The Rising

By Ramzy Nasrallah on January 30, 2012 at 1:58p
the best place on earth during the best time of yearIn the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. - Albert Camus

It's now okay to admit that last summer you emotionally prepared yourself for the decline and collapse of the Buckeye football empire. You were not the only one.

All of those days and months of relentless media castigation along with the looming, wildly-speculative disciplinary action had that effect on a lot of fragile psyches. When you see certain agony on the horizon, you mentally brace for the absolute worst. It's tough to stay positive in the middle of a screaming typhoon.

Beyond the scandal that felled our beloved head coach, there were wild stories of boogeymen dispensing forbidden gifts, fixed camp raffles during Ronald Reagan's first term and our enigmatic star quarterback earning $40,000 by signing autographs on the side. It all sounded quite plausible, up until the NCAA ruled it was not.

Every day it was something new and different, but it was always something bad. So you prepared your feeble animus for something badder. Amidst that bad news was the tricky little matter of determining which teenagers would be wearing those silver helmets you like so much in the not-too-distant future.

The game behind the game - recruiting - is a formidable indicator for future returns, and Jim Tressel's Buckeyes were savvy in establishing a core for each recruiting class before the weather turned warmer. Filling out each class with a whimper was the frustrating norm with very few exceptions, all mitigated by the fact that they started strong.

This 2012 class that will sign its letters of intent in a couple of days began no differently in that regard: Two five-star Ohioans, guard/tackle Kyle Kalis and tailback Bri'onte Dunn verbally committed to Tressel very early on in the process. However, that was before the self-inflicted and unsolicited third-party assaults on the Ohio State brand began in earnest.

Three weeks after calling himself 'a fighter' who wanted to be a Buckeye despite the fresh news of Tressel's departure, Kalis rescinded his pledge to Ohio State. He had been widely regarded the most important member of the class, and he would very soon be heading to Michigan and actively recruiting on the Wolverines' behalf.

This was only the beginning of the recruiting unpleasantness.

Lifelong Buckeye fan Kyle Dodson - a talented Ohioan occupying a position of dire need (OT) criminally ignored by Jim Bollman - abruptly committed to Wisconsin. Even already-signed incoming freshman Ejuan Price called off his plans with Ohio State.

The future was viciously circling the drain with unkind timing, as all of the lousy news was occurring shortly after Buckeye football had already lost both Tressel and Terrelle Pryor. Recruitment and retention were each in the red for Ohio State, and it was only June.

That decline and collapse of the Buckeye football empire? It was already happening without the benefit of a single football game.

So it is okay for you to cop to having installed a psychological safety net for your expectations, which are normally wired for championships. Even Alex was dispassionately anticipating even more unpalatable badness:

While Ohio State won't likely snag any big time out of state players this year, they are sure to re-gain the trust of players in their backyard who likely would have committed by now had Tatgate never exploded. (June 2011)

That low-hanging local fruit Alex was predicatively referring to turned out to be Tyvis Powell and De'Van Bogard, the latter coming from the ever-reliable Cleveland Glenville Buckeye feeding machine and the former being the bravest commitment of your 2012 recruiting class.

Brady Hoke and Brian Kelly were already poised to carve up Ohio for themselves, leaving the remainder to the Penn State assistants who recruited for the program at the behest of the late Joe Paterno, who spent the majority of his final decade in State College on self-administered house arrest where recruiting was concerned.

By the end of November, Buckeye recruiting was the same slow discomforting trickle it had been since early June, as coveted recruits had either eliminated the Buckeyes outright, were still playing the waiting game along with the rest of us or never actually considered Ohio State.

The Buckeyes finished their lost season at 6-6, losers to Michigan in Ann Arbor as well as six times on the recruiting field (Kalis, DT Ondre Pipkins, DE Tom Strobel, DE Christopher Wormley, LB James Ross and DB Terry Richardson are all headed to Michigan and hold scholarship offers from Ohio State) and headed for final NCAA judgment.

