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By Luke on September 14, 2010 at 6:00a

 Let's Get Denarded Denard Robinson (who as a Florida commit would've been... only slightly less evil) is an immensely talented football player. In fact, there's little disputing (unless you're an ESPN Heisman expert! A-hurr!) that two weeks into the season, there's essentially no single other individual in even the same arena of stupid awesomeness that he's presently posting up in. This is obviously frightening and troubling for a variety of reasons, most notably that he is the quarterback at the University of Michigan and also that he is the quarterback at the University of Michigan. In order to reduce unnecessary alcohol intake and better our slumber for the roughly the next 3 months, may we hang our hats on the following:

  • Despite the fact that his 885 total yards of offense through two games means he's outgained the entire Wisconsin, Michigan State, Northwestern, Purdue, and Indiana teams (as well as USC, Florida State, Boise State, Texas, Miami (of Florida), LSU, Penn State, Florida, and Georgia nationally), the most rudimentary of logic would dictate there is absolutely no way this level of play can keep up without regression to the mean.
  • The matter of fact that he's been carrying the ball nearly 30 times a game and already gotten knocked out one of Michigan's first two games on a vicious blow certainly can't help his ability to stay durable.
  • The fact that this exists and per the natural order can only end in flames.
  • That discussions like this are occurring somewhere, anywhere.
  • The MGoInfinite Kittens Theorem which states that over a long enough time line involving Michigan football, there will be an event so catastrophic that MGoBlog will be reduced to little more than profiles of small, adorable cats.

 Litigating Is Winning ...Or so the University would have you believe. The Consumer Law & Privacy Blog looks into a particularly fascinating (and troubling) tale of legal bullying that hits awfully close to home: 

A Wisconsin company, which also has a web site called Badger Illustrated and as well as a magazine about the Wisconsin Badgers, created a web site called “Buckeye Illustrated” and announced plans to publish a “Buckeye Gameday” magazine and on “Ohio State Buckeye ebook,” all featuring lavish coverage of Ohio State’s popular sports teams and containing extensive advertising.  Instead of welcoming this additional coverage as a form of homage, and considering how a second set of web sites and magazines could intensify public interest and thus help promote the University, Ohio State went to court complaining of the defendants’ attempt to “rip off” Ohio State’s sports enterprise.  The university protested that it had just started to license out the right to publish sports programs, instead of doing such publications inhouse, and if outsiders could publish programs without permission, the value of this licensing would be reduced. 

I ain't passed the bar but I know a little bit, enough to know... That seems awfully overly reactionary, at least at first glance.

The story takes a familiar turn when the University's high priced attorneys inundate the case's judge with fancy legal briefings, while the low tech web site's defense are only able to provide a haphazard, inadequate retort. The following ensues (no pun intended):

The next day, the judge heard argument by telephone and granted not only a TRO but a preliminary injunction forbidding the defendants from using any domain names that includes the name Ohio State or Buckeyes, or using the Ohio State or Buckeyes name in any publication.

I'll leave the hard copyright law debate and discourse to any folks with J.D.'s in the comment section below, but this would certainly strike me as an instance of the University potentially damaging the very market they're trying to cater to solely in the name of monopolizing pre-game programs. Instead of letting the free market decide which program will cater to the folks putting hundreds of dollars every Saturday morning on campus back into the university's pockets, OSU essentially decides to Ndamukong the opposition into the stone age and ride the chill monopoly waves. Hope the several thousand $8 programs sold cover the retainer in spades.

 THE BATTLE FOR OHIO!!1!one! What better way to get ready for in-state rival Ohio (and threat to ourexistence, very way of life, and stranglehold on the O-h-i-o chant) than with a taste of Bobcat factoids and bullet points courtesy of NBC4. It's not too meaty, but it's a COSTCO sample-sized appetizer to get you just hungry enough to really slam down what will be around these parts in the not too distant future.

 If you knew anything about football, you'd know spiking the ball before crossing the goal line is the coolest. The Wiz of Odds has YouTube'tastic recaps of near moments of great stupidity in both the Marshall-WVU game and the ND-Michigan games this past weekend. In both instances, receivers appear to discard the ball before actually getting into the end zone, though both are inexplicably spared the public humiliation of joining the illustrious best charitable touchbacks of 2K10 club. Now where have I seen that before?


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buckeyedude's picture

That pic of DR must be when he was in high school. He has a Gater hat and f-ball in his hands. Isn't that a KC Chiefs jacket?



blazers34's picture

lol, no doubt man.  looks like he was a Gator commit at one point.  Im guessing thats not a Chiefs jacket, but his Varsity Jacket.

Luke's picture

Yeah, evidently it was some kind of prank. He came out to his signing day presser all Gator'd out only to pull the ol switcheroo and put on a bunch of Michigan gear.

