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By Alex on September 16, 2010 at 6:00a
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Swagger is out at Miami, but apparently not at Ohio State, writes's Stewart Mandell. Mandell believes the Buckeyes' new found attitude or "swagger" if you will can help them get over the big game hump and potentially win them a national championship this season. I do agree with him that there is a different air about this team and the attitude feels very much like the 2006 regular season. I think if the Bucks take each game one at a time they will make the MNC, but after that it is a matter of focus and execution in beating Alabama or whoever else waits in Glendale.

If you want to read more on Ohio State, Ken Gordon has some good notes from the Dispatch on Andrew Sweat beating out Etienne Sabino at SAM, Sabino's redshirt, Jordan Hall making his pitch to fix the issues at special teams, and Nick Siciliano on Terrelle Pryor's play so far this season. Ken also has some criticism about the last drive of the first half on Saturday. I think we're all left scratching our heads on why Tress didn't call a time out and are even more confused after his quotes from the presser this week. And so forth.

On a national front, Reggie Bush has decided to give back his 2005 Heisman Trophy in what is called a "selfless" move. I'm not sure what the deal is here, but I have a feeling Reggie was pressured into giving back the bronze statue on his own terms instead of eventually being forced to turn over the hardware. The Heisman Trust has decided that the award will be vacated rather than given to runner-up Vince Young, who supposedly says he is ok with the decision after earlier in the week claiming he would gladly accept the award a solid four years later. The Sports Tomato pleads a strong case of why Bush's on-field play in that 2005 season should not have anything to do with his off-the-field disgressions, and while technically he should have been ineligible to play, I agree that the school (who turned their heads) and the agents (who paid the money) should really be the ones held accountable.

Finally, speaking of Heisman winners, Mark Ingram will make his return for Alabama this weekend as the Tide contine to roll on as defending champs against the Duke Blue Devils in Durham. Ingram won't be pressured into doing too much right away, not only because Duke is well, Duke, but also because his replacement, Trent Richardson, has been absolutely outstanding. Many belive Richardson will be even better than the defending Heisman winner, and the sophomore is backing that up so far, rushing for 210 yards and 3 touchdowns on 32 carries (6.6 ypc) against San Jose State and Penn State so far this season. It will be interesting to see how Nick Saban integrates both backs and what it will do to the Alabama offense. I personally think having both back as active as possible poses a bigger threat for opponents than just having Ingram carry a majority of the load, but one thing I do know is that wil Richardson's success and Ingram's injury that Archie's record will probably be preserved for at least another year. That is until TP wraps up his second bronze statue in December of 2011.


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I'm seeing that whole Bush thing as a play right out of the "Andy Pettite/A-Rod" playbook.  Give a half-a**ed "confession," issue a statement saying you regret it, and then the MSM stops hounding you and it all goes away.

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I don't know that I'm willing to absolve Reggie Bush from wrong doing here.  I mean sure, USC had an atmosphere where anyone and everyone could interact with the players at practice and on campus, and ultimately it is the agents corrupting the system, but he knew he was breaking the rules and wrong is wrong. He had the choice to say no, but didn't take it.  That's what it boils down to.  I do however, think that USC should have gotten punished because they did nothing to keep this sort of thing from happening and I strongly believe Bush was not the only one taking these benefits, he's just the one they could prove.  While Bush was the best player that year, his transgressions happened while he was playing and winning that award, he should have to give it back.   

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Is the game Saturday on BTN?

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Check out this link.

Here is an excerpt:

"You can tell a lot about a team’s fans when they’re on top. Of course, all fans are happy when their team is kicking butt like Alabama’s has been lately, winning the national championship just last January and ranked No. 1 in the nation after Saturday night’s 24-3 defeat of the Lions.
But not all fans are gracious with success. Think about the smugness of Yankees fans, the belligerence of Eagles fans, the just plain obnoxious chest-thumping of fans from a lot of places including those of my alma mater, Ohio State. Not talking about all of the fans, in any case. But a large enough percentage that stereotypes begin to emerge."

The jackass that wrote this ought to live in this wretched state. Talk about chest thumping? Doesn't he know that this is the chest thumping capital of America. Hell, they all have it to a science, with a universal rythmatic thumping across 8 states. I don't know about the rest of you but I am fairly humble and have not talked smack to any SEC fan. I'm not sure we could beat Bama at this stage of the season. If our offense provides some consistency we would have a shot. I assure you they wouldn't turn the ball over like Miami and their defense has had little drop off and their secondary has yet to be tested. But to claim that OSU thumps it's chest more than Bama is outrageous. Maybe, he hasn't met the right people yet.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I will say, that I was in Indianapolis for an event on Saturday and the room had a fair amount of Buckeye fans myself included, but they were by far less than half of the room, however they made it very uncomfortable for others during the game.  They were very obnoxious and didn't have much regard for anyone else.  My buddy even looked over at me and said see, that's your team's fans.  I said well, it's fine when that stuff is done at the stadium or in a buckeye bar, but it is quite obnoxious here where people care about watching Notre Dame/Michigan more.

That was the first time since I've been following this team that I can say I acutally understand why some people HATE Buckeye fans.  So, I can see some of his point, but yes, Bama fans are much much worse.  Even when they sucked they were still obnoxiously arrogant about the Tide.  My biggest problem amongst the Buckeye faithful,  is the negativity and self loathing.  So many people these days complain, and I'm thinking over the last 8  years, there have been virtually no programs as consistently good as this one.   That is the part of the fan base that really drives me crazy.  No the program isn't perfect but we're pretty damn good.  How would we react if we were in Nebraska's shoes or Michigan?

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TV & writers keep saying it was the "turf monster" that took down Berry on kickoff return. It appeared that is own man hit his foot before he was passing the kicker.



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Yeah I thought the same thing.  It was Nate Oliver.  I watched replay after replay, and I think it's inconclusive from the camera angles. 

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It looked like turf to me.  There was a good amount of distance between Berry and the other dude.

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It was close, but it didn't look like there was contact.  My theory is that Berry may have been trying to avoid contact and tripped himself up as a result.

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It was the turf. You could see it live in the stadium and again on the replay. The replay on the boards was really at a good angle to see that it was the turf. It would've been sick to see him house it becuz it would've silenced the hurricane fans even more than just the long return did.

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"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

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Double Nickel time to shine

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i guess newsome is pretty good too if they want to keep sabino red shirted in a MNC contending year.  wonder what happens if someone is out in a big game