Miller in First Start, Handles the Buffs

By DJ Byrnes on September 24, 2011 at 7:34p
"ITS MILLER TIME!!!!!111" - I'm three Ohio State fans on your Facebook feed.Keep working, young Brax. You're headed places.
10 10 14 3 37
0 7 3 7 17

This is a game where the storylines write themselves. With an offensive performance last week in Miami that set the game of football back fifteen years, the coaching staff has gone to the bullpen--summoning a heralded (albeit unproven) freshman quarterback to provide a spark which the team obviously needs. (Sound familiar? It should.) Could the defense build off last week's performance, where they finished strong after a rocky start? Would Jordan Hall continue to run as if he were encased in cobalt? What would the tea leaves say about the impending Miller dynasty? These are just some of the questions I assume Ohio Stadium's 105,000 came to see answered.

It was the University of Colorado Buffaloes who offered resistance to Ohio State on this day. While the Buffs came in 1-2, their respectability was never questioned by the Buckeyes. Tyler Hansen, who our own Johnny so eloquently said was a "third level Pokémon evolution of Joe Bauserman", can lightweight throw the rock. Paul Richardson can catch it. Rod Stewart came in looking for his 3,000th career yard on the ground.

Both teams came in needing a W as much as they simply needed to improve before conference play begins next week.

So here's how it all went down.

The Braxton Miller Era didn't get off to the most rousing of starts. After a few zero-gain rushes and a terrible snap, the offensive Buckeyes were relegated to the sidelines amongst audible groans in Ohio Stadium. Thankfully, the defense was up to the challenge, equaling their counterparts and forcing their own three-and-out.

After a heads-up recovery by Chris Fields on a skewered punt which had deflected off a Buckeye, Braxton again took the reigns. Without needing to pass, the Buckeyes marched down the field behind the hard-nosed running of Jordan Hall. Ten plays after their second series began, Jordan Hall went over-the-pile to cap a drive which undoubtedly had Woody Hayes smiling down from wherever it is great human beings go to rest their souls.

On the next series, Colorado's Hansen and Stewart fumbled a hand-off exchange, with a lurking Adam Bellamy all-too-willing to hop on the magic diamond.

After a few fruitless ventures into the arena of throwing the football forward (complimented by a nice run by Carlos Hyde), Ohio State was unable to replicate their previous drive's bounty. Drew Basil made it 10-0 Buckeyes.


  Cmp/Att Pct Yds TD Int RAT
Miller 5/13 38.4 83 2 0 142.9
Bauserman 2/2 100.0 27 0 0 213.3


  Att Yds Avg Lng TD Fum
J. Hall 18 84 4.7 20 1 0
Miller 17 83 4.9 16 0 0
Hyde 6 40 6.7 14 1 0
R. Smith 4 18 4.5 8 0 0
Berry 2 1 0.5 3 0 0


  Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Fum
D. Smith 3 64 21.3 32 2 0
Fragle 2 24 12.0 16 0 0
T.Y. Williams 1 12 12.0 12 0 0
Fields 1 10 10 10 0 0

After another defensive stand (high-lighted by Andrew Sweat bringing down Paul Richardson in space) the Buffaloes were once again kicking the ball to the other end of Ohio Stadium.

It was here that fans got a glimpse of what makes Braxton special. While Pryor was known for his gliding runs that looked so smooth you almost questioned how hard he was running--Braxton is a much choppier, elusive runner. On a third and 9, (and out of the I-formation, no less), Braxton made several Buffaloes miss on his way to picking up the first down in what turned out to be the last play of the first quarter. On an ensuing second-and-five, Miller was tasked with a naked bootleg to his right. He took it for about ten yards for another first down. (An offensive holding call negated another improvised Miller run--which ended with him trying the ol' TP stiff arm, but was promptly thrown to the ground).

The penalty--which forced second-and-eighteen and third-and-eighteen, ended with Ben Buchanan "pinning" the Buffaloes inside their own five. (I use the quotations because the Colorado return man, Rod Stewart, questionably fair-caught the punt inside his own five).

