Five Things: Miami

By Chris Lauderback on September 18, 2011 at 2:00p
At least Jordan Hall is back. (Have the Berry disciples finally faced the truth?)

If last week was a dose of reality then last night was a dose of medicine - if you can call arsenic medicine. 

The Buckeyes were beaten soundly in every phase of the game except maybe punting as they were flat out embarrassed 24-6 last night by the 'Canes in Sun Life Stadium. 

The tsunami that started last December with the initial discovery of player shenanigans then swelled as more misdoings came to light and Gee/Smith botched every opportunity possible to avoid the worst case scenario leading to mass casualties on the field and sidelines finally became too much for the leftovers and newcomers on the roster to overcome. 

So, today begins the rest of what was already a lost season if you are a fan with only two goals in mind (win B1G, win BCS game and/or title). I guess deep down even us blue sky types knew this was a transition year, we just didn't want to admit it. The key now is that Fickell realizes what he's dealing with and as a result, works on developing players with an eye on saving the program while hoping that's enough to save his job. (While I'm on the Fickell topic, I get that some of you are organizing a posse because he saved his timeouts but sadly, he was doing his team a favor.)

There'll be no disclaimer heading into this week's five things. I'm not fuming nor am I apathetic. I just finally gripped reality and took the medicine. 

say it ain't joe

If Joe Bauserman starts another game at Ohio State, Fickell should be fired at halftime. 

We knew the guy was brought in to be a career backup. Hell, he knew it. I'm doing my level best to keep that in mind as I process what the passing game looked like last night. 

The bottom line is that I don't care if Braxton had 4 turnovers last night, Bauserman still doesn't give this team the best chance to win by enough of a margin to sacrifice the future by playing a guy that simply isn't good enough - after nearly a decade in the program - to be given the keys to the offense. 

His ineptitude goes much deeper than his statline of 2/14 for 13 yards. Wow. Think about that. How is that even possible?

Ohio State really only had two chances to make this a game last night and both times, Baus failed to take advantage. 

After the Bullets forced Miami to punt on a 3 and out early in the 2nd quarter with the score 14-0, the Buckeye 'offense' set up shop at their own 31. The combo of Hall/Hyde chew up yardage but Joe B could not complement those efforts going 0/3 through the air. Reed dropped the first attempt on the 3rd play of the drive. Seven rush attempts later, Baus threw a fade to Reed that looked like a Rubiks Cube in the air, wobbling like a drunk down High Street. The killer occurred on 3rd and goal from the 5 as Baus threw the ball away on a rollout in the zip code of Fields BUT he had Stoneburner wide open over the middle. Even a slighty competent QB scores a TD that brings to score to 14-7 but you simply can't describe his QB play as slighty competent. 

The 2nd punch to the gut occurrred late in the half following a Bradley Roby interception giving OSU the ball at the Miami 23 with 5:40 left in the half. Now, Baus did make a contribution on this drive as he took a Roughing call on 2nd and 9 but he would quickly trump that play with another display of low level mediocrity. 

On 3rd and 6 from the Miami 7, Baus correctly identified Stoney as open on a quick hitter over the middle but his throw sailed behind his target. True, Stoney could have made the catch on a ball thrown hot and behind him. That's not the point. A competent QB makes that throw. And makes it 14-10 late in the half. Problem - Baus is not a competent QB. 

With even a serviceable QB, the game is 14-14 at the half. In no way is Bauserman serviceable. This is not piling on. It's reality. His best throw is the throw-away. That is fact. Bellsari was miles better than this guy. 

Braxton Miller should take every snap the rest of the season. Fickell will be doing his university a disservice if he comes to any alternate conclusion. (I know, BM struggled mightily but at least he has youth as an excuse and talent that it mold-able.)

jordan hall & carlos hyde is a nice 1-2 punch for now

Jordan Hall ran as hard as I've ever seen and unexpectedly, did most of his damage right up the gut. The expectation was that he'd be effective outside the tackles on sweeps and screens but he showed even his longtime supporters (raises hand) that he can run between the tackles from time to time. One of the very few positives from last night was the running game, specifically the efforts of Hall and to a lesser extent, Hyde. 

He hits the hole much faster than any of his teammates and showed great vision upon reaching the second level. For me, his effort reaffirmed how laughable it is that some fans still hold on to Berry as this mythically awesome running back when Hall is the one that has produced with the ones. If anything, the unfortunately valid comparison is that both have a hard time staying on the field albeit for different reasons. 

Hall was a beast in the first half racking up 83 yards on 13 carries and hauling in one of Joe Montana Bauserman's two completions on the night. He was gashing the defense behind solid blocking from Brewster and Linsley (later, Marcus Hall - we hardly knew ye).

Sadly, Hall wasn't adequately conditioned for the hot night in Miami. 

He would tally exactly one carry for four yards in 2nd half thanks to cramps and some questionable decisions from Bollman in which he actually let Baus drop back to pass. (Dialing up passes on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down of first possession of 2nd half?)

Meanwhile, Hyde proved a formidable complement to Hall's slashes picking up 54 yards on 12 carries (4.5). To his credit he fought for every inch. One particular carry was his 3rd and short tote on that first drive of the 2nd half. There was absolutely no room to run and he willed his way for the half-yard conversion. He also caught a pass for 12 yards again showing he's a lot more versatile than his size would indicate. 

If nothing else, the RB position should be in capable hands until Boom gets back. That'll likely signify a major drop in carries for Hyde, save a goal line package, but I applaud how the kid has stepped up. 

the fickell era - measured in months?

Ever since Fickell was named the interim coach, I have written much in the way of backing the wildly inexperienced local product from DeSales. A leap of blind faith, I was enamored by having a Buckeye through and through being the one with the keys to the kingdom. 

He gets the tradition. He brings a more fiery attitude to practice that I viewed as a welcome change. He wants the job as bad as any coach in America. He brought in Vrabel. His hiring would provide some stability in recruiting - depending on the timing. In short, there are lots of positives when talking about Fickell. 

