY great kid. Told me he knew where he was going, but didn't want to make it public for a bit, glad that was sooner rather than later. Tremendous upside a non-stop motor. BIG get or Urban and the 2013 class.

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Excellent pick up. Having these kind of DT's to take up double teams as well as blow up inside run plays/get QB pressure up the middle is what sets elite defenses apart a lot of times. Frees up backers and ends to make plays. Agree that he reminds me of a bigger Simon.

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Urban Meyer's recruiting skills, coupled with Ohio State's facilities and tradition was easy to see the potential. Still, it's crazy to watch Urban work. "You get what you put in" to the 17 thousandth degree. 

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What's the chances of this kid enrolling early?

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Also, how would that impact the scholarship count? It was my undersanding that students enrolled in January are included among the scholarship count of the fall's roster.

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Students enrolling early can count against last year's number so you don't oversign for 25.....for example, if we got Diggs we would have 26 which is against B1G rules, but because Cardale Jones is here early, he can count against last year's number and keep us at the 25...make sense?

Either way we need to be at 82 by fall camp.....85 on non-scholarship reduction years

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This is a HUGE get!! I love this kid! I feel he plays right away and you can never have enough strong Defensive tackles. He moves well for his frame and has lateral quickness as well.. The better your DTs the better your outside pass rush becomes.. This defensive line will be elite and "SEC" like as much as I hate to say that....

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Outstanding. Please appreciate this instead of dissecting every interview the man gives. I live in Cleveland and fans hated Bill Belicheck's interviews.He didn't pass the PC interview test. Ask Cleveland fans how they like Belicheck now.

Urban's a beast and we're in for an absolute clinic on the football field. Enjoy the ride. We've NEVER seen recruiting like this ever.

Can't wait for September!!!!!

There are winners and there are losers, and then there are "THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY"


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GOOD GAWD. Seeing a guy his size rack up a coveted punter sack? I need a cigarette. Or would if I smoked. 

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I like the one arm tackle while he's being blocked.  Stops the running back cold, then suplexs his ass backwards.  Yeah Yeah

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Welcome home, Billy! Going to be a stud for OSU in the future! With Woodard this Thursday, all of the first 4 are Fantastic! Get it? Fantastic Four?!? ;)

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nice, close that border, go bucks

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Let it be known across the B1G and all the land...this is urbans playground. There will be no poaching of top talent from within these borders. Great get for urban and staff on this one. Definitely liking this trend of ohio talent staying home!

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This is awesome! Billy Price and Tommy Schutt will be big time for us in a few years! Welcome!


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You know when the Urbz is done getting the people he wants TTUN will say "oh we are stealing Ohio recruits from you!". In actuality they will just be getting our leftovers.

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Without a doubt, that will be their go-to-line. Which means, Urban's just going to have to take Dymonte Thomas back in order to shut them all up-- There is no spin they could put on Thomas flipping to Columbus!

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great catch

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Welcome to the Buckeye Nation Billy!!!  We all look forward to you become a beast wearing the Scarlet and Gray!!!

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