Dominic Clarke Picked Up for OVI

By Jason Priestas on January 11, 2012 at 9:29p

Ohio State cornerback Dominic Clarke was charged Saturday with speeding, a stop sign violation and operating a motor vheicle while impaired (OVI) by the Ohio State University Police Department. Clarke was stopped at the corner of on Neil Ave and College Rd for the traffic violation and was subsequently charged with the OVI counts.

This is Clarke's second run-in with police in the last three months. The redshirt sophomore did not travel with the team to Illinois in mid-October after he was charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly shooting a BB gun from a dorm overhang.

While the police report does state that Clarke registered "low levels" of alchohol and he isn't the first college student to drink (or even get behind the wheel), this is not exactly the best way to earn the love of his new coach.

Clarke will be arraigned tomorrow morning at 10am.


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I was sitting on this one all day out of respect from our tipster, but other organizations broke the news, so here we are.

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I can't say a lot right now, but look for one or two guys to get booted from the team in the near future for screwing up off the field.


So you were sitting all day (ie, "can't say a lot right now") on Clarke "screwing up off the field". Is it that easy to connect the dots? Clarke is out?

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He should get himself a designated driver next time...someone like Gary Pinkel would be reliable.

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or Tony Larussa (sp?)

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What he really needs is a designated krunker - someone who will get krunk for him so he doesn't have to.

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Now we get to see if Urban, like McGruff, will be tough on crime.  I am hoping for the Urban Hammer.

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Uh, just curious, where do Neil and College intersect? Way south of campus?

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and the gray box is back...

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At least it happed in the offseason.../silverlining

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College Rd and Neil do not intersect. College Rd becoms Curl Dr in the North Campus area and Curl and Neil intersect around the JO North area. Either it's a typo or the reoprt is wrong in terms of the streets. Regardless, this is Clarke's second strike with the law and this is more serious than firing a BB gun. I'll be interested to see what Urban decides to do with this situation.

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From what I read, he got pulled over on Neil and 12th, which do intersect. I lived in Mack Hall last year which is right between 11th and 12th so I think that would make more sense.

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That does make sense and that would also explain why he was pulled over by campus police.

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He ran a stop according to the report, so I assume he turned right onto Neil (away from the library) and didn't stop before turning right. The area behind there is 20mph, which fits the report he was speeding. It's by 12th/Neil adjacent to Mirror Lake.

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I lived in Mack Hall as well, although 10 years ago.  If I remeber right, Steve Bellisari got busted for drunk driving after running a stop sign/red light at 12th and Neil in 2001.

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cut him and bring in a better recruit!


"Captain, over here, I've found someth... AHHHH!!!!!!"


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Innocent until proven guilty, people...

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The NCAA (and Ohio State) is not a court of law.

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I agree. And he should be disciplined by Meyer and OSU just for putting himself in this position. However, I believe that dismissal from the team (or the university) should require more than a "low level" DUI charge. The kid obviously has some problems if he's getting into trouble with the law a couple times in a few months. Perhaps support or help is what he needs, not just to be cast aside as some people are suggesting so a roster spot can be granted to someone else. I would hope my Alma Mater would treat members of their family a little better than that.

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A DUI in no possible way is "low level." It's possibly one of the stupidest things someone can do.   Also what other proof/evidence do you need other than he ran through a stop sign (that's breaking a law) and that he was obviously impaired due to intoxication (breaking another law.) There's no arguing whether or not he's guilty. He needs help whether it is counciling or serving time. 

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1. Did you even read the grey box or click through on the link? That's where the "low level" comment came from. It means he likely blew a low level BAC. I am assuming this based on the charge itself and that assumption could be wrong, but it's based on the best information available at this time.

2. While DUI is a very serious thing (and yes, a particularly stupid thing to do) as it places many people in danger, it is still a misdemeanor on the first (and normally the second) offense too. I'm not saying it's not serious, but it's not a felony and it's not exactly uncommon either. We all have friends with them, whether we know it or not.

3. I need a LOT more proof/evidence than Clarke simply being charged. You should too. If you don't, that's a damn shame and quite sad. Running a stop sign is an infraction, not even criminal. Saying it's "breaking the law" doesn't say much. Speeding is "breaking the law" and we all do it. It doesn't excuse it. But context is important and merely saying something "breaks the law" isn't all that helpful.