Despite all those positives, there are clearly a few things working against any chance of him sticking around beyond this year. First, his lack of any head coaching experience is evident. While I could care less about "taking his timeouts back to OSU on the plane" the fact of the matter is he was indecisive about what to do in that situation. A few times the camera panned and he was frozen in a almost-calling-timeout stance but opted not to do so. He wasn't sure what to do. 

Second, he's set up to fail with this roster. There is talent but thanks to suspensions and defections, a huge chunk of the experienced talent isn't on the field. Not being able to effectively plan for replacing the starting QB, RB, LT and WR is too much for even a test tube coach comprised of DNA from the games greatest coaches. Woody would be 2-1 with this team. Last night's game was not winnable with the curent roster, location and timing. Period. 

At this point, I will measure Fickell's positive impact on OSU by how he handles the program from this point forward. Meaning, will he put the long term viability of the program ahead of his desire to secure a contract? 

If he's truly a selfless Buckeye, he'll place a premium on development of younger players, specifically Braxton and the receivers over opting to let Bauserman hand the ball off all day long, even if it's working. I'm not saying completely throw in the towel so don't lambaste me, just saying there should be two agenda items, (1) development and (2) winning, instead of just winning, the rest of the way. 

Hell, with the state of the B1G, he could still win a lot of games with this strategy. 

the lb position is void of game changers

Don't be fooled by the stats. Those tell you Sweat (9), Sabino (8) and Klein (6) were the three leading tacklers last night but they don't tell the rest of the story. 

Linebacker simply isn't a position of strength for this football team. Sweat would be (was) a decent 3rd best LB on a typical OSU linebacking corps, not the best. I actually like Sweat a lot so that's not a knock. I just don't think he's even in the conversation of #1 LB's at Ohio State over the last how ever many years. He's a gamer that plays hurt and never gives up. I like that. But he's not an elite OSU linebacker. 

Sabino has some speed but often takes poor angles to the football and is not the sure tackler you need at the Mike. He also has a penchant for overpursuing plays. 

Klein, who I thought would have a breakout year, currently projects to have a ceiling as a serviceable linebacker. That said, he's young so I do still have hope for him. He's got some talent but he also sometimes overpursues and misses tackles. He's also...I'll just call it not fast. Unlike Sabino, he appears to be a little sharper in understanding the defense so that might also bode well for him as his career progresses. 

Bottom line, these guys are collectively too damn slow to be an elite corps. Throw in the breakdowns in pursuit / tackling and you've got yourself a middling group of linebackers. 

The other point here is that from my perspective, the defensive line is doing their job in taking on blockers giving the LB's room to roam and make plays. They simply just aren't good enough to do so with consistent playmaking aplomb. 

I hope we get to see more Shazier in the rotation going forward. 

This feels like a year to mancrush the punter

Hey guys, how 'bout that Ben Buchanan kid?!

Though it was meaningless because the OSU offense wasn't going to score in the 2nd half no matter where they got the ball, Buchanan was simply outstanding in helping OSU win the field position battle. 

After the first stalled drive of the 2nd half (LOL @ dropping Joe B back three straight times), Buchanan took a low snap and rolled a punt to the Miami 7 yard line. The Buckeyes were flagged for illegal formation so Golden opted to have Buchanan rekick. The result? Buchanan lofted a 60 yard tear drop that bounced on the five yard line and bounced straight up in the air allowing the coverage team to down the ball at the 4. Good stuff. 

After the next OSU 3 and out, Buchanan was at it again depositing a high arching 38 yard punt that Benjamin was forced to fair catch at the Miami 10 yard line.

Following another 3 and out on the next Buckeye possession, Buchanan was at it again placing a 48 yarder at the Miami 12 with about a minute left in the 3rd quarter. These were big kicks as OSU still at least had an outside chance of winning (not really but you get my drift). 

The impressive performance by Buchanan tied his career high, set last week, with 3 punts inside the 20. 

So, maybe I'll buy a jersey this year after all. 




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cal3713's picture

If there's one word that describes our performance and team, it's... limping.  This past year's offseason has left us horribly injured, and in all the most critical positions.  Crazy frustrating watching this team and thinking about how, in another world, we would be ranked #3 in the country right now.

Normal Buck's picture

Even keeping the perspective that in the grand scheme of life, football is relatively unimportant, it still irked me when they showed the shot of Baus yukking it up on the sideline during the 4th Quarter.  He looked like he was having the time of his life.  Very odd.  The shot just screamed out to me that trying to achive excellence as the Buckeye QB isn't as important to Baus as a lot of us would hope that it would be.  I've heard Spielman quoted before as telling kids:  whatever you're doing, any time in life, just try your best to do it the best that you can.  Baus may be doing the best he can, and may be fully aware of it, but I don't know that I would look that happy if my results were on par with his.

Denny's picture

I dunno about 'having the time of his life', as he smiled briefly. But yea - it didn't look very good.

It annoyed me too, but far be it from me to want to deny the guy any joy in (what should be) his last ever collegiate start. Like you said, he's enjoying what he does - and football isn't hugely important, all things considered.


gunni070's picture

I'm with you on that one.  Joshing around on the sideline while playing like he did was maybe the most damning thing I saw in regards to his character.  JOE MUST GO!

Denny's picture

LB and the secondary concern me, a lot. Imagine how shitty our defense would be if we didn't have that line up front getting pressure.

At least we've got the D line.


gwalther's picture





That is all. I'm just going to re-read it so I don't essentially type the same thing here.

Class of 2008

Matt's picture

One thing I noted last night:  Bradley Roby is fast as all get out.  Did you see him come out of nowhere to run down Lamar Miller from behind when every other Buckeye defender got ho'd?  I guess the pub about Roby being the fastest on the team (sorry Dom Clarke) is legit.  Now, if he can just learn to turn his head when the ball is in the air, he can become a shut down corner.

gwalther's picture

Oh, and the secondary is frightening. Surprisingly, the Bullets held it together fairly well last night, but we have problems.