Right after the Michigan loss Urban Meyer took over as many of us had hoped and anticipated that he would and promptly subjugated almost a year of relentless brand assassination in a little less than a week. No big deal, you guys.

The result, still in the making, is that Ohio State's class of 2012 is one of the very best in the nation. It's a shock to everyone, regardless of their leanings. 

Photo credit: Joshua Polson/ Windsor Now!Former Penn State verbal/future Ohio State Buckeye OG Joey O'Connor.

Some hilarious explanations have been floated to explain Meyer's remarkable recruiting successes. There was Ohio State's very common NCAA exemption for additional headcount to incoming coaching staffs during bowl season, diligently spun by ESPN as a unique or controversial favor which was then predictably consumed by the understandably obsessed.

Alas, the forfeiture of commonly-granted staff exemptions was not listed amidst the punishments levied by Ohio State and the NCAA on the football program.

But it should have been! cried (mostly) Michigan fans, because Ohio State was inexplicably attractive again, and that extra .34 of a football staff that was suddenly making magic on living room couches had to be the reason. Far be it for lame ducks Bollman and Nick Siciliano to take time from their Gator Bowl preparations which consisted of [FILE NOT FOUND] to hit the recruiting trail for their successors.

Between June 9, 2010 - almost a year before Tressel resigfiretired from Ohio State and this past Halloween, the Buckeyes accumulated 13 verbal commitments including the ever-wavering one from Dunn.

All but one of them (Michael Thomas, via California by way of Fork Union Military Academy) are sons of Ohio. You know, the guys Alex told you would still come to Columbus despite all of the ugliness.

Since Halloween, ten more players have committed to Ohio State. Seven of them are from outside of Ohio. Eight of them were previously verbally committed elsewhere.

The Buckeyes' class of 2012 now claims eight verbal commitments that also hold Michigan scholarship offers (this statistic still feels downgraded following Rich Rodriguez' failed three-year quest to win the MAC, but it shouldn't any longer). Counting Dunn, who was a soft verbal at best, Ohio State is a perfect 8-0 against Michigan in recruiting when it has a permanent staff in place.

Hoke did all of his damage during the turmoil months against a phantom staff. He has been shut out since the new regime arrived. Meyer does not seem to give any damns about other coaching staffs' head starts or verbal commitments.

Another school that has a new coach with an inescapable narrative to overcome is Penn State, for whom Meyer has shown no mercy whatsoever.

What began with Tommy Schutt and Noah Spence has continued with Camren Williams and Armani Reeves. All of the jewels of Penn State's class now belong to the Buckeyes. They didn't exactly all deliberately defect to go to Ohio State, but that's where the Nits' recruiting prizes landed once they lost them.

Winners + Losers = no big deal. #LittlePinkHousesForYouAndMe #oohyeahHow November Saturdays and recruiting battles with Michigan should always feel.

Buckeye fans aren't terribly sympathetic to Penn State's recruiting plight for a multitude of reasons, but most especially because of what happened to Ohio State's own original recruiting targets in the wake of Tatgate: Kalis would be the homegrown star of a 2012 class that in all likelihood would be coming to Columbus to defend what was at least a 2011 Big Ten title.

So forgive Buckeye fans for not delving into an unproductive discussion involving time travel. There are more than a few other things we would fix with our history eraser aside from just preventing Tatgate, like giving Ryan Hamby vice-grip hands and teach Pryor to decline handouts, both real and imagined.

So what was once Penn State's is now coming to Columbus. Meyer not only salvaged the class of 2012, he improved what it probably would have been without the great disturbance of 2011.

He did this with all of two months to sell a battered program with a fresh postseason ban.

Ohio State football, which seemed destined for a period of less-regarded They Really Want to Be Here types of players - the late-bloomers and Plan B types that Penn State will be stocking itself with for some time - is selective again. So if you were bracing for reminders of Nick Mangold's meager star rating as justification for any recruit that could be considered a reach...alas, that will never go away.