Matthew's picture

Gotta give Shoelace some credit, he found a something more annoying than the old "Hmmmm, which of these 50 hats do I pick up? I'm picking one up! Nah, just kidding...oh, now I'm picking up a different one! Nah, just kidding...."

Class of 2010

flipbuckeye's picture

I can't see the video because it's blocked at work, but I'd assume it's of Malcolm Jenkins spiking the ball prematurely on a pick-6 against Penn State.


ERIC OSU's picture

Ding ding ding.

Buckeye Black's picture

You have to give D Rob his props, but despite all his stats scUM still needed a last second touchdown to win. If Pryor threw the ball 40 times and ran it 30 times a game the stats would be similar. scUM can't expect this strategy to work all year.

tampa buckeye's picture

I dont have to do anything im kenny powers!

iball's picture

UCONN and ND defense, I say ,I say, UCONN and ND defense. I rest my case.

Sounds like if tOSU gets their way, 11w's days might be numbered. So say good bye to the Rolexes, Ferraris, Ice grills and all the other Bling-Bling you fat-cat 11w writers enjoy thanks to your huge revenue factory you call 11w.

“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I think we can just create some sort of secret blog code and keep thier 11w cash cow hummin' along.

Luke's picture

Well, we're not printing GameDay programs, nor do we have Ohio State or OSU or anything like that in our brand name. *please be merciful oh great and mighty alma matter*

O-H Kee Pa's picture

Robinson, Shoelace, Velcro, or whatever the f you want to call him, deserves his props. But Buckeye Nation as a whole needs to get a grip. Enough with the "I'm already having nightmares and we don't play them until November."


We have the #2 team in the country. Act like it.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I don't care how bad TSUN plays you can't over look them, ever. Except last year and the year before that, and maybe the year before that.  But that's just it.

Johnny Ginter's picture

act like how? if we were ranked 7th would we not have to act like it as much? i think worrying about denard now is silly, but so is saying we have to "act" a certain way because a bunch of old dudes say OSU is the second best team in the country.

and frankly, it doesn't matter at all how fans act, but i sure as hell hope that the team doesn't act like they pay even the slightest attention to rankings

O-H Kee Pa's picture

You're right. The only poll that matters is the one that's released the Sunday of Michigan weekend. Somehow, some way, I think B-Rolle, Cam, and Ross will find a way to run down Robinson. Crazy, I know.

O-H Kee Pa's picture

We've learned our lesson in the past, so I agree. TTUN should never be overlooked. However, it's almost as if Buckeye fans are conveniently looking past the fact that Michigan has solved ZERO of their issues on defense and, despite the gaudy numbers, are still only putting up 29 points per game.



M Man's picture

That's Denard sporting his Deerfield Beach (FL) Bucks varsity jacket, a couple of years ago.  The 11W photo research team dug deep for that one.  The Florida Gators accessories no doubt sealed the deal, although the notion of Denard playing for the "Bucks" would warm hearts from Ashtabula to Zanesville, and from Bucyrus to Bexley.

So where can I find the ELEVEN WARRIORS Poll results for this poll?

Denard Robinson:

Great player?

The Greatest player?

Poe McKnoe's picture

Nice. Michigan fans start out 2 and 0 and start running over with confidence.  I'm not worried about Robinson until he starts returning kicks.

M Man's picture

We actually went to 4-0 last year so you can imagine how much more inflated was our irrational, unjustified, overoptimistic exuberance at that time.

If Denard starts returning kicks, I think we'll all be worried more than you. 

tampa buckeye's picture

How bout this poll.

Who's defense sucks more?


Notre Dame

iball's picture

@Tampa: RE; gravatar; +1,000,000.

“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

tampa buckeye's picture

Gotta love eastbound and down.  

Jason Priestas's picture

Sounds like M Man lives among us?


I listened to Randy Shannon on South Florida sports talk this AM in its entirety  these were the highlights:

1.  Jacory will be fine....  he just needs to play better.

2.  Our athletes were so fast... did you see them run by those guys.

3.  We were even in just about every stat category... and we should have had some turnovers in the game....  we lost because of the int's.  And the INT's were our fault, the defense had nothing to do with it. 

4.  He is on a recruiting trip to California in the off week... he did not think it was important to be with the team to work on Pitt in 2 wks.

5.  They were not at all intimidated by the Horseshoe.

6.  At NO POINT...and I listend thru the entire 25 Minutes...  did her EVER say Ohio State was good, Ohio State played better, Pryor was better.... nothing like that.  No props to the opponent.  I used to think he was a good guy, now not so much.  He was a former player so he has that U mentality...its all about us. 