1. The fade Harris threw for a TD with Roby covering was awful. The text I received from my friend right after it happened was just "Lol." He looked like a high school corner headed to play D-III.


2. Not sure if it was Howard or Clarke blitzing, but the corner blitz where our corner ran right by the ball carrier also looked retarded.

3. Everyone is taking bad angles. The LBs and, particularly, the secondary.

Class of 2008

millertime2011's picture

it was clarke on the blitz

gwalther's picture

Thanks. I'm a fan of your 11W handle, by the way.

Class of 2008

Ill_Buckeye's picture

This was easily the most embarrassing loss since Florida (and maybe even more embarrassing than that). I've never found myself screaming at the screen as much as I was last night, and I put the blame squarely on Fickell. I'm not normally the type whose looking to start the fire*insert-recently-hired-but-underperforming-coach-here*.com. But I believe the sooner Fickell is gone the sooner this program gets on the right track.

Fickell has completely mismanaged the last two games, and you can clearly see this team is devolving. The defense is giving up more points every game, the offense is scoring less every game. I held out hope that braxton was kept out of the toledo game to unleash some sort of radical package that would be unvieled at miami. Instead we saw a couple variations of sweep/zonereads at mostly inconsequential times in the game. so the big scare at toledo, and not giving braxton reps really showed a lot of ineptitude to me. If your not hiding anything, and your not developing him, WTF are you doing?

This is further underlined by the underperformance of the LBs, yanno, the unit that Fickell has been coaching, and the one thats currently coached by Fickell's only coaching hire.

The suspensions arent an excuse, Ohio State is loaded with talent, and we all know this; our weakest position being WR is still more talented than most schools. We are playing teams that arent even within a mile of our talent, we have the easiest rallying cry in the country, and we look like this? We are playing pop-warner football in terms of execution, and offensive creativity. We beat akron 42-0, who lost to temple 41-3, and cincy 59-14. Toledo got waxed by boise, Miami lost to maryland who got trounced by west Virginia. Whats going to happen when legitimate top 25 teams play us?

We are in for a long season. How many kids are going to come want to play for Fickell? Would you want your son playing for him?

Bring on Urban.

baddogmaine's picture

I suggest that the most embarrasing loss of recent years was Purdue. We looked awful in Miami but a depleted squad was expected to lose. Purdue was a total meltdown by the squad that won the Big Ten.


I also suggest that our scoring less and giving up more each game is misleading. Our competition has gotten stiffer each game, we should expect the results to reflect it.


Finally, though no one is talking about it much we may be in for a long few years. It's not clear that our defense can improve all that much, and it's not known how good Miller or our receivers can be. We will have to rebuild an o-line that is not exactly WIS as is. Our recruiting is already taking a hit, and even without NCAA sanctions when a team struggles some bandwagon-riders look for someplace else to party. Add in the possibility of sanctions and major uncertainty about coaches plural (serious house cleaning has to include Bollman at this point, I suggest; and depending on how Fickell manages things the rest of this year it's not definite that he would be offered an assistant position next year. Nor is it definite that Smith will be AD next year, further clouding how the coaching situation will be resolved, further clouding recruiting.) and we may have a few scUM years in front of us. This could be as bad a strectch as many of us have ever witnessed.

Baroclinicity's picture

Purdue was a blip.  This is possibly the sign of an epidemic.  This loss, by far, takes the cake.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Ill_Buckeye's picture

Agree completely, We usually have midseason game where we dont show up (Purdue/Illinois). This was the biggest game of a young season, and this team looked shook, and gave zero positive signs of life outside of jordan hall and buchanan. When we lose early we usually fight tough (texas/USC 2.0), unless we are completely overmatched (USC 1.0) this miami team is not in the same stratosphere as those teams.

The panic is warranted.

Menexenus's picture

If Purdue was such a blip, why were some lunatic "fans" calling for Tressel's head at the time?  (In quite the same way that the are calling for Fickell's head now, btw.)

Every time the Buckeyes lose it's the end of the world as we know it.  Let's actually wait and see what happens when we get our starters back before we start predicting a multi-season death spiral.


Real fans stay for Carmen.

ih8rolltyde's picture

Thank you for that. We need to realize all is not lost, yet. It was painful, but this team can only go two ways from here: up and sideways. Let's hope for up. Go Bucks.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

Normal Buck's picture

Would love to see me a bunch of Shazier out there. 

luckynewman13's picture

I see your point about the linebackers but I am blaming NOTHING on the defense...they were on the field for practically the entire game and they had us within striking distance with 5 minutes left. I'll take it.

Buckeyejason's picture

This is the 1st I've ever heard about our linebackers being shitty since I've been an OSU fan. Is it a coincidence that happens to be the year Vrabel is coaching them.

Speaking of linebackers, Sweat looks All-Big ten one day and slow and bad tackler on the next. I'm a huge sweat fan..I mean he's the best we have so I don't know what to say.

If we want to have any chance of having a competent offense this year we need to seriously consider running a zone read/option style with Miller or Guiton and our backs.

Looks as if our wide reciever and QB coach's are a waste of salary money.

I hope we really revamp this whole offensive theory/mentality/system and bring in someone that could make this offense competent in the off season. Sick of watching the same old tired ass offensive display or lack there of.


Bucksfan's picture

There might be a lot of talent, but they aren't playing like it.  The lines are pillow fighting.  There is no penetration on blitzes.  The running game is never what we expect it to be.  The receivers are inconsistent.  The QB play speaks for itself.  This is a mediocre football team.  Cincinnati CRUSHED Akron.  Boise didn't give up a TD to Toledo.  After 3 games, you know what you got...and in Columbus, it ain't much.

