97 Seconds of Contrition

By Jason Priestas on June 14, 2011 at 8:09p

Speaking alongside agent Drew Rosenhaus at a press conference in Miami, Terrelle Pryor apologized to Buckeye fans:

"I say sorry to all the Buckeye nation and all the Buckeye fans across the country. I never meant to hurt anybody directly or indirectly with my conduct off the field and I am truly sorry."

"In terms of coach Jim Tressel, a special shoutout. I'm sorry for what all went down and I apologize with all my heart. I love you just like a father. You taught me a lot and I apologize for putting you in a situation and taking you out of a job and place that you loved to be. I regret the fact that you're not there any more and I regret the fact that I'm not there any more."

Pryor went on to confirm that he would be entering the NFL's supplemental draft and that he would work to become the best quarterback he could be -- both on and off the field.

He also mentioned that he was nine credits short of graduation and vowed to get his degree from Ohio State, though he may want to consider the Lima campus or some type of distance learning program because it will probably be a long, long time until he's welcomed back in Columbus.


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A 'special shoutout'? 


Color me unimpressed.

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Ugh. This whole situation really sucks for so so many reasons. Also, Pryor looks like he's in over his head. Because Drew Rosenhaus and Chad fucking Ochocinco are both known for their sound, solid advising skills, right?

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I think this is pretty telling:

I apologize for putting you in a situation and taking you out of a job and place that you loved to be

No one knows more about this situation than TP and it seems he is taking responsibility for what happend with Tressel.  I think this is important because the actions of one rogue player does not constitute a lack of institutional control. 

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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Reggie Bush...

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Tim Floyd paid OJ Mayo. 

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Ummm... from Miami?


"There's a fine line between perception and reality." -- Luke Fickell

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LeBron's dad works at in a certain city where there is an Ohio State Campus... not kidding.


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You must be mistaken; there is no campus in Boston; Dallas either.

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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"A special shoutout." Wow.

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I'm not ready to look at or listen to him -

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Whatever TP, cool story bro...

Moving on, I thought this was a good write up on what we saw today from Fick. Can't put a finger on it, but my intuition (wish-tuition?) says, "this is part of the devine pigskin process, segments of the program got a big head including coach, we needed a course-correction as bad as it hurts, THIS is the guy that got the keys to the Murcielago. Let him drive."  

I've been defcon 1 furious/disappointed/sad long enough. There is a reason Tress handed the Field Marshall's baton to Coach Fick.  All in or GTFO, I'm right behind you Coach, Ann Arbor is still a whore. Apologies M Man, present company not included.*


*last time I was in A^2 it was 80% trust-fund hippies. I wore my tOSU tee to the bars and got nary a good natured, "go fuck yourself O$U/Suckeye/hurrr". I did end up in a bar that was accessed from a door in an alley, stilll on campus mind ye (M Man what is the name of this joint?), where shit got real fun fast. Buncha biker/tat'd/working-class/loud drunk-wenched types drinking mad quantities of brown sauce and merry-making like pros. These were good people, I know it's true because they played good tunes and could drink Powers Whiskey with me like a baws. Mathematics is the language of nature.  And you could still smoke indoors, crucial. Had a good time at that place. Confession over. *5 hail mary's and 1 act of contrition*

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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Not to be snide, but he can be 9 credits away from sucking my yam bag. A forced apology to try to clean up his image and make more money does not an NFL QB make.

Brandt can't watch, though, or he has to pay $100.

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Agreed, that was him repeating what Drew told him to say to repair his "I'm not a team guy" image which is currently covered in rank, barrel-aged seal skin man-panty.

I wish the kid well because hate is a fruitless emotion, but shut up and go away dude, you blew it in epic fashion.  I'm at that stage with Tress; god bless ya' Senator, but your time is done, and by your own hand no less. He knows this as well of course, hence the silent decorum shown by the vested one.  

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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Not to be snide, but he can be 9 credits away from sucking my yam bag.

You're going to fit in just fine here.