4. "There's no arguing whether or not he's guilty." have got to be fucking kidding me. All we know is the allegations. We don't know facts. And we only know one side's allegations. You cannot be serious with that comment.

5. I agree. He likely needs help/counseling. Funny thing is, I said the same thing above without crucifying the kid.


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1. He was speeding. (35 in a 20)

2. He ran a stop sign.

3. He was visually impaired as well as failed a breathalyzer. (edit: the breathalyzer may be an assumption on my part, but I imagine that is how they truly determined he was impaired.)

4. He didn't show proof of insurance.

Those seem pretty incriminating to me. Also how a second DUI can still be considered a misdemeanor is absolutely horrid.

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1. The police officer alleges he was speeding.

2. The police officer alleges he ran a stop sign.

3. The police officer alleges he was visually impaired as well as failed a breathalyzer.

4. The police officer alleges he didn't show proof of insurance.

Fixed all of those for you.

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So by stating that the cop allegedly said these things, you're questioning his findings? So you're saying the cop is possibly lying about the speeding, the running of the stop sign, the lack of insurance, and the failing of a breathalyzer test? That's quite a lot for a campus cop to be lying about. You can sit there and say he alleged this and that, but if the breathalyzer was administered, it's pretty stupid to argue against that, as well as the lack of insurance, he either showed that he has insurance or he didn't. The running of the stop sign and the speeding are a bit more subjective and trivial, but they aren't nearly as important or as bad as driving impaired and without proof of insurance.

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He isn't saying the officer is lying. Before his court date, the ticket and what is shown on the ticket is an allegation, not a fact as found in a court of law.

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^^This. If it turns out that an allegation is not sufficiently well-supported by the evidence, there might be a variety of reasons that the allegations don't end up leading to a conviction. That an arresting officer was lying is only one possible reason among many others - and not a very likely one at that. 

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This catfight is funny because it seems one of you is a lawyer or in law school.  To that poster, of course these are allegations, but there isn't going to be much arguing with some of those "allegations" since there is going to be paper that says something, and since there really isn't much likely to come up that argues against that paper, the court is likely to accept it. 

This is a big deal, simply b/c it provides meyer a chance to show how tough he's going to be.  I don't necessarily want him to go over the top to make an example, but there is a long line of arrests that his kids had at UF.  OSU fans were ranting about this only a couple of years ago, about how much of a piece of crap meyer he's a saint

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Has no one ever fought a traffic ticket before?  What's on the ticket isn't always right.  I don't really doubt this kid had a drink before he got pulled over, but why don't we let the courts make a judgement on his guilt.

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I got out of a speeding ticket once by fighting it. I was convinced that the officer had the wrong guy when he pulled me over. And the judge agreed.

I also know a guy who was charged with OVI, but when it got to court, the judge tossed out that charge (but kept a separate speeding charge) because "the reading on the breathalyzer suggests that the amount of alcohol was so negligible that the driver could not have posed any sort of risk".

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That's fine, as long as we're clear that you're making a prediction, not establishing that Clarke is guilty in this case.

I agree, it looks bad for Clarke, from a legal standpoint. Given what's been reported, the odds are that Clarke is guilty.

Moreover, Coach Meyer might very well have plenty of reasons, at this point, to take discliplinary actions against Clarke - even severe ones - regardless of whether Clarke is convicted of criminal wrongdoing in this case.

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5. Craig James allegedly killed 5 hookers at SMU, but we all know he's guilty.  #JusticeForThe5

6. And really, alleging that the cop is crooked as your best defense is lol. 

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No one said the cop is crooked. They're human. Sometimes (and more often than you think) they are just wrong.

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4. In my experience the cop probably didn't ask for his proof of insurance and then recorded that he didn't show proof. I have been ticketed for stop sign violations 3 times on campus and what I described happened all three times. It's no big deal, he has maybe a month to show that when the ticket was written that he did have insurance.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

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wow, settle down William. I disagree, in part because the DUI laws in this country border on draconian. a friend of mine got a DUI recently: he's a big guy, we ate dinner and had 3 beers over the course of 3 hours. he got pulled over on the way home and somehow blew a 1.25. 

if "low level" means Dom was barely over the limit, I think it's entirely possible to be effectively unimpaired and still fail a breathalyzer. that said, I do subscribe to the adage: "don't break the law while you're breaking the law." 

