The Great Pretender

By Ramzy Nasrallah on October 10, 2011 at 2:00p
"Trust me: Joe made some great throws."

For a little more than a half of football on Saturday, Ohio State actually resembled a competent, relatively well-run football team.

Aside from a few penalties and forgivable tactical lapses, the Buckeyes were making themselves right at home in Nebraska's first home Big Ten conference game. The Huskers' coaching staff had curiously amputated Taylor Martinez's legs, forcing him to play to his weakness and allowing Ohio State to capitalize on what could most kindly be described as a disastrous game plan.

The first 40 minutes of Saturday night's game represented the first, genuinely joyous moments involving Ohio State football since Terrelle Pryor was being showered with confetti in the Louisiana Superdome. The Buckeyes had demonstrated for over a half of football that neither of Nebraska's lines could play with them.

And as long as Nebraska was keeping Martinez in the pocket or on little rollouts, they posed very little threat of making a blowout interesting.

But then the 2011 Ohio State Buckeyes reminded you what they really are: A delicate, fragile mess completely void of any leadership at all.

Nebraska made up for its flawed offensive strategy the moment Braxton Miller's injury removed him from the game: They wanted to strike quickly. Teams will often go deep the first play following a turnover. That is a challenge for a quarterback with Martinez's skill set.

So they unshackled him from the failing game plan and turned him loose. Nebraska scored in two plays, both on the ground, to cut the lead to 14 points.

Joe Bauserman came in for Ohio State and the Buckeyes continued to run the ball well, picking up a first down. Then, startlingly, he was allowed to throw, missing Jake Stoneburner badly, and the Buckeyes were forced to punt.

Now that Nebraska had re-established Martinez as a running threat, the Buckeye defense was off-balance. The Huskers ended up scoring its four touchdowns on second-half drives that lasted all of 0:31, 2:37, 2:51 and 1:19. That's seven minutes and 18 seconds total, to score 28 points.

In between those Nebraska scoring drives, Ohio State's offense managed a grand total of three first downs, all of which came via Bauserman handoffs, not Bauserman throws. All of a sudden, the disastrous game plan now belonged to the visitors' sideline.

Bauserman finished 1-10 with most of his passes landing well out of bounds, not only stopping the clock for a Nebraska team that had been 21 points down, but infusing them with hope while siphoning it away from a Buckeye defense that wasn't even given time to take its helmets off between drives.

Metaphorically, Ohio State's offensive strategy with Miller out of the game was to run up the down-escalator while holding two overfilled cups of scalding hot coffee. As this was happening, everyone watching - except for Jim Bollman, apparently - was wondering why they weren't just taking the up escalator instead.

Once Miller went down and Nebraska scored, Ohio State should have gone into crisis management mode. They had been running the ball effectively, hand-offs are within Bauserman's ball-transferring accuracy range and the clock was now a liability.

Instead Bollman had Bauserman throw the ball ten times, two more than Miller had thrown in total while Ohio State had built its three-touchdown lead.

The Buckeyes did nothing to slow Nebraska down for the final 20 minutes of the game. In once again demonstrating a complete lack of in-game management perspicacity, Luke Fickell did not bother using a second half timeout until the score was 34-27 Nebraska and the game was effectively over.

The entire Ohio State sideline - including Fickell -  watched the game being taken away from them while waiting in vain for any player or coach to do something.

As the Buckeye defense quickly crumbled, nobody did anything. While the Huskers were gaining momentum and reversing the outcome, nobody did anything. While Martinez and his offense were developing an offensive rhythm, nobody on Ohio State's sideline bothered to disrupt it. Not even a single, lousy timeout.

Ohio State's mojo was extinguished the moment Miller went down

Among the most important tasks in coaching is crisis management. All of the schematic advantages and superior talent cannot save you if you are unable to free your team from the clenches of a psychological meltdown.

Fickell's response to crisis on Saturday night was to simply watch it unfold with the rest of us. Bollman's response to crisis was to abandon an effective running game and parole Nebraska through what everyone watching knew was a non-starter with the arm of Bauserman.

Jim Heacock's response to crisis was to hopelessly spy Martinez with a linebacker even after Nebraska changed its offensive strategy. Even Joe Paterno in his current Queen of England mode gets more involved with his team in times of crisis.

