The Two Minutes that Brought Down the Lines

By 11W Staff on December 23, 2010 at 1:09a

Not sure Herbstreit earned himself any hometown love with this. Once the Dispatch and WTVN reports were out there, he obviously had to discuss it, but we're not sure he had to go and name names.

End result: Within minutes of finishing, lines came down for the Sugar Bowl at nearly every major sportsbook.

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JakeBuckeye's picture

Like I said, being a stout Herbstriet supporter for a while, he can go f*** himself after that. Throughout the ENTIRE Newton scandal, report after report, new information after new information it was "not enough information", "can't do this to a kid", etc. etc. Now, with little information compared to the Newton scandal, he DARE do this? Terrelle, I'm with you when you say Herbie is a "fake ass buckeye." I don't care if you "root for the buckeyes" or if you're "a fan off camera", you just don't pull crap like this you asshole.


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Yea I don't know how he could ever name names like that.  Story wasn't even on ESPN's website yet and he's calling supposed players out for possible suspension?  I've always been a Herbie apologist, but I was dumbfounded when I heard this live.

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Thanks, Herb. If and when this blows over tomorrow, I hope you don't mind looking like a jackass in the eyes of virtually every college football fan out there.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Is it weird that I feel like a spurned girlfriend along with a bit of numbness?

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I was going to make a joke about the fact that Herbie tans, dyes his hair and wears make-up to turn your statement on its head, but really, I still have respect for the guy. I just think he takes the "I'M NEUTRAL AND UNBIASED" stuff a tad far, and tonight was arguably the foremost example of that in the last five years. I mean, this is stupid. As you pointed out, Herbie turned a blind eye to Newton, and before that to Carroll, and countless other shady dealings at other successful programs. Then tonight, he goes all Loose Lips Sink Ships on Ohio State and helps turn it into the lead story on Sportscenter.

He could have easily hinted at the story without dropping names, but he just...kept...talking.

I now have two reasons to hope nothing comes of this.

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Are you questioning where Herbstreit got his tramp stamp?

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Kirk Herbstreit is officially dead to me.

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I don't think I want to watch this... 

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Kirk Herbstreit can say whatever he wants, that's his God given right as an American.  But, let's look at the big picture here, in chronological order:

1. Cam Newton's father asks for up to $200,000 for his son's commitment, allegedly without Cam's knowledge.

2. Alabama may, or may not (?) be paying for upgrades to a Florida high school's field and locker room for "player safety." A high school which will soon be the alma mater for a 5-star recruit who may or may not be going to 'Bama.

3.  Ohio State players, who are still unnamed, may or may not have been compensated for tattoos with autographed photos/memorabilia/shoes/cars/grills/banners/posters/sportscenter highlights.

So, considering Cam Newton can play in the NCG, Alabama is not being investigated at all, and Ohio State is being INTERNALLY investigated, there is no precedent, and therefore no reason, why Ohio State should suspend players for the Sugar Bowl.

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i might be in the minority but i dont see what the big deal is... the story is out there for us and was going to be out there for the rest of the nation to read i dont care if he talked about it. yeah the name calling was kinda ridiculous but i guarantee he wants this to blow over just as much as the rest of us.

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It's not that the story was reported, he definitely had to talk about it because the AP had picked it up and the game was a blowout. I just wish he hadn't named names, because none of the reports by established media have published names. Brooks is one shade shy of TMZ Sports, so he had no problem cobbling together photos of all of the players with tattoos, but outside of him, I'm not sure where Herbie could have got the full set of names (I'd only heard about a fraction of the names he mentioned as being involved).

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he didnt really say anything beyond what is already known,

there are reports in columbus (dispatch and abc) that something improper may have happened ... if these are true, it may be serious.  what herbstriet said is all true if nothing wrong happened.  we'd rather not have publicity at all but news places always want to be the 1st to break a story.  even if the story is a rumor


  the names of people who have recieved tatoos from the place have also been released.  Terrelle Pryor,*Dan Herron,*DeVier Posey,*Chris Fields,*Nate Oliver,*Travis Howard, Mike Adams, Jonathan Newsome, Michael Brewster and Jordan Hall.

Cassius's picture

From what source are you getting these names from?  I haven't seen any names yet, but I may be missing something.

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Ken Gordon has pretty much cleared Michael Brewster's name via Twitter, so I don't consider these lists credible.

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Why can't the Ohio State players just say that the tattoos were done "pro bono" (I know it's not for the public good, but you get the point) by a friend at the tattoo store, and then they gave him an autograph just because? I mean, I have a Terrelle Pryor signed football, he just signed it and gave it back to me, but if I were to give him a hat that I had owned after receiving the signature, not as payment for the sig, but just because, would it be a problem then? Are these kids really not allowed to accept favors from a friend free of charge? If Pryor has someone cut his appartment's grass for free is this a violation?

And, even if they did trade an autograph for a tattoo, how is that a violation? I'm not familiar with the NCAA's rules, so what is the actual "violation" here?

"You might as well appeal against a thunderstorm as against these terrible hardships of war. War is cruelty, there is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over." -William T., Battle of Atlanta, B1G.

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Herbie's a Buckeye evil genius.  Scared the good coaches away from TTUN.  Now he's fixing the betting lines so they are more favorable for Buckeye bettors.  He knows there is no problem.  Smoke and mirrors, baby.  Let him work his magic.







