Bauserbombs, Defense Lead Bucks to Victory

By Alex on September 3, 2011 at 4:00p
Fickell takes the reignsFickell leads the troops to battle for the first time.
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With nine players suspended and Terrelle Pryor departed, the odds were as stacked against Ohio State as they could be entering week one of the 2011 season. That didn't matter to the Buckeyes defense, Joe Bauserman, and Jake Stoneburner, as they helped the Buckeyes take care of Akron 42-0 on a scorching Saturday afternoon in Ohio Stadium and gave Luke Fickell a victory in his head coaching debut.

The Buckeyes defense was first to see the field and didn't miss a beat throughout the opening half. They not only stopped the Zips on their first drive, but the six possessions that followed to start the game, including five "3-and-outs". The Silver Bullets allowed just 100 yards of total offense and three first downs, while also forcing a turnover in the form of an Andrew Sweat interception after Dominic Clarke tipped a Clayton Moore pass.

The offense didn't let the defense's solid play go to waste, as Joe Bauserman took full advantage of the opportunity given to him today in the first half. On the Buckeyes opening drive, Luke Fickell kept things fairly conservative and punched Akron in the mouth with a healthy dose of Carlos Hyde and Rod Smith. The two combined for 18 rushes and 108 yards to start the game and controlled the clock for OSU for most of the early going in the game.

It was Bauserman who stole the show on that first possession, though, as the senior completed passes to Verlon Reed and Jake Stoneburner on the drive and took a broken rushing play 15 yards for the first OSU touchdown of the season, giving the Bucks a 7-0 lead.

On OSU's next possession the Bucks moved the chains well once again. This time, it was Rod Smith shredding the Akron defense at will, and having the Buckeyes knocking on the door near the goal line as they tried to jump ahead of the Zips 14-0. Those hopes were quickly dashed as the talented redshirt freshman made a youthful mistake in not protecting the football when he fumbled the ball into the hands of Akron near the goal line. 

After another 3-and-out, Braxton Miller finally got on the field, but it was the last time he would touch the football in the first half. The heralded freshman's first collegiate series could not have gone any worse as the Buckeyes went 3-and-out themselves after a 2-yard Miller run, a dropped pass by Reid Fragel, and a bad snap by Mike Brewster brought the defense back onto the field. It was a debut that Miller will certainly want to forget, but nonetheless a learning experience for Ohio State's future quarterback.

As was the story of the first half, the defense forced Akron to punt yet again and Joe Bauserman took over behind center for the remainder of the opening 30 minutes. There were plenty of Bauserbombs to go around in the second quarter as the Zips defense made the senior look like Peyton Manning, as he effortlessly tore apart their defense through the air.

Bauserman connected on 10-14 passes for 133 yards and hit Jake Stoneburner twice for scores of 28 and 11 yards. He also had 5 carries for 29 yards, including the 15 yards score previously mentioned, showing the ability to scramble away from trouble the few times Akron was able to break through the OSU offensive line. If one was judging the quarterback battle based on the first half, there is no question you'd pencil Joey B. in for the remainder of the season.


  Cmp/Att Pct Yds TD Int Rat
Joe Bauserman 12/16 75.0 163 3 0 222.5
Braxton Miller 8/12 66.7 130 1 0 185.2


  Att Yds Avg Lng TD Fum
Carlos Hyde 19 93 4.9 24 0 0
Rod Smith 18 74 4.1 19 1 1
Joe Bauserman 6 32 5.3 15 1 0
Braxton Miller 6 30 5.0 12 0 0
Chris Fields 1 2 2.0 2 0 0


  Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Fum
Verlon Reed 3 66 22.0 28 0 0
Devin Smith 3 52 17.3 20 1 0
Jake Stoneburner 4 50 12.5 28 3 0
T.Y. Williams 2 34 17.0 23 0 0
Evan Spencer 1 33 33.0 33 0 0
Chris Fields 2 14 7.0 11 0 0
Reid Fragel 1 14 14.0 14 0 0
Carlos Hyde 1 11 11.0 11 0 0
Zach Boren 1 8 8.0 8 0 0
Corey Brown 1 6 6.0 6 0 0
Rod Smith 1 5 5.0 5 0 0