With 9:30 left in the second quarter, after Ohio State's defense again quelled Colorado, Braxton Miller completed a pass to Reid Fragle. It was the first Ohio State completed pass to a receiver or a tight end in nearly five and a half quarters of football.

A few plays later, Braxton uncorked a wobbler over the top of the defense to a streaking Devin Smith for a 32-yard touchdown pass.

With Colorado using a series of screens, passes to Paul Richardson in space, and a timely third down run by Hansen, the Buffaloes were able to cobble together their best drive of the day. On fourth-and-one on Ohio State's 11-yard line, with the balance of the game starting to tip, Colorado's Jon Embree elected to go for it. After it appeared Tyler Hansen had effectively been flushed from the pocket.... he lofted a floater into the middle of the back of the endzone that was plucked out of the air by Colorado's six-foot-two Toney Clemons. It was a haul that momentairly pulled Colorado off the ropes.

On Ohio State's ensuing drive, a Chris Fields' illegal block penalty moved the offense back ten yards. Faced with first-and-20, Braxton unleashed a winding 14-yard run up the left side of Colorado's defense. He was up-ended on a pretty solid hit (you could almost hear everybody yelling "HOLD ON TO THE BALL") but Braxton maintained possession. On the next play, Braxton was immediately put under pressure and was eventually brought down by Columbus' own, Douglas Rippy. Ohio State then ran the ball harmlessly up the middle, content with taking the ten point cushion into halftime. 

Colorado, however, wasn't satisfied. They called a timeout to force Ohio State to punt. This time, Jon Embree's greed got the best of him. Colorado returnman Rod Stewart gave his second gift to Ohio State on the day, this time muffing the punt on his own 10 yard line. Colorado escaped surrendering a touchdown, though. With the ball near the goal-line and seven seconds remaining in the half, Coach Fickell showed his Tresselized-roots and opted to take the easy three points.

At half, Ohio State lead Colorado, 20-7. While Ohio State had played well and dictated the terms to most of the game, Colorado had to feel somewhat content with only being down two scores.

To start the second half, the Buffaloes immediately shot themselves in the foot. On the kick-off, Jamie Wood was illegally blocked in the back (he still made the tackle),  and the penalty caused Colorado to start from within their own ten-yard line. The drive ended on Colorado's first third down of the half, with Christian Bryant (who made the start at safety) stopping Paul Richardson two-yards short of the first down sticks.

With Ohio State gifted field position near half-field due to another atrocious Colorado punt, Jim Bollman dug into his seemingly-endless bag of tricks. On third and two, Jordan Hall was placed in the "Wildcat" package. He pierced the heart of the Buffaloes' defense for twenty yards. A few plays later, Devin Smith made an athletic 17-yard catch on the left sideline of the endzone for his second touchdown catch of the day. (Tape showed it would have been good in the NFL as well).

Perched on top of a 20-point cushion, the Ohio State defense looked to put the screws to Colorado, which had done a respectable job staying in the game. Colorado, riding Rod Stewart and timely throws by Tyler Hansen, soon found themselves in Ohio State territory. Unfortunately, they again shot themselves in the foot with penalties. A holding call resulted in a 3rd-and-18 for Colorado. The play ended with John Simon hauling Tyler Hanson (who had miliseconds before thrown the ball away) to the ground. Colorado had to settle for three points.

On the kick-off, Colorado's abominable special teams play continued. Jordan Hall, who has unarguably been the offensive MVP for Ohio State thus far, ripped up the right side of the field for a kick-off return which ended on Colorado's five. The next play, Braxton casually flipped the ball to Carlos Hyde, who easily outraced every single Colorado defensive player to the corner of the endzone for what felt like the nail in Ralphie's casket.

Colorado, though, wasn't done playing just yet. They were able to over-come even more penalties en route to the middle of the field at Ohio Stadium. While Christian Bryant looked to have caused a fumble on a hit on Colorado's Ryan Deehan, the play was over-ruled. It turned out to be a moot point. On the next third-down play, John Simon hit Tyler Hansen so hard I'm sure Hansen's soul felt it. The Buckeyes were soon recouping the ball on their own 20.

