Tuesday Skull Session

By Danny on August 30, 2011 at 6:00a

Good morning and welcome to your Tuesday skull session. Whether your preferred morning routine includes coffee, cold pizza, or kegs and eggs, pay attention as there is much afoot with laces hitting pigskin in just four days. Let's get started, shall we?

 THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME. The season's first depth chart is out and Fickell still isn't tipping his hand at the quarterback spot. We may not know the Akron starter (cough- Bauserman) but Taylor Graham and Kenny Guiton are definitely looking up to see whether freshman Braxton Miller or Stabler the Younger will be taking the snaps under center against Akron.

I know it's not the sexy pick, but I'm fine with Bauserman starting. Miller has a lot of snaps in his future, but it won't hurt to give the kid a little more time before throwing him to the wolves. Give Bauserman a shot, let Miller further learn the playbook and give him some more time to feel comfortable in this offense. I mean, with all do respect to the Zips, this is Akron we're talking about. If Bauserman has a B or better game, Miller could start the second half.

 GIVE HALL THE BALL. Junior Jordan Hall is your week one starter at running back. He's perched ahead of Carlos Hyde and Rod Smith, while also holding down the top return spot on the team. It's a little confusing as Hyde looked like the starter throughout much of fall training camp, but the move stands well with me.

Hall, I believe, has the most potential of the group to be a versatile threat on offense. He's not necessarily the most physical back like we've become accustomed to seeing with Boom, Beanie, etc. but he's an extremely talented receiver out of the backfield, which will make him a perfect dump-off target for a first year starter. Also, this.

"Excuse me, pardon me, comin' through."Is that you, Percy?

 WHAT'S EATING GARRETT GILBERT? Unlike Ohio State, Texas has resolved their starting quarterback situation, giving the role to incumbent Garrett Gilbert. After a horrendous season in Austin last year, Gilbert is going to need to show improvement to hold the job from sophomore Case McCoy -- yes, brother of the Browns' starting quarterback. No pressure there, Gilbert, he's only the brother of one the greatest quarterbacks in Texas' history.

But while Colt McCoy's shadow rests over Gilbert, the quarterback who replaced McCoy in the 2010 BCS National Championship, he can't possibly play worse than he did last season. The Longhorns, in general, can't play worse than last season. Gilbert is under pressure now, and that usually brings out the best in talented players. Let's not forget some people were saying Gilbert could be better than Colt McCoy after Colt's graduation. While I don't think Gilbert is the next Colt McCoy, I expect Gilbert to hold on to the starting job this season.

 SHAPIRO AVOIDS HARD TIME. Convicted felon and Hurricane public enemy number one, Nevin Shapiro, will not serve time in prison in Miami. This must come as a relief to Shapiro who will not have to endure encounters with pissed-off fans (though his partial stay in a Tallahassee prison could not have been much better).

According to the AP report, Shapiro also mentioned he plans on "writing a tell-all book about his experiences with the Hurricanes." The fact that Shapiro is seeking further fame, even if it is to pay off a reported 83 million dollars, is disgusting. However, I can't say that the prospect of reading a book like that wouldn't excite me. What worries me about this book is it might permanently damage the lives of some of these players. For example, the unknown player who Shapiro mentioned he, without the player's permission, paid for an abortion of a woman the player had sex with.

It would be easy for me to say I'm thrilled about the new allegations against Miami because of the heat it takes off of OSU, but that's far from the truth. While we probably won't have to expect nearly the same type of punishments, we can certainly relate to the constant criticism.

 RUDY IN THE BIG 12? The Big 12's implosion continues as new details have been released on Texas A&M's desire to leave the conference. The university’s president, R. Bowen Loftin, sent a letter notifying the league that his Aggies would formally withdraw, possibly as early as today

As A&M inches closer to the SEC, Notre Dame has been mentioned as a possible replacement for the Aggies. According to CBS Sports, however, Notre Dame will turn down the offer if it's extended.