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Maybe it's the mother in me, but my heart broke a little for him.  The gravity of his situation obviously has kicked in and he looked really scared and confused as his new agent was speaking about him.  I have always in my heart thought that he was fundamentally a good kid. This whole thing is just so sad, but I can't find it my heart to lay it all at his feet. Plenty of adults as well as other players played a role in JT's demise and TP's leaving the team. I don't know why, but I have a soft spot for him that I didn't have for Mo when he imploded. I was pissed at him for years.  I hope TP gets his degree and goes on to have a productive life whether it be in the NFL or something else. I will root for him if he does play on Sunday as I do all of the former Buckeyes. 

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I agree, I got a definite scared & confused vibe too. and I felt maybe a tiny bit bad for him, which REALLY surprised me. Go back and look at some of Ken Gordon's tweets during the presser- his remarks were poignant and felt spot-on. 

Pam's picture

Ken Gordon is a mensch

Jason Priestas's picture

Folks may not always agree with what Gordon has to say, but he's always been one of the nicest and most helpful members of the press to us.

Pam's picture

It is and I intended it to be. 

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I hear ya Pam. He chaps my rear but only in the realm of football and what he's cost my alma mater, otherwise he's a typical young adult at a large university with lots of temptation. He didn't run afoul of the law (tickets are BS) and kept his grades up. But right now I'm concerned with the program, what's done is done, we need to concentrate on the future and how to fix what's broken. What hurts the most is what the Japanese would call "loss of face".


Summer's heat or winter's cold
The seasons pass the years will roll
Time and change will surely show
How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!



"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

Pam's picture

While it is little consolation, the fact that only NCAA rules were broken helps me think he is not a total POS. No women had their life threatened or were assaulted, no one's home was invaded with guns, no using a dead woman's CC or multiple DUI's that put actual real lives in danger. I don't think there is criminally inclined bone in his body. But, that stuff is not what gets your coach fired. Ask Urban Myer.

JozyMozy's picture

*reads this*


*watches clip again*

AGGGH DAMMIT PAM, STOP MAKING ME FEEL WORSE FOR THE GUY. And he had to spend all day with Chad Ochocinco?! /eyes welling up with tears

Pam's picture

That should be punishment enough don't ya think? Does Chad ever shut up?

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I felt like I was watching something very similar to the original "Tat5" press conference back in late December - i.e., TP parroting the words he felt he was expected to say, but not sounding anything close to 100% sincere. I hate to sound insensitive, but that's just how I see it. 

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Nice, I love the quotes from the players.

vacuuming sucks

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I agree with Pam. As I'd prefer to *just* be angry, this irritates me, but I found it a little bit heartbreaking.

Sgt. Elias's picture

yeah, as I  watch, and re-watch this, you can tell he's hurting, remorse is good to see, but where was that love when you were taking those benefits man? And the NCAA hasn't even violated us yet.  It's gonna get worse as far as fans and alumni are concerned. This is just such a waste to all concerned.  

Hey, I have food on the table, good health, family, and a steady salary. Perspective, eh? 

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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Have to agree with Pam. As a parent, I felt sorry for TP. Like others have mentioned I don't think he's a bad kid, hell I think he was all academic BT 3 years. He looked totally in over his head. What the kid needs is someone to grab him and explain to him what it means to be humble. He seemed sorry for what's happended, but I'm not sure he really understands why he should be sorry. Like my 5 year old when she messes up. She knows she did wrong, but really doesn't understand why I'm upset.

I think at the end of the day Coach Tress let TP down as much as TP let Coach down. For some reason JT never seemed to be able to discipline TP the way he probably needed. He doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on actions and consequences. He desperately needs someone to be completely honest with him about his abilities and weaknesses and Drew Rosenhaus is NOT that man.


Go Bucks!

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There have been a number of people who have tried to compare Pryor's situation with LeBron, both in their meteoric (and over-hyped) arrivals, their perceived arrogance (which is certainly there in both), and the way that they FUCKED OHIO OVER SO MUCH OH GOD WHY DO THEY HATE US OH I WANT THEM TO GET HIT BY A MINI COOPER OVER AND OVER NOT BECAUSE IT'LL HURT THEM BADLY BUT BECAUSE IT'LL BE SO SO ANNOYING GODDAMMIT AND THEN MAYBE A CAREER-ENDING INJURY JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT WHY AM I YELLING SO MUCH*, etc.

