Ohio State Hires Iowa State OC Tom Herman

By Elika on December 8, 2011 at 6:50p

Want a good gray box?

Sources are confirming FootballScoop.com's Thursday afternoon report that Urban Meyer has hired Iowa State offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Tom Herman. Herman is expected to replace Nick Siciliano as the quarterbacks coach at Ohio State.

CBSSports.com, on Herman:

Herman is relatively young (36 years old); he graduated cum laude from California Lutheran in 1997 and has been an assistant coach ever since. He has been Iowa State's offensive coordinator for three years, as he was brought in with Paul Rhoads before the 2009 season. Under Herman, the Iowa State offense has scored 20.5, 23.7, and 23.6 points per game in those three years. Previously, Herman was the offensive coordinator at Rice for two years, and he spent time as an assistant at two other schools in Texas for the six season prior to that. Herman also spent two seasons as a graduate assistant at Texas after graduating from college.


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So what your saying is Bollman is out?

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No. not yet at least coach herman apparently is going to take over as qb coach whereas bollman is the oc

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I hope it's just a typo, but I don't see any mention of Herman having a strong video coordination background. 

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So, I don't know much about Coach Herman but what are the thoughts of those who do know?  

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x 2.

I can't really say much though because I don't know anything about him. I do know that Urban  Meyer probably has a good idea about this guy so I'll take it.

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Agreed. I am not knowledgeable enough to know how good this is (but I assume it is good). Just saying we are all geared up for some big, recognizable name to hit here soon.

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I know 0 about this guy, but we got a D1 OC to be our QB coach. Can't be that bad of a hire.

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My thoughts exactly.

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Hmm, Iowa has had some good throwing QBs but I'm not sure about this hire. Obviously Iowa doesn't attract the talent Ohio State does so maybe he is a great coach who had to really work hard to get those Iowa QBs to the level they were. As 741 says, Anticlimactic.

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Iowa State, buddy. Not Iowa.

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Oh my bad. Was reading with just a couple hours of sleep.

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Hope you don't mind a correction to your post, Seabass1974, but it's Iowa State, not Iowa.

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I don't mind, I blame lack of sleep. I am part of the 1%. You know the guys that go to work HAHA!

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Good for you being in the 1%. I've been out of work for awhile and want to get back into the 1% group.

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You guys don't know how good we have it -- this is a HUGE get as a QB coach -- see below which were posted on Scout



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This a thousand times. 

The guy has been very successful implementing the spread as the OC at small schools with low talent levels. How much more so now that he's got a weapon like Braxton Miller at his disposal?

Also worth noting, the fact that Urban can convince a successful OC to take a demotion to be a position coach means that he can recruit coaches as well as he can recruit players. 

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Conan- thanks a lot for sharing those links. The first one that examines Herman philosophy really details why this is such a great hire. An offensive coach that puts an importance on "explosive" plays? If Herman had a talk with Bollman, Bollman would think he was speaking Chinese.

This just shows a trend with Urban that he means what he says- he's going after the best recruits and the best coaches. 

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Thanks for the links.  From the 2nd one regarding his time at Rice: 

In two seasons with the Owls, Herman’s offenses re-wrote the school record book (nearly 50 records were broken) and helped Rice win 10 games in 2008, including the school’s first bowl game since 1954.


As a team, the Owls ranked in the Top 10 nationally in 2008 for passing offense (5th at 327.8), scoring offense (tied for 8th at 41.6) and total offense (10th at 472.3). Rice was seventh nationally in first downs (309) and 12th in third-down conversion percentage (49.4%). Herman-led offenses broke Rice school records for points and touchdowns in a season both years he was on the Owl staff.

Rice’s spread attack completed nearly two-thirds (65.6%) of its passes and its TD-to-interception ratio of 48-to-7 was an NCAA FBS best. The quick-strike Owls had 30 scoring drives of five plays or less in 2008 and 31 scoring marches of less than two minutes.