DRUNK driving is possibly one of the stupidest things someone can do. but over the "limit" isn't the same thing IMO.

William's picture

A 1.25? That's not possible. Did you mean .125? Also if you're over the limit you're over the limit. It's that simple don't drink and drive, make better fucking decisions. That's how people get killed. If he blew above the legal limit, then he should be severely punished, as should anyone else who does blow over the limit. Driving while impaired is an act that is still taken too lightly in this country. 

BuckeyeW's picture

Yes, .125. My point remains valid, that the limit is arbitrary and not necessarily indicative of impairment. 

bassplayer7770's picture

Plus, there are other factors that can affect the results like holding your breath, breathing heavily out of your mouth before the test, etc.  There's a reason why many attorneys fight the science of the machine.

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A .125 is way too high for you to be operating anything other than a remote. That means an 1/8th of your blood is alcohol.

Tony's picture

It actually means that 1/8th of a percent of your blood is alcohol. BAC is a percentage measure.

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It could also mean that he is under 21, which means in Ohio that with a low level he would be subjected to OVI laws. Just looked it up. .02 would be an OVI for someone under 21.

go bucks

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Because rape, murder, kidnapping, selling drugs, stealing, are just like drinking a beer or two and then driving.

I worked for a company that ran back ground checks on DRs, while it wasn't my function, from talking with coworkers, a DUI in college was very common and overlooked pretty quickly.

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Red shirt him!

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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What more proof do you need than a cop pulled him over for speeding and he had been drinking?

TheHostileDwarf's picture

You're kidding, right?

JakeBuckeye's picture

Bye bye Clarke? It would be a shame. He was very impressive until for whatever reason Travis Howard started playing over him (He was much better than Howard when he played.)

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Gotta think Meyer will use this as an opportunity to set the tone for discipline

Baroclinicity's picture

Gray boxed.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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Man, I hope he gets another chance and cleans up his act.  Like JakeBuckeye said, he was significantly better than Howard in the game film I saw.  Kid has All-American/1st round talent and skills with another couple years of work. 

Orlando Buckeye's picture

Seriously,  I hope this is an incredible teaching moment for Clarke, Meyer, and the entire team actually.  I'd hate to see him Hammeyered© over this.  


I don't doubt this kid was driving around after a few drinks.  If he's under 21 probably just 1 would qualify him for OVI.  It doesn't mean hes' guilty of anything yet.  Hell, a lot of people who ARE guilty end up being found not-guilty or pleading to a lesser charge.

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He should be disciplined severly since he is a "repeat" offender, but thrown off the team is a little harsh.  Meyer has to make sure the team understands that there are consequences, but that he is fair.

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Unfortunately, the arrest took place before before the official start of the Fulmer Cup season. No points awarded.

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Man, we can't do anything right these days.

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I thought 'low level' meant that his BAC registered alcohol but below the legal limit defined as DUI.  I am not sure what it is in Ohio anymore but here in AZ it is .08

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It's also .08 in Ohio.  I take low level to mean that he probably blew .08-.10 or so...barely over the limit.  I wonder how drunk you are at .08...

Class of 2010.

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Depends on how experienced a drinker you are. .08 is different to various people. I don't know what Clarke's age is but he may have been popped for being over a .02 and being underage. That is just speculation. Who knows what the case is, but we will see it all pan out eventually. Talking about players and cases, I haven't seen anything further on Mo C's case referring to his confiscated money. Anyone know how that played out?

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IANAL, but...Here in FL if he is under 21, registering any BAC is legally over the limit.  Over 21, over .08 is illegal.  In some cases, like accidents, registering a BAC of .01-.07 can cause you serious headaches.  The officer can list that alcohol contributed to the accident and make it your fault when it might have been no-fault.

BuckeyeJim's picture

I think it is .08 in Ohio too. It seems that he was too impaired to be driving and he should get punished by Urban. Being kicked off the team is not too harsh IMO - three and out. If I was caught by the Police, I would get hammered by the judge. It seems that most athletes get off very easily with our system.

ih8rolltyde's picture

If it was your first offense, you would prob have your license suspended for 30 days and pay about 1,500 in fines and fees. You don't get hammered by the judge, unless you throw in a moving vehicle infraction or you hit someone.