Fickell is being judged on this interim basis largely on how he handles the program, which is now in its seventh full month of crisis-mode. While it is difficult if not impossible to judge what kind of a crisis manager he has been behind the scenes, there is much you can take from his in-game coaching indecisions - and most incriminating, his disastrous choice of installing temporary captains.

Captains are the rocks of program. The designation is not so much a reward as it is an assigned, additional responsibility: Captains are designated crisis managers who act as an extension of the coaching staff, but in pads and helmets. They are the steel threads that hold the roster together. This is the reason why the practice of temporary captains disappears beyond youth soccer leagues.

You do not outsource this job to temps. You do not make it merely symbolic. You do not diffuse its importance. You do not neuter your players who possess the rare cult of personality that draws other players to them.

Yet this is exactly what Fickell has done, and its consequences have never been more evident than during both of Ohio State's road games. He has created a charade where each week, arbitrarily-selected players get to pretend to be team leaders. They get to be temporary crisis managers. They get to pretend to be special.

There has been a lot of pretending going on at Ohio State recently, from the top all the way down: Jim Tressel pretended to be an active participant in program compliance. Gordon Gee is currently pretending that his chief athletic administrator has been a worthy crisis manager.

Gene Smith's entire range of public emotions range from probably-pretending to definitely-pretending, and Nick Siciliano is still pretending to be a quarterback coach, when in reality if Ohio State employs any other teacher on campus less qualified than he is the university should have its AAU membership revoked.

Bauserman, who has had Siciliano as his position coach his entire tenure does not release the football in anything that could be considered an acceptable throwing motion. Miller, still a freshman, hasn't learned yet either.

Apparently Kenny Guiton has football leprosy and isn’t allowed to come into contact with an active playing surface for fear of delivering something worse than Bauserman's ZERO POINT NINE quarterback rating Saturday night.

Taylor Graham ‘has the best throwing motion’ of the four, which implies he actually has one. Professor Obvious would like to direct you to his DNA for the proper credit.

Four things happen when Bauserman drops back to pass and all of them are bad: A pass into the stands, a standard on-the-field incompletion, a turnover or a sack. Completions, if they were to somehow occur, would be a statistical outlier. Yet Bollman continues to pretend that passing is an option with him on the field.

Tressel, like a blustery woman who chooses a meek spouse she can walk all over, assembled a coaching staff that he could effectively coach through. The ones capable of leading on their own would leave to take promotions elsewhere all throughout his tenure.

The ones incapable of advancing or content with their level of advancement (like Heacock, a fine defensive coordinator who is content with that) have remained. Those mainstays who will never leave Columbus until they're told they have to now find themselves exposed for what they have always been.

For a little more than a half of football on Saturday, Ohio State actually resembled a competent, relatively well-run football team. Things were going great, and then Miller got hurt and crisis struck. Ballgame.

After the crises at Miami, against Michigan State and at Nebraska, you know what the new normal is, and it isn't what those first 40 dilemma-free minutes showed us.

Holding out hope that these coaches are going to improve on their own is tantamount to pretending there is a single leader among them. Ask yourself who that is, and if you have the answer - by all means - please share, or at least let that coach know that it's him.

You learn the most about people in times of crisis. This is when leaders and cowards emerge, and Ohio State has been in crisis since March. You've already seen more than enough to draw a reasonable conclusion about the 2011 season.


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Bruce's picture

Well, they did give us that first almost three quarters.

That was better than the status quo for this year, maybe there is hope.

*takes off scarlet colored glasses*

Go Bucks

From the 2007 HBO special ---->

Maestro's picture

As I laid in bed Sat night replaying the game I searched for answers.

