Catching Up with Jalin Marshall

By Alex on June 30, 2011 at 9:16p
Catch him if you canMarshall is one of Ohio's best for the class of 2013

The Buckeyes aren't even close to finished with recruiting their class of 2012, but that hasn't stopped Luke Fickell and the rest of the coaching staff from starting to get to know some of the top prospects from around the state in the recruiting class of 2013.

One of the best, if not the best, prospects in that group from the Buckeye State,is Middletown QB Jalin Marshall. Marshall currently stands at 6-1/190 and has been consistently clocked at in the 40-yard dash at around 4.5 seconds. To say he is a freak of an athlete is a bit of an understatement and many feel he can play a number of positions when he gets to the college level.

Marshall was an attendee at the OSU senior advanced camp last weekend and like always made quite the impact. He worked out at both quarterback, where he wants to play in college, as well as at wide receiver, where many project him to play in a couple years. He performed so well at the camp that at one point he had four Buckeye coaches, including Luke Fickell, watching him at once and apparently those coaches were drooling over what Marshall was doing against some other top notch prospects.

He also performed well enough to receive an offer from Ohio State, the school he has loved growing up. We got a chance to sit down with Jalin to talk about his experience at the OSU camp, how he feels about the offer, what position he is being recruited for at Ohio State, and much more. Get to know Jalin Marshall after the jump.

You were just at OSU camp. How was that experience and how did you perform there?

It was great. The experience was great. I think I performed really well, as good as anyone at the camp.

You walked away from camp with an OSU offer. How did that feel?

I felt great finally getting the offer, especially knowing they had been showing interest in me for a while.

What coaches did you get to talk to while you were down there? Have you gotten to know Coach Fickell? 

I spoke to all of the coaches at different points while I was down there. I have gotten to know [Luke Fickell] pretty well.

Is OSU your favorite now? What other schools are you looking at?

Ohio State is my favorite and is currently tied with Notre Dame at the top of my list.

What position is OSU recruiting you for? 

The coaches told me I can play any position I want to play if I end up going there.

When do you want to make your college decision?

I'll probably make my decision after my junior season.

What are your strengths as a football player? What are some things you need to work on before college?

 I think my strengths are definitely my ability to see the field and to just make plays. I think I can work on being more patient as a passer and play maker.

What are your goals for the rest of your high school career? What are your goals for your college career?

My goals for next year are to win a state championship. My goals in college are the same, to win a national championship.

What are your opinions of the issues OSU is currently dealing with? Will those have any impact on your decision?

Whatever they're going through will have no impact on my decision. I will go there to play football and get an education. Nothing else matters.

Finally, if you can say one thing to Buckeye Nation, what would it be?

I love the Buckeyes!



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biggy84's picture

I hope we get him!

Jdadams01's picture

He's got the potential to be a Teddy Ginn type playmaker as a receiver...unless he develops more as a quaterback. Then he'd be able to cone in and learn from Braxton and be a freak dual threat qb.

NW Buckeye's picture

He obviously has talent.  But, I must be getting old.  I know you don't judge a kid on the special effects added to a video, but really?  The funniest part was at the beginning and again at the end when there seemed to be a jet firing out of his butt.  They really needed to adjust that special effect down to his feet.  That said, he is impressive.  Would be a great addition for the 2013 recruiting class. 

Buckeye in Athens's picture

Yeah I totally agree, the effects look ridiculous. Unless high school kids simply do have afterburners that are unfortunately placed around the butt. 

iball's picture

Big in state talent that needs to be kept in state. I see Brian Kelly is still up to his old hijinx.

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dmurder's picture

Kid looks super fast, great stop and go speed.
Played ball with a friend of mine, reminds me of Jalin. Moving faster Diagonally, than others in a straight line.

How is the middies competition?

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Im a alum and we play Colerain every year and we got put out by Braxton Miller's team this year after going 10-0

BuckeyeSki's picture

I havent seen special effects that bad since Howard the Duck was made when I was a kid

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M Man's picture

He's like a sub-lightspeed Denard.  I hope he is wildly successful at Clemson with Rich Rodriguez in 2013... ;-)

Scott K's picture

lol...It looks like there are geysers exploding all over the field!  That would make the game quite exciting actually...

I do like the stink/smoke screen on the last run...very James Bond-esque

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Matt's picture

Being a member of Jalin's offense squad has got to suck ass.


"Heres the ball,, the rest of you guys go block for him and don't screw shit up by getting in his way."

Irricoir's picture

If it burns pull out, get out of the poison! = Player trailing Jailn in some mysterious mist. Also, when I was a kid we had fancy cap guns. Now they have that sh!t in their shoes? Damn these kids and all thir modern technology!

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