Friday Skull Session

By Jake on June 24, 2011 at 6:00a
Mmmmmm, skull-termelon.Nothing says summer in Ohio like a Skull carved in Watermelon!

It's our first Summer weekend this year, and like some of you I'll be on the road for most of it, doing my best to sleep while someone else does the actual driving. Naturally, summer is usually the slow season when it comes to Buckeye sports, with no games to be played and recruiting largely in the bag. This year will hopefully be no exception. This spring was eventful enough. 

Unfortunately, I'm not on the road to the beach for a picnic, but rather I'll be apartment shopping in the heart of Duke-country after being called up to the Real Life big leagues and finally landing an adult job. I can't say I won't feel like kind of an outsider wearing red amidst so much blue, but it will be nice living among Big Time College Sports again. 

Anyway, here's your Friday Skull Session!

His only remaining fan? Chad Ochocinco, at least, sits firmly in Terrelle Pryor's camp. Despite legions of detractors, both of his mechanics and passing ability, and of his decision-making on and off the field, Ochocinco says he's one of the best he's seen.

I don't care what ESPN said, I don't care what the report, I saw with my own eyes. I've seen every NFL quarterback play. Dude, it was unbelievable, with the right coaching, listen to what I'm saying, with the right coaching he can become a great NFL quarterback because he has all the tools. He has all the tools that these scouts look for in a quarterback.

Strong words.

Of course, it helps that they share the same agent, and as much as I love Ochocinco's attempts to liven up the staid and boring No-Fun League, he's hardly one I would consider a sober and judicious voice. Plus, screw Terrelle Pryor. 

Nails for Breakfast. John Simon, the undersized Tackle with gorilla arms, says there's no hint of turmoil in the locker room. Simon stands firmly behind his long-time coach Luke Fickell as the Boss, and says that the rest of the team is just focused on helping the new guys transition into the program.

We have a lot of great guys coming in. We have a lot of great players coming back. Like I said, we really closed ranks this summer and past winter, and we're biting at the chops to get after it, and it's going to be a fun year

Sure, it's just more coachspeak, but coachspeak is itself a pretty good sign that discipline and unity remains high among the players. You don't trot out the party line unless you still believe in the party, so to speak.

More interestingly, he revisits the Sports Illustrated allegations, which targeted him among other athletes, reiterating that his own tattoos were legitimately paid for. 

"I don't even know where the place is, so you guys don't have to worry about me," said Simon, who noted that he added one tattoo at Ohio State to the two he had in high school.

He wasn't the only person falsely accused in the hackjob article, and personally, John Simon is the last player I'd want to get on the bad side of. . .

Out of the frying pan. . . The AP reports that the OSU Board of Trustees have decided to investigate the compliance department in the wake of the latest controversies. Not unexpected. The move is mostly an effort to dot the i's and cross the t's in anticipation of the thorough fine-toothed-combing the NCAA is expected to bring to the Athletic Department in the future. 

Quoth Schottenstein:

We want to assure ourselves that there are no new issues in any existing athletics matters that have not been dealt with, and I will say today that we believe that is the case.

Leaving aside the question of why a basketball arena is giving quotes to the Associated Press, this meeting, intended to mitigate any NCAA violations, may have commited an Ohio legal violation of the state's public-meeting laws. 

We've already discussed why not much will come of this, other than a few chuckles at Les Wexner's expense, but if ever there was an a better example of the Keystone Kops nature of the Ohio State leadership the past few months, I haven't seen it.

Phase 1 begins. The USA Today reports that Urban Meyer's first job at ESPN may be. . .  Ohio State. Whether a conscious decision by ESPN or a coincidence (it was a conscious decision by ESPN), it's certain to churn the rumor mills. No doubt, having Meyer commentating during the first Ohio State game will draw many viewers curious to gleen any hint of his future intentions, and that's just what ESPN wants. 

He'll be joining Buckeye favorite Chris Spielman in the booth, and had this to say about working with his friend and former player and watching his former (future?):

The human side of it is you'd like to stay away from certain topics when you're dealing with friends, great institutions, players you've dealt with. But I have a job to do. I've talked to (ESPN's) Jon Gruden about this. You don't have to criticize, you have to analyze — but not get personal.