Almost as shocking is that January - typically a spectator month for Buckeye fans while other schools are aggressively closing their classes - is impetuously exciting. Verbals? In late January?!

The 2012 recruiting season will close with Ohio State and Michigan both firmly in the top ten nationally, which is a formidable indicator for future returns in college football's greatest rivalry. They got some of the Buckeyes targets when the program was at its weakest; Ohio State got several Michigan targets as the Wolverines were coming off a BCS victory.

Kalis has earned an enhanced role of persona non grata without even having adorned Michigan's famous gimmick upon his head yet. Meyer is a villain to Ann Arbor despite having been absent from the Ohio State sideline since Tressel's camp raffle hoodwinking scams were still active. The Big Two are back, but most importantly, Ohio State football hasn't declined or collapsed.

The Buckeyes finished with a losing record and will sit out the 2012 postseason, and yet no B1G team has more momentum heading into the spring than Ohio State.

These days, as was the case last summer, Ohio State finds itself in the news daily. This time around, the news has been overwhelmingly positive. So now you're preparing your fragile animus for something even better than that. Good for you; good for all of us.

It's okay to admit that during this recruiting renaissance you are emotionally preparing yourself for the expansion and continuation of the Buckeye football empire. You are not the only one.


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Doc's picture

I was at my niece's birthday party over the weekend.  Her one uncle is the lone meatchicken fan in the family.  Of course he wears his AACC Sugar Bowl shirt.  Inevitably the discussion swings around to football and Urbz.  The Buckeyes in the group were talking about how he has turned the recruiting around and how excitied we all are for the Spring Game and this coming season.  The AACC uncle has to chime in with sum crap about a new decade of dominance by AACC.  I almost felt sorry for him when the can of Butthurt got opened.  The fans of TSUN don't want to realize that it took their best team in 5 years to beat our worst team in 20, and that it took 42 points and an overthrown ball to do it.  He predicts an AACC victory in the Shoe this November.  I can't wait for the shellacking.  The insane recruiting is only the first step.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

hodge's picture

Great read Ramzy, you eloquently surmized my budding optomism for the coming days/months/years ahead.

I've been a reader here since the Tat-5 scandal dropped a year ago.  But your article, "The Man who wasn't There," that turned me from "Casual Reader" to "Ingestor of Content with a Hunger Bordering on Violence."  It seemed only fitting that my first comment comes at the tail end of your Monday feature.

Thank you for the time you put in, you made the longest year of my Buckeye-obsessed life all the more bearable.

FUqUespin's picture

Damn right he did!

A-Effing-men to that!

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Tim's picture

The Big Ten and everyone else can enjoy the bowl ban next year, but it's obvious what is going to happen as early as September and definitely next year.  I hope the no-mercy recruiting strategy carries over to the football field and we blow out everyone we're capable of blowing out, especially TTUN.

dubjayfootball90's picture

yea buddy

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

My career always forces me to expect and prepare for the worst and then be pleasantly surprised if my projects don't end in a fairer descent into the abyss.  Even with that preparation, and the fact that Bauserman got the starting job (STILL baffles me), I couldn't squash all of the thoughts that we could actually get into the Big Ten title game.  Well, that most certainly ended up in a smoldering, smoking heap!  All of that has been amazingly erased with the announcement of Urban and the subsequent blizzard of great news stories and the tsunami of hate postings that followed!!! Ah, it was a rough year and we have come out even stronger than before!  I cannot WAIT to see the team that Urban unleashes next year and beyond - it is going to be something to watch!!!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

bassplayer7770's picture

Is it September yet?  I can hardly wait for our warmup game against Miami of Ohio.

Tim, I don't see Urban taking it easy on anybody.  He's a competitor, and I think the days of letting up and relying on the D to win the game are over.