Maybe it's the coaching.  Maybe it's the fact that there are no captains.  Maybe it's all the offseason shit.  I don't know, and honestly it doesn't matter because there is nothing we can do about it.  The best thing we can do is stick to the ritual of tuning in, and hoping they can figure it out before the road test at Nebraska, and at home in the clown suits vs. Wisconsin.  Oh yeah, and that team from Ann Arbor smells blood in the water.  Start looking for airfare to Orlando or Tampa for bowl season.

NCBuck1's picture

"Boise didn't give up a TD to Toledo." False.  Toledo scored two touchdowns.

Danny Noble 24 Yd Pass From Austin Dantin (Pat Failed 

Adonis Thomas 1 Yd Run (Pat Failed) 

I agree this is a mediocre team with a lot of talent though.  I don't know of too many teams that could bounce back from the offseason they have gone through.  Not to mention losing 95% of the offense from last year due to graduation, suspension or stupidity.  Oh yeah, then there is that Tressel guy who left.  I don't know how we can expect this team to be anything more than what we saw yesterday.  But Bucksfan, I'm with you.  I'll keep tuning in and watch this team, good and bad, and pull for them.  GO BUCKS!

Buckeyejason's picture

Oh and all the Hall naysayers...told you so. Guy can flat out ball!

He was the only guy that looked like he had talent yesterday. Not bad for a 5'8" 3 star/only a courtesy to Pryor offer afterthought.


Menexenus's picture

You know what?  Give me a 3-star recruit who is willing to work his tail off any day over an entitled 4 or 5 star who thinks that college football is just a formality before the big NFL paychecks.  The latter type are the ones who take the money and get our program in trouble.  The former type are the ones who actually carry the water and make our program better.

'Nuff said.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

Miller's picture

Laurinaitis was a 3-star recruit. I'll take a kid who works like that any day. Someone in the linebacking corps needs to step up. Neither Sabino nor Klein are playing up to their billing.

Defend Youngstown's picture

Everytime Shazier touches the field he impresses the hell out of me. He was in for one play after Sweat went out last night, and he absolutely STUCK Lamar Miller at the LOS and popped the ball out. Took a bad bounce out of bounds, but still. Pack 10-15 more pounds on him this offseason and he is going to be heart of the defense going forward.

Squirrel Master's picture

my two bits is this:

Why give Hyde the ball in a shotgun draw when Hall is better suited? Bollman doesn't know offensive design at all.

Why do I know what the front 7 defenders are going to do before it happens? If I can see the delayed blitz, then Miami can see it too!


I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

Denny's picture

If you're referring to the third quarter when Hall didn't get the ball after his calf cramp, I'm operating under the assumption that his cramp was pretty bad and he couldn't get back in for a while. 

I'm also pretty sure I'm wrong making that assumption, and that our coaches are totally inept.


Squirrel Master's picture

Yes it was around the 3rd quarter they did the shotgun draw play. I was unaware of the Hall cramps but even Berry would have been a better fit or how about not run the play at all cuz it won't work with Hyde. He is not good at the delay handoff where he has to read the hole! He is better at pointing him in a direction and say run over someone!

I think Fickell is doing fine. Heacock on defense is doing very well with the injuries and turnover and the fact the offense isn't doing anything to help. Bollman must be gone. He just has proven that even under a different coach, he can't call plays. I used to think it was a bit of Tressellball that made the offense sputter but now I know for a fact its Bollman's playcalling.

Oh yeah, Bauserman sucks also! Let the Braxton era begin!

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

sfgoody's picture

SLOW DOWN.  So I hear our qb sucks, our wrs suck, our lbs suck, ou dbs suck, our o line sucks and our interim coach needs to go?  Xanax, anyone? That was a HIDEOUS game offensively.  But it wasn't the worst.  We had superior talent in our unraveling at the hands of the gators and laid a big fat egg. THAT was the worst, hands down.

We may be in for a real long, brutal season, but it is after all only Game 3.  I know, I know, people want to get out in front with their comments so 'if' we completely implode they can be the first to say, 'I told you so!' Let's at least give the young kids a chance, Luke included.  I mean, wasn't Devin Smith (?) our leading wr with a whole FIVE FREAKING CAREER CATCHES last night? Like they don't have enough adversity to face already without the fanbase going on the attack and bordering on suicide watch.  We're incredibly spoiled and we may have to go through an entire year of rebuilding. Hardly the Cooper Years Revisted....We bounced back in '02, '05, '09...'11? Stay tuned.


Squirrel Master's picture

I agree that there is no need to go crazy. We are still in it for the Big Ten championship which was probably the best we could have done to begin with.

but, seriously, 2/14 for 13 yards? You don't see that as a problem that needs to be immediately fixed? That is a problem and Braxton needs to get in just like Pryor needed to get in from Boeckman! Bauserman just doesn't cut it for a top University.

I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

sfgoody's picture

Oh I see it as a problem alright, one of many.  And I think we will see Braxton starting vs CU.  I'm sure Joe is a nice guy, but the future is now.  While I'm suggesting a 'let's not panic just yet' mentality, that goes out the window if Fick trots Baus out there like it's all good on Saturday. That would be enough to convince me that the ship is taking on water faster than we can bail.

He needs 2 full weeks of reps with the 1s to get ready for a brutal start to the bigten slate.  I don't know if we can put things together quick enough to compete with MSU and then NEB on the road, but we are better served by figuring out how to fire what weapons we have.  Now.


smith5568's picture

Probably the most rational comment on here.

buckeyedude's picture

I have to agree with you SFGOODY. The 41-17 shellacking was the absolute worst. An embarrassment on a national stage. But we did get over it.

I hope to God we can get over this mess before the Crapperines get all the top talent in Ohio, which will start to hurt soon, if Fickell or whomever is going to be HC can't put a stop to it.



Buckeyejason's picture

I hear ya, but without a QB you aint shit, anddddd we don't have a QB.


Buckeyejason's picture

Scam Newton with back to back 400 yard games as a rookie, and our QB's combine for 35 yards. ugh


Nerkbuckeye's picture

Maybe coach Fickel is just too young for the position--you know how kids are these days-- maybe he thought time outs were like cell phone minutes--they roll over to the next game.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I havent read through every post/comment but has anyone mentioned Hazell being gone being a cause to as why we have such an issue(s) with the offense/receivers? Maybe Drayton isnt the right guy...

