Eleven Dubcast: Age of Reason

By Luke on November 10, 2011 at 12:12p
Trains, plain janes, and Hopemobiles.Choo choo.

Hey, look! Ohio State beat Indiana. At least I think, I was too busy trying not to have a stroke after the Bucks fell behind to a team they were 27.5 point favorites against early. No, I'm pretty sure I remember it, Ohio State totally beat the Hoosiers. Johnny and myself recap what was, why they were they way they were, and what it all means anyway. Hangover game? More like hangunder game! /showsselfout

More pressingly we welcome in Ryan (aka boilerdowd) of Boiled Sports fame. A leading scholar at said fine Purdue blog, he gets us up to speed on Purdue's offense and we literally (/Traeger'd) discuss it all: personnel, attitude, looking back and looking ahead, and even identity. Needless to say, if you're as clueless on Purdue 2011 as a lot of folks are, this will be a great way to get up to speed in a hurry.

Finally your co-hosts weigh in on how we see the rest of the season playing out including but not limited to the Purdue game and break down what Ohio State will need to do to be successful Saturday and beyond. Plus, in what's become our most popular segment, there may or may not be an oral review of a certain abysmal Canadian act who may or may not lose their spot performing during the Thanksgiving Green Bay-Detroit halftime show. All this and Presidential facial hair! 

Right click save as here in order to consume as you please. You can also check us out on the iTunes store. Lastly, be our guest and press play underneath:

The music? I thought you'd never ask. The podcast opener comes courtesy of the excellent Atlas Sound and their latest "Parallax". We go with the title track, which while just .99, you can cop the entire album for just $4.99. Make it happen. Following Ryan swearing allegiance to the finest presidential facial there was or will likely ever be, we usher in French electronipop duo Justice and their targeted towards our collective hearts "Ohio". The closer? Well that comes courtesy of Real Estate's latest with the second track, "Green Aisles". Consume them all before they consume you.


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Hipster music +1

I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly...

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You know if you buy enough hipster music through the post above, Johnny no longer has to eat canned dog food for dinner.

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Would it kill you to play a little Foghat?

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well, i won't HAVE to. but i still will. because it's delicious

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OSU release this afternoon...announces university has completed its investigation.

They bury the lead in the last graph on additional self-imposed sanctions.


NCAA, Ohio State complete investigation into remaining open items
University receives and responds to supplemental Notice of Allegations

The Ohio State University today announced that the institution and the NCAA enforcement staff have completed their joint investigation into the remaining matters not part of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions hearing Aug. 12. As a result, the university has received a supplemental Notice of Allegations from the NCAA and has submitted its response. The filing of this response completes the university’s submissions to the committee. The university is hopeful that the Committee on Infractions will review these materials and render its final decision in the near future.

The recent notice from the NCAA had two allegations. The first was related to the “extra benefits” violations discovered through a joint investigation with the NCAA and publicly announced by the university Sept. 1 and Oct. 3 involving Robert DiGeronimo, who at the time was a representative of the institution’s athletics interests (also known as a “booster”). In February 2011, he arranged for cash payments of $200 each to four current or former student-athletes at an annual charity event for a nonprofit organization of which DiGeronimo was a board member. Additionally, the student-athletes attended the event without written approval from the athletics director or his designee. Further, DiGeronimo arranged for five student-athletes to be overcompensated by a total of $1,605 while they were employed by businesses owned and operated by the DiGeronimo family.

The second allegation asserts that the institution took insufficient action to monitor DiGeronimo, resulting in a “failure to monitor” allegation, primarily due to DiGeronimo’s overpayment to student-athlete employees and cash payments at the Cornerstone of Hope charitable event. This allegation only concerns a booster and does not relate to any of the issues discussed at the Aug. 12 Committee on Infractions hearing.

"Over the past three months, our athletics department staff has continued to work cooperatively with the NCAA to conclude our inquiry into the remaining items related to our football program," said athletics director Gene Smith. "Throughout the entire process since we discovered possible infractions, the athletics department has consistently worked with the NCAA to investigate any allegation, take responsibility, self-report its findings to the NCAA in a transparent manner, and take necessary remediation steps. That is what we have done on this last open issue, and we accept that we should have done more to oversee Mr. DiGeronimo’s activities.

"We look forward to working with the staff and the Committee on Infractions to reach a timely resolution of the case. On a personal note, I deeply regret that I did not ensure the degree of monitoring our institution deserves and demands," Smith said.

As a result of the additional allegations, the university will self-impose a reduction of five scholarships over a three-year period beginning next year. Also, the university disassociated DiGeronimo Sept. 20 and is taking further steps to enhance its education and monitoring programs. This action is in addition to the self-imposed sanctions previously identified to the Committee on Infractions Aug. 12. Those include vacating the 2010 season (including the Sugar Bowl), vacating the 2010 Big Ten football championship, imposing a two-year probation period, seeking and accepting the resignation of then head football coach Jim Tressel, and forfeiting the university’s share of the Big Ten’s payment for having played in the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

Documents related to Ohio State’s NCAA investigation can be found at http://www.osu.edu/news/ncaadocs/

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I fear the Reaper on this.  I think the ncaa is going to dry hump us back into the stone age.  I think this "self imposed sanctions" just make the final punishment even worse.  Don't give up anything until the ncaa takes it from us.  JMHO.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

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on a more important note, I have started a facebook group for mustachists.  People with mustaches are the bain of America's existence and we need to work to eradicate them from our population.  except for these 3 instances



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