Speaking of Stoneburner, he was virtually unguardable in the first half recording 3 catches for 48 yards and 2 TDs. Jim Bollman may have set a record today for targeting the tight end the most times in a single half, as Reid Fragel was active as well, catching a pass for 14 yards after dropping Miller's lone first half attempt. It will certainly be nice to see the Bucks utilize all of their offensive weapons, something that could off-set some of the youth and inexperience of the personnel that lingers in the two-deep while Mike Adams, Boom Herron, and DeVier Posey serve their five game suspensions.

Overall the Buckeyes looked pretty solid in the first half, squandering some opportunities (Smith fumble and Basil missed FG), but they set the tone that they would not back down this season and carried the momentum of a 21-0 lead into a second half filled with more action.

Bauserman started the second half and didn't waste any time in increasing the Ohio State lead. In a drive that took just over 4 minutes, the Buckeyes moved the ball 51 yards and extended their hold on the Zips to 28-0 after Jake Stoneburner hauled in his third touchdown catch of the afternoon. it should be exciting to see how the staff continues to utilize Stoney's ability to create mismatch and how the other players on the offense get involved in future weeks once defenses start keying in on #11.

After another Buckeye defensive stop, Braxton Miller finally took the field again, and while his second drive wasn't successful, it was a bit better than the first. Miller completed his first two passes as a Buckeye, hitting Philly Brown on a 6-yard screen and Rod Smith on a 5-yard check down for a first down, but failed to move the chains again after two Smith zone reads and a Miller run only yielded 7 yards, forcing the Bucks to punt away. You can tell when Miller was in that Bollman was trying to play more of a zone-read/spread offense which didn't look nearly effective as the power-I/play-action calls that were made when Bauserman was in.

The Buckeye defense, lead by JT Moore, Darryl Baldwin, and Etienne Sabino sacks, got the ball back for the offense once again. It was then that Braxton started to get cooking. Miller hit his classmate Devin Smith on a 20 yard pass and the two plays later took a busted pass play across the other side of the field for a 12 yard gain. It was there that Miller showed what weapons his legs could be once he gets comfortable playing the quarterback position at the college level.

The drive continued with a few more rushes by Miller and Smith, as the Buckeyes just bullied Akron up front. It then closed with a bang, as Miller threw his first touchdown pass in Scarlet and Gray finding Devin Smith once again for a 14 yard strike to extend the lead to 35-0. Braxton clearly looked more comfortable in his third series of the game and it showed as he was able to go 2/2 passing for 34 yards and a score while adding 2 rushes for 16 yards on the ground during the drive.

High Flyin' SimonSimon and the Silver Bullets had a field day against Akron

From there on out it was cruise control for the Buckeyes, as they scored their final tally on a Rod Smith touchdown run from the 2-yard line. The defense continued to dominate the Akron offense in the second half, holding them to -10 yards of total offense, totaling 90 for the game. In addition to the Moore, Baldwin, and Sabino sacks earlier in the contest, Michael Bennett, Ryan Shazier, and Nate Ebner were able to bring the quarterback down for their first collegiate sacks, while Johnny Simon, Garrett Goebel, Andrew Sweat, CJ Barnett, Bradley Roby, and Dom Clarke all looked impressive throughout the day. 

On offense, Stoneburner (4 rec 50 yds 3TD), Verlon Reed (3 rec 66 yds), Carlos Hyde (94 rushing yds, 11 rec yds), Rod Smith (73 rush yds TD, 5 rec yds), and Devin Smith (3 rec 52 yds TD) all looked impressive. Evan Spencer should get special note as well for notching a one-handed, acrobatic catch for his first reception as a Buckeye.

Joe Bauserman had a great day going 12/16 for 163 yards and 3 scores through the air while also accumulating 32 yards and a score on 6 carries on the ground. Once he got comfortable, Braxton wasn't too shabby either, finishing the day 8/12 for 130 yards and a score in the air and totaling 30 yards on 6 carries with his legs

Finally, on special teams, Drew Basil is not starting off on the right foot as he missed a 40 yard field goal (after missing the 45 yard attempt called off by an Akron penalty). Ben Buchanan on the other hand, had a very nice day with 3 punts for 126 yards (42.0 avg) with 2 of those pinning the Zips inside the 20-yard line.

Overall the opening game of the 2011 season can be viewed as a great success. The Buckeyes showed they have enough talent to win without some of their best players, making the outlook on the rest of the season even brighter once all suspended players return to action. Luke Fickell got his first game under his belt, the coaches got a good look at both quarterbacks, the fans could breath a little easier, and at least for three hours, the troubles of the off-season were put to bed.

That being said, this was Akron, a team ranked amongst the worst in FBS football. While winning 42-0 is always nice, there is definitely more evaluation and work left to do. The players and staff must now hit the film room and the practice field once again to prepare for a tougher opponent in Toledo next week. 


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Johnnycake's picture

If you hated on Bauserman, then you have to feel like a complete douchebag.



JakeBuckeye's picture

I'll save the crow eating for my support of #TeamAnyoneButBasuerman until after he has a good performance on 9/17 and beats Miami. This is still Akron, after all.

Buckeyejason's picture

To be fair johnny cakes, it was one of the worst teams in the country. He was solid though.


Riggins's picture

Fickell had his foot on the gas up until the clock ran out. Love it.  Nice debut for him.

The Baus exceeded my expectations.  He had all day to throw for the most part but I was still pleasantly surprised.  I think he is now your starter through September and probably well into October.  He looked good. Braxton will still playas lot, but I agree with the announcers on getting Braxton involved mentally. Give the kid a headset so he can stay engaged.

So glad Stoneburner was getting targets.  My offseason breakout prediction (*toot toot*) looked unguardable in the red zone. It's only the first week though.  I hope they keep utilizing him.

Lots of WRs getting their hands on the ball. TY even held on to the two thrown his way.  I hope that gives him some confidence.

Defense was stellar. Front seven weren't giving them anything and the secondary had some nice breakups.

Urban Meyer is a dick for showing highlights from the '06 NCG.  Haha.

Seth4Bucks's picture

The defense continued to dominate the Akron offense in the second half, holding them to XX yards of total offense, totaling XX for the game.

Great game overall for the Bucks. It's a great confidence booster for all those youngsters on both sides of the ball to be able to post a 42-0 win. There were still enough mistakes that the coaches can focus on and go after.

I really loved to see the more aggressive playcalling Luke was calling throughout the game. He's definitely setting his own stamp on the program. Another deviance was how much Rod Smith saw the ball after fumbling early on.

The tightends were involved, the receivers made some plays, the offensive line was pushing the line of scrimmage, and both QBs looked good. On the other side of the ball, the defense played aggressive all game and held the Zips to under 100 yards. It's hard not to be a little excited what the rest of the season will bring.

Granted it's against the Zips . .  . but compare today's performance to some of the other early season games we've seen from the Bucks lately.

Joe Beale's picture

WMU 2nd and goal at the UM 4.

BuckeyeSaab's picture

I waited in line 15 minutes only to have the stand run out of ice right when I was up.  ARG!

Good debut all around.  Go Bucks!

I'm sorry for not being sorry.

LadyBuck's picture

I am so glad that Bauserman proved all my fears irrational. He was fun to watch. Miller, after shaking of his initial nerves or whatever that first possession, was impressive. Some of the lasers he threw are quite promising for his future. What about that one handed catch by Evan Spencer?

Riggins's picture

Spencer's one-handed grab was ridiculous. He plucked that thing.

Tim's picture

Yeah, that catch by Spencer was the best catch I've ever seen in person.  To get control of the ball that quickly and get his foot down inbounds was amazing. 

Cross Village's picture

To not mention that catch is a sure sign of early onset dementia. 

gravey's picture

Here it is again..

It ought to win the Chris Carter catch of the week (if they had that award).


Joe Beale's picture

Wow...90+ yard INT return for TD. UM dodges the bullet and then some.

Buckeyejason's picture

Bichigan gets lucky with that one


JakeBuckeye's picture

I think 741 made a comment and then thought it was best to edit that comment out?

741's picture

Yes. I thought I was correcting Alex on a stat, then realized I misread his article. My bad!

Colin's picture

Was at the was ridiculously hot. My thoughts:

  • Bauserman is still a slow turd and I'm going to wait until he faces a team that can tackle before I say whether or not he should be the starter. Also he throws the ball incredibly soft it seemed like.
  • Miller looked impressive later in the game. Good zip on his balls. Definitely missed TP's speed when it came to him scrambling on a couple plays.
  • Not sold on Carlos Hyde, he's big enough to move small defenders but not elusive or fast.
  • Our freshman wide receivers are very talented.
  • Our place kicker has yet to make a field goal in his career.
Ohio Guy in Jersey's picture

"Slow turd?"

You can't simply say the guy had a good game?

Colin's picture

He did have a good game, a very good game in fact, but that doesn't change the fact he is slow and I will hold off of crowning him permanent starter until he tries to scramble against a good defense that can tackle.

Also...the slow turd was a reference to me calling him that in the spring game. Since it doesn't look like he has lost any weight, I don't find what I said that bad/untrue.

NYC Buckeye's picture

Best thing I took from yesterday was definitely the receivers...  I have much more faith in Reed now as the #2, and the two freshman (even if they both don't contribute much this year) looked great... 

I know it was Akron, but it was a very good performance from the area which I was very uneasy about...

Basil missing two also little concerning...

buckeyedude's picture

LIKE A BAUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how about some love now for Carlos Hyde? I think I was the only(or one of the very few) Hyde supporter on 11W. Kid looked damn good to me today.



JakeBuckeye's picture

Last year I was all Hyde to be the second guy (behind Boom, of course), but then this offseason Rod Smith tugged on my heart strings a little bit. Safe to say I'm back on the Hyde bandwagon.

tampa buckeye's picture

Smith looked pretty good too. If you forget the fumble he had the longest run of the day and a td.  Always falls forward reminds me of a young Eddie.  The young guys can def play.

Roger's picture

ESPN News commenting on the USC game: "Well it's not really our place to say whether or not USC has payed enough with their penalties. I think if you look at Ohio State with players running around selling memorabilia and getting free tattoos, these schools have infractions of a much larger size and scope from any of the other programs we've seen this year."

Do you have to try to be that ignorant?

Buckeyejason's picture

Hyde looked pretty good. Nothing to say "wow he's going to be an All-American in the future." Can't wait to see the new and improved Jordan Hall breaking ankles.


tampa buckeye's picture

500 plus yards to 90 is pretty good no matter who your playing.  They will only get better.  Need to figure out the Qb rotation because both of the guys will play this year.

tampa buckeye's picture

Oh one other thing T.Y caught both passes thrown his way.


Ethan's picture

All the publications seem really down on Braxton's performance on the first series. While a 2 yard run is nothing to call home about, Fragel dropped a pass that hit him in the chest and Brewster had a bad snap. Neither of those two are BM's fault. I thought he played exceptionally well, and definitely deserves to continue to get playing time

buckeyedude's picture

That is freakin' rediculous! On Braxton's first series in the 1st half, Brewster made a bad snap, and the receiver(can't remember who it was Fragel), dropped a perfectly thrown pass. Even Speilman said that series wasn't his fault.



Bucksfan's picture

He's a highly touted player for Ohio State, of course he's going to get slammed in the papers.

741's picture

11W site upgrade request: Auto correction of the word rediculous (sic). You people are killing me.

buckeyedude's picture

Did I say rediculous? Damn. I really meant abserd. Or pre postrous. Don't let your head explode 741. You are providing a very good service to this website. 11W couldn't do it without you.



Buckeyejason's picture

USC struggling with Minnesota LOLz


BucktheTrend's picture

Michael Bennett looks like he's going to be an absolute BEAST!!! Big Hank was active and will continue to get better...this is going to be one of the best D's ever. Going to be fun to watch.

DarekD's picture

Does anyone know where to watch a replay of the game?  My area doesn't get espn3 and I had to work during the game.  This is killing me!

Bucks's picture

DarekD, there is a replay of the game listed on BTN tonight 7pm. Hope that helps.

yrro's picture

So how many TD's does Bauserman have to throw before before the *local* media starts pronouncing his name right?

Bucksfan's picture

I am VERY encouraged by their play today.  If this is what "rusty" looks like, then I can't wait until this team hits full stride.  The receivers looked awesome and the running game was exceptional.  I'm not worried about Smith's fumble - he's a freshman.  Archie fumbled as a freshman, too.  So did Eddie, I believe.

Oh, Defense with a side of Defense anyone?  How about some Defense-topped Defense for dessert?


Kalamazoo Steve's picture

Beanie had the dropsies too.

theDuke's picture

correct.  Eddie fumbled twice in a loss to Illinois as a freshman. Many people believe he cost us that game.  But he turned out ok, i guess. hahaha



Buckeyejason's picture

I'd say 5. BOW-zer-Men


Jdadams01's picture

And you're wrong too... It's Boz-er-men

yrro's picture

As in "baaaahz er men"

The EDSBS link is a good guide.

billjones's picture

Okay everyone, feel free to be cautiously optimistic.  This was about as good as one could expect.  Execution was actually crisp, unlike many Tressel cupcakes.  I do not want to pee in Mr. Fickell's Cheerios, but let's face it, there were no elite athletes against us and John Cooper put up better numbers against similar opponents.  Having said that, I think this was precisely what the Buckos needed.  I especially admired how Mr. Fickell handled the post game press conference.  He clearly recognizes the game for what it was (i.e.: the first step in the rehabilitation of OSU's glory).  Most importantly, he doesn't appear satisfied by beating a crappy MAC team by 42 - I like his intensity.

This year, more than any in the recent past, we must take one game at a time.

yrro's picture

Fick looked like he was still a little high on adrenaline to stand around and talk to the press. We need to bring in some of the wrestlers so has someone to pin to the mat to calm himself down after a game.

Defend Youngstown's picture

Shazier is going to be an all time great LB for the Buckeyes. The way he moves exudes soul crushing hitting power.

Irricoir's picture

Sweat awesome. Dom Clarke fricking beast mode. He had his own Island today. Defense was awesome, though I didn't notice a lot of QB pressure by the first stringers. The sacks came in the second half with our reserves versus theirs. Bauserman looked better than expected and BM was sharp, 3/4 passes missed weren't his fault. Spencer's insane catch was not BM's fault either. Spencer made that on his own with a great adjustment and hands. Urban Myer kind of voiced his own opinion on how he would do things and broke down Fickell a little much for my tastes. Granted, he gave him his props too. Spielman was very vocal and encouraging about OSU, I certainly love hearing it but I can hear others bashing him for his homerism and could see it. Do i care? NO! One person I wonder if any of you noticed was Nate Ebner. I kept watching number 34 fly around all night long specificaly on special teams. I haven't paid him much attention during the off season but I caught myself saying, holy shit, who is that number 34 dude? Umm, there is so much to analyze, Hyde is definately the best back that played today. He hit the pile and moves his feet. His speed and elusiveness didn't impress me much but he was a dependable runner. Smith runs too upright and doesn't get his pads down to meet contact running north and south, though I did see him do this with plenty of preperation on a sweep toward the short side. I think he has talent and will evolve much like Boom had to. I look forward to seeing an angry Herron this year. Thats all for now. See you guys on Monday to rehash the game.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

Denny's picture

'Smith runs too upright and doesn't get his pads down to meet contact running north and south, though I did see him do this with plenty of preperation on a sweep toward the short side.'

I know people love comparing him to Eddie, but this aspect of his game and his fumble (limited exposure, as I've not watched high school tape) makes me think of Beanie. Either way, Beanie or Herron, it's not a bad comparison to make.


btalbert25's picture

I just dont' see how people watched the game today and could honestly think Smith looked more impressive than Hyde.  I watched Hyde and thought damn, this guy seems to get 3 yards because he touches that ball and falls forward.  His legs never stop.  There were several plays where he just kept his legs churning and pushed the pile forward an extra 4 yards or so.  I think the dude is going to be a beast.  I was impressed by Smith too don't get me wrong, but Hyde looked to me like he could be the next great one.

Also, don't care how bad the opponent was, Bauserman looked much better than I expected.  Braxton looked to me like he was going to be really good.  Loved when Spencer made the grab and Urban said, "That's the best catch I've ever seen"  This bunch of youngsters is goign to be special.

Johnny Ginter's picture

i think a lot of people were just really big on rod smith as The Next Big Thing and don't want to give up the ghost. hyde was better today and has shown that all through fall camp. rod still might develop into something special (and i like braxton and the coaches not giving up on him after a mistake), but right now you gotta go with the guy who gives you the best chance to win. which is hyde.

741's picture

I hear you and agree, with the caveat that if Hall and Berry are available in week two Hyde may not be the best we've got.

btalbert25's picture

I think if it's just hand the ball off out of the I formation, Hyde is absolutely the best option they have.  If you to plays to get a guy open in space then Hall and Berry may be better options.  Hall has just never impressed me as an RB at all, especially if you are handing him the ball and asking him to run up the middle.  Hyde just seemed to look the part.  I think he's the real deal.  Good problem to have though after a guy averages what 6 yards per carry and there are people who think 3 other RB's are better than him.

buckeyedude's picture

What "mistake" did Braxton make, that you are referring to Johnny? Did he throw an INT or fumble that I didnt' see? I thought Braxton was solid. As was Hyde and Bowserman.



Run_Fido_Run's picture

Johnny was saying that Braxton and the coaches did not give up on Hyde, not that Braxton made a mistake. Braxton kept trying to feed Smith with dumpoff throws, partly to feed Smith's confidence level, but Smith dropped a couple of those.

Smith needs to work on mechanics, his hands, etc., but he has some special physical tools. Right now, he is raw and maybe a bit gangly, but he shows flashes of having tremendous upside potential. 

Seth4Bucks's picture

I agree completely. It's not his fault Fragel dropped a perfectly thrown ball that hit him on the numbers. And a potential All-American in Brewster botched the snap to end his first drive. BM threw the ball with zip and I don't remember seeing a single throw that wasn't placed where his receiver could catch it. His decision making was sound as well and didn't force something or throw into double coverage.

He still has work to do and I'm sure he still has a lot to learn about the playbook and reading defenses. However, I think you could make a very strong argument for him being a better passer now than Pryor is today. Granted it was against Akron and he didn't get a lot of pressure. I'm excited to see how both him and the Bausman do against a D like Wiscy or Nebraska.

Until then, you can't help but feel pleased with both of their play and decision making. I thought Bauserman wouldn't look all that great and thought he'd be a statue. He'll never be mistaken for Pryor, but he did move better than I was expecting. And you've already read me brag about BM.

buckeyedude's picture

I agree with everything you say. I understand this was Akron, but this performance was nearly flawless.  As was already mentioned, how many times in the past under Tressel(with all due respect) has OSU looked sloppy or dare I say, not prepared for the first cream puff?




SouthPlainfieldNut's picture

I still don't feel comfortable with the Baus. I just have a hard time feeling confident that he can lead the Buckeyes to a win against a talented (albeit troubled) Miami time IN Miami. By the same token, I would feel just as uncomfortable with a freshman under center. I think that game is going to give us a lot more problems than many of the readers here seem to think.

tampa buckeye's picture

Miami will be without both starting safeties and a dt if i remember correctly.

JB is not TP but maybe thats a good thing. Its nice to finally have two qb's that can put the ball on the money.

With Stoney being such a match-up nightmare it will make it tough for any team to guard Ohio States wr's. Jordan Hall is going to add another dimension to the passing game as well.  It will be nearly impossible for a defense to guard both Hall and Stoney without a huge mismatch on one of the two.

You have to remember that Pryor just wasn't that great of a passer and the only reason he was the starter was his legs would make up for the Oline not being able to hold a  block long enough.

 This year could be very similar to 96' with S. Jackson and Joe Germaine who ironically was also a former baseball player.  



theDuke's picture

looked pretty good yesterday. D was more harsh than mother nature herself, and the O managed to move the ball pretty well.  Thought I saw a nice ballance of play calls and absolutely loved the pass looks our qb's got.  nice mix of short, mid and long range tosses. I know akron is not good, but i'd say that was one of the best called non-conf. games we've seen in awhile. Our schedule is great.  We're gonna have to continue to get better as the crescendo comes Oct. 29 and we've got the schedule to do just that. That Wisky team looks good and all i want is their blood our hands...but, one game at a time, as all the old farts say.   


Buckeye Chuck's picture

Just a few comments:

As someone who has never believed Bauserman could play at all, I have to say he looked OK. All we can really expect of him is that he manage the game and avoid mistakes, and he looks like he might be able to do that assuming good protection. Miller is going to be really good, but it's hard to know when the timetable is for him taking over for Bauserman (I'd be very surprised if Fickell made any change there as long as we're undefeated).

I remain uncertain about the offensive line, a common condition over the last several years.

Very pleased with the young receivers--I thought we were in for an iffy year there even before it was known Posey would miss half the year, but people are stepping up. Verlon Reed has been a shocking surprise--I recall his recruiting and people wondering if he'd wind up as a safety, or perhaps even stay at QB. Stoneburner is going to be a pain for opposing secondaries to match up with.

The pass rush didn't seem that fearsome. I question if we have a difference-maker off the edge. The secondary looks like it's going to be OK.

Placekicking could be a major concern. Ironic that the first year post-Tressel would find us struggling to make field goals.

It's hard to draw too many conclusions from the game, because Akron may seriously be the worst team the Buckeyes I've ever seen the Buckeyes play.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

ih8rolltyde's picture

I thought urban seemed very condescending of the coaching in the early going. After the rout was on, he had a few more positive things to say, but that's cause we were killing it. I personally want nothing to do with him. I don't want him calling any more of our games, and I damn sure don't want him as our coach. May the Fickle reign be long and prosperous!

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

btalbert25's picture

See, I had no problem with Urban calling the game.  The biggest thing he was critical about, at least to me, was how Miller needed to be in the game.  This team's future rests with Miller not Joe B.  A game like Akron, Miller could've/should've taken all the reps and the score probably isn't much different.  In my opinion Fickell was like the rest of the team, OK.  It was hard to judge as it was just Akron.  I think a lot of people are in love with the fact that he went for a 4th and 1 early on instead of a FG.  Watching Basil yesterday, I have to say anything outside of 40 yards we may want to go for 4th and short more often.

I honestly didn't think the playcalling was immensely different than normal.  They got the TE involved a little more, but some of that was out of neccessity as he was the one sure guy the staff knew they could count on in crucial situations.  At any rate, I kind of liked hearing Urban and Spielman's comments during the game, and honestly wouldn't mind hearing more of Meyer calling Buckeye games this year.  I didn't think he was bad, but have read a few comments where peopel didn't like him yesterday.  To each their own.

steven1's picture

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ih8rolltyde's picture

Eff you so hard. Get the Eff outta here.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

BuckeyeSaab's picture

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Registrant City:                                 Herndon
Registrant State/Province:                  Virginia
Registrant Postal Code:                       20170
Registrant Country:                           United States
Registrant Country Code:                   US
Registrant Phone Number:                 (571)292-8800
Registrant Email:                    


Google Earth shows that address to be located in a large, non-descript apartment complex right next to Dulles outside of D.C.

I am tempted to call and give a WTF!

I'm sorry for not being sorry.