Sparty Parties Like It's 1999

By Sarah on October 1, 2011 at 9:40p
Australia is smaller than Howard IslandTravis Howard, along for the ride on B.J. Cunningham
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On a cold and rainy October afternoon, the weather symbolic of the ugliness on the field, Ohio State fell 10-7 to Michigan State in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicates. For the first time since 2004, Ohio State begins the Big Ten season with an 0-1 record. For the first time in his coaching career, Mark Dantonio has a win against Ohio State. For the first time in over a decade, the Spartans notched a win against Ohio State.

As many expected, it was a game dominated by both teams' defenses. Michigan State, who came into the contest as the top-rated defense in the nation, looked the part. However, it was less about what they did than about how pathetic and truly inept the Ohio State offense played. Braxton Miller and the run game were shut down, and if not for a Bauserman 33-yard touchdown pass to Evan Spencer with 19 seconds left on the clock, the Buckeyes would have put up a goose egg for the first time in the Horseshoe since 1982.

Still, the Spartans were impressive on defense, giving up 178 yards, which was actually six above their average. The nine sacks credited to their D was much higher than the 1.25 they were averaging per game. Those contributed to Ohio State only managing to net 34 yards rushing on the afternoon. Of the 144 yards passing the Buckeyes totaled, 69 of them were on the final drive.

Five games into the season, Ohio State still has more questions than answers on offense. The defense, on the other hand, did its best to keep the Buckeyes in the game. The Silver Bullets forced Kirk Cousins into three turnovers, including an athletic C.J. Barnett pick in the end zone that ricocheted off Bradley Roby. Roby grabbed one himself with four and a half minutes left in the game, and with less than two minutes before halftime, and Michigan State at the Ohio State 25-yard line, Johnathan Hankins recovered a snap that Cousins fumbled. Unfortunately for the Scarlet and Gray, they were unable to capitalize each time.

If you dare relive it, let's take a peek at how this abomination of a game came to be. 

Electing to take the ball first, the Ohio State offense led the game off with what would be a familiar series: a three-and-out. After Ben Buchanan kicked his first of nine punts on the day, the Spartan offense did not start off any better, also going three-and-out. Mike Salder, the MSU punter, let the ball slip between his hands, and it looked like Sparty was being Sparty. But, he then managed to pick it up and launch a 38-yard punt on the run. Suddenly, it was clear that Michigan State's usual bad luck was not present on this day. 

Three straight runs by Ohio State, two by Hall and one by Miler, gave the Buckeyes just two yards and another three-and-out. On the next drive, the Michigan State offense struck. Groveport High School product Le’Veon Bell, who OSU had recruited to play safety, rushed up the middle for an 11-yard gain. B.J. Cunningham, from Westerville, was wide open for a first down. Bell then danced around and picked up nine yards. On second down, Cousins rolled outside and after Garrett Celek legally blocked Adam Bellamy, the QB threw a 33-yard TD pass to Cunningham, who reached over Travis Howard for the score. It was one of several bad plays Howard made during the game.

With the ball back, it appeared as if the Ohio State offense finally got its first first down when Miller pitched a ball to Carlos Hyde. However, that was negated by a holding call against WR Chris Fields. That was the first of nine penalties committed by an undisciplined Ohio State team. Led by William Gholston, cousin of Vernon, and Max Bullough, Ohio State was unable to move past the line of scrimmage. Miller displayed his inexperience when, on third down, he threw up a pass just as Bullough hit him. It was nearly intercepted. 


  Cmp/Att Pct Yds TD Int Rat
Bauserman 7/14 50.0 87 1 0 125.8
Miller 5/10 50.0 57 0 1 77.9


  Att Yds Avg Lng TD Fum
Hall 19 47 2.5 9 0 0
Hyde 4 26 6.5 13 0 0
Bauserman 7 -14 -2.0 13 0 0
Miller 9 -25 -2.8 3 0 0


  Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Fum
Fields 2 44 22.0 32 0 0
Reed 4 44 11.0 16 0 0
Spencer 1 33 33.0 33 1 0
Hyde 3 14 4.7 7 0 0
Stoneburner 2 9 4.5 5 0 0

The Spartans moved the ball again, thanks to runs by Bell and Edwin Baker, as well as the cushion the secondary allowed Cunningham. On 3rd and 3, Larry Caper came in and was handed the ball, where he was met inside by Andrew Sweat and Hankins for a loss of a yard.

