Five Suspended Players Apologize to Fans

By Jason Priestas on December 28, 2010 at 4:16p

(video via Plain Dealer; part two of the video here)

Taking turns speaking to fans, the five Buckeyes suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season expressed their regret over their actions leading up to the suspensions. Wide receiver DeVier Posey, reading from a prepared statement, indicated he would be returning to Ohio State for his senior season (and to earn his degree), though none of the other players brought up the topic. All did, however, seem remorseful, though the public apology might not be enough to placate some of the angrier members of the fanbase.


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Mike Adams appeared to be the most sorry and the most heartbroken by what has transpired.  Pryor looked like he was more sorry to be making the apology than anything else.  Pryor not taking the lead role in speaking and climbing over the chair on the way out seems to speak volumes about his attitude.

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Are you serious?  You are honestly making some psychoanalysis based on how he stepped over a chair instead of pushing it in?  Perhaps the dumbest thing I've heard today.  And Fox News was on where I ate lunch.

Dan Isaacs

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I agree with you on the Pryor should have taken point.  I guess I'm not surprised at this point in his career.  I've been a Pryor lover for the past 3 years but its hard to stick up for a guy that doesn't seem to care for the team or school.

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Just go kick Arkansas' arse pls and thanks.  I could only see Posey and Adams.

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Follow the link in the post to part two of the video.

Dan Isaacs

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I just don't think any of them really get it.  They are part of one of the greatest tradion laden institutions in all of sports.  Do they realize what it's like to leave your heart on the field and be told your not good enough to play for OSU?  And then for them to take cherished momentos and sell them like they are nothing? Can you imagine how pissed off so many people are who wanted to go to OSU and get the opportunity to play football there? 

I don't have much else to say about it other than that.  I didn't see anyone who looked seriously upset at what they have done. 

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I don't think YOU get it.  They were freshmen at the time.  Kids.  There were a lot of things they didn't understand, and I doubt you understood them at that point in your life.  Climb down off your pedestal.

Dan Isaacs

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Whatever Dan says from now put a /JakeBuckeye next to his name. You're taking words from my mouth you theif!

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dan...what is it like to be so awesome....and always right?

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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We're talking about 18-19 year olds here. A few thousand dollars is a lot of money to a college student. I would know, I'm a graduating senior at OSU right now. 

I'm a lot more upset at how some of the adults involved in this event have responded than I am at the actual crime. 

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I don't think YOU get it.  They were freshmen at the time.  Kids.  There were a lot of things they didn't understand, and I doubt you understood them at that point in your life.  Climb down off your pedestal.

Oh I get it just perfectly.  The day that I stepped on to the campus of The Ohio State University to attend college was one of the proudest days of my life.  I was there on an academic scholarship that I worked my tail off to get, and not a football one, but I was still living out my dream to go to that school.  That was the only place I had wanted to go to school since I was old enough to know about OSU. 

I also understood that at 18 years old, you are an adult not a kid, and that when you sign a contract you are bound to that contract.  Their schoarship contract states that they cannot profit in anyway from their student athlete status.  Regardless of whether it's their personal property or not. That's pretty concrete and easy to understand. Terrelle Pryor and the others would not have B10 championship rings or gold pants or jerseys or whatever if they were not student atheletes. So they knew what they were doing was wrong and I don't care what the AD or coach says.  They knew it, they blew it, they face the music. That's how life works.

I'm so sick of this "they were kids" bullcrap.  At 18 years old you are an adult in the eyes of the law, and if you killed someone "they were just kids" does not work as a defense.  If you sign up to go into the Armed Services and then decide once you get to basic that you don't want to play anymore they do not say "You are just a kid, so it's can just go home to your momma now" Or when you knock up that girl you had a one night stand with at the frat party.  "It's don't have to be a father or support the child in any way because you are just a kid and you didn't understand" does not work. I swear we're becoming a nation of namby pampy frilly panty wusses.

I'll get off my "pedestal" now and return to the real world where choices you make have consequences and you get to be judged by those consequences, regardless of age.

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Agreed.  Tired of America becoming Mamby Pamby land.  There needs to be accountability.  After typing all of that, I still think that the punishment is too much and the embarrassment that they have brought upon themselves and the university is much more than enough.  The 5 games for selling things that really belonged to them is waaaay too much.  What the kids did is IMO a very small time offense and is being blown WAY out of proportions because haters gonna hate. 

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I'm sorry, do you have an example of the text of the grant-in-aid letters?  Does it really make explicit mention of the NCAA eligibility bylaws?  Or does it instead make some general reference to them?  I haven't seen one.  I presume you have, since you are making claims about its content.