Denny's picture

You may be right about Drayton, but our top two receivers didn't play yesterday due to suspensions.


Is it Saturday Yet's picture

True, but I can recall young kids coming in and playing really, really well-- Holmes, Robo, etc at this point speculation does nothing. I just want to see this offense fixed.

buckeyedude's picture

If the receivers can't catch the frickin ball, it doesn't matter how fast they are or how good of a route runner they are.  I don't care if they are freshmen. That is no Dad Gum excuse to not catch the ball.

I remember back when Dane was an OSU freshmen, the very frickin first time he touched the ball, it was 6 points.




O-H-I-Owe-U's picture

Hazell was great but give Drayton time. Imagine how frustrating it is for the receivers to run route after route and see the ball sailing 10 feet over their heads. When it actually does come to them, they're like 'holy $h!t.' Let Braxton and this young group develop some chemistry. And remember we dropped what, 3 games in a row Troy's first year?

Bucks's picture

It is just entirely too early for some of the things being said about this team or coaches. There are positives from even this terrible performance. I highly doubt this team is going to tuck it's tail and run.

Lost in poor fashion to an average team. There are reasons for it that can be corrected and/or improved.

I will wait past 3 games to come to some conclusion on it.


Is it Saturday Yet's picture

"next man up" is BS -- Maybe in the SEC where they can bar fight and jump a Marine to earn their suspension, but not here

slippy's picture

Coach Daniels is the worst personnel loss this team has had in the past decade.

Colin's picture

Columbus, Ohio: Where the world ends after one loss...until next week.

BoFuquel's picture

It's the defense i tell ya.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

tampa buckeye's picture

Went to the game and I have to say that was one of the worst buckeye crowds I've ever been around.  3rd down first half (down 7pts) they won't even get up and make noise.  It got worse later in the game when a fellow "fan" had a police officer come ask (tell) me to sit down.  I did sit but as soon as the guy left I was on my feet again. 

Buckeye fans you are a f__king joke.  If you want to sit on your fat asses keep them at home. Our team deserves better. 


buckeyedude's picture

+1 for being a "good" Buckeye fan, Tampa.

I went to a Buckeye game about a decade ago, and I sat in the north end zone, upper deck, with the "blue hairs."  While my son and I were cheering, loudly, one of the blue hairs in front of me commented to the other blue hair to his left, "Boy, that young man is really excited," while sitting on his hands, underneath his Depends.

I realize that all Buckeye fans are not this way though. Just the section I was sitting in.

If it's any consolation, if I would have been there with my son in Miami, I sure as hell would have made some Goddamn noise. And although the Bucks mostly played like shit, I still wouldn't BOO my own team.



klfeck's picture

In my limited experience as a season ticket holder it takes a while for the fan base to heat up and get loud. It is especially bad during the first half of the season when a lot of season ticket holders give their "cupcake" game tickets away. I have nevr been to an away game so I can't comment on that. Some of the quiet was probably a reaction to the disbelief that someone somewhere actually thought that Bauserman gave OSU the best chance of winning any game.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

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Pretty good writeup Chris. The only piece I take issue with is your potshot regarding Berry. I think Jordan Hall is a very good player and running back, and by no means do I think Berry is under consideration for the Heisman -- but what I do think is that your statement about Hall producing with the 1s when compared to Berry fails to acknowledge that Berry has had a grand total of one carry in 2 years with the first team offense. That was last night and it went for 5-6 yards (oddly enough the ESPN stat sheet doesn't show it, but I even noticed it again today when watching my replay). My point is that there isn't enough data to say that Berry hasn't produced with the 1s. He's had one carry with the 1s and 5-6 yds per pop is pretty good if you're going to compare based on this one carry. Before you can come to that type of a conclusion you need a much larger pool of data. If you consider his time with the 2nd team last year he averaged over 8 yds per carry which many people simply feel is a good enough performance (by far) to warrant opportunities with the first team to see what he can do. If he doesn't do well, then you move to the next guy (Hyde, Smith, etc.) but he does deserve a chance.

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It wouldn't suprise me if Berry and Rod Smith transfer, as well as Guiton and Graham.

That would be a nightmare for the QB depth chart wise if that happened. We'd only have Miller and Cardale Jones if he makes it on campus.


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I'm not giving up on Braxton.  He did move the ball, but it was too late down 14-0 to bring us back.  Ala TP @ USC.  Joe B missed wide open receivers all game.  I went to the game by the way.  The only thing more miserably inadequate then Joe B was Ohio State's cheering section.  PATHETIC.  

Let the Miller era begin next week.

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Berry is interesting to me.  Obviously he has speed to burn, but health and ???  has gotten in the way.  I'm guessing he doesn't do the other intangibles well--pick up blocking assigments, etc. Or maybe he's just fast and not much else.  I can't see him transferring just to get 1 year somewhere else, with no guarantees. Here he has a clear role on kicks and the chance to expand that role. Had he been healthy for the opener, who knows, but he wasn't, so....

And Rod Smith isn't going anywhere.  He will get his chance, especially with Boom graduating, Brionte Dunn still wavering and an uncertain Warren Ball.


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Great article Chris.  I have to believe that Fickell will start Miller from here on out because I'm sure he now realizes he can't win with Bauserman.  There were so many times that if Miller was in he could have taken off and ran and made a positive play where Joe just throws it into the stands.  I thought the Defense play well enough to win us the game if we had an offense but since it was so inept the defense really had to fail at some point.  We saw thiis same stuff with JT's style.  We still have the B1G to look forward too but Fickell has to make some changes if not, we are going no where.

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I am a YSU Penguin OSU Buckeye.  There is a lesson to be learned about Tressel's departure.  When Tress departed YSU for Ohio State he left some of the coaches.  He took most of the good ones he would need to be successful.  He did, however, leave his offensive coordinator at YSU.  We figured that since John Heacock was an experienced coach with the Tressel system that we would be in great hands..........turns out we were completley wrong.  John Klacik was Tressel's OC and we learned that he was just a figurehead in Tressel's system.  The first year after he left we played the two FCS teams that would eventually face off in the National Championship.  We lost 23-0 and 19-0 respectively.  The defense was on the field almost the entire game in every single game played in 2001.  Defenses would stack the box and dare us to throw and the OC would just run straight into it. 

The problem is the coaching fraternity is such a tight knit group that it is difficult for them to fire their piers.  What made it worse at YSU is that the new head coach was a successor in Tressel's system.  He didn't choose the coaches.  He was stuck with them, many were his friends, and it took several years of bad individual performance for Heacock to force them out of the system.  When Heacock finally got his coaches in the system it was 2006 and we made it to the national semifinals.  That would be Heacock's only playoff year in ten years.  My point it s that when you don't win now it hurts recruiting.  By the time Heacock was able to get his coaches in there (and he did keep some of them from the Tressel era at YSU) we lost our recruiting advantage because the coach lost his reputation as a winner/champion and some of the games that were lost tarnished the reputation YSU had as a football powerhouse in I-AA.  It would have been better for us to have a clean break with a whole new coaching staff.  At the end of the day YSU lost 10 years (But I gained 10 more with the Buckeyes).  YSU did not renew John Heacock's contract in 2010 and Hired Eric Wolford early in the year.  Wolford has brought in his own staff and the Penguins are certainly headed back to the top (maybe this year but likely next year).

I guess my point is that this situation is delicate and we should not trust that the OC can call a competent game.  It was clear at YSU that Tressel clearly made the play calls and offensive game plans.  The OC was inept and ran a high scool offense at YSU, and there was more of the same Saturday night.  There is no reason we should have lost to Miami regardless of having all of our play makers.  Missing the big play people did not impact the fact that the Buckeyes could have played a possession passing game.

I believe that Fickell will learn eventually, but a $65 MM football program shouldn't have to provide the training wheels.



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Hmmm.  Interesting.

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I agree with your post, Penguin.

TTUN has momentum, like it or not. It IS a fact that they are pulling in a top 5 recruiting class this year, partially at our expense.  If we have a seriously bad year, our recruiting is going to be further hurt by Ohio kids going to TTUN. It is a downward spiral at that point. Must stop the bleeding.



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Was at the game last night and.....yea


How many drops did our WRs and TEs have last night?  I would never say that Bauserman doesn't deserve the blame because that "pass" to stoney in the endzone didn't look good in the least.  But, having a QB who is supposed to be servicable means your players need to make plays, which they didn't do either. 

After the 1st quarter, I was very impressed with the D.  Most of the runs after that quater were for 3 or less.  I disagree almost completely about the LBer play but that's IMO the least important of your 5 points up there. 

As to Fickell on the sidelines, I was at the game and will not be rewatchin this one.  I don't give an F about not using the timeouts on the last drive; we needed 2 TD's no matter what at that point and maybe he wanted to save them if we had to throw the ball over the middle (I know that we never really got the ball back but that may be the reasoning). 

Miller was also the guy who had the pick on an awful throw and a fumble cause he wasn't even trying to secure it.  And yes you say you can live with mistakes, but we really can't in Buckeye Nation; we expect 12-0


I woke up this morning, and damn it I'm still a Buckeye forever

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Long winded rant begin. I love the buckeyes. Love them. Last night was a bad game, but I woke up this morning and the sun came up and all was well. I think it's pretty clear that we got beat by a better football team. Could they have done better with Miller at the helm the whole game? Maybe, but that is alot to ask of a guy who this time last year was concerned with nothing other than inferior high school defenses and was supposed to see some mop up duty this year sitting behind a seasoned and established senior. With everything that has happened in the off season, asking this team without one of the five best players in the country at the most important position, and losing a top five head coach to continue on undefeated and play for a mnc is a little unrealistic. Fickell is probably in over his head, but he was put in the worst possible situation. Urban Meyer was 7-5 (?) after the most important person on his team graduated. And this is the guy most of us want to be the next coach.

Relax buckeye faithful. This will be the first of many bumps in the road for this season and I plan to enjoy watching our guys compete. If it becomes something that I can't enjoy, then I have become one of those Ohio State douches that most of us would make fun of. *disclaimer- I cried when Troy and the boys laid an egg in the desert.

Long winded rant complete

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

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I don't think using the "Urban went 7-5 in a rebuilding year" comment is very valid.

Let's be honest, Florida plays a lot tougher of a schedule in the S.E.C and 5 losses in that conference, as well as playing florida state and Miami every year in non conference is not that bad considering what his team lost from the previous year.


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My point wasn't to dog the urban legend. My point was that no matter who you are if you lose on of the 5 best qbs in the country, you'll taken step back.

I think urban is a good coach and would like to see him in Columbus

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

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I think using this Meyer record is actually very valid.

Yea he lost a "lot" but he also knew who he had coming back for the entire offseason and during the spring.  He had a 5* guy sitting in the wings at QB but UF's staff did an awful job of developing Brantley for last year.  Oh, and they didn't play Miami last year, and don't play them often at all

Fickell is without 3 of his best players on the offensive side of the ball.  He has no 5* QB's who have years of experience at school.  He had one of the must tumultous offseasons of any school in history with the way media is now. 

In fact you're right, we shouldn't use Urban's record cause Fickell should be praised for winning 7 or 8 games this year, not lambasted by a fanbase (including me) who expect him to win 10 games no matter what. 

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Thank you. Also this.

All the Meyer-lovers on 11W are rooting for Fickell to fail. Stop it.

I got into it last night with some fellow Buckeyes who are also Meyer-lovers. Either Meyer still has a physical illness or his illness was stress-related. Either way disqualifies him from being the next Ohio State coach. Personally I think the latter is true; he couldn't handle the microscope Florida fans had him under. Think that will be different in Columbus?