After successfuly converting a fourth-and-one from their own 29(!?), Ohio State stalled on Colorado's 30. Drew Basil moseyed into the game to make it 37-10, Buckeyes.

Colorado's next drive started on their own 24. Three plays later, Colorado was once again punting to Ohio State, all but settling their account on the day. From here, the game was all but a formality.

Still, after trading bountiless drives, Colorado again utilized the screen pass en route to securing a garbage time touchdown through a 14-yard TD strike to Tyler McCulloch.

Colorado, down over three scores, attempted an onside kick on the ensuing kick-off. Verlon Reed easily covered it, and with it, any pipe-dreams Colorado had of making a frenzied comeback.

With the game in hand, Ol' Joe Bauserman, as he had done throughout his twenty year tenure at Ohio State, was handed the reigns with orders to "bring the game home". He promptly hit Devin Smith on a crossing route for fifteen yards on a second-down play. To the fifth-year senior's credit, he led the Buckeye's directly into Colorado's red zone, where a few Rod Smith runs sealed Ohio State's third win of the year.

The script was a common one for Buckeyes fans. Ohio State used a strong defensive effort coupled with a strong running game, timely throws, and turn-over free football into a game where its competition was simply grinded into dust. It is a good building-block game, as the schedule gets noticably tougher with the Spartans of Michigan State coming to the Horeshoe.


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baddogmaine's picture

First I'll pat myself on the back - I predicted that Colorado would score 17 and we would get 200 yards on the ground. I didn't predict how poorly the Buffalo special teams woukd play, repeatedly giving us short fields.


Second, I'm going to caution not to get too excited. Las Vegas thought we should win by 16, so winning by 20 is not an explosion. We can be happy with Hall - really happy. And we can be happy with Miller's ability to run. We can not be happy with his general inability to pass. Better defenses are probably going to do a better job of spying on him, limiting his effectiveness, and it is not out of the question that we are going to need Bauserman to pass us out of a loss - as bad as Joe looked against Miami (both Miami and Toledo lost to mediocre teams today. I'm just sayin') today he was clearly the more poised of the two.

Nor can we be happy with our pass defense. Again.

So let's enjoy this for an hour, and then start preparing to play MSU still short-handed, and then at full strength against a WI squad that has been unstoppable. Games are going to get a LOT more difficult, and a side that passes and defends the pass as poorly as we do may find our jubilation short lived.

LVbucksNV's picture

BADDOGMAINE, YOU COULDN'T HAve been there, or maybe didn't see the game we all saw, or have a clue about D1 games prior to this, IN GENERAL, AS YOU MENTIONED.
Receivers dropped 5-6 balls, so B Millers stats would've been 10/13
For 220 ish YDS.

You are the delusional voice of Bauserman faction apparently.
Joe B., and I'm stating this as strict evaluation from a college fb starter in div. 1A, does not qualify as more than 4 th string on a D1 roster(why did tressel have him?) or prob not letting him take scholly from other talent. I'm flat sick of this as I know other alums and players are. COOP GOT BETTER TALENT. I want the difference makers back, and especially, the coaches qualified to know it and implement it.

This staff is a joke so will not have optimal positional decisions made that would help; this has and will still lead to unnecessary losses. Poor Fick had little choice but he should be taken to task on slow LBs playing since he should have a vicious d if nothing else, but WE DON'T. O Johnson is a PUSSY, NOT A SAFETY. ANY PLAYER KNOWS THIS. ALSO DON'T WANT TO READ ABOUT "PHILLY BROWN" EVER AGAIN AS A PLAYMAKER, NEWSFLASH AND PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PROVE ME WRONG, HE's NEVER MADE A MEANINGFUL PLAY. THOUGH I'D LOVE HIM TO CHANGE THAT STATUS, AND THOT HE WOULD HAVE BY NOW.

Start all the freshmen, they will make no less plays than the poor older guys and will more than makeup for it with talent/playmaking.



Baroclinicity's picture

Eeeeaaaaasssyyyy there, big fella...

