West Edges East in Offense-Defense Bowl

By Alex on December 30, 2011 at 11:01a
Ball had a touchdown in the O/D BowlWarren Ball was a popular guy down in Dallas

The first of four high school football all-star games over the next week and a half, the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl took place last night at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas, with the West squad claiming a win over the East squad by a score of 21-14.

Five future Buckeyes participated in the game, and all were members of the winning team. Those players were RB Bri'onte Dunn, RB Warren Ball, LB Josh Perry, WR Roger Lewis, and DE Se'Von Pittman. It was big week down in Dallas for all Buckeyes involved, as during the week Roger Lewis and Josh Perry got some special recognition for outstanding play during practice sessions, while Se'Von Pittman was named the 2011 season Defensive Line MVP after the game, which started at 6:30 PM EST.

In the game, the East got out to a 6-0 lead early, only to be answered by Warren Ball to give the West a 7-6 lead, after knocking a score in from one yard out. The first half was reportedly a very defensive one, as the score remained 7-6 at the break, with both teams trotting back to the locker room to try to get something going.

In the beginning of the second half, Keith Byars II (yes, the son of OSU great Keith Byars) gave the East a 14-7 lead on a touchdown rush (followed by a two-point conversion), only to be answered by a scoring drive that ended with a pass from West and Maryland commit QB Caleb Rowe to WR Gabriel Marks to knot things up at 14-14, in the third quarter..

Things got defensive again in the fourth, as only one score was recorded in the period. That score came in the form of a 20-yard touchdown run from Auburn commit Jovon Robinson to give the West a 21-14 lead that would hold still to be the final outcome of the contest.

There was no box score provided after the game, but talking to someone who was in attendance, he said he was impressed with the play of all five Buckeye commits throughout practices and the way they played hard during the game. Both Dunn and Ball ran effectively (although Dunn did encounter a botched sweep play leading to the Byars TD), Lewis had a couple of catches, Perry was stellar in both run support and pass coverage, and Pittman was disruptive in the backfield throughout the game.

In addition to Buckeye news, there were four commitments made at the game. New Jersey DT Jamil Pollard became the first post-Sandusky verbal to Penn State, Brush TE/DE and former Michigan commit Pharaoh Brown pledged to Oregon, Nevada OL Cedrick Poutasi verballed to Utah, and Utah OL Brandon Fanaika gave his pledge to Stanford.

Game awards went to Caleb Rowe (overall MVP), Pharaoh Brown (West Offensive MVP), Malcolm Lewis (East Offensive MVP), Otha Peters (West Defensive MVP), and Shaq Lawson (East Defensive MVP).

In addition to Pittman winning defensive lineman of the year, Maty Mauk (Missouri) won overall player of the year, Nathan Peterman (Tennessee) won scholar-athlete of the year, Quinshad Davis (Undecided) won wide receiver of the year, JC Coleman (Virginia Tech) won running back of the year, Otha Peters (Tennessee) won linebacker of the year, Jermaine Edmondson (Michigan State) won defensive back of the year, Cedrick Poutasi (Utah) won offensive lineman of the year, and Blake Tibbs (Georgia) won special teams player of the year.

The game was not televised, but is supposed to be replayed January 2 on NBC, so check those channel guides and get the DVR ready.


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Ethan's picture

Good to hear our recruits are impressing. Any word on whether Perry will stay at LB or move down to the line? I heard a while back that he was likely going to be a lineman in college, but haven't seen anyone with authority confirm it. 

Alex's picture

I think with the numbers it will be tough to permanently move him down to DE, but I think he will be the perfect 3-4 OLB type who can line up with his hand down from the LB position....Urban loves players at all positions to be bigger and faster than what you normally see, so with the thin LB depth and plentiful depth at DE, I expect him to stay at LB at first, maybe move to the LEO position (DE that drops back as a LB in coverage at times) later on or play the VIPER that Bobby Carpenter played (LB who also lines up with hand down sometimes)

Ian_InsideTheShoe's picture

Great recap as always Alex. Love reading your updates, they're great. Thanks for the info!

biggy84's picture

Thanks for the info! I am surprised Byars' son isn't being recruited here.

Alex's picture

He's a running back and Ball and Dunn are just better

AltaBuck's picture

Yes...but are they better with only one shoe?

I am Groot - Groot

Run_Fido_Run's picture

And can they become a 250 lb. third down specialist in the NFL, who catches twice as many passes as he runs handoffs?

biggy84's picture

Archie's son isn't exactly the second coming of Barry Sanders and he got a scholly.

William's picture

Never understood why he got offered.

faux_maestro's picture

Maybe because he's Archie's kid?

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

William's picture

Shouldn't scholarships be offered because of merit and players earning them? Not because of who your daddy is?

faux_maestro's picture

While I agree with this, I think if any exception were to be made this would be one that I would make. I know we have in the past offered kids who might not normally merit a scholarship just to keep a particular H.S. program happy etc. In this case, considering everything Archie has done for the university, I have no problem with it.

Your mom told me she wants a Dicken Cidar.

William's picture

Shouldn't he get a better rate on his son's tuition anyway? Since he is a faculty member at the university? I'd imagine that his family could easily afford the tuition as well. I just think that we haven't been utilizing our scholarships to their full potential the past decade.

johnblairgobucks's picture

good enough reason 4 me.  Archie is one bad hombre.

spqr2008's picture

It would be ironic if he went to Illinois.  Every time we'd play them, the broadcaster would run his dad's highlights vs. Illinois, and I would laugh.

Buckeyejason's picture

Good stuff. I think Perry is the next will linebacker after Shaziers time. Seems to be athletic enough being that he was a good running back in high school.