But this press conference shows to me that they're not exactly the same, at least at this point. Pryor is pretty obviously hurting and contrite. LeBron's never shown that, even when he makes a forced concession that maybe he left like a jackass. After talking about Tressel, you could tell that Pryor was upset. Sure, we can nitpick and say that his delivery wasn't perfect, or that 'shout-outs' don't belong in adult conversations, but he certainly looked upset. I know that there are looming NCAA sanctions and the uncertainty that's associated with all of that, but I can't be mad at Pryor at this point. To me, that does no good.

If he does something in the future and lashes out at the university, I'll have zero sympathy for him. Right now though, I do.


*A barely-exaggeration of some mind-numbingly stupid people that are out there.


JozyMozy's picture

>does something in the future and lashes out at the university

see, that's the thing- it was the little things in this press conference that stood out way more than his prepared statement. Wearing scarlet. Stating his intent to come back and graduate (honestly, who in the hell saw THAT coming?!?!) Making sure to go back and say "THE" Ohio State University. 

I can't see him really lashing out at the university. This was his chance. He could have LeBron'd his way through it, thanks for the memories, always be my home, y u mad tho, etc. 

NeARBuckeye's picture

TP hasn't ever been a great speaker, but I have a feeling that Rosenhaus prepped him hard for this statement. The fact that he struggled through it leads me to believe that he is sincere in his regrets.

Maestro's picture

I have a feeling that if Tress were still the coach TP would still be in Columbus.  I think this is a kid who just can't get out of his own head to a certain degree.  I mean his nickname in high school was King Pryor.  That tends to make the head swell.  Too many people with handouts vs. an old school coach who was trying to turn him into a quality young man.  The coach lost the battle, but I hope he wins the war even with TP.

vacuuming sucks

Maestro's picture

It's nice to hear someone say he wants to be a role model whether that is possible or not.  I hope it can be.

vacuuming sucks

gravey's picture

Fake Ass Buckeye II. 


I'd feel bad for him if his transgressions weren't so numerous. Dude didn't break the rules once.  He kept going to the well.  I don't buy it, as much as I'd like to.  It's one thing to cheat on your girl (school/coach/team) once when you were drunk or stupid, but to cheat on her/them dozens of times....whole 'nuther level of d-bagginess.

Maestro's picture


All that we know for sure is the tatoo/memorabilia stuff.  The Talbot stuff is far from proven fact IMHO.  I believe his freshman year was full of errors and screw ups, but I think some of the Tressel treatment started to sink in as the years passed.  Maybe I am wearing my scarlet colored glasses, but that's my take on it at this point.

vacuuming sucks

cal3713's picture

I have to admit, I do like that he almost cried, and the fact that it came right when talking about Tressel. 

Scott K's picture

Many of you have touched on the same point:  TP is at his core a good kid, just one that hasn't had the right/enough mentoring or strong adults in his life to help guide him.

This isn't a total indictment of Tressel, but it sure is telling.  I'd say it just shows that all the adults who've been in TP's life, no matter how hard they've tried,  have all failed on some levels to make enough of an impression on the kid.  In the end though, a kid has to make choices for himself right?

But then again, who are we to judge, or really to truly understand?  How many of us have been put on a pedestal since middle school and treated like royalty?  Another kid who shared a similar youth experience comes to mind: LeBron.  And look how that turned out (as far as some of the immaturity/narcissism that he shows).

If nothing else, it's a full indictment of the system that's been created where we worship people for their athletic prowess, no matter what their age.

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

Jim's picture

Stop making excuses for Pryor.  Enough is enough.  Pryor will be 22 in a week.  There are lots of kids Pryor's age who are involved in life and death decisions on a daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is the same kid who used Michael Vick as his hero.  This is the same kid who chose to ignore the rules on numerous occasions. The remorse that he feels may well be the pain that any of us would feel when they realize that there is a substantial segment of the population who are happy to see him gone, including his classmates.