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

gbm's picture

We have arguably had the best program in the nation under Tressel in the past decade. Please refrain from drinking and voicing your ignorantly concieved notions next time you get your shine on.

poop's picture

Not quite. I would say Florida was the team of the '00s. Maybe LSU. OSU was probably top 5 though.

1. Florida

2. LSU

3. USC

4. Texas

5. OSU

Buckeyejason's picture

I think that's what "arguably" means.


poop's picture

I don't think it's arguable. How can you?

Buckeyejason's picture


Ohio State won a National Title, played in 2 others.

Won a Sugar Bowl, 2 fiesta Bowls, a Rose Bowl.

Dominated their conference, put practically the most players into the NFL. Not to mention a shit load of top 5 finishes.

How is that not arguably one of the best programs in the country?


poop's picture

It's one of the best programs in the country without a doubt. I told you why I think they aren't the best in the county and I think my points were valid. The programs I listed before OSU achieved more last decade. NC's carry the most weight and 2 other teams had 1 more than we had. Texas went 2-1 against us and USC went 2-0.

theDuke's picture

dag. only in the top 5.


BuckeyeChief's picture

Wow; Coop's talent? What was his record vs scUM and in bowl games?

"2014 National with it!!!"

tampa buckeye's picture

Lot of good points kinda all over the place but i feel your pain. too many drops for sure.
They need to let brax work that zone read and run/option play. All in all it was a W and for those of you that thought we'd drop 3 straight i wont be eating shit.
Some clown actually emailed me saying he hoped id eat my words. This fan base has gotten so diluted lately. Being told to sit down at the miami game was a real eye opener for me. Too many fair weather fans. What ever happened to fight til the end? Hey maybe thats a great name for the next buckeye website.

Denny's picture

Sorry but it's impossible to take any comment seriously when it alternates between regular and all caps.


ih8rolltyde's picture

That may be one of the worst posts I have ever seen on this site.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

Rooster Buckburn's picture

In addition to Miller's performance, I feel a little relief that Basil has found the middle of the uprights.  Hopefully he is locked in now.

741's picture


His inconsistency kicking off still worries me though.

Tim's picture

From the northeast end of the field, Basil made an extra point and a field goal from right to left (west to east) barely within the left upright, which to me is very worrisome.  In the last two weeks, he has imrpoved from extremely-worrisome to somewhat-shaky, but I still don't want him kicking an important 45-yarder, and we might need to win a game like next week against MSU 19-17. 

Other than that, our passing game (obviously) and the pass defense of our linebackers over the middle also has me worried.  There were two plays in particular that I thought Klein and Sabino should have at least been in position to knock a pass down, but each of them went for long completions.  I don't know for sure what their responsibilities were on those two plays, but they weren't doing anything productive on either play, as far as I could see on the replays.  Anyway, next week has me really worried, and I know it's at home and MSU has been under-whelming so far.

Buckeyejason's picture

"The more poised of the two"

Oh here we go with people wanting Basuerman back...

He came in late in the game when Colorado was done and completed a couple of passes and now he has the ability to "pass us back into a game"?



madhatterhater's picture

Bauserman is only ok if the game is not in question.

go bucks

baddogmaine's picture

Hey, c'mon. I never said I *wanted* Bauserman back. I did see the game on TV. I saw Miller show terrific escapability with his feet. And I saw passes to wide open receivers get knocked down at the line, go over the guy's head, bounce. I saw passes flutter and go end-over-end, increasing the difficulty component of a catch. In short, Miller looked a lot like Pryor three years ago, and Pryor was in not because he was great but because the senior at that time was not helping. I was surprised and disappointed because I had been reading that Miller was a better freshman QB than TP had been, and I didn't see it.


Another reader suggested that I'm being unfair - add in yards for drops and his stats are not bad. They're better but give him credit for every yard a receiver cost him, look at our schedule, and decide how many games we'll win with 133 passing yards. Especially if defenses better than CO's do to Miller what we did to Denard Robinson - control his running. Doug Lesmarises of the Pain Dealer is saying the same thing.

