Report: Moeller Out For Season

By Luke on October 2, 2010 at 5:15p

One of the best stories of the 2010 season has again taken a bittersweet turn for the worse. Bucknuts' Dave Biddle reports our worst fears after Tyler Moeller's first quarter injury have come to fruition:

Bad news OSU fans: Tyler Moeller likely out for the season according to a source. Will report back when I hear more.

Damn. It remain likely Moeller will be able to appeal for a sixth year of eligibility via medical redshirt so here's hoping this wasn't the last time we see Tyler in the Scarlet and Gray.


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this is devastating. i saw this guy get interviewed about 5 times and each time he was asked how happy he was to be playing football, his face lit up like a christmas tree. yeah he's an important part of our defense, but wow i cannot believe how bad i feel for this kid. he loves, loves football and playing for OSU. terrible news

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Exactly. Huge loss for the team, but on a personal level, I feel terrible for Tyler.

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That sucks.  I'm bummed for me and the team, but 100x more bummed out for Tyler.  What a great kid. 

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Well, Wisconsin looks beatable

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looked like a broken hand/arm. any word on what it was? 

why does JT insist on having close ball games?  If he throws the ball on first down this game is a blow out.  Just let us know next time you plan on throwing the game to improve the team.  could have been an easy cover.  Kenny G couldn't do any worse then Bauserman at QB.  Saine is done at tailback and should be a passing down back only.  Time for hall and berry to get some looks.

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Yea, duh, why didn't he just score like a lot more points? WHY DOES HE HATE US ALL??


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Feel bad for Bro-eller. Hope he can heal up (again) and get back to doing what he loves.


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NSFMF - Ken Gordon: Tressel says Moeller might be "OK for next week" 

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yeah but that was 4 hours ago, a half hour ago biddle put up the news on bucknuts as confirmed

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It was posted 11 minutes ago? 

EDIT: Never mind, his twitter page says 11 minutes ago but four hours ago when you click on it 

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I'm not buying it. 

The sources aren't solid, and there are better sources that say "no big deal" on the injury.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.  But I'm not ready to report this "season-ending" stuff until someone at Ohio State says so.

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I hope your right.  The guy is a stud and he will be missed in our defense.


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the caveat here is that it is bucknuts, but seeing him in sweats and completely out of uniform at the end of the game wasn't encouraging.

from a personnel perspective though, bryant looked terrific filling in for him and i think he'll do a great job

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Who are these better sources? Would love to read this good news?

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This times infinity. Torn pecs require surgery 100% of the time I'm pretty sure.

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I'll wait for the MRI Monday before I panic and proclaim he's done for the season.

But when I read Ken Gordon quoting Tressel saying he "might be OK for next week", that pretty much solidifies my hopes in not believing a Bucknuts tweet.

Like I said though, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong.  But until then, I'm not freaking out.

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I wouldn't think that that Moeller could have an MRI. I thought he had some metal in his head.

Long live the southend.

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Hilarious. Fox Sports, in their first year of really caring about Ohio State football, has "better sources" than Biddle and Bucknuts, who have been on the scene for over a decade?

Tim May has a follow-up saying two sources have told him it's a torn chest muscle. That's at least a four-month injury.  October + four months = season.

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That was still last night, Moeller probably hasn't even had his MRI yet.

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Jason....the better source is Ken Gordon, which your own writer published about 15 comments up.  I never saidhad better sources...I said that better ones existed, referring to Gordon.

Last night, when I published my comment, Tim May had said nothing yet.

As I said, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong.  It appears that I am because I will trust May on this, but I'll still wait until the MRI before I publish stories based on speculation.

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gordon's info came well after biddle's did. ken gordon is an extremely reliable source and bucknuts has been wrong from time to time, but they also wouldn't go live with that info if they didnt have good reason to. all signs point to a torn chest muscle, which is likely what biddle was hearing, so i doubt it was just pure speculation on his part.