To be honest, Notre Dame is just not a fit in the Big 12, and why would they want to become number two to a Texas team that might as well own the Big 12? Just a thought, what about the University of Houston as the tenth member of the Big 12? Also, can the Big Ten and the Big Twelve really not switch names, already?

 FOR TUESDAY, BECAUSE IT'S NOT MONDAY. Map of the RivalsHigh 100... Kentucky, where you must shower once a year... The Oakland Raiders are attempting desperate measures to prove Terrelle Pryor is not JaMarcus Russell... Mike Martin, David Molk, Kevin Koger will serve as captains for the Wolverines... Do you have your water-powered jet pack yet?


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GoBucks713's picture

Jordan Hall. Number 7 in your programs, Number 1 in your heart. Great stuff Danny.

-The Aristocrats!

thorvath22's picture

TCU better start to reconsider their already terrible decision.

acBuckeye's picture

Rumor here in Dallas is that SMU wants to replace the Aggies when they leave. In other words, the Big 12 is effed.

sharkvsghost's picture

ken-yon rambo days until kickoff...

swing hard in case you hit it.

Alex's picture

What has A&M done over the last decade? I don't think they're that big of loss in the performance column. Where the Big 12 loses out is the $ column and that loss may not be able to be made up by anyone available out there.

As for SMU I think they're the best fit available. The program is turning around under June Jones and with the backing of a power conference they can once again be competitive on a BCS level.

acBuckeye's picture

From a competition standpoint, i think TCU makes the most sense, but i agree with your statements. Unfortunately for the Big 12, its quickly becoming a southern version of the Mountain West. I think UT going independent is inevitable, and once that happens, that conference will no longer be a BCS conference.

RBuck's picture

According to my account info, I've been a member of 11W for one year as of today. I think that was the first day that required registration so a lot of us are one year old today. So, Happy 11W birthday to us and thank you 11W for a good move.

Long live the southend.

BrewstersMillions's picture

Happy number of Chad Henne losses to OSU days to football season!

Baroclinicity's picture

Very nice.  But I do prefer to look at it as Mike Hart losses.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Buckeyebrowny919's picture

1 year..24 minutes...aaaaaaaaaah yeah

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

Jeremy Birmingham's picture

It's so effin' nice to be talking about football.

BuckeyeSki's picture

Co-sign this

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Bucksfan's picture

If the SEC makes the move to 14.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the Big Ten follow suit within 5 years.  THEN, I feel that the dominos will start to fall and super conferences are on the horizon.  Watch for Oklahoma and Notre Dame to join the Big Ten.  Texas might join the SEC and A&M will become little brother again.

btalbert25's picture

lol, who is reporting this story?  2 weeks ago it was a done deal, then not so fast, now done deal again, then not so fast.  Surely, there are negotiations going on right now, but good God people get your facts before you publish!  EFF lol.

BucksfanXC's picture

Well I think the issue is the tricky legal situation. If SEC openly courts them, it could be toritious interference with a contract. If Texas A&M leaves without permission, they breach a contract. If the Big 12 lets them go, then the SEC lets them in, that is all fine and dandy. So Texas A&M is trying to say, please let us out so we avoid all the lawsuits, you totally know we're going anyway. At least publicly. Cuz the public, on the record talk has to be that they aren't leaving, they are asking to be let go, and that the SEC isn't asking them in, but maybe would if they could, if they were available.

So talks behind the scenes are all taken care of in my opinion, this is a done deal. It just has to go through the delicate process of a stupid ballet dance of procedure.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

btalbert25's picture

I think we will see 2 movements, 1 super conferences and 2, a lot more independents.  I agree with Oklahoma and possibly Notre Dame, but I think Texas is destined to be an independent.  They likely will make more money off of their own network than they would splitting money with other schools in a conference.  They are damn near independent right now, as they pretty much call their own shots when it comes to the big 12. 

In that same vein, if Notre Dame (big if) finds themselves consistently good, they'll be able to negotiate their own Network as well and they pretty much can tap into all markets and will make a fortune.  Their NBC deal was pretty sweet once it was struck, far and above the TV money other programs were getting.  It may not be NBC, but we know Fox and ESPN are willing to negotiate with individual teams for their own Networks.  I wouldn't be shocked if Notre Dame followed suit.  They just have to get better. 

German Buckeye's picture

1 year, 2 hours...yay!

Matt M.'s picture

1 year, 1 hour. I am shamed by my lower rank in seniority. In other news...

Fickell says Joe takes the first snap if we play today, but we don't. Go figure. Can we get a roll call for the 11W'ers attending the first game this Saturday?

Nappy's picture

I'll be there as long as I get my tickets in time. 

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

Kansas City Buckeye's picture

I will be there.  I will be the guy in the Buckeye shirt.  Don't hesitate to say hi if you see me.

Buckeyefanaic's picture

>> Also, can the Big Ten and the Big Twelve really not switch names, already?

That would be like Coke and RC Cola changing names!  Win for one, epic loss for the other.  I hope we keep the name - we know current leadership isn't to be trusted with these types of decisions. 


Danny's picture

I understand: +1 for Big Ten teams because of the Big Ten's iconic name, -1 for math skills. It can still annoy me, though.

Bucks's picture

Since you mentioned it Danny, my morning routine involves being woken up entirely too early by two dogs claiming their bladders will explode if they don't get outside that very second. While they take turns clip-clopping around, I know it is business time when I hear a grunt & open my eyes to see both of them sitting at attention in front of me. On the way out the door with them eagerly in tow, I turn on the coffee.

275 hours later (ok well maybe 10min too long), and all squirrels/bunnies/chipmunks laughing at their failed chase, we're back inside. Food goes down for the pains, shower, coffee & the morning 11W read before heading out! The crew here has replaced a cereal commercial for me as the only way to start the day.


This week will end up seeming like the longest in a while b/c of this Saturday. Get here already.

While it has been no secret that Hall is tapped for multiple duties this season, I'm kinda surprised to see him as the #1 back for the game. Makes sense with all the things he has been doing, but agree that I thought Hyde would be the listed for the opener.


As a sidenote, my thoughts to Dantonio. Never easy but I doubt it was truly unexpected at that age. He may be a coach of a team we go up against, but he is always going to be a "Buckeye Lore" person to me.


gwalther's picture

Why the side note about the Longhorns starting QB? Do we do that with other teams either not ranked in the top 25, or in the bottom half of it, who aren't in the Big Ten?

Class of 2008

btalbert25's picture

Though Hall is the "starter"  something tells me Hyde will see plenty of carries.  Where on earth is Berry though?  Is he going to be the RB version of Sabino?  Is it because he wore a yellow jersey most of camp? 

Bucks's picture

I don't have any confident knowledge on this, but people I know who have had hamstring injuries keep telling me he could be out for a bit. I don't know if that is what is going on here, but wouldn't surprise me.

Jeremy Birmingham's picture

Berry is once again fighting nagging leg injuries.

Buckeyejason's picture

I thought Berry was in fact going to be the runningback version of Sabino, until I saw him play last year. One hell of a kick returner if anything!


Buckeyejason's picture

Garret Gilbert looked turrible from the Texas games thàt I caught last year. I went on Burnt Orange(Texas blog) during the games that they were gettin their asses kicked, and reading what the fans were saying was hilarious. They sure don't care to much for Gilbert and Greg Davis.


Matt's picture

When keeping it real goes wrong:  72 miami players subpoenaed re: money from Nevin Shapiro and bankruptcy clawback.




Jason Priestas's picture

Wow. That's going to leave a paper trail.

Matt's picture

Jim Tressel wall at the WHAC:


Vacated 2010 wins, big ten title, deducted from his totals.

Matt's picture

Only game captains during the season; season-long captains will be elected at the close of the season.  Akron game captains are Brewster, Shugarts, and Simon.