VestedInterest's picture

My greatest satisfaction to emerge from the entire fiasco that was the Tat Five has been the implosion of the haters who wrongfully anticipated the swirling the drain of a program that has dominated on the field. Even SEC fans who claim OSU to "not be elite"(lol), are sounding as petulant as ever in their continued envy and disdain for what they cannot achieve as an overall program.

In a season and era that should by all accounts be engrossed and embroiled by despair and want, I (we) find myself more proud and happy to be a Buckeye than ever before.

Bite me haters.

cplunk's picture

I love when SEC fans claim OSU is not elite. Compare us to any SEC that isn't named Alabama, either over the last ten years, twenty years, fifty years, or all time. It isn't even close. 

Georgia fans in particular make me laugh when they believe they are elite. They're Michigan State with better team colors.

VestedInterest's picture

Outside of Vandy, there isn't an SEC team that compares reletively to half the B1G academically. They overlook this on a consistent basis...whatever.

Agree about Geogias uni's, my second fav. (original, not that Nike crap)

cplunk's picture

Academically or athletically. Even in the seven year sample size they insist on using most SEC teams don't measure up to OSU's accomplishments. That's why everybody but Bama (and maybe LSU) says "the SEC" is elite- they're living off the rest of the conference.

It goes beyond football too- Kentucky is great in hoops, but football? Tennessee is better than us in women's bball. 

Sport by sport there is one or two SEC teams that might be better, but you're comparing the best of 16 in each versus my one school. So what?? Come talk to me about your one school versus my one school and let's see.

btalbert25's picture

I'd put Florida ahead of Ohio State.  2 Football titles, 2 basketball titles, a Heisman winner, a slew of NFL and NBA prospects and another BCS bowl win in the mix as well.  Not to mention, I believe they were or are ranked ahead of Ohio State academically.  I don't have the numbers handy but I thought I remember at least a couple of years ago they were higher.  If not higher they are at least on par. 

I'd put Florida ahead of LSU and Alabama personally.  They are a school with good academics and they've had great sports since what 2004? 

VestedInterest's picture

Florida is there academically actually. Though I would cite sample size (ten years in this case?) as relevant. Go out fiddy and they're not close.

cplunk's picture

Florida had the Urban Meyer era and the Spurrier era, which are both nothing to sneeze at. Go back prior to the late 80's though and you're not going to see much. There just aren't very many schools that have been relevant like OSU has been relevant since the early days of football.

btalbert25's picture

Sorry I must've misread, I thought that we were only comparing the last 10 years or so.  I've never been big on comparing academics that much anyway.  I know it's supposed to be all about student athletes, but at the big time level it really has hardly ever been truly about academics, especially the last 30 years if not longer. I guess it makes for good banter back and forth, but I'm just not crazy about the academic debates.  Especially if you go to MGOBlog and read their comments about academics and Ohio State.  I don't want to sound like them in a debate with ANY fanbase lol.

William's picture

Florida is just below OSU academically. However OSU is rising up the rankings faster than any public university in the nation. 

BuckPirate1981's picture

First, I agree that the MGoWhiners blow out of proportion the academics at U of M vs. OSU.  There really isn't that great of an impact in the recruits they can get vs. what we can.  Also, realistically, a significant number of players at any school are not going to be going through the same rigorous courses that some other students might - ex., compare the number of "communications" majors (no offense) in some school's athletic departments to that of the general campus community if you don't think that's the case (or whatever the "easy" major is at your school - at my undergrad before I came to OSU it was communications).  That said, the first barrier any school has to acquiring a student athlete is: can they be admitted to that university.  Simply put, the admissions standards in the Big Ten are higher than many SEC schools, perhaps outside of Vandy.  Honestly, the fact that the Nerds put together a semi-respectable football program year in and year out is something that impresses me to no end, having lived in the same state that Duke calls home.  Which also makes me that much more impressed with Spurrier as a coach, given he was able to win the ACC at Duke (I know, it was the ACC, but it was DOOOOK!). And that much less impressed with Penn State's new coach for not doing anything with that program, given I don't believe in the "anyone would suck at Duke" excuse, but, I digress.  