Two of Herman’s receivers registered more then 1,300 yards receiving in 2008. Quarterback Chase Clement and receiver Jarrett Dillard connected for an NCAA-record 51 touchdowns over their career, breaking the previous mark by 12. Tight end James Casey was the NCAA’s second-leading receiver with 111 catches in 2008.


It sounds like Stoney could become an integral part of next year's offense.

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this guy is leaving his job as on OC in a BCS conference to be our QB coach.  Think it is huge.

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he likes "explosive plays" (i.e. big plays). This with urban and braxton could lead to a verrrrry exciting offesnse

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guys, this is a very, very, VERY good hire

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I remember thinking (and posting afterwards, I believe) after Iowa St. upset Okla St. that their young QB reminded me of a Poor Man's Braxton. Similar skill sets, less talented overall but same pluses and minuses. Watching their game plan against OklaSt I was impressed at how consistently this guy was put into situations where he could easily succeed. As opposed to say, Play Action on 3rd and 15 (yes I know this is a tired joke by now), etc. Unlike poor Brax, who was forced to do many things that he obviously wasn't ready to do, Iowa St kept things simple, spaced out, and effective. This bodes well for us. 


That being said, it was only 1 game and also happened to be their best performance of the season. so take it fwiw. 


But I liked what I saw and think this is a solid hire. 

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He certainly has huge shoes to fill!


/totally bulshitting

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very pleased with this hire.

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Weis is going to Kansas I hear...

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(Also, I'm not a dude)

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Totally off topic, but does anyone have a link for the Browns-Steelers game?

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Harmon is a member of mensa.  It's a bit obnoxious for my taste, but I'll wager he'll bring a cerebral quality to offensive game planning...perhaps even a decided schematic advantage....or is that just for members of fatsa?

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"That and a dollar will buy me a cup of coffee," he said of the Mensa membership, which he explained he qualified for after taking a test right around the time he was graduating from college at Cal Lutheran in 1997 at his mom's prodding. She said 'Take the test. If anything else it'll look good on a resume.'  


He doesn't sound pompus about it.

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+1...mostly looking for an excuse to take a shot at Charlie Cheeseburger..

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Yes but does he like jokes and/or WGHarding


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Getting a BCS school's OC to become the QB coach is a big deal IMHO.  That would be a huge backwards step in someone's career if it weren't a move from Iowa State to OSU.  This is a great get when you consider the coaching that the QB's have been getting since JT retire-signed.  Very happy with this development.

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Well, after doing a little reading up, I'm actually pretty excited about this hire.  Glad I helped start one of the famous 11W comment debates! :)


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This is an awesome hire.  Whoever ends up being hired as the OC will almost certainly eventually be replaced by Herman.  Plus, since he is a huge nerd, his resume pretty much screams life time coordinator/

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In other news, Nick Siciliano was rehired by Jim Tressell to resume his duties of bringing him coffee and shutting the fuck up when Pryor is in the room.

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after having seen some of the offenses in the Big 12, This is a great hire.  IMHO.


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Hey, Auburn hired Iowa State's head coach not that long ago.  How'd that work out?  Maybe there's something to this.  In all seriousness, great hire.

Class of 2010.

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Read a report that Herman is also being considered for the OC position as well at tOSU. Can anyone verify if this is true?

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Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  "We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!"

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 "Here, we didn't try to fit a square peg into a round hole. While we have never wavered from being spread, no huddle and shotgun, we're going to have to run the ball. We became a run-first team as we slowly improve at the wide receiver position."

I think that's the money quote, especially for people worried about the spread.  Urban and this staff have run the spread previously because they felt it gave them a schematic advantage.  I have no doubt that they will continue to be out front of the trends and do whatever they feel gives them the best chance to be successful, whether that continues to be the spread in any form, or something different based on the caliber of recruits or any other changes to the competitive environment.

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i like the young blood and his offenses output...just...intrigued now that we've found out he's not just the QB coach

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