I Wanna Go Back: HangOverEasy is One of the Most Famous Breakfast Places on Campus, Bringing Together Buckeyes from Everywhere

By Jared Naughton on February 28, 2022 at 11:35 am
HangOverEasy on a Columbus night.

“I Wanna Go Back to Ohio State, to Old Columbus Town...”

Ohio State's campus is full of legendary bars, restaurants and campus spots – and we visit all of them.

In this week's article, we talked to Scott McCrary at HangOverEasy to talk about the iconic breakfast diner, its history, and the importance of this shop to Buckeye Nation.

History of HangOverEasy

HangOverEasy was established in 2007, in the same spot it is currently located on South Campus. The store started to take off and expand. In 2010, HangOverEasy made its way to Cincinnati. 

In 2018 the breakfast diner expanded to Athens, and in June of 2022 another store will be opened in Perrsyburg, Ohio.

How Campus Changed

HangOverEasy has an amazing vantage point to witness the growth and change of campus over time, as they are located right in the heart of South Campus.

"The biggest thing I have noticed about the Campus is the facelift, from South Campus to North Campus all of the old architecture has come down," Scott pointed out.

This is a change that has been noted in the past, but it is interesting to look back and see this pattern and think about the future.

Best Buckeye Memory

As a business, HangOverEasy has been lucky to be present for some of the most amazing stories from Buckeye Nation.

"The really big night games are the most memorable, Texas, USC, and any other out of conference power," Scott said. "The whole campus is just on fire."

These games are easily some of the most fun games to look back on, and with many more big out-of-conference powers coming in there will be more memories to be had.

Building Buckeye Community

Scott has been able to connect with much of Buckeye Nation since moving here. 

"I've always been told this is that diner, your first stop when you come to Ohio State. It was somewhere you continued to come back to all four years, it was that breakfast staple," Scott said.

"This is the place they would meet after a long Friday night, and start your night right back up again," Scott jokes.

HangOverEasy is without a doubt a source of community for all Buckeyes.

Menu Must-Haves

HangOver easy is known for its creative breakfast dishes, all with hilarious names.

"The Dirty is our famous one, our breakfast burrito. The chicken and waffles are another staple," Scott said. Drink wise, our Bloody Marys and our Mimosas are the most popular."

Every month HangOverEasy has a new seasonal pancake that is always a fan favorite. This is easily one of the most popular and delicious breakfast diners in Columbus.

Craziest Memory

With HangOverEasy's popularity, it may be easier to name Buckeyes who haven't been than who have been to the store.

"You can pretty much name the athlete, football or basketball," Scott said. "Doesn't matter who our quarterback is, they are always in here."

"We have catered for College GameDay," Scott said. "At our Cincinnati location, we cater for the Bengals."

HangOverEasy now has an app that allows you to order online and save money from the service fees from third-party apps. This is a great way to support local businesses and still get HangOverEasy's famous food.

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