Thursday Skull Session

By Alex on February 24, 2011 at 6:00a
Makes me smileLove to see you suffer

It's another Thursday morning and that means another edition of Thursday Skull Session. The Buckeyes were off last night, but I find myself waking up in a chipper mood this morning anyway due to the results of some basketball games that too place Wednesday evening.

Not only did my New York Knicks win their first game with their "big three" of Amar'e, Carmelo, and Chauncey, but I also got to see the Wolverines lose in the worst way possible to Wisconsin in Ann Arbor. I'm really not liking the Badgers right now, but nothing is better than seeing all of the Michigan fan base in pain, and one last second heave from Josh Gasser did the trick.

In case you decided to tune out to the sports world, went to sleep earlier than my grandpa, or just completely missed it, Michigan was outplaying Wisconsin for 39:59:58 of basketball. The Badgers are always a tough out with their minimal turnovers and tough defense so naturally they stayed in the game, but remained down 52-50 with one final possession left. After Jordan Taylor failed to get an open shot, he gave the ball up to Gasser, and this happened.

Roadtrip time. For all you college football roadtrip junkies, we have something for you. We're assuming if you visit this site that you are a fan of a Big Ten. If that's the case, here is a list for you of the top five Big Ten games for 2011, according to the Orlando Sentinel, who apparently knows about Big Ten football. The Bucks made the cut in three of the five games, including October 8 at Nebraska, October 29 vs Wisconsin, and November 26 at the Out House. The other two games to make the cut were MSU at Nebraska on October 29 and Nebraska at Penn State on November 12. Other notable games come on October 1 when Sparty visits Columbus and Nebraska visits Wisky, October 8 for Iowa at Penn State, October 15 for MSU at UM, October 22 for Wisco at MSU, November 19 for Michigan at Nebraska, and November 26 for PSU at Wisco. Book your tickets now, but hold out on making the trip to Columbus until Eat Too Brutus 2011 is all set (get ready for an announcement in the near future).

To charge or not to charge? That is the question. After word got out that Wisconsin would be charging for their 2011 Spring Game, Adam Rittenberg decided to stir up some debate on whether schools should indeed charge a ticket price for the annual event. I personally am all for the OSU method of charging as long as the money goes to charity. The Spring Game is part of spring practice for these teams and I think it's just taking the business of college athletics a bit too far when you begin to charge for the tickets and actually keep the profit. These events are a great opportunity to offer fans who don't normally get to go to games a chance to see their favorite teams play, while helping out a good cause at the same time. Plus, remember all the concession money from the game already goes to the school, so they already turn some coin in for hosting the game anyway. What's your opinion on this matter?

Carry on my Heyward son. Don Banks of came out with his second mock draft yesterday and Cam Heyward is the only Buckeye to make an appearance. Banks has Cam going #30 to the New York Jets in what I feel is a perfect fit for Little Ironhead. Cam is the ideal 3-4 end in the NFL and late round teams like the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Packers, and Jets (all who run the 3-4) would be just stupid to pass him up if they have the chance to draft him. An already great Jets defense would get even scarier if Banks' prediction comes to fruition.

The next John Simon. John Simon made a name for himself two years ago when he stepped onto campus by displaying his ability as both a warrior in the weight room and on the gridiron. It looks like it's deja vu all over again for the Bucks, as early enrollee, Joel Hale, appears to be stepping right into Simon's shoes. The Greenwood, IN native who started classes in January has been shadowing Simon in the weight room and in the film room in hopes to make an early impact at OSU and begin a successful career as a flex defensive tackle/defensive end in Scarlet and Gray. While he wasn't talked about as some of the skill players in the class of 2011, Hale was very highly recruited and chose the Bucks over Florida, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin, Penn State, and others last summer. I'm very excited to see what all the hard work this winter combined with spring practice reps can do for Hale when the season rolls along next season.

Turning over a new leaf. Yes David Lighty came back to life and William Buford had one of the best first half's of this season, but it was the OSU turnover margin that seemed to be the key to victory on Tuesday night. Falling under the radar a bit was the fact that Ohio State had just two turnovers in the entire 40 minutes against Illinois. The Bucks are sure to have some off nights this year like they did against Purdue, and are certainlt sure to catch another hot shooter like they did with Jordan Taylor in Madison. They cannot control those things all the time, but one thing they can do to off-set those factors is not turn over the basketball. The Bucks have three regular season games, the Big Ten Tournament, and the NCAA Tournament left on the schedule. Watching them for 28 games thus far, I can promise you that if they continue to take care of the ball, they'll be cutting down the nets in early April, as no team can contend with their versatility and talent level when push comes to shove.


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Denny's picture

Not a big three, Alex. I hope your quotation marks are showing that you are aware of that fact.


Alex's picture

That is the base for now Denny but cp3 will complete the big 3 soon enough!