I'm a new poster here and Michigan fan to boot, but if you want to see how a kid in the spotlight can and should behave, take a look at Denard Robinson, not a bad player in his own right.  When Robinson is put at the podium, he has the humility to thank his teammates and downplay his accomplishments.  He has a smile for everyone.  As far as I know, Robinson plays by the rules.  A tale of two cities, as it were.  Robinson is loved at Michigan, not because he is a great athelete, but because of the person he is.

I also share some of Pam's sentiments, but only some. As a parent, I hate to see kids head down the wrong path.  The environment that Pryor grew up in created a level of adulation that also generated a distorted sense of reality.  The shame of it all is that no one, Tressel included, was able to create a perspective where Pryor was able to see life as it really is and live within the rules.  Ultimately, the path he chose to follow was his own and from my perspective, not a very good one.


Pam's picture

With all due respect, you are viewing TP from the vantage point as a hated rival.  While I am not exempting him from his obvious dumb assedness, I am not going to flat out hate the kid who was our QB for 3 years. I understand your feelings about DR, but I really don't care how nice a kid he is or what a great smile he possesses. I only know that he is the QB at UM and must be shut down, sacked or running for his llife and if he gets into hot water I will feel exactly the way you do about TP.  Tough nuggies.

And please do yourself a favor, don't assume for an instant that DR has/is playinng by the rules. Had Reggie Bush signed with Lloyd Lake, no one would have known about the benefits he received.  Had the DOJ not been investigating the tattoo parlor, JT is still the coach and TP till the QB.  Had players not reported they were practicing too much, no one would have known about it and UM wouldn't be on 3 years probabtion for the violations and covering it up.  There are items signed by DR for sale on ebay and he has tattoos. Better hope that he wasn't paid for those items and that his tat's are legit as well. 

I appreciate your opinions, however, I don't appreciate a lecture on how DR is the anti-Pryor because he smiles a lot.  FTR, TP in post game interviews gave his team mates their props.

741's picture

The smack down hath been delivered.

Scott K's picture

Sorry Jim, but your proselytizing on how kids attending tsun are shinning examples of correct behavior are better suited for a blog up north.

The majority of tOSU student-athletes do behave as gentlemen and ladies and with the proper amount of humility and respect, both during their time at school and beyond  See: Laurinitus, George, Speilman, Griffin, Smith, Kellog, Turner, Lighty etc...

Just because a few over the years haven't lived up to some level of expectation, in your view or anyone else's, doesn't mean the entire group is bad or flawed.

Denard might be a great kid, but that's really beside the point.

Kids at tOSU don't need to take any lessons from a wolverine.  Yet another example of a tsun superiority complex.


"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

Jim's picture

Scott, you make my case.

In spite of the fact that I have to hate your guts because you are tOSU, I have to believe that the majority of student athletes in attendance at tOSU are hard working decent kids. I guess the difference between us is that if Pryor were my QB, I would want him gone regardless of how good he is.  If Denard were guilty of the same tactics, he would earn my vote to be booted out of Michigan, not that my vote would matter as the NCAA would accomplish the same thing.

What I see as the fundamental flaw here and elsewhere in Buckeyeland is that Tressel and Pryor, in spite of their misdeeds, continue to get accolades because they won games.  Sorry, but tOSU and Michigan are way bigger than their football programs.  Their role is to educate.  What Tressel did was to lose this perspective.  It was never about him, it was about tOSU as an institution of education.  Ditto for Pryor.  Tressel's claim that he did what he did to protect his kids was specious at best. He lied to the NCAA and misled again at his press conference. It was about winning at all costs.  If you believe differently, you haven't read your own school's press releases about those numerous communications your righteous ex-coach incurred. Tressel lost his perspective.  Once that happened, failure was inevitable.

Unfortunately, you should take a lesson from a Wolverine.  You want to see how a news conference relating to NCAA issues should be handled, check out Mary Sue Coleman and Dave Brandon who were prepared for their presser.  That circus barker president you have is an embarrassment.  If Smith were my AD, I would be putting pressure on the Regents to get his sorry butt removed.

