Time for a Hate Date

By 11W Staff on March 11, 2011 at 4:40p
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That never gets old!  I love ET's "what happened?"  comment right after he hits the shot!

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I've always wondered about Thad's reaction:

a) was it ever verified that Beilein was the coach who did NOT vote Turner B1G player of the year?

b) was part A what prompted all that emotion that Thad displayed; directed towards Beilein after ET punked scUM.

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I've always dreamed it was directed towards Beilein, but it was certainly towards either one of the officials or the time keeper.

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You can see Thad go over to the scorers table and say "Count that mother fucker!"  As he swings his fist down for emphasis.  What an awesome moment from last year.

Go Bucks!  Beat the SkunkWeasels

"Say my name."

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God I love that clip.

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I dont why Matta did it, but it was freaking awesome to see him go nuts like that!

go bucks

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Speculation at the time was that Beilein was the one coach in the Big 10 who did not vote NPOY Turner as Big 10 Player of Year.  Thus, Matta saying "in your face Beilein" with the buzzer beater from Turner.  But I don't know how the coaches would know who voted how, unless that sort of thing is discussed among the assistants.

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Let's Get It On!

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We're not in the mood, M Man. You'll have to wait a day.  What time is the game scheduled for tomorrow anyway?



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1:40 ET, I think. 

Hey, I thought the fun part was just playing games against each other.  I love this, precisely because you guys are putting such a good and a well-coached team on the floor.

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It's going to be a great game.  I think the key will be whether Morgan can avoid foul trouble against Sully.  I expect Hardaway to get his, but Craft will be tough to shake for Morris.

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Morgan can get into foul trouble in the morning shoot-around.  (But in all honesty, Sully was pretty quiet when you guys were in Ann Arbor.  He had his moments, of course.  He always does.  Still, that game belonged more to Lighty and Buford.)  

We'll have to make a whole lotta threes.

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I was at that game in January and surprised at how well it seemed UM was shooting the ball. (Don't remember the stats. I'm 46. Give me a break)I expected OSU to blow them out. They are a much improved team from last year, IMO. Still shocked how Illinois choked so bad. They were up by 15 at one point in the 2nd.

And Purdue? WTF? I was most afraid of facing them in the championship.

I certainly am not expecting a blowout today, but I do hope the shooting from everybody(for Ohio State) is better, so I don't have a coronary. 



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I live in A2 so I have watched alot of the weasels this season.  They are very disciplined and have been playing their best ball of the whole season the last 3 weeks.  Everything they get from here on out is gravy.  OSU cant sneak up on anybody but michigan could easily.


If we dont play better than today we wont win the game tommorrow.  I feel we will play better but it is hard to beat a team 3 times in one year.

I Hate Michigan.

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While we're on the topic of March buzzer-beaters:


I was watching this game with like 20 XU kids. At one point in the second half, they were already planning parties for that night and celebrating. That Ron Lewis shot felt soooo good.

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I would love to have a guy like novack on this team. the dude plays hard.

I Hate Michigan.

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We do.  His name is Aaron Craft.  Kthanksbye.

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

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I can't stand the dude's hair. Glad he's not a Buckeye. Goofy looking kid.



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Will this game be on TV?

And we'll drink to old Ohio, 'Til we wobble in our shoes! 

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"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

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2 different positions...kthnxsbai




I Hate Michigan.