Preview: #12 Wisconsin at Ohio State

By Johnny Ginter on October 28, 2011 at 12:30p
Looks goofy, throws deadly
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At some point, far in the past, mankind evolved from the primordial ooze that seeped up from the bowels of the earth, and then diverged into two seperate and very distinct groups; the Bros, strongest and high fivest of men, and everyone else, weaker and less inclined to send greetings via hand gestures.

Bret Bielema is a Bro. Note the large, unwieldy cranium. The now awkward and somewhat inappropriate leg tattoo. The maddening ability to field a team capable of beating Ohio State on a semi-regular basis. All of this adds up to an individual that is an incredibly irritating and constant reminder that he is the true pinnacle of human evolution; someone capable of coaching while also unironically enjoying the ever-evolving musical stylings of Kid Rock.

For a while, I was able to take great pleasure that our stoic and somewhat dweebish head coach was able to befuddle King Bro Bielema more often than not, going 3-1 against his eternal nemesis.  However, with his passing on to NCAA violator's hell and the replay booth in Lucas Oil Stadium, Ohio State needed to find their own Bros, and find them they did. With their "yeah I bathe with Axe deodorant spray so what" swagger, Fickell and Vrabel represent a generation I like to call Bro 2.0, a new and dangerous development in Bro biology (brology?).

What I'm saying is, Ohio State can try to continue this Bro arms race if it so chooses. But as a wise man once said, "A Bro for a Bro leaves the whole world Bro."


Last year, Wisconsin was a terrific team that featured a gigantic offensive line, terrific running backs, and a serviceable quarterback, all of which led to a BCS team that seemed to be just one missing element away from striking it big. Enter Russell Wilson, who has transformed the Badgers from a national title contender also-ran into a... national title contender also-ran. Still, he's the best QB in the Big Ten, combining mobility (212 yards rushing at 6.6 YPC) and accuracy (73.2 completion percentage) to a crazy degree. He's thrown for at least two touchdowns in every game save one, and that was the 59-7 blowout against Indiana.

With that said, Wisconsin is still a run first team. Montee Ball and James White are both brutal and punishing runners; interchangeable parts in an offense designed to wear down their opponent until they become dazed enough for Russell Wilson to pick apart their weak and lifeless corpses. Ball has 768 yards and is averaging 6.1 yards per carry and White has gone for 458 and 5.7 yards per carry. These guys are inside rushers par excellence, and Simon, Hankins and company are going to have to play their best games of the year against an impossibly huge Badger offensive line and big mean RBs.

Those of you hoping for Wisconsin's defense to suddenly stop being angry and pain inducing due to the losses of J.J. Watt and Jay Valai are going to be disappointed. The Badger defense still ranks in the top ten in the country, being especially adept at defending against the pass. Part of this is due to Wisconsin playing a lot of pretty poor passing teams so far this year, but on the other hand who cares because guess what ladies and gentlemen, Ohio State has literally the 5th worst passing attack in the FBS (ahead of two service academies and a couple of schools I think are inventions of Tolkien).

Louis Nzegwu is probably the best player on the defensive line; he's filled in Watt's shoes very nicely, and already has 5 sacks on the year. The defensive line as a whole has accounted for 18 sacks so far, and will probably be spending a not insignificant amount of time harassing Braxton Miller. They can be run on to an extent, but hoping for the 121 yards a game that they give up per game to turn the tide is probably a wee bit optimistic. The rest of the defense is solid but nondescript; the secondary is tough and the linebackers, led by Chris Borland (he of 10 tackles for loss) play their vanilla formations pretty well.

Finally, what's interesting about Wisconsin's special teams is that they've only attempted 7 field goals this season, making 4, with none over 40 yards. I want to be optimistic about this, but in my heart of hearts I know this is just because Bielema considers the kicking game to be "girly crap" and can lean on Wisconsin's pretty great offense to get points of the touchdown variety more often than not.