Denard is the point.  He and many other players who get in the limelight somehow manage to keep their noses clean and recognize, to use a trite cliche, that there is no "I" in "team".

Pam's picture

Jim, you still don't get it.

You are entitled to your opinions. What you are not entitled to is delivering a sanctimonious, holier than thou lecture (twice!) on how UM does it better than tOSU and should be used as the template for how things should be done when your own program is on probation for cheating and trying to cover it up. Your argument is classic "well, we may lose all the time, but at least we lose the RIGHT way"  Coop and Carr had no NCAA violations.  They lost their jobs for losing and no one cared how they did it.

Again, be very careful assuming that DRob is keeping his nose clean. YOU should take a lesson from the Buckeyes.  If anyone had told me that Boom Herron was selling his trinkets, I would have called them a liar.  Don't give DRob a halo just yet.  It makes that much harder when it gets tarnished.

Jim's picture

Pam, if you saw the presser, then you know I am right on that score.  The March press conference was an embarrassment.  On that issue, I am indeed saying that UM did it better.  As I suspect we both know, winning and losing often run in sequences.  Ask Coop and Carr and RichRod.  That will change.  If not, both schools lose, as the rivalry will disappear.  I think both of us also know that Michigan will right the football ship of state and probably sooner than later.

My argument never mentioned losing the right way.  It did mention that there are players who receive national attention and who handle things differently.  I wish no ill will on Pryor, but in hindsight, I am glad you won the recruiting battle.  I have often wondered if Tressel felt the same way.  My guess is that if Pryor makes it in the NFL, which probably won't be as a QB, he will make the news for reasons other than his on-field play.  And yes, I would be very disappointed should DRob get mud on his nose.

Jason Priestas's picture

As someone that has had the good fortune of cutting his teeth at Parris Island and later Marine Corps Infantry School, I'll agree with your statement that there are men (and women) his age involved in life and death situations overseas.

I'll also say that, while those folks are put into a situation where they can't afford to be immature or young and reckless, most of them still are. Just because you're facing enemy fire doesn't automatically make you a beacon of maturity and sound decision-making.

Finally, with regards to Denard, are we sure he's on the level? He surely shows humility, but how does one collector have 12 autographed items to share on eBay? It may be legit. It may not be.

BuckeyeChief's picture

I'll also say that, while those folks are put into a situation where they can't afford to be immature or young and reckless, most of them still are. Just because you're facing enemy fire doesn't automatically make you a beacon of maturity and sound decision-making.


Awesome thought/ response/ view.

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

yrro's picture

I don't really feel sorry for Terrelle... but I can't bring myself to hate him, either.

It reminds me of watching footage of Clarett in the National Championship year, and just feeling sad... sad that we never got to see a young man get his life together well enough to really enjoy his brilliance and potential in the game.

I hope he sticks in the NFL somewhere, and that this experience knocked some kind of sense of mortality into him. I honestly think Tressel loves this young man like a son, and it cost him. TP needs to make the rest of his life make up for that.

Boxley's picture

I agree entirely with you on this. I do not hate him (wasted emotion), and I do feel sorry for the way he has led his life to this point. I also know he did wrong and is being punished for it. The pain he feels for the harm he has caused Tress is obvious, good, that's a starting point to being a better man

He is only 22, and I know I made plenty of mistakes thinking only of myself at that age. Who didn't?

As I grew up, matured, became a father, I became much more aware of how all of my actions reflected on me as a person and my family. I chose to be a better man, especially  for my family. how could I teach my sons anything if I did not live the way I should.

TP IS still a young man who grew up in a way none of us did in regards to hype and pressure and adulation. He can still become a better man. Why don't we wait about ten years and see what he has done with his life then. If TP is still  in contact with Tressel, that can only be a positive thing for him.

Let time and his next years of action paint the  picture.

"...the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." President T. Roosevelt

Maestro's picture

Well said. 

vacuuming sucks

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*high five*


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Pryor broke into my car this morning and stole my Disc Golf bag and discs. Ass.

-The Aristocrats!