Another thing I saw yesterday was that Bauserman's passes did look better than Miller. No, I do not want Bauserman back in, because in the two games he was "the man" he struggled so mightily that it's insanity for him to be a #1 option. But at this point if a game needs to be won through the air - and if our running game and special teams don't produce I'm not sure what other option there is - Bauserman is the better option. As bad as he was against Miami, until Miller progresses Bauserman is the better passer.

Does he have the ability to "pass us into a game"? As of right now we need to hope so, because Miller, for all the excitement he gave us, gave no indication that he can. We can give Miller all the opportunities available to prove himself improved, but if he struggles Fickell MUST do what he refused to do against Toledo and Miami - when the game is on the line and what he had been trying had been 100% unsatisfactory then try something different. That's what a coach gets paid for. Otherwise, you or I should get the job and save tOSU a lot of money by working for less.


Speaking of money, the Vegas line is not out yet. My guess is that the bookies' response to Miller's big day is to make us about 4 point underdogs at home, and that that number will become bigger. People who saw the game probably think that we are better with Miller than Bauserman, but that we are still no threat to beat the Big Ten Big Boys.

DallasTheologian's picture

Throwing darts in mop up time does not equal poise

baddogmaine's picture

Neither QB faced a great defense yesterday. Bauserman hit receivers with ropes, with a couple of exceptions Miller did not. Throwing the ball as if you know how, hitting receivers in the hands is poise. Obviously Bauserman did not show that against Miami, but neither did Miller. Miller may become a better passer than Bauserman - we all hope so - but until he proves it agaist a good defense the better pure passer right now appears to be the senior. Which is not so much a credit to the senior as a reflection on just how weak our passing game is at the moment.


If I want to move the ball and don't know what might work I'm going with Miller. But if I need to move the ball, the running game has generated nothing and Miller is not doing much through the air then yes, I bring in Bauserman. If your choice is a sure loss or a miracle I take the miracle, for the same reason I call timeouts when trailing rather than letting the clock run out.

AeroBuckeye2001's picture

"...but until he proves it against a good defense the better pure passer right now appears to be the senior."

And Bauserman has proven to be a better passer against a good defense? I think your opinion is still deluded by his performance against Akron. Remember how he looked against Illinois last year when TP went down? I think what's best for the team and this season is to completely eliminate the notion of a 2 QB system. Bauserman shouldn't be back in unless Braxton gets hurt. We sink or swim with Braxton, and we'll be a much better team for sticking with him.

The Ohio State University Class of 2001

BS Aero & Astronautical Engineering

tampa buckeye's picture

Is this dude a michigan fan?
That is the only thing i can think of because anyone with a brain know brax is the best option here. Not even close. He probably thinks kobe was better then jordan too.

gravey's picture

I'm mostly concerned with our linebacker play.  They seem to remain frequently out of position, running into gaps where the play isn't, and their pass defense looked shaky when Colorado went to their TE.  They just look slow to me.  We've been exceptionally spoiled with our LB play over the last 10 years, and I'm not looking forward to the B1G season where LB play must be top notch.  Other opinions?

madhatterhater's picture

I agree about the LB's.  The tight end was open when ever they want it.  I also saw lots of poor angles.  Moeller looks pretty ruff this year also.

go bucks

Colin's picture

I was at the game and I want to say a few things. I love Miller as a runner, and he throws the ball harder than anyone I've ever seen. There is almost no arc whatsoever, compare that to arm punt Pryor and Baus who throws softer than anyone I've ever seen. It may just be my crazy opinion but I think that is one reason for the large amount of drops. I have also now read all of the comments here and Miller hit a lot of his receivers directly in the hands so any of you guys calling Miller a bad passer are just ridiculous and there are a few of you specifically that I won't name but are just overly pessimistic so I won't take anything you say seriously. He is a freshman  and will only get better at the throws like the back shoulder fade or the soft dump offs.