The next possession gave the Buckeyes a first down when Miller lined up in the shotgun on 3rd and 3 and hit an open Fields for a 12-yarder. Then the second quarter started, and things got unpleasant again. J.B. Shugarts did what he does and false started. Mike Brewster sent a low snap Miller's way, which he had to pounce on, setting up a 3rd and 13. The freshman quarterback was rushed from the pocket and headed to the sideline, where he stopped before reaching and was thus walloped for no gain. It was a drive that summed up the offense's day.

Michigan State once again took the ball down the field. Howard left Keshawn Martin open for a first down, and despite pressure from John Simon, Cousins zipped a pass to Keith Nichol. The privileged Spartan QB then sailed a pass over Martin's head, and Baker was driven back by Howard and Hankins. Nichol caught another pass, which led to Michigan State going for it on 4th and 4. Ohio State, with a five-man rush and more pressure by Simon, held when tight end Brian Linthicum dropped the pass.

With their best field position to that point, Ohio State began to drive, drive on down the field. Miller hit a wide-open Fields for 32 yards after safety Isaiah Lewis bit on a play action. A 15-yard penalty on Gholston, for illegal hands to the face, gave OSU another first down at the MSU 34-yard line. Unfortunately, a Miller pass to Devin Smith was ripped out of the latter's hands by Darqueze Dennard.

The two teams traded possessions, and for Ohio State, Jordan Hall lined up in the wildcat formation and gained five of his 47 yards on that play. Then, the offense somehow got worse. Jerel Worthy and Bullough showed up in the backfield before Miller could do anything with the ball, except thankfully, hold on to it.

When it seemed like Michigan State might score again, especially after Cunningham dragged Howard with him to a first down, it was time for Cousins' fumble. Ohio State then wasted some time and allowed corner Johnny Adams to blitz the QB, and then, with a timeout to spare, the two teams headed to the locker room with the Spartans up 7-0. It felt like a much bigger disparity, particularly since Ohio State only had 87 yards of offense and 35 yards in penalties.

The second half saw the Ohio State defense tighten up while the Michigan State defense harassed the QB even more. Miller continued to have happy feet, Simon continued to pressure Cousins, and Howard rode Cunningham once again for a first down. After Howard almost intercepted a pass that surely would have been six the other way, he allowed Cunningham plenty of space and another first down. Orhian Johnson ran over for the touchdown-saving tackle.  A few plays later, Barnett recorded his interception.

Now, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, Joe Bauserman entered the game for Ohio State and they saw their offensive yards steadily decrease until much later. Good field position set up a 50-yard field goal for Dan Conroy, who had missed a 51-yard attempt earlier. That ended up being the game-winner. Though Roby's pick gave Ohio State a little life and Bauserman remembered how to complete passes, two of which went for first downs to Verlon Reed, he then got his Bauserman on and overthrew his receivers. Michigan State got the ball back on downs.

With two minutes remaining, the ball on the Ohio State 32, and Michigan State defense in prevent mode, Bauserman used his arm and legs for positive yardage.  He hit Spencer for the TD and with 10 seconds remaining, Ohio State's onside kick was barely unsuccessful, and the game was over. 

Dantonio, with a smile(!) on his face, met Fickell for a handshake and left Columbus victorious for the first time since he was on the OSU sideline. Ohio State is now 3-2 on the season and faces a tough slate of October matchups and perhaps, more of an "or" situation at QB again.

A road game against Nebraska is next, and the return of four suspended players is finally upon us. The question now is, how much will that matter?