Roger's picture

I used to like Randy Shannon, thought he was finally bringing some class to Miami. I'd like to hear what he said so if it's true I can start rooting against him (I have a hard time rooting against coaches I like, i.e. Frank Beamer, Dantonio, Mark Richt).


I heard the whole interview on 560 WQAM 7:30-7:55.  Not ONCE did he say Jim Tressel prepared his team well, OSU played well, Pryor was the better QB.... absolutely zero compliments to the team that beat him.  That to me speaks volumes about the attitude of the team.

Kyle's picture

Home skillet played for Da U.  You think anybody who who played in that program can spell, let alone find the words "class" or "grace?"  Thought not.  I'm not satisfied with this win.  I want to pummel them in their own (rented) house and beat them so bad they don't ever want to play Ohio State again.


Kyle.... I love your reply.  I feel the same way....  Next year I want  to blow them out in their own (rented) house.  I will be there for that one,,,

buckeyedude's picture

Didn't one of the worst fights in a college football game ever, occur on Shannon's watch?




poguemahone's picture

Nah, that was latter-era Coker. The year before Shannon was hired, IIRC

buckeyedude's picture

My bad. He was an assistant coach though, wasn't he?



Poe McKnoe's picture

I'm suprised he didn't say: "We totally expected to drop defensive ends in to coverage and we adequately prepared Jacory to handle this defense and he executed our preparations perfectly".

Shannon, the Canes, and their fans are all douches.


Yup...  Shannon got outclassed and outcoached is not man enough to admit it.  Fuuny, I am listening to JT's press conference right now and he just spent 5 mins talking about how good his opponent was and how great their kicker is.  That is the difference in Class vs No class. 

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Randy lost any respect I had for him when he dissed Columbus.  I can't stand that program and don't understand how anyone could be attracted to play for a program who promotes sh*t talking and attitude and not class and respect.  I'll blame it all on bad parenting.

tampa buckeye's picture

Sunday I was at the beach walking with my ohio state shirt in my hands, as I was passing by two chicks. One of them said something about me being an Ohio State fan I replied "thats right its not all about the U is it?"  they shut up.  

blazers34's picture

Pretty sure they were touting Tate for Heisman last year.  Im not worried.  Yet.

Denny's picture

In the words of the immortal (not really but whatevs) Apollo Creed, "Ding, ding."


btalbert25's picture

You know, the numbers are gauddy, but when you hear 29 points per game, it makes me not so worried.  Weren't they scoring a lot more last year early on?  It just tells me Denard is basically the only one contributing to offense.  They will win their next couple of games, but wouldn't be totally shocked to see them in similar to last year type of  battles with Indiana and Purdue.

BucksfanXC's picture

This BadgerIllustrated thing looks like Fair Use to me. It's an open market and selling a competing program should be legal. OSU can certainly restrict selling inside the stadium to only licensed distributors, but I don't see that as a legit threat here. Obviously OSU thinks it will hurt business, which may be, but that alone shouldn't be grounds for a TRO. That harm is not irreparable, just make a better product to out sell the independent.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

M Man's picture

In the realm of borrowed collegiate nicknames and logos, I always got a kick out of going to "BuckeyeBlazers.com" in order to find yourself a handsome Michigan- or Notre Dame-accented blue blazer...


buckeyedude's picture

You have to admit M Man, that Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Shirt Archie is wearing is TIGHT as hell!



M Man's picture

Anything Archie wears is tight as hell.

Hey, I got a kick out of the Damon Wayans/David Alan Grier "Men on Film" still posted above.  I was friends with David when we were M undergrads, before he went to Yale Drama.

BigRedBuckeye's picture

Apologies for long post in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As to the legal issues you bring up...I haven't read too much on the issue, but I have a J.D. (from tOSU!!!) and took Copyright and Trademark (separate classes) while in law school, so I might be able to provide some insight.

I would guess that this is a Trademark licensing case, and has nothing to do with Copyright. Copyright generally covers original works, its history tied to the protection of artists. Think books, drawings, sculpture, music, etc...

Meanwhile, Trademark generally covers things like emblems, packaging design, slogans, even colors (e.g. Tiffany's blue box color). Generally, some entity owns the rights to its own Trademark, and by owning those rights, has the ability to lease them out, by granting a license, to someone else, for their use. This is how we get all sorts of fun OSU nick-knacks...i.e., this is how, in my office, I can enjoy the Brutus pen on my desk, the "Beat Michigan" countdown clock on my book case, and the bird's eye photo of the Horseshoe during Script Ohio in the special OSU frame (something like this), all without the University itself having to be in the business of manufacturing pens, alarm clocks, or frames.

