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By Chris Lauderback on July 13, 2011 at 6:00a
Magnum: Chip Kelly's answer to NCAA troubles

Up and at 'em, Buckeye fans. Thanks to one of the more boring All Star games in recent memory, I'm assuming you all crashed early and find yourselves well rested to take on what should be a dry hump day in the capital city.

As a Yankee and AL fan (excluding Boston, of course), the game was especially painful as the NL won back to back games for the first time since the mid 90's, securing home field advantage for the senior circuit in the World Series.

Adding salt to the wound, we now must suffer through a few days of virtually zero sports action (assumes you all work for a living during the day - Go USA!), instead hearing the talking heads drone on about the NBA and NFL lockouts and the Roger Clemens jury selection in between chunks of Bob Ley acting like he's passionate about soccer.

I guess it's time to get current on all the Deadliest Catch, Jerseylicious and Tosh.0's on the DVR.

But while you're at work, let's take a gander at what's happening in today's skull session...

More FTE, please. With the NCAA looking under the covers at schools like Ohio State, Oregon and West Virginia, among others, John Infante of the Bylaw Blog takes a look at the current size and job responsibilities of compliance departments at BCS programs and opines that changes implemented by programs forced to react to NCAA exploration could likely set the tone for others to follow.

As I'm sure most of you are aware, Ohio State is said to be considering a change that would move compliance to a central administration group that is already the largest compliance division on campus, charged with monitoring the university's research and medical practices. As Infante notes, some other BCS programs have compliance departments reporting to folks outside of the athletic department but the groups themselves are still considered part of the athletic department.

Meanwhile, Oregon is looking to hire an athletic department employee with "four years of law enforcement or investigative experience", obviously to act as an internal Magnum P.I. to primarily help police the football team. This is certainly an idea I can see many schools adopting and we even heard rumors of Tressel exploring such an option as far back as last December.

Infante goes on to discuss the potential implications of enacting such changes but there's no doubt the ripple effect of NCAA visits to schools like OSU, Oregon, WVU and North Carolina is causing even those not currently on the NCAA's radar to examine how they monitor athletic departments.

No reason to be scurred? Buckeye hater Brett McMurphy of CBSSports has an interesting piece on how schools found to have committed major infractions in the last 25 years have fared in the five seasons before and after being slapped by the NCAA. He excluded SMU since they lost two seasons in addition to excluding 13 schools charged with major infractions since 2007 because they are not yet five years removed from their troubles. 

With the exclusions out of the way, McMurphy notes:

Of the schools who committed the remaining violations, more than half (30) actually had a better winning percentage for the five-year period after the infractions were levied compared with the previous five seasons.

That's a pretty interesting stat and could be dangerous for schools such as Ohio State should the NCAA decide to ignore what we know as the facts and precedent in order to make a statement to appease the media and opposing fans who choose to unconditionally believe things that people like Dohrmann wrote even though they'd hold such allegations to a much higher standard if lobbed at their own program (which is fine, it's Fandom 101).

At the same time, the NCAA also has evidence as to what insanely intense penalties can do to a program. Beyond the death penalty rightfully administered to SMU, McMurphy writes that Oklahoma State won 75% of their games before running afoul with the NCAA in 1989 leading to four years probation, a three year postseason ban, a two year TV ban and scholarship cuts. The result? The Cowboys won 28% of their games in the five years after facing the music.

The articles touches many other programs and fallout from penalties. It's a good, long read but there's even a Spielman quote if you've got the time.

Leg Oden's bro has run-in with the po-po. I hate to share it because I think very highly of Greg and how he's handled his health issues but in case you missed it, his brother Anthony, an offensive tackle for Arkansas, has found himself in trouble with the law.

Already having been arrested for DWI back in July 2010, Oden was charged last Saturday with DWI, possession of a controlled substance, driving left of center, failing to yield to an emergency vehicle, no proof of ownership and driving on a suspended/revoked license.

Clearly, this doesn't bode wel for his chances of competing for a starting offensive tackle spot. Good luck, Anthony. And a word of advice, try emulating your bro.