Once you get past admissions, every freshman for typically has to take certain basic classes, which are going to be harder at some schools than others, even with all the tutors you can throw at a kid.  At some "harder" schools, kids actually have to try (see, Duron Carter, academic elligibility).  I remember taking an Honors English class, comparing that to friends who were in the regular course, and thinking, jeez guys, you got an A in this paper?  The same thing in my course would have gotten a B or a C - and at Duke, that would have been the same case in their non honors class (I went to ECU, so excuse the errors in my posts, thank goodness OSU took kindly to me).  So while I think it is pretentious for the M!ch!g@n fans (most of whom didn't attend said school) to harp on the superiority of their academics to OSU, I do agree there is a difference between Big Ten and SEC programs.  And much like oversigning, this creates an unfair advantage.  But one I'm happy to live with as long as our graduates sound somewhat more educated than my friend Chris Johnson.  And yes, TP interviews = nails down chalkboard.  

southbymidwest's picture

I am tired of hearing the condescending SEC grads around here telling me that, "Y'all in the Big 10 have some good teams some years, but y'all just don't live and breathe football like we do." Oh really?  I would like to knock the living y'all out of the next one who says that next year. Heh.


BTW, I think Ramzy has a great writing style. Really enjoy reading his, and the rest of the Eleven Warriors crew's articles.

VestedInterest's picture

Being a fan of a conference is one thing, but I and most of us I would argue are first and formost fans of Ohio State and while we would like to see the B1G do well, just don't really give a shit how Indiana and Minnesota do.

It's akin to being a bandwagoner, if your team sucks sheep sack, you can always fall back on the conference = weak.

DMcDougal24's picture

This was a fantastic article. I especially enjoyed the mentions of Penn State and their misfortune. I may be on the outside because I have felt sympathy for Penn State and there is some regret in us taking their four commits. I think that we were on the same slope that Penn State is on, but then Urban Meyer showed up. They didn't get an Urban Meyer. 

RBuck's picture

 I may be on the outside because I have felt sympathy for Penn State 


Yep, you're on my outside with PSU. If they need sympathy they can look in a dictionary between shit and syphilis. Remember, those low-lifes threw piss on TBDBITL.

Long live the southend.

superbuck's picture

No school showed us any mercy when they played us. The one thing I hope that Urban Meyer does is just let us score and score and score. Show no mercy to anyone even if the score is 60-6 go for 2 let all teams fear the fact that they have to take the field against the Buckeyes. They had no good words about us last season now let them deal with the fact we will hand their asses to them this season the speed on defense will be super. You kicked us while we were down now be prepared to get KICKED.  GOOOOOOOO BUCKS


Doc's picture

^^This^^  A thousand times this.  The rest of the B1G/country took delite in our "fall" this season.  I say it is time to blow the dust off of the "Butt Kickin'" machine.  Be relentless both on offense and defense.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

VestedInterest's picture

Yeah...I'm ready to start amassing some mad style points.

Baroclinicity's picture

I would think Purdue and Danny Hope are number 1 on this list.  Didn't he say something to the effect of "get used to it"?  We need to drop 70 on them.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

VestedInterest's picture

Yep, Hope and the Boilers got some coming. Next circle ends up around Beilima (sp?) and Wiscy, Meatchicken goes without saying. Another guy who perhaps needs reminded of his place in the heirarchy is Pat Fitzgerald at NW...getting a little too big for his britches.

dbit's picture

Revenge wishlist:

1. Michigan. Literally hope its 100 to nothing.  Denard throws 4 INTs, Brady Choke stutters through a postgame interview, ABC shows crying mich fans on TV

2. Wisconsin - not really revenge, but I'd still like to see Bielema stomped on again.

3. Purdue 

4. Penn St

5. MSU


BuckPirate1981's picture

I can not even begin to express my level of excitement, as I try to reel in my expectations, given the games we lost last year had more to do with bad coaching (no offense to Luke), which should be corrected this year (with our only major losses being across the O-Line).  I may or may not cackle at some point this year.  Likely during the M!ch!g@n game.  