Buckeye Breakdown

People have been saying it all week: Ohio State can't beat Wisconsin without passing the footed ball through the air, mostly comprised of nitrogen, and then have it settle into the awaiting arms of wide receivers/tight ends, who are mostly comprised of water. Well, maybe not in those exact same words, but the general idea is that it's been repeated ad nauseam in a variety of different ways and it is absolutely 100% true. What concerns me is that I'm still not sure who the hell Miller is going to throw to; sure, Stoneburner is supposed to be the de facto safety net, but he hasn't found ways to get open consistently. My bet is on Philly Brown being the main guy, but ultimately it won't matter if Miller wasn't able to use the Bye week to bone up on his understanding of blitz packages.

It also won't matter if Boom Herron can't get consistent yards, but this I'm actually far less concerned about. I've fully bought into this guy. If OSU has any shot of pulling off the upset, he'll have to play up to his full potential, and I think he will. Seriously, I completely understand why some people are way more optimistic about this game than they should be; the offensive line in full road grader mode coupled with Boom running downhill for the majority of the game is really fun to watch. It may not be enough though.


Getting Dominic Clarke back will be nice, especially if he brings the same bulldog mentality in defending guys like Nick Toon and Jared Abbrederis as he does shooting at people with a BB gun on top of the Marketplace. Travis Howard is still listed as the starter, but because Ohio State is going to stay more in the 4-3 this week, it'll be interesting to see what kind of personnel packages actually end up seeing playing time.

This is especially true for the linebackers. Sabino, Klein, and Sweat will be seeing a lot of playing time, as probably will Shazier (that's a pun). I think Ball and White will have at least limited success against the defensive line, meaning that the units to keep an eye on are the linebackers, especially in coverage, and the safeties, especially in run support. Both units are going to have to figure out how to multitask to negate the inherent advantages that Wilson, Ball, and White bring to the table.

The kicking game continues to be terrific. Drew Basil is now 8 for 10 on the year, and Ben Buchanan continues to try to redeem the family name since James almost ruined it by dropping his punts like flies inside the 20. Both of these guys cannot afford to have an off game at any point for the rest of the season.


On paper, this doesn't end pretty for Ohio State. Russell Wilson is a legit Heisman contender for a reason; Michigan State, easily a top 5 defense this year, harassed and harried Wilson into two picks, but also gave up over 220 yards and two passing TDs to him. Montee Ball and James White are both excellent backs who can probably win the game by themselves if need be, and the defensive line will probably be trying their hardest to improve on last week's game against Sparty. The Badgers should be more than content to run right at Ohio State, and if they have any kind of success, it's game over.

Intangibles, though! Night game! Pro Combat Unis! Eat Too! Uhhhh positive remarks on Twitter!

Will the upset happen? No, probably not. But there's a chance.

Corey and Jeremy shared King Cool Guy status last week, which could cause a lengthy and bloody fight for the head of state in ElevenWarristan, so hopefully this week we get a little more definitive and a little more sad when we collectively call for a score of...

Ohio State 18, Wisconsin 25


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Hoody Wayes's picture

Ohio State can win...and by three points or less.

baddogmaine's picture

Wisconsin can score, we can't. Our defense might be able to play for four full quarters but so far has not against good competition (anyone disagreeing needs to come up with some explanation as to why giving up over 100 yards in the fourth quarter of a close game is good defense). And I think that Bielema is a better coach than Fickell, and possibly meaner than 99% of the other coaches in Div 1A - if WIS can blow us out they will, there will be no mercy rule.


31-14. You can guess which team has which.

Rooster Buckburn's picture

We suck in comparison to Bucky.  But just as David used home field advantage in his favor to select the five smooth stones from the stream and defeat Goliath - we rise up and find a way to beat the fighting Bielema's at home, at night in the 'shoe with 106,000 pork sammich filled fans screaming their approval.

Buckeyes 24 - Wisc 23

Buckeyejason's picture

I like what Rooster said..very motivating, but Baddogmaine hit the nail right on the head. Prove me and a lot others wrong boys!

38-13 Vadgers


rkylet83's picture

Unfortunately the only way we win this game is if a repeat of 2009 happens and our defense capitalizes on Wisconsin miscues, and our special teams come up big.  That was the only way MSU won last weekend and it's the only way we will too.  

Even when we had Coach Tressel on the sideline Wisconsin always seemed to be a step ahead of us in scheme on both sides of the ball, but we had better athletes and we eventually wore them down.  Really unless Wisconsin makes some serious errors or we play consistently on offense (like we haven't all season) I cant see us winning this game.  I'll take Wisconsin 35 Bucks 19.

Buckeyejason's picture

I wouldn't write that bro, they'll stone you here and call you a witch if you dont spew delusional, blind-homer we'll win by 20 comments.


Run_Fido_Run's picture

Is your erecting of strawman arguments part of your objectivity project?

btalbert25's picture

He's not that far off though, some people go Ape just because you have the audacity to pick against Ohio State.  I believe there is evidence of this mentality on this very comment thread. 

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Albert, you're fine in my book. I might disagree with you sometimes and even get slightly irritated by some of your mild negativity, but you back up your arguments with well-reasoned points, you're fair to others, etc.

You're able to be critical and yet (at least semi-)upbeat at the same time. As for some of the others who are not so successful at striking the balance, why stick up for them?

Buckeyejason's picture

"Why stick up for them"

That's stooping pretty low there Fido, now you feel the need to turn people against each other.

If you haven't figured it out by now, btalbert25 shares practically the same thoughts about this team as I do. We're realists, call it pesimism if you want but we call a duck a duck. If the team was playing great and being coached to a high level than we'd saying how great the team is.


Run_Fido_Run's picture

Easy there. I didn't really mean to suggest that anyone should blackball anyone else, as if that were even possible. And it's not like Albert would ever listen to me, anyway. Arguing on the internet is fun for me, especially since my wife always gets the last word at home, but maybe I've been razzing you a bit too much. 

I have nothing against you, personally. I'm arguing against excessive negativity, as a generic phenomenon in Buckeye Nation, not against BuckeyeJason the person. But I need to remember that not everyone enjoys such verbal sparring.

I agree with you that the stinkweasels will be a tall order for the Buckeyes.      

Buckeyejason's picture

No harm done. I apologize if I come off to negative sometimes. I just get frustrated because I know we could be so much better.

Cheers mate!


BucksfanXC's picture

Are you two coming to E2B2? Are we going to have to join hands and sing Kumbaya?

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

flipbuckeye's picture

Looks like they've already made up. Watch out for excessive bro huggery.

theDuke's picture

what if the duck is a mallard? then do you call him a duck?


btalbert25's picture

I'm not really defending anyone, just saying that some of my thoughts have met pretty harsh criticisms on here too.  I love this team like most of us here do, and I like the back and forth with people who don't neccessarily agree with me, but I enjoy to keep it civil.  You and I have been back and forth before, and Irricoir and I rarely agree on much but always have respect. 

I love this team and want them to win all the time.  I came into this season expecting to be a little better than they have been.  Perhaps that was a lofty expectation considering all that went wrong. 

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Yeah, I was being overly negative (and chippy), myself, while I was on my anti-negativity crusade. And, in this case, two negatives don't make a positive. There's probably a passage inThe Great American Bathroom Book that highlights how I was going astray. 

btalbert25's picture

lol, so reading both of our posts it seems like both of use enjoy being contrary on here lol.  You like to because your wife has the last word, me it helps me get through the work day and some of the true morons I have to talk to on the phone all day lol.

Buckeyejason's picture

We get it Fido, or whatever you're name're educated. You don't need to keep trying to impress with your phrases such as "objectivity project" and "erecting strawman".


Run_Fido_Run's picture

Sorry, I wasn't trying to impress anyone with phrases, just make my point in as few words as possible (since I can be pretty long-winded). I'll try to be less pedantic then . . .