Now about the other things, I was actually pretty satisfied with most of the play calling, gave Miller a lot of opportunities and I think with more time he will learn to be patient and throw instead of take off when his first read isn't open. Our defense played better but Travis Howard had a terrible game, as did Moeller and Andrew Sweat, especially Sweat. It seemed every deep pass over the middle to a TE was Sweat's responsibility. Moeller's tackling has been awful and Howard was just making some bad decisions, which one led to the TD. Our receivers just have to get is somewhat pathetic our best receiver is a true freshman.

The run game looks solid, as does the special teams (which is a huge boost in my opinion).

And finally to all of you holier-than-thou people who keep complaining about the booing, tonight we (and I say we because it was most of the stadium and myself included) were complaining about the play calling. We were not singling out any players we were just showing emotion towards our panzy play calling. Any of you who say our fans are a disgrace must not ever get to go to the games because if you were there I'm sure you would have felt and acted in a similar manner. It's just hypocritical.

And with that I bid you all a good night. Just be glad we won and a have semblance of an offense that will only improve.

joel121270's picture

Well put...I find it amazing no matter what some people here and other sites are always looking for negative. My God people, this is the kids first Collegiate start at a Big Time program and I think he handled himself rather well. I think they could of thrown some more passes but I graded him a B on my poll vote. Both of his longer passes were dead on for TD's and I think the more playing time he gets the more he is going to be ten times better than what Pryor ever dreamed of being. I honestly get a feel of Troy Smith with the kid and hope he leads our beloved Buckeyes to the promised land again. And for whoever said Joe B passed better you were right he did in garbage time. The D is kind of scaring me with the linebackers and hope is just lack of playing time.....Anyway, GO BUCKS and kick Sparty's ass!


Buckeyejason's picture

Miller looked good and should be great down the line..but being "10 times" better than Pryor is kinda taking it a little to far there.

Pryor was pretty darn good and for someone to be 10 times better your 1st name better be Tom and last name Brady.


joel121270's picture

"I think the more playing time he gets the more he is going to be ten times better than what Pryor ever dreamed of being"

I never said he was better right now but has the potential to be...I feel what has been said about Miller and his mechanics are already better than Pryor and I think his decision making will be of the likes of Troy Smith once he HAS PLAYING TIME UNDER HIS BELT. Again, this was Colorado so it is what it is. Keep playing him and "the future is so bright I gotta wear shades".

buckeyejonross's picture

I think the sky's the limit for Braxton, but let's be real, Terrelle Pryor was really, really good. If Braxton ends up being equal to TP on the field I will be ecstatic. TP took a lot of shit, but at the end of the day he was probably the second best QB to ever play here, and that's saying something. Just because he was a jackass doesn't mean he wasn't a terrific college player.

"You might as well appeal against a thunderstorm as against these terrible hardships of war. War is cruelty, there is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over." -William T., Battle of Atlanta, B1G.

joel121270's picture

Agreed, TP was a hell of a QB that did a lot of good things but anyone who follows this team know his decision making was suspect at times that showed gradual improvment. For all I know Miller could be a bust but as you said the sky is the limit with this kid and hopefully he lives up to the hype and brings it home for TOSU.

Buckeyejason's picture

I know you didn't mean right now. My point was being 10 times bettter than what Pryor "dreamed of being" is asking or predicting a bit much out of the kid.

Pryor wasn't Vince Young or Cam Newton but he was almost to that level.

We'll be lucky if Braxton develops close into to a Tyrod Taylor/Troy Smith type of talent.


Jugdish's picture

Booing still sucks. I don't care what your intentions were, booing just brings down these young players. The play calling was just fine. We won by 20 and we should have had more points and should have limited the Buffs to fewer points. The linebackers need a shot of Shazier in there to give us speed and tenacity. This team is getting better now that the QB question has been answered. Although, I think the backup should either be Graham or Guiton. Our front 4 on D played well and will be super once Nate gets back. I don't think there are as many D1 programs playing as many Fresh and Sophs as the Bucks are now and we are still winning. This team still has the opportunity of taking the division and being B1G champs. I thought I saw progress from this team. They will be ready for MSU.

Remember to get your wolverine spayed or neutered. TBDBITL

Hoody Wayes's picture

Booing is inherent, to sport. 