So you heard it here first, Jon Gruden and Urban Meyer both discussed which of them would take the Buckeye Head Coaching job (we're not really saying that).


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Bucknut-in-the-South's picture

Welcome to North Carolina, Jake!  To allay any concerns you might have, rest assured that there is no real football played in the state (except in Boone - remember that one, Michigan fan?), so rooting for the Buckeyes in the fall is no big deal.  After November, though, all bets are off.  The ACC elite liken Big Ten basketball to Cro-Magnon rock-tossing, conveniently forgetting that, for the past two years they have had their a**es handed to them by those same cavemen.  Enjoy your time in the Old North State.  I know I have for the past 30 years.

GoBucks713's picture

Jake, you didn't say it, but I have a Hamilton that says Brooks will.


Skull Session - Part of a nutritious breakfast.

-The Aristocrats!

pioneer92's picture

Yeah I've been living just outside of Durham for a year now. Got a Buckeye bar in Greensboro and one in Raleigh (haven't made it to either I found them after the season). No worries about rooting for OSU football here as the biggest competitor for football fans is NC State. But as Bucknut-in-the-south said be prepared for basketball season. OSU will be ripped a new one from people here who claim big ten basketball is archaic, out-dated, and boring. Their main arguement is "who was the last big ten team to win a national championship". Other than that love it and while all your friends in Ohio freee and get burried in snow from november through march, we might get a inch or two from dec through jan.

NC_Buckeye's picture

Actually Raleigh has two Buckeye bars: the Skybox inside the Hilton which is where the Triangle Alumni Club meets for gamewatches. And the one I go to which is the "Buckeyes In NC" facebook/meetup group which meets at the Brickhouse for game viewing. (Although I also belong to the Triangle Alumni Club; their gamewatches got too crowded. For Michigan games the Skybox had to start opening up a ballroom to act as an overflow room.) "Buckeyes In NC" is more of a group of Ohio transplants who happen to be Buckeye fans.

There is a benefit to living in ACC country BTW. The only snide remark I've gotten since the whole Tat-5 Tressel-gate affair started is one from an Appalachian State supporter. No one cares about it down here other than tOSU supporters. And there are a LOT of us down here.


BuddhaBuck's picture

*Initiate dream sequence*...

Gruden & Meyer join forces to become the first co-head coaching tandem in CFB. Gruden watches over the Offense while Meyer controls the Defense and Special Teams....

*wakes up on a drool-covered pillow*

Don't text while driving.

Matt's picture

Meyer and Spielman announcing together is going to be great.  And I like Pasch as well.  He had to suffer through Andre Ware, so it's only fair that he gets to join this team.  Together, I expect they will give some of the best analysis around.

Denny's picture

If only they can add Rob Stone on the sidelines and make him eat ghost chilis it will be the best thing.


biggy84's picture

I like Gruden's advice. Too many analysts feel it's their job to be controversial and critical.

phxbuck's picture

Greg McMullen to Nebraska, this is a bad dream

btalbert25's picture

Ochocinco is just trying to draw some attention to another Rosenhaus client, however it's not that crazy to think he could potentially be a great QB.  There are a lot of people out there who believe Tebow will be, and I don't think he has the tools and athleticism of Pryor.  Do I think TP is going to play QB in the NFL and be a star no, but I don't think Tebow will either.  By all accounts though, Pryor has always been a very hard worker and he has improved his game each year at Ohio State.  If people think Tebow will succeed because he listens and works hard, I don't see why the same people are so dead set against the possibility that Pryor may succeed as well. 

I know Tebow is a white, christian boy, who always does right and speaks well on camera.  His eye black has bible verses instead of Mike Vick, but honestly in terms of work ethic and on the field development, there isn't a whole lot of difference between the two.  I may even say Pryor came in as more of a raw QB than Tebow and made bigger strides in college.  With one more year, he may have been a really high draft pick as well.  It's hard to say, but guys with less talent,athleticism, and mental capacity have been tagged as the next big thing and flopped. TP isn't being given any love at all.  He just may surprise everyone.

NoVA Buckeye's picture

The fact that he ran in a pro-style offense last year is going to work to his advantage in the long run. I wouldn't be surprised if the Browns pick him in the supplemental draft and try him at wide receiver.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.