Dodson Makes 25

By Alex on February 1, 2012 at 7:59a

It has been a long ride for Kyle Dodson. The 6-6/310 offensive tackle from Cleveland Heights grew up rooting for Ohio State, but didn't get an offer from the Buckeyes early in the recruiting process. When he finally did, it seemed like it was too late, and a couple days later he chose to attend Wisconsin amid the NCAA investigation going on in Columbus. It seemed like he would be a Badger for a while, but then a combination of Urban Meyer being hired, Bret Bielema losing more than half of his staff, and Kyle wanting to take visits changed things.

Today, that journey has ended, with the coveted lineman choosing to go full-circle, announcing today that he would be attending The Ohio State University to play his college football. In making the decision, the four-star lineman took visits to Columbus and Madison, as well as trips to Michigan State, USC, and Auburn. In the end, the chance to play closer to his family and grandmother in Cleveland, coupled with the opportunity to grow as a player under Urban Meyer, kept the US Army All-American at home.

The addition of Dodson could not be any bigger for OSU, as tackle was an area identified as a weakness and targeted from the get-go as soon as Meyer was hired. With Taylor Decker currently on board, the Buckeyes now have two outstanding prospects at the position, and a third one, Jordan Diamond, is still available for the taking. The need for Diamond isn't as big as it was a few months ago, but if Urban can pull some more magic with the Chicago star, it would put the Bucks in a great position on the offensive line.

Dodson becomes the 25th member of this once downtrodden, now phenomenal recruiting haul for Ohio State. Things seem to be pretty much wrapped-up on the recruiting front, with just a couple of prospects remaining to serve as icing on the cake for the Buckeyes. With the addition of Dodson, Urban Meyer solidifies an A+ effort on the recruiting trail for this year and it should be exciting to see what this class can do when they get to camp come fall.



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Yeah boy.... love it!

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hell yeah.

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Thanks to my awful computer at work (shhhhh), i had to restart my browser every 5 mins. Who the eff is Meg??

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Let's just hope that Urban can flip Meg from Stanford.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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That was one of the GREATEST Buckeye commitment on LOID..... EVER!!! GO BUCKS!

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Fantastic news, if it had been USC I might have..........

vacuuming sucks

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Alex, I thought we cooled on Diamond after his visit to OSU? 

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Meg is the future NCAA girls lacrosse heisman winner


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I thought Diamond eliminated us a while ago.  Has something changed?

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He's climbin' in yo windows, snatchin' yo passrushers up.

And we'll drink to old Ohio, 'Til we wobble in our shoes! 

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Hide your kids!


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Urban be snatchin everybody around here

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i was under the impression that you're only allowed 25 recruits a year. I've been pretty confused the whole time, and i know it's been explained multiple times....BUuutt anyone wanna "learn me some stuff"

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85 total scholarships is the limit (but for us over the next 3 years, it is 82).  25/ year +- a few is just a general rule of thumb of about how many you can expect to get, as far as I know.

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The 6 early enrollees from this year's class can count towards last years #

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i appreciate it man...makes a lot more sense now

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im not a huge follower of recruiting, but that was one of the coolest ways to announce that ive ever seen. that young man (funny that hes younger than me but looks like a full grown man) is a leader, that chant got me fired up. it was hard to keep myself from yelling something to everyone at thompson...instead ill just work on an essay...shame theres no more relevant announcements today to distract me

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Agree, that announcement was very cool!

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I thought Diamond was a goner? Also, if anyone finds a video of his annoucement, post a link here.

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How exactly did he announce it? Couldn't watch here at work :(

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I loved his announcement. I really hope it shows up on youtube.

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Dodson brought all of his teamamtes to the front of the stage and joined them up front. They did a chant together, Kyle leading, the rest repeating. It ended with something like this:



OHIO STATE! (Everyone goes nuts as he throws on a Buckeye lid)

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Very cool! Thanks

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EDIT:  Changing link to 11W YouTube page.

YouTube of the announcement.  I promise it is not goatse or rickrollage.


"I got that feeling," he yelled. "Oh yeah," came the collective reply from his teammates. Each charge and reply growing louder than the last. "I'm feeling great!" "Oh yeah." "I got that feeling." "Oh yeah." "I'm sealing my fate." "Oh yeah." "I got that feeling." "Oh yeah." "Now don't lose faith." "Oh yeah." "I got that feeling." "Oh yeah." "Ohio State!"

Crowd goes apeshit at that point, it is pretty cool.

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Stopped pusuing Diamond following his visit...either knew something or thought the spot would be best used elsewhere.

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I'm guessing Alex had this material "queued up" from some time ago, and never had a chance to edit out the Diamond stuff. Give him a break, he's been working like a dog (and killing it in the process).

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No harm intended. I just thought maybe I had missed an update on him.

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espn showed literally a 1/2 second clip a second ago...i guess that counts as positive coverage for ohio state

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Sportscenter radio update mentioned the rape thing with one of Urban's recruits. Classy move.

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Awesome signing day, thanks to Team UFM and Alex/11W.

Now, we enter the post-NLOID soap opera phase.

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The announcement was epic, but what if we could have seen a live action camera feed of Bielema's face as Dodson made the announcement? (of course, he probably broke the news privately to Wisky a few days ago . . .) 

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If anyone finds the commitment video please post!!!

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for sure... it was very exciting

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Who said anything about Diamond? This is Kyle DODSON

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Sorry man. There is some Diamond talk in the third paragraph of the gray box. Didn't know if maybe you had gotten some new information.

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who is diamond ?


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Hey Alex, any way we can get a upload of the video of Dodson's commitment?  Also, have to ask, how confident are you in the Neal/Diggs rumors???  They are ALL over the message boards!

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Damn that kid is big. Are we sure it's not Sasquatch in pads? Somebody throw that kid some beef jerky before he hurts someone!



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Alex, is there a reason why tOSU hasn't rcv'd the commitment letter from Dodson yet?

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I'm pretty sure he signed his LOI on stage after he announced.

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not official until pantoni tweets it.  pretty sure he has an air mattress set up next to the fax machine.

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Actually, I thought they all signed their LOIs simultaneously before any of them announced.  I'm sure the staff will receive his fax soon...

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video of the commitment, not the ceremony: