Borentron Fully Functional with Addition of Jacoby

By Jason Priestas on December 3, 2010 at 8:20p

As had been widely expected, Jacoby Boren (G, Pickerington Central), younger brother of current Buckeyes Justin and Zach, committed to Ohio State today. Boren becomes the fifth member of the 2012 class and the second offensive lineman in the group.

Though slightly smaller than older brother Justin, Jacoby is still plenty big enough (6-3/275) and is being recruited to play center or guard for the Buckeyes.

The Scout three-star recruit ensures the Bucks will have a Boren on the roster to torment the Wolverines through 2015 at least, which is gratifying if you're into that kind of thing (and we are by nature of being Ohio State fans).

Highlights (which do a nice job showcasing the mean streak the Borens are known for playing with):


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Blake's picture

You guys are really boren me around here.

Jason Priestas's picture

Justin time with that one!

Blake's picture

Justin & Jacoby have really been on their guard...

KenK's picture

.. and now, Jacoby is the center of attention.

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JakeBuckeye's picture

According to ESPN: "They [Fresno State] have now tied Utah for the most wins against BCS opponents ever. 17 wins."

Wow, and you'd think all those 10+ win seasons Tressel has been posting would add up. Guess not.

Bucksfan's picture

Regardless, Gordon Gee looks even more like an asshole than he did when he started his week.

JakeBuckeye's picture

Huh? My post was sarcastic. Obviously 17 wins is not the most wins against BCS opponents ever, haha. Just a classic mispoke.

Bucksfan's picture

I got what you were putting down.  I just took it in a different direction.  I found it ironic that Illinois, a "murderer's row" Big Ten school, had a chance to prevent WAC school Fresno from tying that record (obviously for non-BCS schools), but couldn't do it in the same week Gordon Gee said how much tougher it is to play in the Big Ten than the WAC or MWC.

So, Fresno is one of the traditionally better non-AQ programs, and getting a record like that is fantastic as is the recognition.  Just don't know why our President had to be such a frickin' jackass, and then this had to give validation to everyone who thinks we're all jackasses because of him.

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Boise St proved Gee right hours after he spoke. Whether or not he should have spoken those words in a public forum is certainly debatable, but the fact remains that they were proven true. and laying blame on an illinois team headed by the zooker is a bit of a stretch lol granted, gee's expertise lies far from the college fball landscape but you have to admit that a part of you agreed w/ at least some of what he said, no? [note: don't take this as an attack on you... i'm only trying to argue the other side for argument's sake... we're all buckeyes!] if nothing else, gee provided me w/ a few humorous quotes by someone i deeply respect, regardless of whether they're politically correct lol

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Buckeye_Mafia's picture

I don't think Gee made himself or us look like jackasses. He said what everyone but fans, players, coaches, and alums of those schools thought. Only difference, he was quoted saying it and it was publicized. But thanks for playing anyway Boise State. We love your kicker. Nevada has moved up to App. St. Status in my book.

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