NC_Buckeye's picture

And if we EVER lose another game at Ross–Ade Stadium... I swear I'm going to lose it. The fact that Boilermaker fans talk smack about their home record against the Buckeyes drives me absolutely I-N-S-A-N-E.

Not on our worst day should we ever come out of there with a "L".

[Edit: You read my mind Baro.]

causeicouldntgo43's picture

After The Game in 2012:

Reporter:   "Coach Meyer, Coach Meyer, uh - why did you go for two points after that last touchdown when you were leading Michigan by 4 touchdowns in the 4th Quarter with 1 minute left?"

Meyer:  "because I couldn't go for three"

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

I cannot for the life of me remember what team (I think it may have been LSU) Urban and his Gators were absolutely hammering but in the last 2 minutes of the game, Tebow was still out there running and throwing like the game just started.  After the game, a reporter tried to make a huge deal out of it and Urban brushed it aside saying it wasn't his job to stop his own offense, it was the defense's responsibility!!  MAN I can't wait for that attitude to come back to OSU!  Face it - 75% (totally made up) of the college football community hates OSU just because we are OSU so what the hell, we might as have a great time crushing teams and give them an actual reason!!!!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

Nappy's picture

Great article.  It's hard to believe, after Tressel's 10 years of dominance, that a new coach could come in and take the program even higher.  It's fun to get excited about recruits but for every James Laurinaitis theres a Robert Rose.  The Spring Game can't get here soon enough.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

Denny's picture

Every [Robert] Rose Has its Thorn?


DefendOhio's picture

Fantastic article. This shows just how much Meyer has owned Hoke in the last 2 months. All this happening with a new staff, sanctions, and scUM coming off a BCS win. Just wait til it's a level playing field. scUM has no chance in the future.

buckeyemitchell's picture

teach ryan hamby a vice grip hahahahahah so true

btalbert25's picture

One common theme I've heard out of Michigan fans are that we won't see the same Urban Meyer that Florida had.  Maybe that's right and maybe that's not, but shouldn't they worry that they'll end up getting the same Hoke?  Sure he had an 11 win year this year while dodging 2 of the better teams in the B1G and playing Ohio State in the worst season in 20 years, but it's not exactly like the guy was a rising superstart coach like I don't know say Jim Harbaugh.  They have to hope Ohio State doesn't get the same Urban Meyer(or better) and that they get a better version of Hoke than he's ever proven to be.  I like those odds.

I've found it comical that the shit is hitting the fan up there about recruiting lately, especially when they were so smug early on.  Many are now content with a barely top 10 class coming in, something Rich Rod was able to do, and they are just chalking up Ohio State's success to Penn State's meltdown.  Then they say well Hoke has a great class started for 2013.  Well, after tomorrow Urbs will have 2, 5 star commits in the fold for 2013 with probably another pulling the trigger before the start of his senior year and Foster really liking Ohio State at this point.  They are definitely in denial up there, as excited as I am for this class which is amazing, next years class could be one of the best college football recruiting classes ever.  Not just at Ohio State.  It'll be a small class, but potentially 1/3rd will be 5 star recruits.  That's sick.

BuckPirate1981's picture

Couldn't agree more.  Its not hard to look up the recruiting rankings while Urban was at Florida.  He was there from 2005-2010, and their rankings were 11th, 2nd, 1st, 12th, 21st (LOA controversy), 1st. The guy left that school with some amazing talent - its hilarious to hear otherwise.  The guy can flat out recruit, and we've seen that again here at OSU even before he had finished putting together a permanent staff.  This alone tells me we're getting something pretty darn close to the Urban Meyer of old, if not a new and improved version.  Hoke on the other hand... couldn't agree more that he won on an easier schedule than he will receive year in and year out.  Also, agree that he got some state of Ohio kids that hey wouldn't have if the scandal had not occured.  We picked off the bones of Penn State, but I have no doubt with some of the other kids we've brought in, there are nothing but big things to come.  So please, Missigan fans, keep up the talk.  Its gonna be a fun ride!

