3:30 Slate Open Thread

By Luke on November 6, 2010 at 3:15p

Speaking of pandering... We're all about the troops here (having vets amongst us and plenty of family and friends serving and who have served), but had Under Armour spent the research & development, design, and production dollars on these abominations towards job placement for vets, care for wounded soldiers, and helping provide our troops the mental health services post-war that far too often go neglected, the country would be vastly better place for it.

Also: it's your biggest game of the year, how do you *NOT* wear red?!

Those breakfast tacos sure were swank. It's almost time for a burger (or maybe ordering in a pizza eh?) Fire up the grill, work that iPhone, and do work, then cozy up on the recliner/couch for arguably the game of November. PLUS: MIKE LEACH, Y'ALL!

3:30PM ET #6 Utah at #4 TCU CBS College Sports (HD)
3:30PM ET #5 Alabama at #12 LSU CBS (HD)
3:30PM ET Hawaii at #3 Boise State ESPNU (HD)
3:30PM ET Northwestern at Penn State ABC (HD)/ESPN2 (HD) (Regional)
3:30PM ET North Carolina at #23 Florida State ABC (HD) (Regional)
3:30PM ET Washington at #1 Oregon ABC (HD)/ESPN2 (HD) (Regional)

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blazers34's picture

Dos Equis Amber will help me through that.  FFFFF  scUM

JakeBuckeye's picture

I really hope we get Sean Mcdonowhatever and Matt Millen for our last three games. I loved those guys down the stretch last year.

blazers34's picture

Maybe Utah didnt want anyone to recognize them.  This one has a chance to get ugly

Johnny Ginter's picture

really enjoying watching utah get stomped since mel kiper was such a douche about insisting that TCU wasn't that good this year