This makes sense. There is a market for OSU gear, and the University, who offers an educational experience, a college experience, and a football experience that is responsible for the creation of this market demand, should be able to profit from products that meet this demand. It doesn't make sense for the University to start building factories to make alarm clocks, so the licensing arrangement (an extremely common tool in the trademark world) is born.

Best I can tell, the issue here is not content of the magazine/eBook. I think what is being contested is the use of the trademarks (or of phrases, words, or other media that "dilute" OSU's trademark, and confuse a consumer into thinking the product is validly used). OSU has an interest in who gets to use these trademarks (and thus in who gets to publish the "official" program, etc...), from a quality control standpoint, to be sure. But what is more of an issue here are the names being used, and the degree to which they are similar to Trademarks that are the property of the university.

To the university, the value in the licensing arrangements is huge, and those arrangements are only valuable so long as they own the underlying Trademarks. 

Now here comes the facet of the law that your average person doesn't contemplate, and that is never mentioned in news articles. Trademarks function under a "protect it or lose it" system. If you allow continuing infringement or dilution, and don't show a pattern of action signifying your desire to continue to posses the trademark, you LOSE the right to that trademark. Famous examples are Aspirin and Cellophane. Xerox, Kleenex, and Rollerblades have been on the edge for years.

Thus, OSU's primary motive in this action is likely the protection of its trademark, because the trademark carries enormous economic value for the University due to its lucrative licensing agreements. I think the relief granted by the judge (i.e., the relief sought by OSU) backs this up, as it is all related to restrictions on the names the company used.

Trademark and copyright and patent law are all forms of protected, min-monopoly. However, these areas have developed because our laws, as a reflection of our societal norms, have deemed them to be areas where the creators of the protected item SHOULD be rewarded with a monopoly on their creations. If Disney couldn't protect the right to draw Mickey Mouse (copyright), if anyone could make a drink and slap on to the can a Coca-Cola label (trademark), and if any person could copy the ingredients of and sell you Viagra (patent), then our economy would take a major hit, as there would be much less motivation to produce things like cartoons, soda, and prescription drugs, because all your hard work and investment during the creation process could quickly be copied by some schmuck off the street, which, in a truly open market without the protections of copyright, trademark, and patent law, would be completely legal. Without much reward down the line, people would stop trying to create, and our economy would become stagnant. 

Trademark protection cases often make for great media stories of "big guy picking on little guy" (here is an example), but they occur for valid reasons. Hopefully, these two parties can negotiate a settlement, as is often the case, and move on.

And we'll drink to old Ohio, 'Til we wobble in our shoes! 

Luke's picture

Thanks for dropping the legal knowledge.

SilverBullet33's picture

Holy crap, a lawyer I totally understood.  Nice job my friend.

dmurder's picture

Either way, Missagian is moving up in the polls. That is a good thing!

It will look a whole lot better beating a heisman contending qb, with a winning record.

UCONN total defense is ranked at 53, and I am sure it will drop after they face WV, Pitt, Rutgers, and South Florida.

Notre Lame total defense is an outstanding 102, and you can bet your sweet “you know what” it will be dropping after there brutal schedule.

"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

Powers's picture

+1 for the Jay-Z lyric

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

Re: "Bracing for Bobcats" I Find this funny since a lot if not MOST OU students are "osu fans" at the end of the day.

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

Luke's picture

But the ones that aren't, hot damn they hate them some OSU.

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

I've never really met that type. However, not many people have voiced their hatred of OSU to me in person.


It seems like most people that went to college from my high school went to OU, and out of that group I can't think of any that aren't an osu fan.


Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

Poe McKnoe's picture

It's called the MAC complex.

ToledoBuckeye's picture

Yeah, it was kinda like the Toledo game last year.  I went to UT and cheer for the Rockets.  However, most of our student body was wearing scarlett & gray.  Those who weren't were most likely UofM fans anyways. 

"Anything easy ain't worth a damn." - Woody Hayes

buckeyedude's picture

<------went to University of Toledo, grew up a Rocket's fan. Now, my daughter goes to BGSU(Falconz). Love the Bucks, though. Can they all be "my team(s)"

BTW, my 16 year old son went to the Toledo/Michigan game at the Big Shvt House with his friend and his parents(all UM fans), and he got a taste of what UM fans can be like. But, he(and the Rockets) got the last laugh. Said he was the only person in his entire section screaming for the Rockets. Surprised he didn't get beat up by a 45 year old unemployed GM factory worker, honestly. 



Buckeye_Mafia's picture

Wow. That is really disappointing about Randy Shannon. I thought he would have a little more class. But it is Miami...take those two returns away and we run them out of the stadium. Then what would he say?

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama


He would say that the start of time of 3:40 was too late for his team, who likes to arrange game times at noon and then make smack talk videos by 4pm.