I hope.

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Like I said, cash for Heismans is cool, we'll get bent; and Fuck Herbie.

"2014 National with it!!!"

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At the very least, he could have mentioned a few times that all if this is speculation right now and that there is no concrete info, just like he did with Cam Newton. But he didn't. He sold those players out by naming them. And now all anyone will focus on are the names and the possible scandal. Buckeye fans are the only ones who notice the vague references to the "unconfirmed" nature of the story. Everyone else who heard Herbie talk about it will breeze right past that part because of the way Herbie went about it.

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Herbstreit used the names of TP, Boom and Posey. But what he said was that those big names were linked to the story. He didn't say anything that wasn't out there floating around. He didn't say he knew for a fact that these players got tattoos at that particular parlor, or that they were under investigation. He just said the players' names were linked to the story. And they are, because we've been talking about this for two days now and Brooks posted the photos of tattooed OSU players, including those three.

The only thing he could really be found guilty of is shoddy journalism. But he wasn't asked to put together a sportscenter piece, he was asked by Musnoodle for his opinion. He was filling time during a blowout game. So he threw out some names that were circulating in the Twitterverse. I don't see anything malicious here. Lazy, yes.

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I don't think it's malicious, just lazy, crap reporting that also could possibly stain the name of innocent players at the same time as giving a bad name to OSU on the biggest sports stage for reporting: a nationally televised game on ESPN. So I have no problem with people hating him for it. If he showed OSU players even half the respect and benefit of the doubt that he did to Cam Newton this couldve been much better. And I used to defend Herbie.

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At that moment, Herbstreit was acting as a journalist of sorts and therefore if he is guitly of "shoddy journalism," then he is bebasing his profession. Don't get me wrong. What Herby did here is nowhere near an extreme example of "shoddy journalism" - for example, it's not necessarily unethical (like what we have seen at times from the Jason Blair NYT) - but it's really CHEAP stuff, especially when contrasted with how he and espn in general have handled other cases.  

No excuses about him filling time during a blowout, being put on the spot (which is highly unlikely), etc. Ironically, in trying so hard to prove his neutrality in this case, he risks compromising his (journalistic) integrity - and, if the story turns out to be not much of anything, it won't be with just Ohio State fans. 

In street terms, Herby was being a little bitch.   

Run_Fido_Run's picture

The other thing that annoys me about this is that Herby suggests/hints that, even if nothing serious comes out of it, it could be a distraction, which won't help bowl preparation - as if Herby's sloppy treatment of the story were not contributing to it possibly becoming a distraction. That kind of chickenshittery is something you would expect from a rival recruiter: "Now, son, I personally have no reason to know that the other program on your short list is about to fire its coach, but the mere presence of the rumor could be a distraction for a young man such as yourself." I don't expect it from a "true Buckeye."    

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It's already a distraction. How big of one it becomes remains to be seen. I hope this all blows away like an Alabama trailer in a hurricane.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Yes, but it might have had less potential to be a distraction before Herby clumsily pushed it down Tabloid Street another thirty yards.   

Ultrabuckeyehomer's picture

My take: you can't blame Herbie for talking about it, period.  It is/was a story and there is no legitimate reason not to address it.

Whether he should have named names and whether that is "shoddy" or "yellow" journalism, I don't know.  Seems to me that lots of media outlets speculate on names in all sorts of contexts all the time. It seems to be the standard now, no?  But, if people have an issue with him naming names, I really don't disagree either.  He could have left the names out of it, but I doubt that would have smothered the flames any. 

He did not make it anymore of a distraction that it already was/is becoming.  Players had already said they were "tired" of being asked questions. This was gonna be a "distraction" no matter what.

I think people are oversensitive with respect to Herbie.  They already don't like him and so everything he says is viewed as being intentionally harmful towards OSU. 

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Fuck Herbie.  The guys who continually kiss his as make me sick.  I'm tired of his act.....and his habit of being wrong on much of what he reports.  Herbie is a Nazi.  This I can report as fact since it comes from my unnamed sources.

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Herbstreit was a starting QB and a CAPTAIN at Ohio State.  He went on national TV and threw the name of the star football player that plays his former position at his alma mater as potentially being a part of this without ANY credible information to support it.

Lazy or shoddy or yellow are words that do not do him justice.  It was downright RECKLESS and STUPID.  The fact that he was a QB and a CAPTAIN at Ohio State only makes it 10X worse.  You're a captain for life, douchebag.  Captains don't go on national television and start naming names with no information.

Dead to me.

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I'm starting to feel sick. What if Herbie is right about TP?  Adam from BSB now tweeting two sources close to TP say they have heard rumors that he's ineligible for bowl game. He hedges that by saying nothing from the QB himself yet.  Even though it's really, REALLY bad "reporting" to report that sources close to TP have heard rumors, I just threw up in my mouth a little, imagining facing Arkasas with Bauserman at the helm.

Noon can't come soon enough.

741's picture

There is serious speculation on various blogs and on Twitter that Andy Geiger, Jim Tressel, President Obama, and the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet may all believe that Herbie is potentially guilty of being a douchebag...

The_Lurker's picture

Two people close to Terrelle Pryor have heard that rumor.