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ohiowhitesnake's picture

I would take the coach at(insert any school...for sake of closure say, Idaho here)over watching another Bollman coached offense. I bleed Buckeye but I really don't think I can watch this train wreck any more. I wish Luke had a better shot, but he hasn't helped himself one bit! Hell let Vrabel call the plays!!! It can't get any worse!!!!

I finally got a set of Gold Pants!

741's picture

Bucky's got swag.

Buckeyejason's picture

We could be looking at 07 Florida game type losses next weekend and vs Wisconsin.

Its not going to be pretty.


Johnny Ginter's picture

nebraska might not be TOO bad, taylor martinez is goofy mcsloppy, but wisconsin is going to be BRUTAL

Sarah's picture

Everyone, get responsibly hammered at Eat Too, Brutus!

baddogmaine's picture

IL played well against us even when badly outmatched and this year they seem to be the better team. scUM won 59-0 today. It was MN but we haven't scored 59 against anyone. PSU can't score but their defense has been pretty good, and that might be enough against us. There's a lot that might not be pretty.

baddogmaine's picture

I didn't see the game. I'm guessing from Miller's negative rushing yards that he was asked to throw downfield - you don't get sacked on quick screens. If that was so, the decision by Fickell and Bollman to try to run a pro set with an o-line and especially a QB not up to it should get them both fired at the end of the year, unless it happens before.


Fickell also did not help himself by suggesting that he might play one of the other QBs, that just rang as hysteria. This year is lost - even with the return of the suspenders there are too many flaws even to be sure of finishing .500. Neither Guiten nor Graham is going to do any better than Miller this year. The rest of this year is getting the team ready for next year. It's letting Miller get sacked until he learns to avoid it - maybe bringing in Bauser if the game is close at end and Miller has been ineffective and a win might be possible. And it means throwing out the playbook and coming up with a game plan that Miller can execute. A game plan based either on expecting Miller to pass like Troy Smith or run like TP is doomed to failure against decent teams. I've said it before and I'll say it again - until Miller learns to read defenses and throw the best chance we have is the dink abnd dunk game we used against OR.

NC_Buckeye's picture

Please explain the logic of firing an interim coach mid-season and replacing him with another interim coach.

It's letting Miller get sacked until he learns to avoid it - maybe bringing in Bauser if the game is close at end and Miller has been ineffective and a win might be possible. 

You mean like today?

I'm really starting to hate my fellow Buckeye fans.

/sarcasm filter

baddogmaine's picture

I'm not the one with the power to hire or fire. You'll have to ask ADs why coaches get fired in midstream. Maybe because someone seen as a long-term solution is available now but might not be in December.  I'm not saying it should happen, just that it might.


And yes, MSU was a game in which we still had a chance and Miller was not going to get it done. What do you sugest happen? I won't strenuously argue against Bauserman being brought in, but just as three quarters of Bauser were enough to strongly suspect things were not going to improve against Toledo three quarters of Miller against MSU tiold us the same thing. So now it passes to the coaches - what is the team objective in this game? what is the team objective in a longer run? how do those fit together or conflict?


Again, I did not see the game, I followed some play-by-play texting during the game and have looked at the statistics so it is quite possible that my conclusions are wrong. But based on the stats teams have no reason to fear the pass from Miller, they will stack the box to stop runnimng, including Miller's, and our offense crashes because Miller can't throw under pressure and our coaches have no solution to taking the pressure off. This will be our fate in 2012 as well unless Miller learns this year. Or we learn that Miller simply can't do it.


Don't hate me. I did not design a game plan or make personel decisions or get players preapared. You can chalk it up to bad luck or karma or something mystical, or you can try to make objective observations and draw objective conclusions. Plan B offers some hope. Plan A offers years of misery.

njc2o's picture

"after Garrett Celek legally blocked Adam Bellamy"


is this trolling me or was it not an obvious block in the back (as it appeared in the stadium)

klfeck's picture

It sure looked that way to the 100,000 at the shoe.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

BoFuquel's picture

Way inside the tackle box, perfectly legal, sorry.GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

NW Buckeye's picture

As per the NCAA rule book:

ARTICLE 6. a. The blocking zone is a rectangle centered on the middle lineman
of the offensive formation and extending five yards laterally and three yards
longitudinally in each direction. (See Appendix D.)
b. The blocking zone disintegrates when the ball leaves the zone.

The actual blocking in the back ruile:

c. A block in the back (other than against the ball carrier) is illegal (A.R. 9-3-
3-I and VII; and A.R. 10-2-2-XII).
1. Offensive players who are on the line of scrimmage at the snap within
the blocking zone (Rule 2-3-6) may legally block in the back in the
blocking zone, subject to the following restrictions:
(a) A player on the line of scrimmage within this blocking zone may not
leave the zone and return and legally block in the back.
(b) The blocking zone disintegrates when the ball leaves the zone (Rule


An offensive lineman may block in the back in the blocking zone.  The block in question was more than 3 yards deep (behind the line of scrimage).  Also, the ball left the zone when the Q dropped back more than 3 yards, so the zone disintegrated.  So yes, it was an illegal block in the back.  The ABC crew doesn't have a clue about the real rules, and officials don't have the balls to call this.  There were also many holding penalties on both sides that went unflagged. 

Numbnuts's picture

Thanks for clarifying that. 

I believed the announcers knew what they were talking about.

I should have known better!




osukdawg76's picture

Nebraska is going to relive a prison scene in the shower on us, and they are getting HAMMERED by Bucky right now.


Anyone who believes that Bucky isn't going to hang 40 on us is smoking some good weed.

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



klfeck's picture

That is my worst fear although I do think our D can hang with their O for the most part. I wouldn't be surprised to see 28-7.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

klfeck's picture

Well many of us have been wishing for new Offensive coaches for quite some time. It is pretty obvious that our wishes will be granted very soon. There is no way a team with this kind of talent has an excuse for an offense like we have. None. Coaching ineptitude at its finest.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

O-H-I-Owe-U's picture

Luke, fire BOLLMAN now. 

klfeck's picture

And pardon my language but I am getting sick and F"ing tired of seeing people in southern Ohio wear Michigan shirts. I will make a deal with the football gods and sacrifice every game this season as long as we beat TSUN. F-Michigan.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

BuckeyeChief's picture

Ditto. The bandwagon in Hampton Roads is growing.

"2014 National with it!!!"

klfeck's picture

It seems I am going to have to buy more Ann Arbor is a whore T shirts so I can wear them every day of the week. Its everyting I can do to not tell these c@cksuckers to eat sh!t.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

Menexenus's picture


Real fans stay for Carmen.

BuckeyeChief's picture

If  it's any consolation, the soccer team of U-12 girls I coach also got the living shit kicked out of them today. And I went to Disney on Ice.

"2014 National with it!!!"

klfeck's picture

Disney on Ice was a better show.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

Toasty McBuns's picture

Winter is coming.

Nay, Winter has arrived. Thought we had one more week to prepare for it's arrival in the form of Nebraska but I was wrong.

Type G's picture

And here I thought our limp dick offense couldn't get any worse after that Miami game... mind blown, again. Rewatching something like this during film sessions must be the worst kind of torture ever.

Just got the new SLAM in the mail today and there was a short piece on Sullinger about unfinished business, losing weight and just being fuckin boss... man, can't wait till basketball season starts so I can put this season of football behind me.

"No time for love, Doctah Jones!"

BuckeyeChief's picture

The good news is Bollman will be gone next season.

"2014 National with it!!!"

Poe McKnoe's picture

Pretty sure he's a cochroach, even an atomic blast couldn't displace him.

Mr. Slick's picture



+2 on reading a piece by Sarah without footnotes (parentheses are cool)

Sarah's picture

I'm writing the Big Ten recap right now. 20 footnotes, just for you. 

Mr. Slick's picture

I don't think you understood my post.  I DON'T like footnotes.  If you want to do something for me (which you said you did) replace all the footnotes with parentheses (I promise they really are cool).

Sarah's picture

I understood it perfectly. 

Poe McKnoe's picture

His sarcasm meter is broken.

Luke's picture

You raise some interesting points1.






crazykg's picture






¹   Getting pissed about footnotes makes me giggle.

Mr. Slick's picture

I think some "all in good fun" meters are broken¹










¹Now that I see I can use them too I guess they arent so bad

crazykg's picture

lol, i apologize, didnt mean to be a jerk...but it still made me laugh.

Mr. Slick's picture

Good it was suppose to lol thats where the all in good fun comes from.  Just not bc it was taken seriously. 

Now I'm just a worried I pissed off Luke enough that he's gonna start using footnotes in all of his skullies too.

crazykg's picture

Your probably shouldnt have mentioned using footnotes in all of his skullies, he might not of thought of that till now.

69Buckeye's picture

Good teams do the little things to succeed. Coaching staffs do the little things to succeed. What we have seen since the departure of Coach Hazell calling plays is emblematic of all our problems. This staff has to start coaching like they want a job next year! Too many little things have slipped by this staff to warrant success. End of 1st half, instead of calling a TO and throw to field goal range they let time expire. Those 3 points would have put them into overtime. Calling screens and tight end passes might have countered their rush. Getting tackled before QB has chance to hand off is high school. Good coaches do the little things to succeed. We are all waiting for these little things. Otherwise, we will be playing the last game of the season and need a win to go .500.

Jdadams01's picture

At this point, the only thing I'm focused on is beating Michigan. With the play calling and O-line basically being a waste there was no way Brax was gonna get on track. I just rewatched the game and was amazed at how today's play calling was less sophisticated than Braxton's high school coach's play calling. Bollman is flat out stupid and gutless. No other way to say it.

Northbrook's picture

I predicted Buckeyes 45-10. I was going for spectacular & I was spectacularly wrong. Had MSU's score exactly though which is an amazing piece of prognostication.

Luke is in a no win situation which is a shame. I think if he has the job next year he will have cleaned house coach wise and things will vastly improve. I'm doubtful he will have that opportunity. He just didn't have time to get that house cleaning done before this season. Pryor and Smith made up for a lot of coaching short falls but we do not have anybody like them right now and we are seeing the result. 

Looks like we are in for a tough year but don't give up hope and keep cheering for the Buckeyes.

baddogmaine's picture

Luke was in a difficult situation but it wasn't no-win. He needed to demonstrate, at minimum, that he knows how to manage the clock. That is a basic that he apparently doesn't know, and that alone could get him fired. More than that he needs to demonstrate that he knows how to evaluate his players and design game plans based on who he has. He can't give Bauserman or Miller poise they don't have, but he can tell his offensive coaches that we will get crushed if they put either guy out there with a game plan he can't execute. It's not obvious what the right plan is, but it is obvious that Fickelll is not taking charge to try *something*. He may be stuck with Bollman, but he's not stuck with bad planning by Bollman - he sits Bollman down and tells him what is expected of him and if Bollman wants to resign Fickell can make a strong case that he, Fickell, showed leadership. We can go 7-5 and if he can make the case that that was all we could do and he did what he could do the higher ups could accept a building year and realistic promises for the future. Ficklell has had as much opportunity as anyone to achieve that. The reality is that he has shown little team control. He does and says the cliches that seem strong ("maybe we'll have to try Guiton or Graham")  but without any real strategy behind them he just comes across as floundering.


It was a difficult situation, but tOSU is a demanding job. Coaches who don't rise to the occassion should not be given the permanent job at a school as ambitious and demanding as tOSU.


Of course I'll keep cheering for Ohio State - who else could a sane moral person cheer for? But it doesn't mean I have to be happy when we play like Indiana.

Northbrook's picture

You can sit Bollman down and give him marching orders all you want and he will still wander off and pick flowers. The way I see it is Luke is doing the best he can with a lousy situation. As a new head coach I expect him to make some mistakes but I do not yet see anything that cannot be easily fixed or nixes his chances of keeping the job. He is doing some hard learning that will help him down the line. I hope those hard lessons will benefit the Buckeyes with Luke keeping the job. 

baddogmaine's picture

You may be right about Bollman. But this isn't about what Bollman does, it's about what Luke does. And if Luke does not give marching orders to Bollman he will have no leg to stand on when trying to defend his (Luke's) role in our offensive performance.