You say that you're simply being an objective observer (pointing out the obvious) when you dwell on the ineptitude of the 2011 Buckeyes - with their slow defense, terrible offense, and incompetent coaches. Okay, since you're an objective observer, please show me an example (from a past thread) of when a commenter on this site railed on you because you did not "spew delusional, blind-homer [predictions that] we'll win by 20 [points]. Is anyone here even predicting on their own that Ohio State will beat Wisky by 20 pts, let alone expecting that you to do so?

In other words, thanks for the strawman argument.   

rkylet83's picture

LOL.  Seriously though I really want to win this game so badly, and it would really turn this season around in my opinion.  That said I haven't seen anything from us this season that shows me that were going to be able to win this game.

Bucks43201's picture

If you thought Wisconsin was a gimme to don't know football.

That goes for all the fools that predicted a Wisconsin blowout.

(I predicted a 4-point OSU win, btw).

I knew this game would be close because -- HAVE YOU SEEN US RUN THE BALL!?! since Boom and Mike Adams have been back! Nebraska, Illinois games --- ran all over our opponents, and I've watched Wisconsin's Defense this year -- it's good, but far from impressive.

Our D is superior.

OSU was the easiest bet of the day. Shame on the doubters.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Your wrote:

Even when we had Coach Tressel on the sideline Wisconsin always seemed to be a step ahead of us in scheme on both sides of the ball, but we had better athletes and we eventually wore them down. 

Please explain . . .

In 2007, Ohio State out first downed Wisc. 21-15 and outrushed them 211-12 yds, winning 38 to 17. Early in the 3Q, Wisky briefly took a 17-10 lead after finding a weakness in the Buckeye coverage against Wisky's athletic TEs; but Heacock made some adjustments and the Buckeyes D shut them out the rest of the way. Meanwhile, JT made some offensive adjustments that allowed Beanie to go wild in the 2H. 

In 2008, Pryor was a raw freshman on the road. It was a dead-even game statistically, but Pryor led the dramatic last minute drive, catching Wisky offguard with an option play, which was aided by Wisky being confused about what defensive scheme they were in.

People always want to make a big deal about the stats in the 2009 game; however, any time a team plays against a good offense, but has three "instant" TDs (KO return and 2 INT TDs), then obviously that limits the times their offense will be on the field, while - given extra chances - the opposing offense will crank out some yards.

Then, last year, Wisky returned the opening KO for a TD and then simply steamrolled the Buckeye defense will predictable, but powerful, run plays.

Out schemed?

rkylet83's picture

In 2007 we had a much more talented team that found itself being outplayed and out coached until Beanie found the same cutback lane twice and took it to the house both times. That had nothibg to do with coaching adjustments, just a talented player making a big play. 2007, 2008 and 2009 were not good Wisconsin teams and it was a really tight game nearly everytime. Like I said our talent made the difference in most of those contests. Why does a team who has less talent stay in a game with a better team year in and year out? In my opinion better coaching/scheme for the game. This season Wisconsin has good talent and its performed better than ours so I dont see how my reasoning for picking Wisconsin is flawed.

Kurt's picture

I disagree entirely with your assesment that they steamrolled us last year with predictable, but powerful, run plays.  Steamrolled, yes.  Predictable, no.

While it's well documented that Bielema likes Wisconsin to have a smash-mouth offense, what doesn't get enough attention is the subtle mis-directional cues that Chryst throws at opposing defenses. Against us last year it was variation of Jet Sweeps pump fakes to wide receivers in the flats which kept the Buckeye defense on their heels. In the past Chryst has also been one to catch defenses off-guard by using the Naked Bootleg, with Russell Wilson this is more lethal for Chryst than ever before. Despite whatever Bret Bielema says about his team's offense, which seems to only discredit and dumb-down the ingeniousness of his offensive coordinator, there's much more to it than just three yards and a cloud of dust nor predictable.

tampa buckeye's picture

Did i miss something? typical ohio state fans. Does ohio state not have more talent then these bums? wisky d flat out sucks. They do one thing well and that is run the football. Stack the box and kick some bagers in the fuckin head. Ohio state rolls 34-17.