It may sound like an excuse, but all the turmoil that the program has gone through this past year matters more than we would like to admit. Thinking that it wouldn't or shouldn't is where we are all pretending IMHO.

vacuuming sucks

Marshall's picture

While I agree with the premise of this article, the following statement seems harsh:  "Tressel, like a blustery woman who chooses a meek spouse she can walk all over, assembled a coaching staff that he could effectively coach through. The ones capable of leading on their own would leave to take promotions elsewhere all throughout his tenure."  Doesn't this happen EVERYWHERE in sports?  The guys who have their own takes, their own opinions, their own styles go off to showcase those qualities, while other guys are content to stick to the head coach's knitting, aren't they?  Look at Penn State's staff or Iowa's staff.  All those assistant coaches at their respective schools have been in those jobs for forever and a day, and they keep finding ways to perform at a decent to high level.  Other programs have assistant coaches who bolt, and they're never the same; USC comes to mind after Chow and, to a lesser degree, Kiffin and Sarkisian left.  Same for Florida once Meyer started bleeding assistants.  So while there may be a big bunch of sycophants in the ranks of the assistant coaches, I'm betting most staffs that stick together for awhile are the same way as what Tressel ran.  I'm also betting that the decline for Penn State if Paterno suddenly left his job would be similar to that suffered by Ohio State.  So, in short, I view these guys (both head and assistant coaches) as a package deal.  Once the boss is gone, nobody knows what to do.  Just like how, without captains, there aren't on-field leaders.

Go Bucks!

2002 graduate of The Ohio State University
National champs.  Coincidence?

timdogdad's picture

seems like every year we have a mid season/oct crisis and end the season on a happy note.  if we can get a win vs illinois, after that, we'll have everyone back except posey(for a few more games) and some easier games.  lets play play wisky as best as we can-maybe run somegood offense and d up against a good team.  a lose against them is understandable. but with everyone back and hopefully we can manage any in game crisis, and 8-4 record with a win against scum is very attainable.  lets see if novermber brings out the best in us again.   

thorvath22's picture

With Tressel he always has his teams ready for November, but now we have no Jim Tressel so we have no idea what to truly expect.

btalbert25's picture

Ya know, as I watched the game Saturday, I was feeling the same way.  I thought maybe just maybe this season turns tonight.  Then the 4th quarter came along and totally wrecked that opinion.  Maybe this team can beat Illinois, but it's not going to be easy.  The defense isn't as great as everyone has claimed it is, it's not a disciplined group at all.  The offense well we know the story there.  Getting Boom back will help, but not if the same dumb mistakes are made by the coaching staff.  Worse than that, there's a total lack of leadership as Ramsey points out.  Everyone is looking for someone else to step up and no one else is taking ownership.  That's the whole damn program from Smith on down. 

No doubt this team could win the next game against Illinois, but I've yet to see any reason to think they will.  Hyde was running like a beast on Saturday night and he got how many carries in the 4th quarter?  Boom won't be THAT much better and even if he is, if they don't give him carries what difference does it make?  Wisconsin is just a pipe dream.  They are so much better than this Buckeye team right now it's not funny.  I know we're used to seeing the Buckeyes win and we believe they will be in any game, but I think they will put up 50 on this team unless something changes quickly.  The Michigan game is not looking good either.  There are a few games this team has a chance to win, and to be sure they'll win some more games, but I don't feel any game is a given from here on out.

Call me negative if you want, but I can't see how anyone can confidently pick Ohio State to win any game with no doubt from here till the end of the season with what we've seen so far.  For the first time in my life as a fan, there is a game that I feel they have no chance of winning, and that's the most troubling thought of all.


theDuke's picture

you can mark my word for this: it is known that Beliema HATES tOSU. If we hold the ball for 3:15 per quarter that means that wisky gets the ball for 11:45 which basically means that they will score infinitely. Just plain simple math. If we don't have better game plans than last weeks 4th quarter, Beliema WILL. RUN. IT. UP.


btalbert25's picture

They scored 80 on someone last year right?  If they would do that to some piss ant school, they'd definitely do whatever they could to put down as many points as possible against Ohio State.  That game could get very ugly.  I am fully expecting at least 50 points from them.

AltaBuck's picture

This team has the potential to be good. We all witnessed it.  

How many predicted what we saw for 2 1/2 qtrs last Saturday night?

Next Question, how many are predicting an ass kicking by Wisky, Illinois, UM, etc?

I, for one, remain optimistic.  And when the Badgers show up at the 'Shoe', at God, let's support this team and kick their ass with Braxton back at the helm.

The coaching changes that are necessary will happen after this season. Nothing is going to change until then so you might as well jump in the foxhole with the rest of us and fight like hell.