I will keep preaching this until you guys start listening. There is no magic apple candidate to tOSU's HC position. We can take the Michigan, Notre Dame route and go through a series of coaches until we find the right one. And in the meantime we've endured a decade of mediocrity.


We can give Fickell the time to grow into this job. Which almost assuredly will take less time.

And if you're taking the position that the tOSU HC job is no place for a first year HC to cut his teeth. I want to remind you that his predecessor's only HC experience was in Div I-AA. And Meyer's successor at Florida has no HC experience at any level.

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Ugh. Fuck Urban Meyer.

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So much this.

The Ohio State University, College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2006
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I don't want Urban Oscar Meyer, at all.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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I know Meyer is the guy everybody is watching, but is Dantonio really that far off the radar? Is it his heart problems? Or would hiring Dantonio pretty much mean Heacock would get fired as well?

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if Fick does not retain the HC position after this year, I know Gene will want to make a splash- which a Urban Meyer or Jon Gruden would provide. unfortunately for Dantonio; he wouldnt in my mind provide that "splash"..

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Not to you specifically but putting this out there to everyone.

When has Gruden said he was interested in coaching at tOSU? Links please. Same for Stoops while we're at it.

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Dantonio? Never happen.



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The DC for our national title team? Why the hell not?

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Any and all pseudo-concerns about Meyer's health apply tenfold to Dantonio. I mean, the guy had a sideline heart attack.


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I really don't think where you had the heart attack matters.

The fact is, doctors have cleared Dantonio, while they have told Meyer (allegedly) to keep out of the game for a long time if not forever. So how is the worse than Meyer's situation?

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In 1966 we lost 3 out of the first 4, I was screamin' in the streets for Woody's head only nobody could hear me.We had nothin',but 2 years later we won a national title.A kid who was a crummy sophmore QB in 66 saved our bacon against PU in 68.This is The OSU bring on them Buffs. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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My .02 cents, after watching the game with rapid-onset intoxication.

The defense looked solid. Obviously not the best our d has ever looked, and wtf happened on the first two drives? Still, I award the d a solid 'solid' rating. The d line is our strong point, the linebackers are a bit down, and the secondary is somewhere in between. I don't see Sabino or Sweat suddenly becoming superstars, and O Johnson will most likely remain nothing but serviceable. On the positive side, young players on the d-line, cornerback, and Barnett at safety should (hopefully) do nothing but get better. We have a young defense that spotted miami 14 points. After that, we allowed three non-garbage time points. What really sold me on the d's performance was the fact that after two offensive drives it was apparent that we were not going to be setting offensive records. Or completing passes. Or scoring points. It can't be easy to play defense when your offense gives you no hope.

Which brings us to the offensive side of the ball. Our run-blocking has been suspect in so many games for the past...I don't know, awhile. Pass pro hasn't been much better. Last night, the line seemed to be doing it right. We also had Jordan Hall out there balling. This was surprising, as the pregame consensus amongst the 'experts' pointed to a strong front seven, with the secondary being weak. So we had good blocking, a credible threat to run on every play, and the Miami secondary was allegedly weak. In conclusion, lol @ Bauserman

And Bollman.

Sadly, i'm confident that with our full complement of players (Pryor) we would have won that going away. As it stands, Braxton Miller, here we go.




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Well, bummed out still...I know someone, who knows nothing about football, but is never wrong (1 wrong prediction in 11 yrs), called this game, and said this year and next will suck, but then we'll be back.

On the bright side, I went to Cracker Barrel for dinner last night; bought some candy Buckeyes for a snack. Total price? $6.14.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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I don't have the time nor the energy to sort through all the comments.

What I will do is thank Chris of perspective.

Baus is a backup. Period. That's easy. If Nebraska can win games with that excuse for a QB, Ohio State will win with Braxton Miller. It might be rough, but it will be better in the long-run. If they can make Miller a serviceable passer by the Michigan game, it's a win. In the meantime, he can hand off as well as Baus and he might actually find a way to make a play.

Hall was a beast. However, I couldn't figure out how he amassed 83 yards in the first half and 4 in the second on one carry. WTF? That bothers me more than any time outs left unused. Also, glad you called out Hyde for his hard work in the face of adversity. He'll be a good one for OSU. Maybe he's not Beanie II, but he'll be a nice every down back when it's his turn.

Fickell is for the coaching what Miller is for QB. There will be plenty of bumps along the way, but the ceiling is high. He's a hell of a recruiter and will bring in staff that represent his more aggressive style. I look forward to the day he makes a new OC hire and when Vrabel eventually moves into the DC chair. And as you pointed out, holding onto those time outs was maybe the best thing he could do for OSU. I seem to remember a certain OSU legend struggling to figure out what to do when his chubby Heisman winner was dumbfounded by a Florida defense.

The LB's might not be game-changers, but that defense showed a lot of heart. After being thrashed, they stiffened. Plus, if the offense could have done more than 3-and-outs, the score and Miami's rushing yards might not have been so high.

Special teams overall have been vastly improved - even with last week's blocked punt. I give credit to Buchanan as well as Fick's great decision to actually assign special teams to one coach.

Because we couldn't go for three.

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I have to believe Stoops would at least be willing to consider a return to Ohio, but I don't know.  He would be hard to pull away from OU if they win a title, but if they join the Pac 16 I suspect he would prefer play in the Big Ten.  Who knows.  Re: Urban, I think he's having a great time working for ESPN.  I just can't see him returning to head coaching, at least not for more than 3-5 years.  FWIW, he and Spielman are hands down the best commenting crew I've watched all year.  It's obvious both of them are passionate about the game, extremely knowledgeable about it, and want to pass that on to viewers.  All Musberger does is tell me what I could see watching the game on mute, and how great the food is in ____.


