Marcus Makes 24

By Alex on February 1, 2012 at 7:45a

Moments ago, Durham (NC) Hillside DE/LB Jamal Marcus gave his verbal commitment to Urban Meyer and Ohio State, becoming the 24th member of the recruiting class of 2012.

Marcus, who stands at 6-3/240, played defensive end in high school, but is projected to be an outside linebacker at the next level. He had things narrowed down to Ohio State, Florida, East Carolina, and North Carolina, before slimming it down to ECU and OSU, eventually picking the Buckeyes. An official visit to Columbus January 20-22 sealed the deal for the super athlete, as he deliberated his decision at home for a few days, making the final call today.

With the addition of Marcus, the Buckeyes continue to climb up the recruiting rankings, while also reloading their linebacking corps. Marcus joins Luke Roberts, Josh Perry, Camren Williams, and David Perkins at the position in the class, a haul that should help provide depth and improve overall talent level to the current roster.

The Urban Train continues to go full speed ahead, and with only a few spots left in the class, things are starting to wind down and the picture is becoming more clear in terms of what the final list of prospects will look like. Stay tuned to 11W as we keep you updated on what has been one of the most fun journeys a Buckeye fan could experience.



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Once he learns how to wrap up better, he will be a machine

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Take THAT, East Carolina!!!!!

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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Doesn't Marcus put us at 82/82 spots full? Can someone explain how it's possible for us to take more players? I believe the numbers will work out because Urban says they will, but factoring in potential commitments from Dodson, Diggs, and/or Neal, we'd definitely have more players signed than we would be allowed. Can someone shed some light on this please? 

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From everything I've read, it would seem they expect more attrition between now and when fall practice starts (which I think is the day we have to be at 82 scholarships).  People transferring, medicals, dismissals, and just about anything you can think of happens to every program (how do you think the U can sign 31 players and still be at 85 scholarships).  This is all of course IMO, so I wouldn't worry much.  There was a good Plain Dealer article on this subject, but I don't have the link.

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It's going to be uncomfortable because there will likely be a period of time that OSU is over the 82 number.  Adam Griffin and Jaamal Berry are the 2 most likely openings IMHO, but I am certain that the coaching staff has a firm handle on the future roster changes.  82 by August is what really matters in the end, but I do not look forward to having the "oversigning" tag applied to OSU.

vacuuming sucks

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Here's a link to the PD article.

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I read the PD article, and I haven't been worried about the possibility of oversigning until today. I guess it just seems weird to me to be banking on guys leaving your program so heavily that you would risk oversigning.

If I recall correctly, the Fellows and McVey have already received their medical hardships, and we've seen a handful of guys transfer/get the boot. Jamaal Berry is still with the team (for now at least), but he's the only other guy that I've really seen rumored to be potentially on the way out

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FWIW, my buddy was speaking recently with an o-lineman's grandfather, and this o-lineman (a starter) tells his grandfather that he is loving the new Meyer/Mariotti workouts, that many if not most of the players love them too, but that some guys are simply not cutting it and that the player expects some attrition to come by way of guys who can't cut it and who quit.  I'm guessing he was referring to some of the lazier linemen, but he didn't name any names.

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I love the kids aggressiveness! He definitely fit's Meyers' defensive philosophy of: balls to the wall for 4-6 seconds for sure! HUGE acquisition for Buckeye fans!

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Again, great coverage guys. Love 11W.

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Did I miss something? Three days ago you said Reeves makes 24

Newcomerstown Trojans between Woody and Beaver.

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Lost Roger Lewis to grades.

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Thanks 15. Been under the weather for a couple days, must of missed that.

Newcomerstown Trojans between Woody and Beaver.

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Clear the decks for Dodson.

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dat pass (rush)!  in 3-4 years:


spence, schutt, pittmann, washington, rotating in marcus + people from other classes