As for his learning, we got shut down by Toledo, we got really shut down by Miami, we got really really shut down by MSU. What in this series demonstrates progression? learning on the job? What can he point to that we are doing better in game five than we did in game two (leaving out Akron)?  Luke needs to be on record as identifying what it is that he has the ability to fix.

To this point too many people have been predicting a complete trurnaround when Posey and Boom and Adams return. If it happens then Luke has a new lease on life. If it doesn't then Luke will have demonstrated that even with most of the squad he ever was able to count on (no TP of course, William's ongoing injury is tough but otherwise we have who Luke expected) he can coach OSU only to a lower tier bowl. You play the games because anything can happen, but in the cold hard light of day what wins do you see ahead of us other than IN, PSU and PUR? And while PSU can't score either they won't need to score much because they do play defense and we don't do well against teams that play defense. That gets us 6-6. Are you really ready to hand over the permanent reigns to a guy who has us beating FCS teams and B1G celler dwellers? Other than Buckeye lifers what recruits could Luke get who would be willing to play in his offensive system? Unless things do turn around dramatically and unexpectedly either Luke should be relieved of HC duty at the end of the year or Ohio State should just announce that we have given up competition for kindness.

cronimi's picture

I agree with much of what you write. Clock management isn't everything (see: Miles, Les), but it is one indicator that he is in over his head. That's not a knock on Fick, just an assessment of reality. He should fire Bollman, but won't because he knows little about offensive play-calling, and Bollman is all he has right now. It just shows how much Tress was responsible for on the O side of the ball.

This season will be UGLY, Fickell will not be HC next year, and the administration had better lure a proven winning head coach to take over the program and *gasp* rebuild, starting with the offensive coaching staff.

Menexenus's picture

I hope the administration is in secret contract negotiations with Urban Meyer right now.  (Well, my *real* hope is that they are in negotiations with Tressel right now, but I'm realistic enough to realize that that is unlikely.)  The sooner we can make the announcement that we will have a real head coach next year, the sooner we can stem the tide of future recruiting losses.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

BuckeyeChris's picture

In hindsight, would it have been better off to announce a coaching search on Memorial Day and announce a new/permanent coach by the 4th of July? You give the new guy a solid month to assemble a staff before summer practice starts.

Just a suggestion fueled by my fear/certainty that Gee and Smith are going to totally eff up the new coaching hire. 

I have said it before, that is the biggest part of this... they must get the right coach and do it in the right way, or else recruiting will go so crap, and we will become ND (1997-2011)... 

This year will suck, we get the focus must be keeping this to a one year phenomenon.  

Normal Buck's picture

Seems that way.  In reality, that may have only made things worse.  I think the only thing it may have been able to salvage was the upcoming recruiting season.  Unless they get somebody unbelievable in here next year, it worries me to think about how long recruiting will take a hit.

BuckeyeChris's picture

Thanks, Normal Buck. I guess that's my concern. One bad recruiting season can lead to 5 bad recruiting seasons...can lead to 10 crappy seasons. Ugh... 

BuckeyeChris's picture would hiring a new/permanent coach on 7-4-11 made things worse?  Just curious. 

tampa buckeye's picture

Hire Urban now so he can get started on recruiting and get this offense in order.  Fickell can stay on d. There is nothing wrong with the defense they played like the Ravens 00'.  If they didn't show up its 40-7.  

The good news is as bad as the playcalling and oline play was we still had a chance to win that game.  

We need to work the short passing game. Shit atleast try it.  Its hard when you don't call plays that have shorter routes. The middle of the field was WIDE OPEN all day. 

Urban takes this team and scores 40 a game next year.  Everyone is gone on the offensive coaching staff next year at the very least.  


