Tuesday Spring Practice Videos

By Jason Priestas on April 5, 2011 at 9:37p

More footage from spring practice and again, we were limited to a 30 minute window in which to shoot. Today was the 2nd day in full pads for the Buckeyes.


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millertime2011's picture

braxton looks good...

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Braxton looked fine but from the very little I saw it appeared as if Guiton had pretty good poise in the pocket and looked very comfortable. I am interested in the 11W's staff and their take? Graham hardly had time to get rid of the ball.

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i really like how kenny g looked as well, but i think braxton looked the best. pretty much all of his passes were on target (any incompletion was more than likely a drop from what i saw). Kenny had great poise and accuracy, but my only complaint was that he didn't look to have the velocity on his throws that braxton did

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C.J. Barnett looks like he is taller since we last saw him in action. Maybe its just me.

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Thanks for the videos fellas. I'm actually surprised they allow you to shoot the whole 30 minutes. Just one suggestion..put some mic's on. Can't hear you guys over the background noise and don't have a roster in front of me.

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kenny looked really good, braxton looked okay, and scott looked just plain bad. i remain excited for guiton getting a chance to lead this team in the first 5 games of the season, and for bauserman to see nothing but the bench. him QBing this team scares the poop out of me.

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the o-line looked terrible, way too much pressure

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