All that being said, if there is one person to fire (aside from Baus), it's Bollman and not Fickell, with Gene Smith a close 2nd.  Fickell needs time, like Braxton.  Bollman has been bad for years, and it's obvious now more than ever with Pryor and Tress gone.  There are lots of ways to give inexperienced QBs confidence, even bad ones.  He has pretty much missed all of them through 3 games.  Bollman (and the players, admittedly) made a mediocre defense look outstanding last night.

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All Musberger does is tell me what I could see watching the game on mute, and how great the food is in ____.

No offense, but this statement is a bit silly as Musberger is doing his job as a play-by-play man if that's what he is doing in the booth.

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The old saying goes, "it's not where you're at, it's where you're headed."

That said, I guess I am willing to take our lumps this year, if I knew the program were headed in the right direction. So... I'm nervous. 

Given what we saw with the way TatGate was handled by the brass at tOSU does any one have any confidence at all that Smith/Gee, etc... won't completely flub the coaching situation? I fear a debacle that will make the last two scUM hires look magical. 

What should happen... 

Meetings (likely over the phone and/or through intermediaries), etc... take place throughout the Fall with major/serious candidates (insert your own ideas here.... I am trying to keep this in theory and as general as possible).  

Within 24 hours of the last snap of the scUM game you (Gee, Smith, etc...) hold a presser and announce the official search and interviews for a permanent coach will begin tomorrow, with Luke Fickell (of course) among the candidates.

ESPN runs BS and rumors all week about how "big name coaches... A, B, and C have been contacted" and ESPN delights in reporting that "big name coaches A, B, and C are not interested in the job and they deny talking to Ohio State." 

Within 2 weeks of the first presser, OSU introduces the guy they wanted all along...whomever he may be (ESPN claims that they scooped this info and runs no corrections of the false information they've reported for the last 2 weeks).

Top recruits, previously committed to other schools, decommit and admit that they are going to visit OSU.  

Dejected, Mark May quits ESPN. 


What will probably happen... 

Within 24 hours of the last snap of the scUM game you (Gee, Smith, etc...) hold a presser and announce the official search and interviews for a permanent coach will begin tomorrow, with Luke Fickell (of course) among the candidates. (Note: Same as above, but skips important first, obvious, step).

For the fisrt time ever big name coaches are contacted, and all decline the offer for one reason or another.

ESPN reports, with glee.

3 weeks into the process, smaller name coaches are getting contract extensions from their schools.

ESPN reports, with glee. 

Brionte Dunn (and others), citing "uncertainty with the coaching situation at Ohio State" decommits (likely to sign with scUM). 

ESPN reports, with glee. 

Finally, a month after the fist press conference Smith, Gee and Fickell hit the podium to announce that, "After an exhaustive search, the answer was right here all along."  

ESPN reports (say it with me kids), with glee. 


I hope I'm wrong, but past performance being a predictor of future performance... the second scenario would not surprise me. 


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Kinda glad I was off the grid for this one.  Coming back from Canadia and reading all of the recaps and ensuing comments couldn't possibly have been as brutal as having to watch the game live.

I know this is a touchy subject with the 11W commentariat, but... RE: booing.

If Bauserman trots out onto the field on Saturday to take the first snap, the boos will probably come raining down on his glorious beard. It will suck for him, but won't the boos be directed more towards Fickell for starting him? And that would be just, gosh, swell, you know, if that's what pushed the coaching staff to make the right decision and start Braxton? It's still not okay and it would still suck for Baus, but just saying.

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i'm calling this the pre-paid season. we are paying our debt for the crimes with new players in there instead of pryor, boom, posey, and tressel.  now, the new guys will gain so much experience this year and it will pay off next year. think how much better brax will be after this season? and the receivers. along with the new guys on d.   we need to hold down the fort this season. as long as we beat scum, the record doesn't matter as much. even 7-5 and a win over scum will make the winter much warmer.   we're back to 08 again. we had a freshman qb who couldn't read defenses and looked like a hs qb with the mechanics.   we had beanie back then but in just a new games we'll have boom, hall and hyde and maybe berry.    i'll give a slight edge to pryor with robiskie and hartline over  brax and this years receivers.     and if you're a recruit and you not bright enough  to see osu struggle because guys are out and are thinking" omg i'm going to scum instead"  then you shouldnt go to college at all.  it's not like 3 players with lebron's talent but for football are leaving ohio for scum.  this  is ohio, we have plenty of talent to spare, we can spot scum a few players.

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Considering some of the best players in the state have already committed elsewhere, and that we're dangerously thin at QB, WR, OL, and LB, we're in no position to spot Michigan anyone.

Buckeye06's picture

We're not thin at WR or LB.  QB and OL yes I'll agree.


WR we have 2 true freshman getting meaningful reps, as well as a redshirt frosh as our current #1.  Most of the time you have a few upper classmen who are always on the field and a 3rd or 4th WR is young.  That isn't so for us this year and we just have to live with it.


Thiis team is talented enough in the trenches to win 10 games, but our skill positions, outside RB, are not good enough to beat good teams unless they make mistakes.

Miami didn't beat us, we beat ourselves...badly

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I won't disagree with your statement of "Miami didn't beat us." It was simply an issue of us playing God awful football. However, we're now feeling the loss of Duron Carter. TY Williams might never pan out, and I don't think we can confidently hitch our wagon to Reed and Brown to take us to the promised land. The speed is just not there to stretch the field. At LB, outside of Shazier and Grant, who is there? Storm might never be better than just OK.

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Coach Hazell's name was mentioned as former position coach; however, his play calling and input on offense ever since the USC game at the Shoe is greatly missed. His decisions were excellent and this input with playcalling and who plays is, in my opinion, why we were not competitive this last weekend. Braxton would have played more and we might have scored touchdowns instead of field goals in this game. Obviously, coach Fick has very little input on offense. These decisions of personnel and play calling has to improve.


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4 add-ons to the BIG:

Louisville, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State  (all good in basketball, too)

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

BucksfanXC's picture

Too implies that any of them are good in football.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody