Haynes Picks OSU

By Alex on January 28, 2011 at 8:09p

In a somewhat surprising move, Georgia long snapper Bryce Haynes chose to accept a football scholarship from Ohio State over his finalists of Notre Dame, UNC, and Harvard on Friday evening. 

It's very rare for a long snapper to receive an athletic scholarship at Ohio State, but with Jake McQuaide leaving via graduation, Jim Tressel felt extending the offer to Haynes was necessary for the success of the special units the next four years. Haynes becomes the 22nd member of the class of 2011 to give his verbal pledge to the Buckeyes, leaving room for one or two more prospects to join in on the fun as things currently stand.

We said things would be interesting the rest of the way until National Signing Day and this announcement certainly supported that statement. Stay tuned for the latest news on recruiting, as Ohio State winds down on finishing this class over the next five days.


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I know LS was a need but the fact that they kept the offer (vs. Notre Dame saying no room and UNC changing it to a gray shirt offer) makes me nervous. I know it's unrelated but I'm liking the chances of landing Story and Walker less and less...

Alex's picture

Yeah I feel you....I think you just trust the staff...if this class ended today it would be a very good one...fills all the needs and sets us up to keep reloading down the road....Walker, Story, Grant, Jennings are all icing on the cake.....Cardale Jones is visiting this weekend too.......I can see Grant and Walker finishing this class and you should take that with a smile on your face!

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Yea. Although I'm still not sure what's going to happen during the summer if the best case scenario presents itself on Wednesday

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As a person scared to death by Ben Buchanan's lengthy pre-punt strides, this can only be GOOD for our maligned special teams. And if it's for punting, Tressel is all over it.

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most boring video ive ever tried to watch.  however, I got some tips on how to get my 15 month old sons college paid for one day.

welcome to OSU Bryce.  You are Jimmy T's wet dream.

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While it wasn't Barry Sanders cuts in a video I was fascinated. I don't know that I've ever seen a HS kid with that much velocity on his long snap. Anything under .7 seconds on a 15 yd snap is really good. This kid, though not flashy is phenomenal. His coach allowing the punter five steps, not as much.

Always prepare for and expect victory, don't brace for defeat. If defeat happens learn and never let it happen again.

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I'll take top level talent at any position, so long as he wants to wear scarlet and gray.  If Walker/Grant want to go elsewhere, so be it.  Welcome home, Mr. Haynes.

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Some people are complaining about the fact that we offered a long snapper, but we aren't the only ones. Other schools that offered a LS this year:

OSU, Arkansas (2), Notre Dame, North Carolina, USC, Stanford, Syracuse, Georgia, Florida State, South Carolina, North Carolina State and Georgia Tech.

(via http://twitter.com/#!/TonyGerdeman/status/31173197957173248)

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True, but South Carolina offers everybody. #oversigning

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The top ranked QB and now the top ranked long snapper, this recruiting class is really shaping up! 

Dean's picture

Way more stoked about this than anyone should be about a long snapper.  Guess I'm a) drunk, b) totally buying into Tressel's special teams philosophy, or c) both.

(Hint: (a) is definitely true, so it can't be (b))

Welcome to the family, Bryce!

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Let me toss you this scenario. Sugar Bowl-Blocked Punt-Ball is picked up-Arkansas runs it to the end zone. That scenario takes place and everyone is feeding JT grapes for his genious move on a much needed comodity. Welcome aboard son. (Yes there are many other factors for that blocked punt)  Did you see how accurate he was, and at that velocity too? For that role he seems to be phenominal. Amazing how specializing in key posiitions has surfaced over the years. Well specializing in those positions that teams used to scrape the bottom of the roster to fill.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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"...many other factors" yes.  Nonetheless, Bryce will help offset Buchanan's 7.6 second release time. 

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I think this kid better bulk up and hit the weight room hard.  He is an A student though.



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Surprised he turned down a scholarship to Harvard. And that his parents allowed it. Either way, welcome to the BDFPITL (Best Damn Football Program In The Land)....

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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Harvard doesn't give athletic scholarships - he had a spot on the team, but he'd be on the same footing as everyone else in terms of paying for school.

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Yea but they can get around that by giving the athletes academic scholarship offers.

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...they don't give academic scholarships, either.  They do have pretty generous packages that they give to all students whose parents don't make a ton of money, though (http://www.businessweek.com/bschools/content/feb2008/bs2008023_374181_page_2.htm), and I imagine most athletes fall into that category.

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ultimately I trust Tress and he has a record of finding diamonds in the rough, but we have 9 3/2 star recruits in this class.  maybe a LS will contribute and save us a blocked punt or missed FG over the next 4 years, but got to wonder if he cant do better with the 4 and 5 stars?  texas in coach limbo, FSU with a new coach, USC banned from bowl games, and florida with a new coach.  all out recruiting the best overall coach of the last decade. 

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Outrecruiting per Rivals and ESPN star ratings, but this is a pretty damn good class Tressel has put together, I don't need Rivals to tell me how good it is.  Florida, Texas, FSU, USC, and Miami are always going to have monster recruiting classes because of where they are located.  Just like the best kids in Ohio dream of playing out Ohio State, the best kids in Texas, Florida, and California dream of playing for these other schools.  Those schools just happen to be located in the 3 most talent rich states in the US.  They are almost always going to have highly rated classes.  Bennett, both the Millers, Doran Grant, Bobek are great players that a lot of big time programs wanted.  If they happen to land Walker and Grant that's another 2 huge recruits.  Either way, this class is great.

Another thing to consider is, Rivals, Scout, and ESPN want people to pay for inside info leading up to signing day.  So they are going to hype kids who haven't signed.  When guys commit months before signing day, these service make no money and have nothing at stake by covering them.  It seems like kids who commit early almost always drop in their "revised top 100" lists.