Where do Bauserman & Braxton rank? Dave Dye, formerly of the Sparty beat for the Detroit News, takes a shot at ranking the QB's across the B1G.

The conference returns seven starters, not counting Russell Wilson's arrival in Madison. As expected, those seasoned names find themselves at the top of the list with Dan Persa, Denard Robinson, Kirk Cousins, Wilson, Taylor Martinez and Nathan Scheelhaase holding down slots 1-6.

For what is typically described as a vanilla, grind it out offensive conference, I like the number of QB's in Dye's top six that an also hurt you with their feet.

The combo of Bauserman/Braxton checks in at #7, ahead of our friend James VandenPick of Iowa, combo entries from Purdue, Penn State and Indiana and MarQuies Gray of Minnesota. Wow, there's some junk slotted appropriatel in the bottom third.

Who's your top three? Where will OSU rank at season's end?

The Allman Brothers approve. With most outlets busy projecting their top 25, the good doctor veers of the path to rank the 12 whipping posts in 2011.

Memphis tops the list, putting all their eggs in the Beat Austin Peay basket, in hopes of avoiding a winless season. UNLV ranks 2nd after taking six beatdowns of 30+ points last year and now having to replace the majority of the staring offense and defense of a season ago. I know, those guys obviously suck but how good can the guys backing them up be this year?

Nex Mexico is 3rd on the list but I'm not going to say anything disparging since we now post our last names and HC Mike Locksley has anger management issues on par with Mel Gibson.

Holding down the 4th spot is Ohio State's season opening opponent, the Akron Zips. Coming off a one win season thanks to a season ending victory against powerhouse Buffalo, the Doc notes Akron is replacing 80% of the yardage on what was the MAC's least prolific offense.

Easy Mac. The hits just keep coming for WVU...The sad death of Austin Box was fueled by painkillers..."Birdseye map" of Columbus, 1872...Before & After beer...Inside the bowels of Amazon...The World's Most Interesting Man is just like us.


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GoBucks713's picture

No sports today? How about OUR US Womens National Team going up against those stingky turd burglars from France in World Cup action? I understand not liking soccer, and not wanting to watch women's sports, but it is our duty as American's to root for our country! USA! USA! USA! USA!

-The Aristocrats!

GoBucks713's picture

I said duty.

-The Aristocrats!

741's picture

Hating on France is universally American regardless of whether soccer is one's thing, no?

Denny's picture

You know, just to put this in there: I had a whole mess of crepes this morning. They're just like pancakes, maybe even better. 


BuckeyeSki's picture

You shut your whore mouth!

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RoweTrain's picture


"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

Chris Lauderback's picture

My bad. That was not an intended slight. I guess I was assuming we all work during the day and I believe USA plays at Noon. Even as patriotic as I think I am, no way can I watch tape delayed soccer especially if already knowledgeable of the outcome.

Denny's picture

Good find on that old map, Chris. Old maps are awesome. This one was my desktop background for a long time.


buckeyedude's picture

I didn't realize they had satellites back in 1872! Amazing. This changes everything!



NorCal Buckeye's picture

FYI, the 12 whipping posts link actually sends you to the previous link (B1G QB's).

Nice find with the birdseye map of C-bus.  Brings back some good memories of campus.

Chris Lauderback's picture

Thanks for the heads up. Now fixed. Trust me, if you saw the laptop I'm working with while waiting for my new machine to arrive, you'd be amazed that I could even whip up a post at all.

Nitz25's picture

In case anyone was wondering, the new NCAA 2012 game by EA Sports that came out yesterday still has TP as our starting quarterback.  Kind of annoying.

RoweTrain's picture

Like I mentioned to Ih8rolltyde yesterday, by the time Pryor left it was too late for them to take him off our roster.  The roster people will surely make him into someone else.  They had the same problem with Masoli last year.

They do suck at getting numbers correct though and that's inexcusable.

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

NeARBuckeye's picture

I'm more irked about Storm Klein being 10 points better than Sabino. And they made Sabino slow.... And started Shazier.

Nappy's picture

Sadly, I have Deadliest Catch, Tosh.0 and Jerseylicious on my DVR.  Did I mention my girlfriend is a Nazi?

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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I feel that funneling all compliance departments into one giant umbrella oversight department is a huge mistake.  I would bet that the department that oversees medical/research compliance is probably as bogged down as it can be making sure that both academic paper submissions and, even more importantly, grant submissions match what has been ethically approved...which is an entirely separate process in and of itself.  The paper trails can be miles long and take weeks to months for a single research lab's submission.  Now you want to pile on something completely unrelated: whether undergraduate student-athletes are complying with NCAA rules?  It's like putting a Wall St. executive in charge of rounding up sheep (no offense to the athletes).  It doesn't make sense.

I think with as many resources put into these student athletes (coaches, assistant coaches who babysit their classes to make sure they go, academic tutors, strength and conditioning experts, priority scheduling, financial aid/scholarships, million dollar weight rooms and multi-million dollar practice facilities, all of which are staffed and monitored, plus the athletic department's compliance division itself which adequately educates players), if you can't instill a sense of maturity, responsibility, or compliance in them, then something else is wrong!

There needs to be a FUNDAMENTAL change in how college sports are run if you don't want to get into trouble for a kid misbehaving or a coach deciding to take the law in his/her own hands.  Moving the compliance department somewhere else, somewhere it might be less effective, doesn't fundamentally change how college sports are managed.


Well, when you consider how Magnum PI was portrayed as such a push over and how friends and enemies alike displayed such contempt for his swagger, you realize the only thing that was cool about that character was the two Ferrari's he drove. The 78' GTO carburetor model and the 83' GTSi Qv... sweet!!! I personally would have gone with Remington Steele for my detective reference, with a picture of Pierce Brosnan who would gone on to play as arguably the best ever James Bond character. Yeah,Mr 007... enough said!

All jokes aside, I believe the idea of hiring a private detective is genius... for the universities who want to mask the cheating further! When you think about it, its basically a personal paid snitch who will covertly police the players to detect possible crippling violations and report back to the Athletic director or coach before anything could ever reach compliance. In this case Magnum PI would be the perfect reference! The NCAA is already considered an ineffective governing branch as is, but they'll genuinely be kept in the dark if they allow this practice.

Instead of all this talk of hiring Magnum PI' s, or my personal favorite, 007, the conversation should be centered around the best way to pay the athletes, who bring in all the scrilla scratch anyhow. The prospect of a good degree is not enough for the players of today who realize that for most of them, the NFL is just not a viable option.Not everyone can just quit like Terrelle Pryor today and still have the option to go sign a million dollar contract tomorrow.

My top Qb's in the B1G:
1)K Cousins because of the talent around him and because he has the under center skills and fundamentals the NFL scouts covet.
2) Russell Wilson because he is a superior athlete who is probably more accurate than Denard is right now. If he gets comfortable in Wiscy system, he could have a Cam Newton like effect on the year.
3) Dan Persa because the dude can flat sling the rock, plus he can burn. Due to the system Northwestern plays, Persa arm is underrated but next to Cousin's, I think he's got the most NFL potential with his speed and accuracy.

Honorable Mention : Denard Robinson because well, the obvious. Superior athlete, superior speed, Mike Vick like potential, oh and superior University.

Shout out to Braxton Miller, he will be a problem!!!

I like that part in the movie where Joe Pesci stabs the Guy in the trunk while he's still alive... Classic!!!

Joe Beale's picture

"we now must suffer through a few days of virtually zero sports action"

What?  The British Open starts on ESPiN at 4:00 AM tomorrow morning, which means I can watch almost 4 hours of it before I need to leave for work. 

Bad News: listening to Chris Berman try to announce a golf tournament.

Good News: John Daly tees off at 4:53 AM, and his pants will likely make sure that everyone is awake.

BuckeyeSki's picture

The tropical pants, with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth while putting, is so full of win

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Miss u, 84 Lumber sponsorship.