Buckeyejason's picture

You need more than talent to win big games Tampa.


Maestro's picture

vacuuming sucks

Buckeyejason's picture

You're right btalbert25, these people are wacked.

I think I'm averaging one picture a day, sweet!


btalbert25's picture

Oh I don't have any problems with anyone, I enjoy this community, I just don't think you have to think they are going to win all the time to be a true fan.  I appreciate people being optimistic , but being blindly optimistic and just thinking they are going to win because they are Ohio State, well that's just as annoying as people who are just negative because it's easy to be.  I don't have the sunny outlook that some do about the rest of the year, and that's fine, I don't think I should be called out for thinking this team could lose 2 more games anymore than someone who thinks they are going to win the rest of their games should be called out.

I don't think it's a bad thing to disagree, just think it's a bad thing when people are smartassed or douches about it.  That's what always made this site great, people disagreed and didn't talk down to eachother.  The last 8 months of so I feel like that isn't the case as much anymore, and I've recognized that some really good folks from the community haven't been posting nearly as much as they used to.  That's a shame I think.

You can think I'm negative and that's fine.  I think i'm realisitic about this year's team and will be happily surprised if the do better than I thought they would.  At the end of the day it really doesn't matter what any of us think or our opinions about the game or coaching or anything else anyway.  No one who matters is reading our comments and if they did they certainly aren't taking advice from middled aged dudes, college students, and everything in between who are experts because they played high school ball or they watch football every weekend. 

Rooster Buckburn's picture

I wouldn't say the Wisconsin D 'sucks' - but I am uninspired by who they've beaten:

UNLV (1-5)

Oregon St. (2-5)

Northern Illinois (who also lost to a 2-6 Central Michigan)

South Dakota (didn't even know they had a football team - not even D1)

Indiana  (loz)

...and an over-valued Nebraska team (at Camp Randall I might add). 

They gave up 37 points to the same MSU team that only scored 10 on us - and we helped them to that.  

Come on folks - this isn't the 1944 Army team - these guys are very beatable.


Bucksfan's picture

There is no way Wisconsin comes into the Horseshoe and lays a spanking on our defense.  It just isn't happening.  Put it out of your minds.  If not for a special teams disaster last year, their offense scored 24 at their place.  Yeah, if you make mistakes, you generally lose...shocker.  But, toe-to-toe, Ohio State, with Boom Herron and Mike Adams back, with this defense, is not going to get smacked around at their own house.  Michigan State does not have a better defense than OSU, and you'll see that tomorrow against Nebraska, who they're going to have to out-score.

If Wisconsin players are looking at Ohio State like it's an easy opponent, like some of our Buckeye brethren are doing here, they're in for a long night (correction: it'll be a short night because OSU is just going to run the ball down their throats and milk the clock. It'll all be over soon!).

Buckeyejason's picture

I have a lot of confidence in our defense, hell they've kept this season from being a complete wreck. I just don't believe our offense can score enough to win this game for us, plain and simple. The Defense can only play well for so long till they tire out and give up points.


btalbert25's picture

I thought the Ohio State defense was better last year than it is this year.  They were able to score 24 on last years D with a QB that isn't as good as their current QB and basically the same RBs, minus Clay.  If they match that 24 point output, do you feel like Ohio State can score 25? We've played some horrible D's already this year and still struggled.  Toledo, Illinois, Nebraska, hell even Miami has given up a bunch of points this year.  Adams and Boom help to be sure, i just don' thave confidence that if Wisconsin can score 3 TDs and 1 FG, that the Buckeyes can best them.

Bucksfan's picture

They scored 24, AT Camp Randall.  At the Shoe, it will be tougher.

Normal Buck's picture

Actually, it was 17 -- Gilreath took the opening kickoff to the house, which IMO was the entire game right there.  Wisky had all the momentum right there, and though the Bucks got back to within 3, it never seemed like they completely got that momentum back. 

Bucksfan's picture

No I had already taken that into consideration.  As a team, they put up 31.  The offense got them 24 (if you include FG's, of course).

zosima's picture

Don't forget that playing from behind means you rely on the  pass more, run less clock, etc.  That's why up-tempo offenses usually are on teams that have poor defensive statistics (particularly yardage).  Last year, we were playing from behind thanks to the slow start.  If we don't spot them 14 points from the start we will grind the ball and keep their offense off the field, and when they do come on our defense will be rested and tenacious. We won't win a shootout, but I do think we see what an angry, motivated, Tresselball-versed OSU team looks like on the cusp of November.

tOSU 17 Bucky 10

kevinfrenchfry's picture

albert, i think wilson is better but he ahsnt played anyone yet this year untilsparty and he clearly was rattled at times, tolzien was a solid game manager and the coaches limited him to alot of short passes that yielded alot of YAC, people seem to forget russel wilson played in the acc, and again, im not knocking him i think hes a good qb i just dont think hes the astronomical upgrade from tolzien everyone thinks he is

Baroclinicity's picture

The beginning of that Nebraska game still gives me hope.  I think we come up just short in a disjointed game...

Wisconsin 20, Ohio State 16

Would love to see Miller take a step forward in this game.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

gwalther's picture

31 - 17 Wisci. sadface

Class of 2008

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

Wisconsin 24, OSU 16


Read my entire screen name....

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

The things that give us a chance to win Saturday:
-Our running game
-Their defense, which I feel is overrated somewhat (then again, I said the same thing about MSU's defense - turned out not to be the case)
-The atmosphere of a night game at the 'Shoe
-Our defense, for the most part
-Revenge (whether the players and coaches admit it or not, it's in their minds)
-Their mindset after last week IF they're deflated
-We've had a bye week to prepare

The things that hurt our chances Saturday:
-Their offense
-Our defense's succeptiblity to the big play
-Our defense's recent 4th quarter struggles
-Our pass offense
-Playcalling (unless Walrusball starts becoming more creative)
-Their mindset after last week IF they're pissed off
-Terrelle Pryor talking shit after last year (which motivates them to prove that last year was not a fluke)

Wisconsin 30, OSU 23

Class of 2010.

Buckeyejason's picture

Those are all really good points, but for some reason they seem very similar to the USC situation in 09

looking for the "revenge" factor because they embarressed the Bucks in L.A. The year before.

Playing at night in the shoe.

Them not being that good as expected, especially with a freshman QB(Barkely).

I hope its a different outcome this time around.


Run_Fido_Run's picture

Prior to the MSU game, I too wondered if the Spartan defense was somewhat overrated, but that was earlier in the season.

Now, we probably have a little better evidence that MSU's defense is better than Wisky's. MSU is still ranked 2nd in total defense, while Wisc. is 9th, and MSU has played against a better slate of offenses. To underline that point, MSU's mediocre offense almost gained as many yards on Wisky's defense as Wisky's powerful offense gained on MSU's defense.   

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

Sometimes it seems like our offense is inept enough that the other team's defense may not matter.  

When the buckeyes come out in I-form on first down, everyone in the stadium knows it's a run and in the two times per game that it's not a run, we run a play that take too much time to develop.  I'm starting to think that we should put in TY in the I form, no play action, 3-step drop and just throw it straight down the field on a fade route/back shoulder.  This way, we don't get sacked and stretch the field and hopefully the big guy can make a play.  It would certainly back off the safeties.

Read my entire screen name....

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I agree that we need to mix it up. But when the Buckeyes crisply execute some of their bread & butter run plays, either power or read-option, with a healthy Miller, Boom, and a very good run blocking OL, they can overwhelm most defenses - even when they guess right.