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

AACC fans are just pissed off fat Flounder Hoke didn't get it done by luring those PSU to commit to them. 

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

BrewstersMillions's picture

Excellent read, Ramzy. The timing of the swing in momentum couldn't have been better. Great job pointing out the time in which Meyer and Hoke did their recruiting damage, respectivley. Grant it, Hoke filled up a lot of his class early but it does speak to Meyer's recruiting prowess. He's virtually undaunted by anything the NCAA threw at him. He landed great players before the punishment and after. This was 2 months on the job. He's going to take whatever he wants, leave the scraps for his rivals and beat them mercilessley during the season. Meyer generally only loses big games. He wins a lot of them to. My point is, the Purdue's and Iowa's of the world are in for a world of hurt-his teams don't usually have those head scratchers (save for losing to Ole Miss in the Swamp). Moreover-look at what he does to his rivals. Miami and FSU, more often than not, found themselves begging for mercy and early. Michigan has that to look forward to. Urban has let the Big Ten know clearly that OSU is back. A lot of people danced on a grave that wasn't even dug....It's going to hurt.

Abhi's picture

What you say now meeecheegan?





timdogdad's picture

how can people with a quote, unquote michigan education be that ignorant- meyer is doing much better physically and has figured out that he can't do it all himself. he'll hand out a lot more duties and keep himself energized. nice try with that argument about meyer not being the same. he'll be better and wiser with his health and time usage. urban raises 2 crystal footballs and the avalanche of talent comes rolling into columbus.  scum knows  another losing streak is coming and they are in denial.    

D-Day0043's picture

We got one of the best coaches in the country, who is arguably an upgrade over the guy who kicked their ass for ten years, on the first shot. scUM was turned down repeatedly until they chose Hoke as their plan D. They just don't realize that they are not what they think they are. They finally barely beat us after 8 years and want to start talking smack. Those people are so ignorant they aren't even worth acknowledging. Let the losers enjoy talking smack after finally barely winning a game after 8 years, because it will be short lived.

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

superbuck's picture








Arizona_Buckeye's picture

GOD I love that pic!!!

The best thing about Pastafarianism? It is not only acceptable, but advisable, to be heavily sauced

superbuck's picture



Maestro's picture

I honestly feel like I need to be pinched.  It's been such a weird several months.  I made the huge error of making a forum post about the fact that if OSU beat Purdue they would guarantee another winning season.........DERP.  The past season was completely surreal and should have been incredibly heart breaking yet it somehow wasn't.  I can't believe how excited I am about the future after a 6-7 losing season.  

vacuuming sucks

Pam's picture

I was bracing for the overwhelming sadness to envelope me, but for some strange reason this past season was liberating. There was zero pressure after it was clear that the Bucks were not going "shock the nation." With so much success in the last 10 came the added pressure to win every game and ask not if we would be going to a BCS bowl, but which one.  I stopped reading and watching ESPN and canceled my subscription to SI and ESPN the Mag. I started to just enjoy being a fan. I didn't think I could watch another game in the 'Shoe without JT roaming the sidelines. However, when my friend in Cols. told me he had a ticket for the Wisky game, I called US Air right away and ended up having the best weekend in Cols. what with "Eat tu Brutus" and the Hail Mary from Braxton. Not going to lie, I ended up sobbing like I was 15 and got dumped by my BF right before Valentine's Day. Looking forward to this season and many more with a renewed sense of optimism.

Maestro's picture

Wish I had been there, but I wouldn't trade the memory of that game for anything in the world.  