I am Groot - Groot

btalbert25's picture

Don't take my comments as me not wanting the team to win.  I have sat through each game hoping for a positive outcome and as I said, in the 3rd quarter I was starting to believe maybe I was wrong and this team would turn the corner.  I still think it's possible for them to be good, I just don't feel that any of the games are guarrentteed wins like I did in years past.  Where Purdue shocked this team a couple of years ago, I can't say I'd be truly shocked about this team losing any one game on the schedule, and unlike years passed, I would be pleasantly surprised by victories against some teams.  That doesn't mean I am apathetic or not still emotionally involved.  I was pissed off as I watched Bauserman fire another ball 20 yards out of bounds.  I was extremely upset by the MSU and Miami games despite having a feeling those games may end up the way they did.  I'm right there ya.

AltaBuck's picture

I don't think I worded my post very well so I apologize for that. I just don't like the pessimism being thrown around about getting blown out, especially by Wisconsin. My point is no one predicted the Neb game. No one. Why is everyone stating that Wisky is going to kill us, in the 'Shoe', at night, as a revenge game and after a bye week. This is why I love college football because emotion (good & bad) plays such a strong role in the outcome of games. This applies to the players, coaches and fans. If Brax plays the whole game and the 'Shoe' is as crazy as big games in the past (Texas 05, UM 06, USC 09), tOSU has a great shot in winning that game even with Bollman calling the plays.

I am Groot - Groot

thorvath22's picture

Why does no one criticize Nebraska's fans booing? That was a prime example of a passionate fan base being passionate.

Maestro's picture

Pelini would be happy to criticize it if you want to listen.

vacuuming sucks

NYC Buckeye's picture

I was at the game, and believe me, we could learn a thing or two about being a fan from them... and I don't mean us specifically, I mean every college fan base...  

I heard a small bit of booing on one bad play, other than that, they were out in full strength, a week after their team was blown out and down 27-6 in the 3rd, mostly were shouting things like "C'mon Huskers make a play", but absolutely nothing negative...

this is in addition to more than living up to their reputation as being the most respectful, friendly, and humble fans I have ever come across..

ArTbkward's picture

I 100% agree with NYC Buckeye. There fans were unbelievably nice, OSU fans (and all fans) could learn a thing or two from Huskers.  At least a dozen people, including drinking frat boys, not only welcomed us to Lincoln but were genuinely happy we were there.  Not one person heckled any of us after the game.  Not in the stadium, not at "Hineygate west" after the game.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

biggy84's picture

Not like Lincoln gets a lot of outsiders. They are probably just glad to see someone new. You all were like Wilson from Cast Away.

AltaBuck's picture

0.9 QB Rating! At least JB is surpassing Flounder's 'Fat, Drunk & Stupid' GPA of 0.2

I am Groot - Groot

Doc's picture

Holding out hope that these coaches are going to improve on their own is tantamount to pretending there is a single leader among them. Ask yourself who that is, and if you have the answer - by all means - please share, or at least let that coach know that it's him.

To me Mike Vrabel would be a good leader.  Granted he is a first year coach, but so what?  Our, other first year caoch isn't leading.

With that said, what is everyone's opinion on the linebackers this year and how Vrab's has coached them? 

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

buckeye20's picture

Kenny Guiton has football leprosy....that's pretty funny shite right there.  I agree with most of the article...this whole charade has been a joke.  Everything from outing our beloved to coach to Gene Smith and Gee in CYA mode.  The victom in all of this is Fickell.  A great player...a great buckeye...but not yet a head coach.  I feel bad that he is in the position that he is in but he did what anyone else would have done...he took on the challenge. 

Not a good idea to put the hopes of your coaching career on Bauserman.  I gotta believe Guiton cna at least give you Pryor Lite and the hopes of making a few plays.


Tough season...more than likely a 5-7 season.  We have been spoiled.  What a helluva run it was.  Time to make phone calls to Urban, Gruden, Holtz (yes even Lou) to get us out of this mess asap.


baddogmaine's picture

NO!!!!! NO VRABEL!!!!!You do not replace one guy with no hc experience with another. You do not assume that because a guy can coach a position he played that he would be good doing and teaching things he has never done!!!!!