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Very true.  Excellent point.

But when I wrote my comment, I had seen both Biddle's and Gordon's Tweets.

Which one would you be more likely to believe?  Ken Gordon is head and shoulders the best in the biz, and he's the one I will always believe first as far as journalists go.

If they run with that info, this business, it's a sad point that we have to be fast if we want to break a story.  Accuracy sometimes pays the price.  But my point was that I wasn't freaking out or hitting the panic button until Ohio State came down and spoke on the issue.  I stand by that.

Thanks Johnny.

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honestly given that biddle's tweet came at a time when no one was doing anything in terms of reporting info, i probably would've done exactly what luke did here by posting that a guy with generally good info has reported something, and then posting exactly what he reported (which luke did). i personally probably would've added the caveat that he was the only guy reporting this aside from the messageboards, but honestly given how usually reluctant Tressel is to provide any real solid injury info, I think it was smarter to post this than to have rumors go around. it's something, at any rate

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Yeah, I think that explains the disconnect, though I'm not sure I'd consider Gordon a better source than Biddle.

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If the news is true.  It is very bad news for a very good Buckeye.  He brought a lot of emotion to the team on defense.

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Oh, Chip Kelly.  Calling 2 TO's to "freeze" the kicker (stupid, ineffective strategy), and pouting like a baby during the halftime interview.  "I think Jim and the refs are friends".  SMH.

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freezing the kicker actually works, kind of. it decreases made percentage by like 10 or 12 percent, which is probably worth using some otherwise useless TOs at the end of a half/game

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EXPOSED !!! It's pretty obvious that without TP we are an average offense at best. Our defense will keep us in every game , but they cannot score points. Rest assured that passing teams like Indiana (yes Indiana) & Iowa will put up points against us.  We don't have the big play guys like Denard to bring us back quickly (say hello to Tressel Ball). It appears that many undefeated teams behind us, have easier schedules to run the table. We will not be getting any style points in the future, Boise, Oregon, TCU, Oklahoma all have a good shot at being undefeated.  Let's hope TP can come back & play like TP !

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What part was actually exposed. I think most people knew that if TP got hurt we would be completely screwed. If you think Ohio State should have a guy like Denard Robinson instead of Pryor why don't you just move to Michigan.

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"Denard" was used as a synonym for "quick strike" offense. The fact the he is really an exciting and terrific I have to move to Michigan ?

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Thanks, over-reactionary child.


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I can't believe some of this shit that I'm reading. Seriously, what kind of fan base does this every damn time we don't blow someone out by 30 points? We won people, in Champaign, where we usually struggle, during a very windy day, by 11 points. Illinois scored 1 touchdown on their first drive and then 2 field goals the rest of the game, with only 3 friggin points in all of the second half! The defense absolutely stepped up when it had to, and Boom dropped nearly 100 yards in the 4th quarter alone. Last year, maybe we lose this game (a la Purdue Harbor), but this shows you how much better this team is. How can we even say that "we're average at best without TP?" He was out for like 8 offensive plays. Granted, Bauserman sucks, but I'm sure we would have had Guiton in there if TP stayed out. And how do we not have "big play guys" that can quickly score? Check some of our scoring drives, especially against Miami. 

Let's get real people, we're the #2 team in the country and we're going to get everyone's best shot. Tresselball won us the game yesterday when our QB was hurt and the 30 mph wind prevented anything much other than a stable running game. Does anybody remember 2002? Did we get exposed 5 or 6 times during the season? We played inconsistently yesterday and still won, because we are the better team and outplayed them. Let's stop acting like a bunch of whiny spoiled fans and move on. 

The Ohio State University Class of 2001

BS Aero & Astronautical Engineering

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Agreed - whole heartedly!  It actually turns my stomach to see the way people bellyache on Buckeye Blogs.  Just think of all the teams out there who would have been ecstatic to post an 11 point win on the road.  Heck, SC would have been overjoyed with a 2 point victory at home against a very bad UW (Nebraska destroyed them in Seattle), instead they lost to them for the second straight year. 

11W's is not so bad, but reading the blogs on the Dispatch site or the PD, you would think OSU is about to have to give up football all together.  I would venture a guess that almost 100% of the negative nellies never even got a sniff of college football, maybe not even HS football.  One thing you learn from playing and coaching the game is that it is, indeed, a game!  Any team can upset another on a given day.  It just takes the right circumstances and turn of events for an inferior team to come out on top.  Yes, some teams are superior to others talent wise, but there are many games which are won by teams with inferior talent.  It is a game, and a team game at that.  But, with many bloggers there are so many ways to accentuate the negative.  I can only imagine the comments if OSU could win all their games by 30+.  They would probably be criticized for scheduling inferior competition. 

Now I will be waiting for the Buckeye Kool Aid comments to come in about me.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I recognize the strengths and weaknesses of this team, and the Tressel system.  It's just that I don't expect any team to live up to the standards expressed by many of the negative bloggers.  Was I overjoyed with the win at Illinois?  No, but I do look at it for what it was.  I chose to evaluate teams much the way you might look at a major league pitcher - it is easy to see how good they are when they have a great outing, but the true measure is how do they perform when they don't have their best stuff working?  That is really how I look at the Illinois game.  It would have been very easy for any team to lose that game, but the Bucks came out on top.  They did what they needed to do to win (much the way Alabama survived at Arkansas).  Give them some more time.  Maybe this game was the wake up call they needed, maybe not.  But, win or lose, they will still be my team. 

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Has anyone heard anything that is concrete?

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Damn...injuries are gonna cost us a game o two maybe. They are ranking for Tyler....

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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Really its our first serious injury. The rest have been to backups or they have been injured and then returned! Some of you need to step away from the ledge or better yet put the hand gun down!

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Last time I checked CJ Barnett and Stoneburner were starters.  Barnett is out for the season now along with Moeller it appears.  Barnett was clearly better and mor active than his backup Johnson.  Moeller was arguably the most disruptive and versatile player on defense.  And who knows when Stoneburner will be back, a high ankle sprain usually takes a few weels.  If he's not back for Wisconsin it will be a huge blow.

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stoney will probably be back next week, he has been chomping at the bit to get back out there and was fairly close this week to being ready

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This really sucks. My wife met Tyler's mother the last home game and since then we are even bigger fans of his. Keep working it Tyler, you have lots of football still to play at tOSU.

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Oj is a fine replacement for Barnett and had he not gotten hurt late in fall camp he would have been the starter. Stoney has an high ankle sprain, will be back for Wisky. Ankle sprains happen!

As far for Moeller if he is out for the season, yeah it hurts! And yes, he was by far the most disruptive player on D. To help combat the loss of Moeller, we should blitz a lot more! We have the LBs and DBs with enough athleticism, speed and capacity to do it! We really haven't blitzed a lot this year, exception the Marshall game, and we need to start doing it alot!

Again those of you standing right by the ledge, take a step back!!!

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OJ is okay, but he does not make the plays I saw CJ make.  And nobody said ankle sprains don't happen, but high ankle sprains are worse and usually take more time to recover from.  Even if he is able to play, it remains to be seen if he can get back to the level he was playing.  Hopefully he can and he doesn't re-aggrevate it.  And if we have to blitz a lot more to help combat the loss of Moeller then it leaves the defense more vulnerable which makes his loss even more evident.

In the end, I think Stoneburner will be okay and I would keep him out next week just for precaution (if we need him to beat Indiana then we have huge problems.)  But the loss of CJ and Moeller are big for the defense.  And although we should still be able to beat the teams on our schedule without them, if we suffer anymore big losses it could be devastating (so our margin for error with injuries is razor thin now.)  And those two losses could really come into play as far as hurting us if we play an Alabama and/or Oregon in the NC game.