Wisky ran all over the Buckeyes last year while being very predictable.

I don't think Ohio State can dominate the Wisky defense by simply running it down their throats; they'll need to mix it up. But the converse is all true: if they're unable to run their bread & butter stuff effectively, the other plays will be less effective, too, and no amount of offensive creativity will be enough.    

Buckeyejason's picture

I agree with you there.


Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

Yes, our OL blocking at its best would overwhelm this defense, but my subtle point was more that 5 guys can't be expected to block 7, etc.  We need to call plays to use and get numbers in our advantage - when there's 9 in the box, take a 3 step drop and throw a jump ball to the outside or back shoulder.  Just like you said, by mixing it up, it keeps the safeties back a few steps and keeps the LBs about a second late to the hole.  We have to find a way to do this.

Read my entire screen name....

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I don't disagree. Yet best case scenario, the Buckeyes run 65 or even 70-percent of the time for like 250 yards and then mix in maybe 150 yards in the passing game (with a relatively high yards per pass attempt). 

That'd mean, though, that sometimes they'd still run into 8-man fronts. On the bright side, if they break through the first layer against a stacked front, that's when you get a "home run." 

Maestro's picture

I am of the opinion that the bye week will make the difference for the offense.  I expect to see some wrinkles and I expect to see better execution.

Big special teams and defensive plays will be required to win this game though.

vacuuming sucks

BrewstersMillions's picture

Well I don't normally like comparing one year's game to another but I noticed a few things that stand out.

1) The crowd in Madison is absolutely raucous. Give those Cheeseheads an extra few hours to pound beer and sausage and Camp Randall resembles a war zone....and it has NOTHING on the Shoe. Push comes to shove our 105,000 are louder than their 80 something-Wilson didn't look comfy in East Lansing. Imagine what Columbus can be...

2) At home, Pass Rushers are at an advantage because they get to simply react to whatever movement the player across from them makes. Said player usually moves on a pre determined snap count\silent count of some sort and\or has his head turned towards the ball and watches it move. OL moves, DL responds and has half a step. JJ Watt owned Adams last year but now Adams has the crowd in his favor and there is no JJ Watt-Or anything that resembles him. I like our ability to protect the QB tomorrow.

3) If there is one thing we appear to have shored up this year, its Special Teams-A HUGE problem for us last year (Marshall, Miami, Wisky). If Wisconsin can't seize momentum early we are at an advantage.

4) What the hell else does this team have to play for? Last year OSU was a bit of an unwilling #1 and in my opinion and  undeserving one. This year, OSU is playing for the name on the front of the Jersey and a head coach's job. I think the motivation we appeared to lack last year will be palatable this year. (Saying that as a point. I'm aware that BUCKEYES doesn't appear on the front of the Jerseys...or do they? Pro Combat maybe? Hell I dont know)


All together, I expect Boom to dominate the game. I'm seriously thinking plus 200. Let Miller throw 5-9 yard easy passes, slip in a screen or 2 to Hall and get Stoney past the LB's. Wisconsin does not tackle well. I'm closer to siding with Tampa on this one than anyone else. I like OSU to the tune of three scores. 28-10.

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

Wisc's defense has been hit and miss, and I'm on the fence about them being overrated because in the only game where the opponent was close (the MSU game), MSU rushed for only 109 yards (3.4 ypc) and 400 yards of total offense.  The next best team, NEB, was held to 340 total yards and 160 on the ground (3.7 ypc).  It's to judge Wisc's defense because they had been blowing so many teams out of the water.

Read my entire screen name....

RBuck's picture

The Buckeyes do have more talent (on paper) than Wisco. However OSU is real green this year and has no offensive brains since The Senator left. Also, with Nate Williams MIA for the year, the D has no pass rush to speak off. The Buckeyes give it their all but fall short 27-20.

Long live the southend.

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we will either win by 3, or lose by over 9000. Just Saiyan.