Denny's picture

You really shouldn't freebase NYC delusion, Alex. It's not good for you.


njc2o's picture

Disagree. Dislike for Michigan notwithstanding, I wish all pain upon Wisconsin, and a UW loss would put the nail in the coffin of their regular season title hopes.


And the bank? Really?

Alex's picture

You must really not have any obnoxious Michigan friends.....I have the biggest one so I'm happy every time they lose

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I have a Michigan friend who is not obnoxious except for one week a year. Meanwhile, I'm beginning to think that the phrase obnoxious Wisconsin fan would be redundant. The small-timers of Mad Town will never be worthy of rival status, while the dispacableness of TTUN does extend partly to b-ball, nevertheless . . .

With all due respect to excellent E11 contributer Alex, I wonder if responses to the Wisc. v. UM game could serve as a litmus test for separating rational from less rational Buckeye fans. Sort of like the old, annoying Jeff Foxworthy jokes, "you might be an irrational Buckeye if . . . you cheer when the nauseating Badgers bank in a winning 3pt shot at the buzzer, which keeps them in the BT race, against a 7-8 team that's had one brief NCAA tourney appearance since 1998."             

Chris Lauderback's picture

I get where you are coming from but, like Alex, I was happy Gasser dropped that bomb at the buzzer because the fact of the matter is OSU is still firmly in control of their B1G regular season champions goal considering Wisconsin still has to come to Columbus. In my opinion, with 4 losses, Wisconsin isn't as "in the race" as maybe you see it. And if they end up being in the race, that means OSU blew it and weren't worthy of having the outright title anyway. I dunno. I could just be coming up with wack reasons to want Michigan to lose because that's how I'm wired.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Don't get me wrong. It is funny when such a thing happens to TTUN, but unfortunately in this case it helped the nauseauting Badgers. It's the old, "the good news is one of them has to lose; the bad news is one has to win . . ." I just think that the Wolverkittens are pretty harmless in b-ball. 

I also agree that backing into a BT championship would be a letdown. On the other hand, if they're able to clinch early, maybe they can play more relaxed the last 2 games of the regular season, rotate a few more bodies, really work on their defensive issues, etc.

And, finally, when I make light of Buckeye fans who'd root against Michigan even when it comes to things like ladies gymnastics or UM grads participating in the Special Olympics, it's still all in the family.

buckeyedude's picture

I don't think it's ever "rational" to root for those peckerheads up in A-squared.



OHIOST1087's picture

Speaking of Cam ...

wouldn't it be awesome if someday your 4th or 5th grader's told you their teacher's name was Mr. Heyward?!?!

slippy's picture

Weren't those 2 turnovers on back to back possessions?  They were at least pretty close together.


I like to go a little deeper and count the TOs that don't show up on the stat line - mostly bad/forced shots.  Lighty had 3 that I remember (but made up for it with a manly 5 mins or so).  And I think we've all realized Thomas is a walking forced shot.  I think Sully had a few more shots than normal he would not have taken since the ball wasn't moving through him as much as most games.


But even still, 2 legit turnovers and only a handful of forced shots I'll take any day.


I'm torn on the depth.  I've felt that's the biggest reasons why Duke generally fizzles out in the tourney.  But if your starting 5+1 are the best team in the country, who needs more?

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

I work with a bunch of obnoxious Wolverine fans. And one Wisconsin. I think its more obnoxious that they talk all kinds of garbage of the game like its not even gonna be close and they are going to kill us. Then, are nowhere to be found the following Monday. The Wisconsin fan on the other hand is obnoxious all the time. But he doesn't know his elbow from his asshole when it comes to the actual game. He lives in a Sportscenter world. His knowledge consiats of regurgitating what Mark May and Reese Davis babble on about. He too, was MIA after the Rose Bowl, but was actively seeking me out after we lost both in football and basketball. Total d-bags...

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

The_Lurker's picture

I thought OSU had 3 turnovers (which is still awesome unless it's a football game), and yes, two of them came very early in the second half, with the third coming a couple minutes later, I think. At least according to the admittedly-unofficial boxscore on TWWL.

3 Yards And A Cloud of Dust's picture

I'm all for the non-profit - charity approach to the spring game.

A chance to give back to the fans and help a worthy cause.

Would be even better to get all D1 schools to link to a common cause and make it a national campaign.

Help continue to drive some level of differentiation of NCAA football from the "all about money" pro program.

Maestro's picture

That's a brilliant idea.

vacuuming sucks

tomcollins's picture

Back in 2000, I believe they charged for the Spring Game.  The 'Shoe was being renovated and they had to move the game to the Crew Stadium.  Obviously much smaller, charging became a necessity to ensure too many people didn't show up without a ticket.

It was something rediculously small like $5, so the point was just to make sure you had a ticket.

Maestro's picture

Doing my best to make it to Lincoln on Oct 8.  Would be a great way to spend a birthday weekend.

vacuuming sucks

buckeyedude's picture

When I saw that shot, and the Michelin Crapperine's fans pouty faces, it reminded me of this: