Terrelle Pryor on LeBron, Rising Early and O.J. Mayo

By Jason Priestas on September 9, 2010 at 3:23 am
Like Troy before him, Pryor is now a Tresselbot

Terrelle Pryor took time to speak with local and national media Wednesday evening and the 20 minute session touched on a variety of topics ahead of the clash with Miami this weekend. The national media won't give him credit for this, of course, as they're still fixating on the Big Ten Media Days snub, but Tressel has shown a willingness to make Pryor more and more available to the press as he's grown at Ohio State.

As you'll see in the responses, Pryor is now approximately 92% Tresselbot compliant and his media skills are leaps and bounds beyond what they were even at the start of last season.

Can you talk a little bit about your relationship with LeBron James?

"Lebron is my main man. He's my mentor. He's a great guy and we still stay in contact. He picks me up when I'm down, and when people were burning his jersey, I picked him up, saying I was here with him 100%."

When you and Jacory Harris talk, what do you talk about and what do you like most about his game?

"We talk like normal friends, like if you would give you friend a call back in college. How's everything going, how was your day and this and that."

"I think what I like most about him is his deep ball. I think he throws a really good deep ball."

When you look back at last year's Purdue game, what are your thoughts?

"It comes back and gets me. I think we were just young. We had young receivers, a young offensive line and a young quarterback. I may watch the game before Miami just to remind myself of the feeling of losing."

Do you think Miami will come after you?

"Whatever they bring, I'll be ready. I feel that I go against the best defense in the country in practice. Miami is good up front, very speedy, big and strong. If they come after me, so be it."

Compare Jacory Harris and yourself -- are you that similar?

"I don't think so. I don't know how often he runs. I know Jacory off the field, but don't watch a lot of film on him. I know he had some of the same growing problems I did, so I can relate to that."

How much would you welcome a Heisman Trophy campaign?

"Whatever I do -- I'm a very spiritual and religious guy -- I'm just blessed to be in the race with these top guys and whatever happens, I'm sure my mind will be set and right and I'm just focused on winning games and getting a championship."

Did you tire of earlier comparisons to Vince Young?

"I don't mind it. Who would not want to be compared to him. But at the same time, i just want to be my own person. I just want to be Terrelle."

Has the staff put any wrinkles into the offense to take advantage of your unique ability?

"We're throwing the ball a lot more, but if something breaks down, I'll take off. There are very few runs called for myself because we feel if we step up and throw, we're a pretty good team."

How many requests for tickets did you get this week?

"People come out the woodwork. I'm not even sure I know everyone that texted my phone."

DeVier said he's not sure when you sleep because he's getting texts all the time. Do you sleep much and what's driving you right now?

"I get up every day at 6 -- a couple of times this week I came in at 6, but I can never beat Coach Tressel. He's always in here before me."

What athletes did you grow up following?

"Looked up to Darrelle Revis, because he's from Aliquippa and we played them and they have a lot of great athletes. I looked up to Vince Young and Donovan McNabb. In basketball, I looked up to OJ Mayo and tried to be OJ Mayo on the court."

When's the last time you talked to LeBron?

"I sent some texts back and forth to LeBron but haven't talked on phone lately. I Heard he may come to game, but don't want to say 100%. The last time he came, we lost to Penn State, so I told him I owed him a show."


Miami's Jacory Harris, also spoke with the media on Wednesday and also had similar, non-inflammatory things to say about the Buckeyes and his counterpart.


NOTE: Pryor's quotes were transcribed as accurately as possible. There may be an error here and there, but the intent of each quote is accurate. Questions leading to the responses were paraphrased, but again, the intent and representation is solid.

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