It is fair to say this team has opportunities to make its season, great.

11-1? Not only another conference championship...but the first, B1G Championship?* Avenge Madison 2010, by defeating an undefeated Wischeese? Welcome the Huskers into the B1G, by upsetting them, in Lincoln? Wish JoePa well, by defeating him for the fifteenth time? Remind Illinois, its success is temporary? Remind Michigan State, it's Michigan State? Bomb Purdue Harbor? Earn a hard-fought victory against the Hoosier, football colossus? And - for the dénouement - vanquish - for an eighth time in a row - the Ohio Wolverines of Michigan? All, are possible.

This young bunch of brawny lads has many opportunities...

But, its season - on and off* the field - will be made or undone, in October.

October...(a whispery echo, fades out). 

Buckeyejason's picture

I agree with you on that. LB play def looks suspect. Shit load of missed tackles on Colorado's last possesion.

They look slow and out of place as a group in general. I know they're pretty much all 1st year starters except for Sweat(who's playing a new position) but they don't look great and can definitly improve.

Moeller still really hasn't made a big play yet that I can recall.

Overall defense isn't as good as I thought it would be comin in to the year.Not seein "Howard island" at all yet.


DAVE's picture

Both tackling drills and receivers practice need to improve. I think the biggest blow we had fro the troubles, other than Pryor/tresel (obviously) is to the receivers. Devier coming back will boost productivity immensely (hopefully).

BoFuquel's picture

Excellent job on offense,just what the coaches wanted to see.GO BRAX!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

OSU gave up too many yards over the middle. CU's QB found a lot of room there with his passes and I hope that gets fixed when Sparty comes to Columbus next week. Braxton got better with running the offense as the game went along, and that's good for him and the team. I think he was a little nervous but got over those jitters. Beating Michigan's big brother next week will make me feel more optimistic about the least for another week.

By the way, the OSU hate machine is in full bore today. I checked these college football sites — Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sportsline and College Football News — and none of them have OSU's victory as a headlined story. Looks like the Buckeyes did not exist today.

741's picture

Side note: Great to have the students back in the 'Shoe. Looking forward to conversion to semesters so they will be there for all home games.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Come on West Virginia!!

Side-Note: I've added to the bucklist to blast this song: driving on a dirt road in West Virginia.

Joe Beale's picture

WVU's special teams are even worse than Colorado's, and I didn't think that was possible.

BoFuquel's picture

When you ain't in the top 25 you rate much national time. I thought Mike Patrick and his partner whom shall remain nameless,treated us fairly today. I still don't need no stinkin' ESecPN.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

Joe Beale's picture

"Rod Stewart came in looking for his 3,000th career yard on the ground."

Rod Stewart wasn't much of a factor for them today. You know, it's late September and he really should be back at school.

BoFuquel's picture

Never give up on a dream. It's a little obscure, but if you're a real Rod fan you remember.GO BRAX!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

Baroclinicity's picture

Sometimes we just have to blur our eyes a bit and not get too analytical.  It was a good first game (start) for a freshamn QB.  There is room for improvement with Braxton, but I think we saw some good things today.  Hopefully he will learn to run less as Troy did... I worry about the durability.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

pasadenabuck's picture

Yeah, someone needs to teach him how to slide!

A fool and his money are soon parted.I would pay anyone a lot of money to explain that to me. -Homer Simpson

Maestro's picture

Way too quick to tuck and run, and he will get killed in B1G play doing that............but a huge win for his first start.  Basil makes a 47 yarder very nice. 

Sweat gets out of position too often.  Going to get us killed against Illinois and Michigan.

Moving on.  Can't wait for Posey, Adams and Herron to be back.  Shot even having Philly Brown back would be nice.  Brax needs more playmakers around him.

vacuuming sucks

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Granted a 5-13 could have easily been a 9-13.  Flat out drops by T.Y. Williams and Berry.  A piss poor effort by Stoney (who apparently thinks he only needs one hand to make catches) and the sideline "drop" by Devin Smith.  That adds about 50 yards at least to his yardage too.  He needs to learn a little bit of touch on his ball, but once again the receivers have been BAD.

vacuuming sucks

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I've gotta say, Stoney looked like he didn't wanna be there today. I don't know if he's upset about Brax getting the job or what, but I don't remember a play where I thought he gave best effort.