I had promised my kids a night of "camping" in the family tent and they called me on it that day. So we were in the tent the night of the Wisky game.  We were "watching" the game on my phone, and as it went back and forth our moods changed accordingly.  My kids were literally crawling on top of me to see the ball moving up and down the field on the tiny phone screen.  When Braxton threw the pass we were in that awkward pause that happens when you are waiting for your phone to update.  When I yelled "we scored" the kids went absolutely nuts and started jumping around in the tent so much that I thought they were going to burst the air mattresses (yes really roughing it).  It was a pretty magical moment for me, but it would have been very cool to see you sobbing too Pam.

vacuuming sucks

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That is what kinda happened with me. I was so deflated because it looked as if after leading the whole game, we were going to lose. I sat down and had my head in my hands when I heard "Touchdown!!" and more "Holy Shit's" than I have ever heard. I popped back up and saw the TD on the Jumbotron and the tears just started. Lots and lots of pent up emotion I guess. My phone just lit up with text messages from everyone I know. I could have flown back to NJ on my own wings.  God I love the Buckeyes

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^This. I remember sitting in the south stands thinking where the hell is he throwing that ball, and my girlfriend starts screaming that Smith was open. Next thing I know the drunk guys next to me are crying and everyone else is absolutely screaming. Rushing onto the field only made it better.

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Excellent read, Ramzy.

"Stupidity has a knack of getting its way."
- Albert Camus (anticipating the birth and "rise" of Jabba)

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Obviously, no can dominate Michigan better in terms of W's and L's than JT.  I do, however, think that Urban may actually be able to dominate the rivalry better.  I think his teams will go for the kill, and keep killing Michigan, and I think he's going to kill their spirit much more than JT was able to.  Don't get me wrong, JT had great wins over Michigan, that deflated their fan base.  Can you imagine what a couple 40 point shellackings will do though?  Then beat them head to head over and over again in recruiting. 

I don't see Hoke/Urban being Woody/Bo 2.0 at all.  If Harbaugh went to Ann Arbor, yeah I could see it.  2 intense guys, great coaches going at it all the time.  Hoke,though, isn't even in the same universe as Urban.  I'm ok with the one win, granted I'd love to have another win over AACC, but the smugness their fans have.  The we're back baby attitude they are all walking around with right now.  The pride they've found again because of 1 win, is all going to be taken away next November.  I really think after listenning to Urban talk about Ohio State and the game, and Woody this is a dude who really understands the hate, and he's going to pound that school for a long time to come.

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I say we serve Buckeye Pie to all. 

Buckeye Pie:

1 – Pound of dynamic coach
1 – Pound of mobile quarterback
2 – Pounds of lean beefy linemen
2 – Pounds of aggressive defenders
2 – Pound of gashing running backs
1 – Mother lode of ecstatic fans
3 – Pinches of knowledgeable coaches
2– Dozen Habaneros (recruits)
1 – Quart of salt (perspiration)
4– Dozen Practice sessions
3 – Quarts of greased lightning

Place ingredients in a large area and thoroughly check for freshness before mixing.  Remove those ingredients which have become stale as this will ruin the taste of the pie you are feeding to your guests.  Mix the ingredients in a large container (The Horseshoe) until they are well incorporated without lumps or bubbles. Once the entire mixture is wet whip it into frenzy to add air into the mixture and then let stand so layers form.  Preheat greased lightning baking dish (stadium) to hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof during early spring.  Bake for 12 (games) and then let age.  The addition of habaneros regularly is recommended as this mixture can become stale with age. Serve to opponents when ready. 

Note:  Buckeye pie in large amounts has been known to cause stammering.  All the ingredients listed have been known to cause severe emotional outbursts and fits of anger.  

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Love your stuff, Ramzy. Used to rea Tuesday Morning Hangover on bucknuts regularly.  Suddenlt you were gone and i discovered 11W.  Love this site.

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This was an excellent read. Great work!

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Just made my donations to the Buckeye Club and Presidents Club for the year. Have never been more happy to do so. Go Bucks!

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Don't forget the 11W Respect The Basement Fundraiser too!

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