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Comment 03 Jun 2011

I think Patterson is an amazing coach, but I think at least nominal ties to Ohio are a must in any future coach. Ohio is a recruiting battleground, and while tOSU will always have an edge in-state, a Buckeye Head Coach needs to be able to fence off the rest of the Big Ten and big names from outside the conference. I worry that a Patterson Regime will lead to a RichRod situation, where local coaches don't particularly trust the guy and recruits slowly bleed to our rivals. Michigan State is the #1 recruit destination in Michigan now. 

Comment 01 Jun 2011

Other coaches in GoT:

Viserys Targaryen - Lane Kiffin

Robert Baratheon - Bret Beleima

Robb Stark - Pat Fitzgerald

Walder Frey - Joe Paterno

Tywin Lannister - Nick Saban

Renly Baratheon - Mark Richt

Stannis Baratheon - Mark Dantonio

Any more?

Comment 01 Jun 2011

The question that remains to be answered, and one that will be of the utmost importance for the University, it whether Luke Fickell is tainted by the current fiasco. Generally, after a fall from grace like that of Tressel's (deserved or not), it's common for a university to simply hit the reset button and banish the entire coaching staff. 

Say what you will about Urban Meyer, but he never had any hint of ncaa scandal surrounding his programs (the conduct of his players off-the-field, however, has not been the best). That said, I vote for Bo Pelini. Woody did fine as a perpetually pissed-off patriarch, and Pelini can perpetuate that propensity. 

Comment 25 May 2011

A high profile arrest is the kind of thing that looks good in the political side of things, ie. to the publicly elected officials ultimately in charge of the police force.

Comment 24 May 2011

I live in Boone, NC. I respect the hippies. Still, some of them are quite pungent.