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off topic, but was anyone else less surprised by LSU beating the mountaineer outta west virginia? i was shocked wvu even got the points they did cause i figured theyd get shutout.

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Buckeyes---Couldn't agree more about LSU. Obviously, I don't know anything about CFB, but that seemed about as easy as it gets. I've seen every snap of LSU's season. Their defense is ridiculous and they're gunna get Jefferson back when he's cleared of almost killing a man outside a bar in Baton Rouge.

From what I can tell, the national title game will be held when LSU and Alabama meet.

And props to LSU for being in the SEC and having balls enough to make some tough OOC scheduling, especially with a trip to Starksville between it.

Also.... God bless Les Miles.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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Speaking of Les Miles...his is one of the few names I haven't heard mentioned as a permanet replacement for the 2012 season and beyond. Why? Why not, Les Miles? 

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Wow dude seriously? He's a Michigan man, no way in hell.

And why would he leave the great thing that he's got goin at LSU to come here. He's already at a top 5 program.


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Well, I did say I hadn't heard his name I know why. Thanks, BuckeyeJason. 

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LSU has a great defense. Our starting defense has yet to exhibit a Jack Tatum type hit or aggressive, intimidating play. LB's seem content on passive play. With offense going younger, similar actions on defense will add a lot more athleticsm. Special team play from the likes of Ryan Shazier and others  should be considered for defensive starts- then the  defense improves.



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Honestly, the only linebacker I truly worry about is Storm Klein. He has been targeted the last two weeks quite a bit. He's slow to react and then just plain slow when he does react. At least with Sabino, his athleticism helps him make up for misreads. And Sweat plays with a lot less indecision. I'd love to see Shazier take Klein's minutes.

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You should be worried about Sabino...he didn't have a tackle yesterday. Shazier led the LB's in tackles with 5. I am worried about our LB play this year. They seem to out of position a lot.

Long live the southend.

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Storm will be fine. At least he makes plays: sacks, int's, causes fumbles etc.

We don't need another true freshman starting, especially at an important position like Will.


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I'd take a consistent tackler over a player who may make a play here and there, but is entirely inconsistent. Sabino and Sweat look much better than Klein. Klein has looked slow this year and the past year when he played. Our linebackers' pass coverage has been very worrisome. Also Moeller has looked extremely rusty, he missed a couple tackles yesterday. Dominic Clarke is our best cornerback, Howard so far has been way overrated and Roby has had a few brainfarts. Jordan Hall is an absolute beast. Miller would have had more completions if it weren't for all the drops. Stoneburner looked lazy on his drop, and how Devin Smith didn't come down with that one pass is beyond me. Miller's mechanics are well beyond Pryor's. Miller will be great, I just don't like when he takes off so willingly, he's going to get hurt, especially after he was completely flipped.

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I think it has more to do with apathy than hate. Ohio State just isn't a big team this year in terms of competing with the best of the best. We're looking at an 8-4 type of season, which puts the team under the radar. But I think that's alright, this team could use a little time out of the big spotlight while sorting itself out.

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Our tackling didn't look great at times, but we're light years better than Arkansas. Holy crap, they're bad.


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We don't have be badder than the hogs, we just gotta squash TSUN ST. next week.GO BRAX!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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lets look at the overall d picture though.   we gave up 10 pts ( the last td doesn't count during garbage time)  to a team that scores a lot. they had a veteran qb, rb and receiver. they had to make an unreal catch on 4th down for their only td.   could have only given up 3 pts technically.  msu only scored 13 against nd's awesome d(not).  how many will we give up against msu? if we get to just 20 next week, we'll be fine.   

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Garbage time or not we had mostly starters out there when they scored and we looked like shit. You gotta play hard and have that "if they score the sky is falling" type of mind set like the 2007 team had.


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wait, i think that's a shazierwagon i hear coming down the road... i'm on it.