Baroclinicity's picture

I think I agree with this.  I don't want to lose recruits.  Apparently there were a few at the game yesterday.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

NC_Buckeye's picture

99.9% of the time, a new coach will retain one or none of the previous staff. My guess is no one will be retained especially Fickell. Whenever I read someone post that maybe Fickell will be kept on as the D-Coordinator, my reaction is "it must be nice to live in your world."

First, I think Fickell has more pride than to even consider that. Second, a HC usually has a repertoire of coaches that they've become successful with (see Jerry Kill... or maybe a better example is Tressel himself. This would be one of Urban Meyer's anchors BTW. All of his star assistants have moved on to become HCs themselves.) And third, when a coaching regime change occurs, the new staff doesn't want to be tainted by the old staff. Both from the discord that might occur between the two staffs and also from the stink of failure that caused the regime change in the first place.

Ten years of mediocrity is on its way folks. Mark my words.

Bish45's picture

Hard to stomach! Don't see the fight that the team said they would have. "Shock the world"!

Off.  Coodinator has run his time.  The game is passing Ohio State by and aside from the losses, this team is just not fun to watch.  Sad X's

Normal Buck's picture

From Lesmerisis' piece in the PD today.  This could get really ugly if the players start calling out the staff:

'"I think we should have done a couple quick routes," junior running back Jordan Hall said. "When they're in man, do a couple quick routes and get the ball out faster."

"It just got to the point where they started bringing seven or eight guys and just playing the run," running back Carlos Hyde said. "We couldn't pass the ball, so they just played the run. It my opinion it was more than we could handle.

"Right now, I feel like people are just thinking, 'They can't pass,' so they stack the box."'

BuckeyeChief's picture

Hyde also stated he misses Tressel.

In all my years, I've never seen this shit going on; Fick's already lost the team, and (speaking from personal experience) it's hard to get guys back.

"2014 National with it!!!"

303 Buckeye's picture

Well we all are pretty miserable with what we saw today.  However, I think Posey will come back with a vengence; I mean the dude wants a job in the NFL, and no matter who is playing qb they will be able to find him.  That will open up the run game and put some of our young recievers in the position to make plays.  Boom is always reliable, and Mike Adams is an amazing blocker.  Right now Miller is a deer in headlights, and next week won't help, but I feel like if the offense figures anything out we have a good good chance against Illinois.  I'm definitely not saying that we can beat Wisconsin, but in a night game at the Shoe with any momentum it could be a pretty good game just based off of emotional play alone.  I'm still not giving up on 7-5 or 8-4, and a WIN AGAINST MICHIGAN if Posey and Boom do what I hope they can do.


When Boom gets back he will make the secondaries we play cheat up even more, and once we have a halfway decent receiver, aka Posey, that could mean some 20+ yard (gasp) plays.  Baus is the better passer hands down, but Miller needs the most playing time this season because it's not like we are heading to the BCS or anything.  This might be a long year, but I feel like 2012 could be amazing if some serious improvements are made.  Oh yeah, and if that Urban guy is on the sidelines.  I hope Smith isn't too inept to convince that man to come take his "dream job"....  I mean I hated the Gators but Tressel definitely got outcoached by Meyer that NC game, and if he comes to Columbus we are looking at a bright future.

baddogmaine's picture

We have half decent receivers; what we don't have is a QB who can get them the ball. The problem is not ententirely the receivers, the problem is game plan. It's been obvious for a while that whati is needed is quick passes, that our line can't hold long enough for Miller to wait for Posey to get open. And if we can run quick slants to Posey we should have run them yesterday. Posey is not the answer. Until we get offensive coaches the whole offense will be deer in headlights.

RBuck's picture

I'm wonering what happened to the Jordon Hall in the slot scheme we all heard about during pre-season practice. I only recall seeing it once so far the whole season.

Long live the southend.

Buckeyejason's picture

We always here bull shit stuff in the off season.

"Hall will be used like Percy Harvin"

"Stoney will catch 40 passes this season, and be used like a WR"

"There will be more screen passes to RB's. And more creative play calling using our personells talent"

The season starts and we might see it the 1st and 2nd game of the year... then what do you know we stick to the same 3 plays the rest of the season that every team that beats us says they knew were coming.