This link talks about "extra-benefits" for prospective Buckeyes.  Makes no mention of selling things for market value.

Of course, it does cover the tattoo stuff, but Pryor is not accused of doing that, only selling his personal property.

As for 18/19 year olds still being called "kids", talk to any Drill Sargent and get their opinion of the recruits they get in.  I'm certain it will not vary drastically from mine.  Or wander into a funeral of a 18 year old, and see for yourself how many of the people that knew him best use the "just a kid" phrase.  People of this age are generally neither emotionally or morally mature.  In the eyes of the law, yes, but they broke no laws.  In the contexts you bring up, they are indeed treated as if they were 81.  But this is none of those contexts.

Now, I am not saying they should not be punished.  They should.  But what I am asserting is that we have no standing to make moral judgments, which you are making.


Dan Isaacs

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And while we succumb to mamby pamby land we should postpone football games for snow.....

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And when I stepped onto OSU campus it was fourth on my list of preferred schools, but came with a better scholarship offer. Some people don't build up overwhelming mental attachments to an institution that cares practically nothing for them.

We're fans of a football team. We aren't these young men's parents, or even their coach. We don't know jack about who they actually are.

If it were my kid who did this kind of stuff, I'd lay into him like he wasn't going to live until tomorrow. But from this distance, moral judgements just don't have quite the accuracy to be more than hot air.

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Yea JBUCKEYE come on these kids have learned that there are no losers in life by not keeping score at pee-wee leagues or getting real grades in school. They don't know any better hell I find it hard to imagine Tressel doesn't have to dress them in the morning.

Point is, the "they're Kids" cliché is getting old and they need to take responsibility for what THEY KNEW was wrong (maybe not wrong but breaking the rules none the less).


P.S. JBUCKEYE that was my best attempt at sarcasm since DAN ripped you a new one. :)

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After watching Pryor talk, I am about done with him.  Will I be rooting for him to beat the s#$@ out of Arkansas?  Hell yeah!  But I am looking forward to starting the Braxton MIller era.  Pryor has always rubbed me the wrong way and I don't think I can take another year of wounded ducks and ground balls to our receivers.


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Maybe it is just me, but Pryor seemed to be the most embarrassed.  Boom looked like he has already packed his bags.  I was also shocked at how well spoken Thomas was.  He wasn't stuttering through his words with "and uh's" all the time.  I've said since reading what each guy did, Pryor is the least guilty.  I don't care what you sell as long as it is yours, that is capitalism.

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Honestly, I don't really care. I believe those kids are sorry. It's somewhat hypocritical that the university and NCAA can continue to profit off of these young men, but they can't sell their own property. I know what the rules say. It doesn't mean the rules are right or fair. There's no way I won't support these players when they play in the Sugar Bowl - and they will play in the bowl game.

I didn't think AJ Green should be suspended and I didn't think Dez Bryant should miss out on the rest of his season.

Let's move on.

Because we couldn't go for three.

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To be fair, would ANYTHING placate the angrier members of the fanbase?  Those guys are still screaming about Purdue last year.

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hahaha - touché.

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I don't understand the sanctimonious ire being directed at these five kids. It'd be one thing if the most irate parties were simply complaining, "The main reason that I'm royally pissed off at these guys is their mistakes will potentially jeopardize the future on-field success of the Buckeyes." At least that complaint would be easy to size up.

But why do the angry ones insist that other people look at (or treat) momentos in the same way that they do? Why do they perceive an otherwise victimless NCAA "violation" (of selling one's own property) to be a grave moral crime?

Yes, the kids violated the rules, Yes, they should pay for their mistakes and are now doing so in various, painful ways. Yes, they hurt the team. Yes, they were right to apologize for casting the university and their team in a negative light.

But, no, they do not need to be forgiven. Time (and their future actions) will tell whether they will be remembered in higher or lower regard, but that holds true for all of us.   

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That's what I don't understand.  Who gives a damn what Nick Mangold thinks about selling the Gold Pants.  For Mangold they may have been a big deal, but for Troy they  may not have been as huge.  A trophy, ring, or trinket's true value varies based on who won it.  For me, in my years of sports and other acheivements in school and work, I could care less about an award or trophy.  I did the work, I played the games, I lived through the whole process.  I know exactly what it took, but if someone wanted one of my trophies for 2000 bucks, well I'd even deliever it to their house for them. I'm not disputing rules violations or the validity of the rule, as that's the main problem here. 

In their shoes I also wouldn't care if someone who wasn't good enough to play at OSU is mad because I sold some awards.  A bunch of Uncle Rico's just need to accept they weren't good enough and move on with their lives.  Or pony up and buy a pair of the gold pants and tell everyone they played for the Buckeyes.

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And if I were going to jump on a high horse - which I normally try to avoid doing - I would lecture the angry fans that the PROPER response in this case is disappointment in the players' mistakes, not condemnation of their very Buckeyeness and/or moral characters, which would be premature and unwarranted.

Okay, I better stop now before I get sucked into sanctimoniville . . .     

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To me, it's not offensive that the gold pants didn't mean anything to *them.* But it's incredible that they didn't consider what they meant to the fans who makes their fame possible.

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I agree.   These football players should base every decision on what will make me happy.

Dan Isaacs

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I don't know if people were expecting them to be in tears up there or what, but This shit is 5 days old now.  None of use know any of them personally, and none of us are in position to judge them or really any other player for that matter.  They broke a rule, they apologized to their team, which was reported to be very heartfelt and emotional, then they owned up to their mistakes and said sorry on TV to the fans.   Other than not making the mistake to begin with, what do you all expect?

Some of you will get your wish, the Pryor era is just about over, but I don't believe it marks the start of the Braxton Miller era.  We may have to have a year of Bauserman or Guiton.  Guiton looked like he had some skills to possibly be a good QB either way I doubt we'll see Miller start next year.

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It's back down to earth for everyone.  These guys certainly didn't have to go to these lengths with a public apology.  Tressel telling us how bad they feel was good enough for me, though I would have been least surprised if they didn't feel that bad.  They don't owe me sh*t.  Yeah, at first it felt really embarrassing to be an Ohio State alumni, and noted superfan in my workplace.  This is the team I root for, they fly my alma mater's colors, and everyone knows it.  But it's more my fault for taking it personally.  They owe me nothing.  They've given me many a happy Saturdays, certainly the best Rose Bowl memory I could ever ask for.  So, if this is it, so be it.  Tuesday is one of the few remaining opportunities.  Don't waste it!

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this is a crying shame that these guys had to be put through this charade. it was their stuff.

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It's very common to hear folks invoke their faith these days. 

"To err is human...?"

They're kids. They're not disposable. They can and should be forgiven. 

And they'll always be Buckeyes. 

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None of the posters here are in position to dictate sanctions / issue punishment.  That is what the governing body does (in this case the NCAA, the Big 10, and tOSU).  It is up to us to forgive or let it burn in our bellies forever.  Those quoting "to err is human" are right on target.  By choosing the lower path of condemnation unforgivers subject themselves to a path that is as disgraceful, if not more, than the acts that started this whole debacle. 

Yes, it is time to move on, whether you forgive them or not.  It is amazing that so many want to continue rehashing every move of the tatfive as to whether or not they are truly remorseful.  Most any counselor will tell you that you can not judge a person on what is not said - you can only take what they do say as a indicator of how they actually feel. 

It is said that circumstances create strange bedfellows - well there seem to be a lot of Buckeye fans in bed with Mark May right now.  Not an envious place to be! 

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In bed with Mark May?  I just threw up in my mouth..............

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This was the first I learned that they were freshman at the time. I thought to myself and expressed to others that "so what, big deal" they have three more rings/pants where those came from. I'm now trying to justify it by thinking they may have thought those awards were small potatos compared to the nat champ rings they thought they would eventually win. Just food for thought.

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I have mixed feelings on whether I want to see them suspended for the Sugar Bow.  Has anyone heard anything on whether they will be benched or not?

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Just like when the Georgia kid sold his trash, I don't really care.  I just don't like that they did something that would put their team in jeopardy. All this debate about how to punish the players is ridiculous.  Let Jim Tressel mother his team.  If the team including the coaches think they should play, then so be it, if not that's fine too. 

 I don't truly know what they were thinking or why they did it.  I don't know if they understood the full scale of their action.  Shoot maybe I don't understand it, but I'm ready to move on and talk about the Sugar Bowl and Arkansas.  Just like during Michigan Week we were all talking about something that I can't remember (maybe the throwbacks or something?) until some great Buckeye fan said let's move on it's HATE WEEK

Well what's done is done, lets move on.  My Buckeyes are playing an SEC team.  It's Hate week part II.

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nothing can be the hate week but i am ok with a hate week, eff the esss ee ccccc and eff mark the hater may...

matti's picture

and eff iowa bunch of pot growing farmers. and eff matt millen you know the guy who changes joe pas depends...

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Whatever.  Can we move on.

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Believe it or not I don't think JT and the coaches are in a position to say if they will play in the sugar bowl or not. THE Ohio State Athletic dept and the $$ will decide if they play as sad as it may seem. I hate how the NCAA had to cover it's ass with the scam newton debacle and use Tosu as a scapegoat/ media spin, away from their beloved and holesome national championship/heisman show. Who better to make an example of than the premier football program in the country. That's it im done. Hate week part deux is upon us.

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I'm not really sure what to take from this. I'm glad Posey came out and said he will stay for his senior season, but like you guys said earlier, you can't look into that too deep because of other things on their minds. 

Pryor just sat there and had a smirk on his face the whole time it seemed, so I wasn't impressed with him. He acted like he was above it all and didn't give a damn, and I don't like that very much.

JakeBuckeye's picture

I did get a bit of a weird vibe from Terrelle, but I also don't trust my "vibes."

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"Pryor just sat there and had a smirk on his face the whole time it seemed, so I wasn't impressed with him. He acted like he was above it all and didn't give a damn, and I don't like that very much."

Yeah that was pretty disheartening. Posey, Boom and Adams seemed legitimately upset about it, and Pryor seemed like he was obligated to give an apology, rather than actually wanting to give one, but that's just what I gathered.

Ian_InsideTheShoe's picture

Pryor seemed like he was obligated to give an apology, rather than actually wanting to give one, but that's just what I gathered.

Hit the nail on the head, I believe.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Anybody watching this Iowa vs. Missouri game? Could be a big win and a big start for the Legends and Leaders.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Yes, everyone on Iowa looks great EXCEPT for their much celebrated DL. Hopefully, they can get a big lead before Coker's legs fall off.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I spoke too soon . . . Karl Klug with the sack.

TLB's picture

They looked gassed at the end of the Mizzou drive.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Yep, I spoke too soon, double-reverse style: the Iowa defense has more talent than grit. I'm thinking of putting out APBs for Clayborn and Binns.   

BuckeyeChief's picture

Antoine Winfield for the Houndie...

"2014 National with it!!!"

TLB's picture

Even if they lose, he has been awesome

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Shhh . . . it's not safe to be a houndie in the vicinity of the Eagles' offensive huddle.

TLB's picture

hehehe......I think our President disagrees with you

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Wasn't that a bit awkward? The president was talking about how many former felons never get a second chance, except that this particular poor felon happens to be a mega sports star.  

TLB's picture

First and only time I have ever agreed with Mark May.  I would never sell any championship stuff from high school on.


And is it just me, or are the studio guys rooting for Mizzou?  Except Lou, of course, but I can't understand a word he says.

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I'm not saying what they did was right, but I think Mark just is experiencing some twisted schadenfreude thinking about Ohio State players being punished.

Buckeye in Athens's picture

I hate Mark May as much as any Wolverine. Holtz looks like a Rhodes scholar next to him talking about the Tat five. What more do you want Mark? Are you looking for Pryor and company to commit ritual suicide because of this? Ridiculous.

M Man's picture

I think we could sell out the Big House, if we can finalize the negotiations for the ritual suicides of Buckeyes, in Ann Arbor.

Seriously, I thought the guys' television appearance was pretty well done.  I got the impression that the kids were genuine, and that a hard lesson had been learned. 

dan_isaacs's picture

No, wrong.  I have to remain angry and judgmental.  I refuse to forgive the obviously contrite.  I must remain astride my high horse.

Dan Isaacs

AJ's picture

well you got one thing right are riding high on that horse...

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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Seriously. As much as Lou Holtz used to bug me, I fricken love the guy these days. He loves Ohio State and knows Mark May is both a jackass and a dumbass.

BuckPirate1981's picture

I really think they keep Mark May around in the event Lou Holtz goes down - guy can probably do some quality chest compressions until we can get Lou stabilized. In all seriousness, someone please fast forward to several years from now (note: purposefully avoided specification of which election cycle to avoid injecting politics into all this) when former President Obama is talking about how great it is someone gave TP a erm second or um maybe third chance (give or take, kid has a smidgen of growing up to do). That and our second national championship under the Brax-era.

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Will the real "fake buckeye" please stand up. I'm looking at you TP.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Herbie is just as much of a "fake Buckeye" as TP. It will take a lot for me to forgive Herbie after the way he handled this situation in front of the world. Contrasting of course the way he handled the Newton saga.

Irricoir's picture

With the exception of a few lines I think the thing sounded very choreographed. I was looking at the facial expressions of a few guys. Posey-Adams-Thomas appeared to show regret. Boom and Pryor looked to be playing the role. I can't prove it, no one can, but if anyone has had training in interview/interrogation then you'll know the clues I speak of. Regardless, I'm nothing if not tired of being angry at the guys. From this point on all is forgiven and I am assuming the apologies are genuine all around.

In my mind, the best way they could have handled the situation would have been something similar to this. Pryor speaks for all in attendance. (How many different versions of I'm sorry can there be?) I speak on behalf of my friends and teammates that you see here before you today. We are very remorseful and apologize deeply for the mistakes we have made and poor judgement we have shown. We hope that in time persons A,B, and C whom we have wronged can forgive us and that we will not be remembered by these mistakes. Instead, we wish that our legacies be remembered for the good we have done and will continue to do as we are forever reflections of The Ohio State University. We will not end our service to The Ohio State University with this error on our hearts and minds and will return next year to strengthen the perceptions that our fans, alumni and coaches hold of us. Again, with much humility we ask forgiveness. Or something to that extent. 

I believe that course of action to be in their best interest if their Legacy at OSU is more important than the $ in the pros.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture can prove it

I have serious doubts TP could get those words out and be effective. The kids needs a public speaking coach.

dan_isaacs's picture

Have you had this training to which you refer?

Dan Isaacs

Irricoir's picture

Yes, but I'm not trying to draw attention to me. I wouldn't claim to be an expert in the field but I have had a week long course and two re-certs plus I have 12 years experience on the street reading body language and watching the eyes. Though, no one can claim they are with out error and I'll never profess to being perfect either. A big reason I am ready to accept their apologies and move on. Again, this was not an interrogation but you can see a distinct difference between the body language and facial expressions of the parties involved. I don't think it has as much to do with public speaking as it does with the level of remorse. They are used to being in the public spotlight for different reasons. Were they more focused on the discomfort of being in the negative spotlight or were they more centered on the remorse they felt? You could see different levels in each. Hey, I'm not psychic so there apology will be taken at face value as far as I am concerned. Other than TP's mouth and Adams rumored MJ binges these guys have committed no other offenses in the past. We should all look at this as a first strike and try to move on to what is important. I think preparation is likely suffering. 

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

Arkansas Buckeye's picture

OK.  Time to move on.  Nothing left to see here folks.

Please just beat Arkansas

Just that.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

I am not upset at our players at all. What they did was stupid and they are being punished. What I am disgusted at is the NCAA, Jerk Herbstreit, and all other fanbases that are making it sound like our entire program is dirty. The NCAA turned a blind eye to Cam Newton when his previous criminal actions and his pay-for-play situation is FAR more aggregious than our kids selling their stuff. Yet he skates, wins a Heisman, a conference championship and MVP, and gets to play in the championship game. Stealing and cheating (acedemically) is grounds for immediate and indefinate suspension, then the whole "not knowing about his dad shopping him" when he was quoted as telling Dan Mullen that Auburn's money was too good to pass up. But he gets a pass when the NCAA interviews him and he claims ingorance? REALLY? Then there is Herbstreit. And the other fanbases talking mad shit like this shit is gonna stop the earth's rotation but downplaying the Newton saga cause "he didn't know". Again. I really don't think our kids MISTAKES warrant the punishment handed down when considering a theif/liar and a pay-for-play athlete's punishment is winning the most covetted individual award AND doesn't lose any eligibility. BULLSHIT.

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

RBuck's picture

+ a gazillion

Long live the southend.

Type G's picture

Haha at all the people over analyzing their apologies. What did you want from them, to be in tears? I'm sure they're already embarrassed enough (with all the bad press and hate) and on top of that have to come out with a public apology (for a violation only because of the silly rules enforced by the NCAA) where they'll face more bad press, hate and over analysis (already happening in this thread). Some of you make it sound like these kids owe you something, or that they stole something from you and sold it for $. They fucked up and they're paying for it with excess, not sure what else you could want.

I wasn't the least bit angry when I first heard what happened and their apologies weren't even needed. Common sense tells you it's ok to sell your own stuff. The NCAA, however, disagrees. Am I disappointed that this may cost the team their season next year because of the suspensions? Hell yes... but this is Ohio State, always recruiting strong and reloading! Not the end of the world, folks :)

"No time for love, Doctah Jones!"

buckeyedude's picture

I agree with most of what you've said. They all looked remorseful to me. So everyone except the Buckeye haters needs to move on.

I wish they hadn't sold the gold pants and rings, but it was their property, was it not?