Back to Miller. Just one week earlier Miller had gotten us zero points and done little to move the ball. All of a sudden he is the guy the team can't live without. He was having a good game agaionst Nebraska - not great, as some have said - but until Saturday he had accomplished next to nothing of note. A team that falls apart when that kind of player goes down has no self-confidence as a whole, no confidence in other players, and no confidence that its coaches can get it through. In case more proof were needed the team's reaction to Miller's injury makes clear how little Kickell has installed any belief that the team is good. That is the biggest failure of leadership.

Doc's picture

I wasn't implying that Vrabel be the HC.  Ramzy asked for a leader.  To me Vrabel is a leader.  He can lead without being the head guy.  We need someone to step up THIS YEAR and lead the team the rest of the season.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

3 Yards And A Cloud of Dust's picture

A moment of your time for a rant-less, reality check.

Taking over the reins of a D1 NCAA football team is tough enough.

Becoming head coach at OSU for this season required walking into the perfect storm. 

Coach Fickell wasn't going to turn down the opportunity - regardless of how prepared or unprepared he really thought he was.

He's our coach, for this season, and he's clearly in over his head.  Nothing we can do about it.

Now, move on down the field.

Joe Bauserman had a pretty good thing going.  Backup quarterback to TP, show up for practices, fill in late in games that were already decided, but for the most part - hang on the sideline and bask in the bright light of being a Buckeye. 

Then, the perfect storm.

Suddenly thrust into being the starter, then - not, then starter, then - not.  And, clearly in over his head. 

Take a minute to walk in his spikes. 

You think he's happy about how things are going?  You think everyone offers a kind word when they see him on campus, at the RPAC or in the Union?  You think when they call him from the bench he's going to say, "Uh - no thanks, check with Kenny?" 

Come on, he's not going to say no - he's going to go do his best - regardless of how bad his best might be. 

Rant if you want, but it's Monday - move on down the field.

There's a lot of coaches and players on this team who are doing everything they can to win - they want to win.

Let's just remember - it's okay to rant, it's okay to be critical, but these Saturday Warriors could use a little encouragement and support, instead of yet another "fan" giving them grief.

My colors don't run.....O-H!

bcWEcouldn'tGOfor3's picture

Left by themselves, the Fickell Storm and Bauserman Storm are totally understandable.

However, what we have here is the convergence of these two storms to form the Fickerman Storm.

As the head coach, Fickell should see that Bauserman should never take another snap at OSU. As a back-up QB for 3 years, Bauserman should have used his time more wisely (LEARNING HOW TO BE A QB) instead of sitting on his hands riding the bench.

Because of these two lapses...we have the Fickerman Storm.  

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

The coaches are not doing everything they can to win.  As Ramzy pointed out, call a freaking timeout to regroup.  Make some adjustments.  Something.  Anything.  They did nothing.  Except to completely abandon the run and stay stubborn as mules when it comes to the 1st QB off the bench.  They are so afraid of making a mistake and it has carried over to the players.  The play calling once Miller went down was pure panic mode.  How is that a positive winning attitude to convey to your team?

NW Buckeye's picture

I absolutely agree with this.  It does no good whatsoever stating the obvious.  Bollman and Bauserman are easy targets.  It is what it is, and we are stuck with that through the end of this year.  We all know that changes will be made for next year, but that does nothing for the remainder of this year.  That's not to say that we can not vent our frustrations, but this team needs support more than anything (something we could learn from the Nebraska fans - see post above).  Things will get better, and maybe we can salvage some of the season, but we are not going to be ranked.  The good thing about this is that all the fair weather fans will take a step back and make seats available for the rest of us. 

I just bought my airline tickets for the Penn State game.  I wouldn't miss it for anything, even if the Bucks go O'fer in the next several games.  I learned a long time ago that as a fan you take the good with the bad.  Afterall, the definition of a fanatic is: a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal.  Coopers decade was almost unbearable at times because of his total lack of understanding of the rivalry with UM.  However, I supported him just as I now offer my support to Luke.  And, when there is an individual who I really can not say anything good about, I try to not say anything - just my own personal philosophy from the way I was raised.  If nothing else, this year will make us appreciate winning a little more - it would be nice to get back the enthusiasm of the 2002 season.  If you will recall, there were many games that year that could have been lost, but the enthusiasm from the team and fans was phenomenal.  We will get back to that. 

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

I was raised to let people know when they are not doing their jobs.  That's what leaders do.  That's what this team is lacking.  My family let me know when I messed up, and made me try to get better.  Followers only say nice things or nothing at all.  Nothing against followers, but I choose not to be one. How do you think Woody felt about only saying nice things or nothing at all?  He was one hell of a leader.

NW Buckeye's picture

I worked for Woody.  Yes, he didn't mince words when things were not up to his expectations, but the thing he hated more than a player or assistant coach not performing to his expectations was sports writer(s) or fan(s) being critical of the team, even when they performed badly.  Woody was in a position to correct the problem, fans and sports writers seldom are, and usually cause more bad than good when they accentuate the negative.  And, those who are in position to fix the problem are not going to make public statements condemning the team or coaches - if they do, they are not leaders.  Your stance about informing people when they are screwing up is fine.  Woody did so, but he never did it publicly or without follow up teaching and praise.  Despite his bad boy reputation he still recognized that you get more out of people when you accentuate the positive.  Basically, that was the premise of his book "You Win with People".  

Maestro's picture

Great perspective

vacuuming sucks

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

No question that you win with people. No question that fans stating what they feel is wrong with the team does nothing for results in the locker room. There is also no question that only saying positive things (or nothing) does zero for the team. Nothing anyone says outside of the WHAC means a damn. I feel that the everyone gets a trophy (say nice things or nothing) mentality is a problem that reaches beyond sports. That worries me. My apologies if my reply came off as anything more than I believe we need to toughen up a bit as a culture. Probably went a little deeper than what was called for. That being said, for the love of God, if you see Bollman send him a message by saying nothing.

klfeck's picture

I appreciate your perspective but I respectively disagree. Every one of the 105,000 people in the stands should stand and boo if Bauserman ever steps foot on the field again. This is not booing the player, but booing the ostrich with his head in the sand making the obviously poor choice.


Oh and I watched the game and there was more than 1 occasion where Nebraska fans booed.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

I see Joe is listed as #2 this week.  Did anyone see the Broncos game this Sunday?  Orton was playing Bauserball and got yanked.  Why?  The coaches noticed that the team needed a spark and the starter was not getting the job done.  It is beyond me that these men coaching this team (who have forgotten more football than I will ever know) fail to see that JB should not ever play another down unless the other 3 are injured.  This staff has NOTHING to lose, yet they keep throwing JB in there.  What do they have to lose by giving KG a shot?  He can not, repeat, CAN NOT be any worse than JB and he can at least out run a D lineman if need be.  He can make a play by accident.  Play him.  Or at least explain why he is not getting a look.  It really defies logic.

jenks's picture

I don't care how bad Bauserman and Orton are, Id rather play Bauserman than Tebow.

Riggins's picture

That is the biggest lie I have ever read on the Internet.

You would play BAUSERMAN over TEBOW?  Please don't donate your brain to science when you die.

Menexenus's picture

Thanks for my first good laugh of the morning!  :-)

Real fans stay for Carmen.

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

Are you kidding me?

Imagine a situation... Let's say you're up two scores and your starting QB is hurt. It's ok, because you're halfway through the third quarter. You have a good punter. Just run the ball and get some first downs to milk some clock, and we'll get out of here with a victory.

You would seriously play Bauserman over Tebow? Tebow - a guy who would run through a flaming brick wall just to get ONE first down. Tebow -  a guy who isn't afraid to tuck it and run if the receiver isn't open, and will gladly drag five defenders with him to move the sticks.

You would have played Bauserman over Tebow Saturday? WHAT?

Jenks... are you drunk?

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

If Tim Tebow was our QB, this team would be 6-0, even if Bollman was calling the plays. I have absolutely no doubt about that.

klfeck's picture

Hard to beat football Jesus....



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

Denny's picture

Wait until you see the Football Buddha.


jenks's picture

I was trying to prove how much i dislike Tebow, and because Bauserman is a Buckeye, I still support that more than Tebow.

Furthermore, do you really think Bollman would make proper use of Tebow? Tebow would be handing the ball off to Hyde and Hall and have to drop back to pass from under center. While he could certainly make more athletic plays than Bauserman, his drop back passing skills aren't anything to write home about. The upgrade doesn't overcome my displeasure.

klfeck's picture

As much as I echo your extreme dislike of Florida I have to strongly disagree. If we had Tebow he would be our leading rusher and Bauserman makes Tebow look like a Heisman trophy winner...oh wait.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

Of the 4 QBs, 3 of them are coming back next year.  The one that's not - Bauserman.  We might be better off with KG - Pryor Lite or a more experienced Braxton, whatever you want to call him.  Playing Bauserman isn't going to help anything now or later.  Playing any of the other 3 will at least help later, and has a better chance to help now than Bauserman.

Class of 2010.

Nappy's picture

I disagree.  TheBaus will help us so much more next year when he isn't around to throw stank turds into the 3rd row on each attempt.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

frozen buckeye's picture

Dear ESPN:

 It's no secret.  We all know that you are the [Ed - Sorry, removed b/c it violates our no politics rule].   I don't know what you did with herbstreit's soul, but please know that his high pitched giggling (see scUM v ND '11) & gushing exclamations while commenting on sec and scUM games (see any this season) are high comedy.  I can't decide if Steve Carrell or Will Farrell should play him in the made-for-tv ESPN:  The Movie.  I don't have the time or interest to begin dissecting mark may or musberger so I'll just leave it at dissection is needed.

 Despite your shortcomings, I do value espn's service in smoothing the way for our new coach. The stench of the sec is slowly subsiding.  When the fumigation process is completed this Dec., the Ohio State University will finally be able to announce its new head coach. Thanks to espn, Buckeyenation will be able to accept him.

Until then, enjoy the pile-on this season.  I know you've waited a long time for it.

We won't be down for long.  Try not to cry as Braxton Miller begins to dominate your highlight reel. 

Yours truly,

Frozen Buckeye




Nappy's picture

I see a bright future for TheBaus.  You know those people who go around stadiums throwing t-shirts into the stands?  He'll be the GOAT. 

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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First off, I must state, that though this may be a rough season, I will not fail to root for the greatest team in the land come Saturdays.

Second, Bauserman has got to go.  When the news broke that TP was gone, I would have bet money that Kenny G would inherit the starting job.  Though only long enough until Miller got his feet a little more wet.  I still believe that Miller is our best option, but if for some reason he is not able to go, I think Guiton should see some pt.  He surely can't do much worse than a 0.9 QB rating.  Let's face it, (not to be a hater) but Bauserman couldn't make it in the Pirate organization.  I think that probably says a lot in and of itself.

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Spielman apparently just blew up the "Urban making nice with the State Penn AD last summer" rumor.  She texted me this, so take it with a bag of quaaludes.   

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did anyone see the article in the disgrace where bollman was defending bauserman? bollman said,"well, it's not easy coming in the game like that" and the reporter was like, "what? when you have a 2 touchdown lead and just have to grind the clock out?" then he goes on to write, "well, there have been more difficult game situations to come in to." 

the writer essentially said... well, i guess i don't need to spoil it.  but man I was LMFAO!


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So it looks like Braxton Miller will indeed start this Saturday (at least according to a FB post, if you can believe that):

The bad news? Bauserman is still listed as #2. 

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Seriously, how can Bauserman be the #2?  It's to the point where I'm about to start switching to the Clemson game when Baus comes in.  [Their offense is entertaining and light years ahead of ours.  As a student of the game, they are good to watch.]  Fickell was able to have the "you're not the starter" talk with Joe, so why can't he have the "you aren't taking another snap" talk?  It's obvious Fickell won't be back next fall, and I feel bad for him given this horrible storm, but I would love to see him try to salvage something and make the executive decision to throw Baus into a dungeon until February.  If I were either Baus or Bollman, I would have looked myself in the mirror and thought about resigning after that implosion.

A clip from a Woody interview makes me hopeful for years to come.  See the first 25 seconds of  Defeat is indeed a great cleanser, and we will be back.  For about an hour on Saturday night we took a step forward out of the ashes.  It may be several years out, but I for one can't wait to see us running it up on Wisky in Madison

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Hell of a find.

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Well even though the season half way through is a stinker compared to the past decade of excellence (that we all have gotten used to), not surprised at the small blip on the radar screen.  No program can remain a top 5 program for decades at a time.  We'll overcome this, any NCAA rulings, get some new blood next year (both coaching and players) and begin the climb up the ladder again.  

The Ohio State University is my love for football, basketball, baseball, volleyball (etc...) and that will never change, period.  GO BUCKS!