-The Aristocrats!

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hahaha good lord

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The one thing that makes me NUTS is when people talk about the Talent.  We have more talent than them.  This team is loaded with talent.  To me you can interchange talent with potential.  WHich means there are a lot of dudes who haven't proven anything yet.  That's not saying they won't be great, or that some haven't been great already.  People are just exclusively looking at rivals stars and assuming guys will be great because of it.

Rod Smith was going to be an all world RB, now he may not even play RB.  Sabino was going to be the greatest Ohio State LB ever, he'll barely be remembered in 10 years.  For every 5 star like Beanie or TP, there are guys like Jemario O'Neal or Ray Small or evern Doug Worthington.  While Worthington became a fine player, he never quite lived up to the beastly reputation he had coming in. 

I'm not knocking anyone on this team, and it could end up that every one of these 4 or 5 star guys end up in the NFL and have great careers.  What I'm saying is, at this point in time, we really don't know what kind of players they'll end up being.  Now we're at the point in the season where some of the truly talented guys may h ave the light kick on and this team improves a lot, or we could be looking at a team that is slowly developing this year and next year becomes nasty or it could be any one of a thousand different outcomes.  At this point we really don't know what we have, but a lot of gu ys who were rated high by guys who get payed to try and project what a high school kid will do over his next 4 years. 

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+ 1,000


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The most talent. If nothing else the best defense. At home. At night. Big ten title on the line. Coaches future on the line. Its going to be fun and i refuse to watch this game thinking we have no chance like some bum whos about to fight mike tyson. Scared is not how this team plays. Saturday night wisky gets knocked out. lets go!

GoBucks713's picture

I remember a no chance bum that beat Tyson. Long live James "Buster" Douglas!! 

-The Aristocrats!

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Bucks win 27-14


Bucks43201's picture

OSU: 20

WisconSin: 16

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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Oh you mean like solid play calling? We know that isnt a huge concern....anyway maybe im just pissed off at ohio state fans after being told to sit down at the miami game this year.
That said this is still ohio state at home vs wisky we have more talent i expect a win period!

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bielema is fat and annoying thats all... go buckeyes

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The Crowd and special teams will be the difference.  BUCKS 23 badgers 16

I am Groot - Groot

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I know this is redundant,but I post again BUCKEYES-6  Bucky-3.I won't bore you with anymore praise of The Great Bolls.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I'm sorry.  You have this confused with my Cleveland Browns - 6 vs. Seattle Seahawks - 3.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Beilema looks identical to a badger...the nose, the eyes, the hair, he smells like one, too

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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Of recent memory (even during the Tressel era), every time we believe there is a very winnable game against a top team and lose, well, a large part of that has to do with the coaching and play calling. Without Tress now we're even more severely handicapped in that department, thus, I don't see us getting a W tonight. I'm optimistic in our chances simply because of our D and Boom, but feel it'll be the same movie we've all seen before. I'm already preparing myself for a lot of yelling at the TV... 90% of that directed at Bollman. It'll be a close, low scoring game where we eventually just come up short, but no way in hell WISC blows us out at home.

WISC: 17

OSU: 13

BTW, great link to that Dumb & Dumber clip. Love that movie.

"No time for love, Doctah Jones!"

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Gameday!!  Gonna be a long 12 hours

BoFuquel's picture

Time for College Game Day, I hope none of our people are watchin' that junk.Death to Mickey Mouse and all his minions. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Loved seeing Eat Too getting some pub on Buckeye Blitz (10TV) last night! Hoping that trend continues with Football Fever (ABC) and the tailgate they visit weekly. I know I've been a bug in their butt about it.

Menexenus's picture

I enjoyed watching that segment, too.  Now I know what Johnny and Chris look like!

I think our chances of beating Wisconsin tonight are about one-in-three.  But as Han Solo once said, "Never tell me the odds!"  So I'm picking the Buckeyes, 23-20!  GO BUCKS!

Real fans stay for Carmen.