I was recently smoked from behind by a drunk with no insurance who fled the scene. Dude spent like 10 days in jail. 

I don't think we should throw Dom away for this. Dumb mistake, but correctable mistake.

Make him take a redshirt or allow him to transfer if he wishes.

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In Ohio if your under 21 and if you blow .02 or more it is consider a OVI. That would not be much more then 1 beer or shot. I have no idea what Clark's was though.

go bucks

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I remember going to football camps when I was in HS at UNC and Mack Brown (wow, that was a long time ago) giving us the "don't screw it up for yourself talk."  He talked about how hey, people are going to come after you just because you're a football player at a big school - men and women.  Girls might want to simply get pregnant by you with the misconception that all FB players went pro and made a lot of money (or put you in any number of other bad situations).  Guys would see you at a bar and throw a punch because hey, if they lose, they got beat up by a FB player, and if they win, they beat up a player.  Its win-win (other than well getting beat up) for the random d-bag, and lose-lose for the football player.  He also mentioned how nothing good happened after mid-night.  I'm hoping that Urbz has a long sit down with these kids to prevent any more situations such as this, as much as he can keep young guys from doing so.  The NFL tends to do a good job of having a rookie symposium to outline all of these hazards, I wonder to what degree that is done for our players?

As much as I feel bad for the kid, I think two strikes is sufficient to say you're out in this case.  Maybe a suspension to let due process play out a bit, but I'm sure Urbz has all the details straight from the horse's mouth.  If he really was drinking and driving, he needs to be gone.  As much as its a "family" and all, they can put the kid in AA and help him with school, but he doesn't need to be on the football team here (he'd easily end up somewhere else anyways).  This isn't a self-help group.  This is a football team that represents the entire University and heck the state of Ohio.  Drastically different situation, but look at Penn State and how the entire Univeristy is (and rightfully so to some extent) tainted by that situation.  I doubt some Art History major going there now played any role in that situation, but there are plenty of non-sport implications to that mess that affect everybody there.  Can you imagine if we let this kid slide and he were to follow it up with another DUI/OVI that took out a family or some kids?  Loss of life aside, talk about what ESPN and M!ch!g@n would do with that situation.  I know that's dramatic, but I think we all know someone or of someone that has had this come into their life in some capacity.  I have friends that had "minor" DUI's in college who later were not able to get into med school or jobs they wanted.  There's consequences to your actions, and just because you are an athlete, it doesn't mean you should be sheltered from them.  That's the best lesson Myer could teach all these kids right now, starting with Clarke.  Sorry dude, but anyone's replaceable.  Well maybe not Tress with no competent coaching staff behind him but you know what I mean. Sorry to pontificate, but it does rile me up a bit.  Regardless of what happens in the courtroom, this kid has a nice history of doing dumb things and putting himself in dumb situations, and that is not the type of kid we need in our program.  Unless we're cool with having these types of kids around.  

Side note, yes, Mack Brown is in fact a ridiculous recruiter.  Good thing we don't really have to worry about getting Texas kids to support our program all that much, eh?

RBuck's picture

The days are long gone when the campus or Columbus police took effed-up players back to their dorms or worse....Woody's house.

Long live the southend.

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I have to agree with TheHostileDwarf.

And as hard as it is to confess, I was cited for OVI not more than two weeks ago. I really can't be one of those people now that quickly judges someone for their first offense. It's every offense after it that's more damning for certain individuals. Where some people want to look at this as a lack of integrity, I see a guy who made a responsbile and accountable choice to cooperate with law enforcement. I know Clarke is held to a higher standard because of his role on the team, but he's still just a kid. These are all just kids. Some people go through their life not having one mark on their record with law, others don't. It doesn't make them worse people, in fact, I think they know the importance of not breaking a law better than someone who hasn't. It's that wisdom though and what you choose to do with it that makes a difference in people.

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PD reporting that Ohio State has released DBs DerJuan Gambrell and Dominic Clarke from scholarships for violations of team rules.!/PDBuckeyes/statuses/158685069496692736

I still don't think it's the right thing to do necessarily, but Clarke can't really blame anyone but himself, I guess. What did Gambrell do? I don't think I've seen that reported.