Eleven Dubcast: Fiesta Bowl Followup

By Michael Citro on January 6, 2016 at 3:05 pm
Eleven Warriors' own Tim Shoemaker talks Fiesta Bowl with us.

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Well, football season has come to an end at The Ohio State University, but at least the Buckeyes went out with a big win over Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. The Buckeyes have done well in the Fiesta Bowl over the years but that was the first win since the game moved to Glendale and it caps a pretty nice 12-1 season.

Johnny and I discuss the game, the College Football Playoff's switch to New Year's Eve, the undefeated (in the Big Ten) OSU hoops team and the mass exodus of Ohio State football players to the NFL. Joining us to tell us what that trip to the desert was like is our own beat writer Tim Shoemaker, who fills us in on what the local flavor was like before, during and after the win. Tim's done a fantastic job of covering the team all season (I'm convinced he doesn't sleep) and he provides an insider's view of the team.

Matt Finkes joins us for one final installment of 'Finkes on Football' to tide us over until the Spring Game approaches, with some insight about the Fiesta Bowl and the guys who are taking off for the pro ranks. And we answer your questions in our Ask Us Anything segment, giving you our assurance that we have eligibility remaining. You can ask us anything via Twitter or the old fashioned way, by email.

This is how the show went down:

0:26- College football on New Year's Eve? Plus OSU hoops is doing pretty good and oh yeah, Fiesta Bowl and early departures.

22:11- Ask Us Anything! Annoying bowl sponsors, bowl blowouts, and more.

31:17- Finkes on Football heads into the off-season after telling us the future is bright on the defensive line.

48:11- Tim jumps on and lets us know what it was like to have boots on the ground in Glendale, and reaction on the Bosa ejection, plus a whole lot more.

1:04:22- What to do with all that extra time now that football season is over? Take a hike or curl up with a good book.

And that's it. We'll be back next week to talk about the national championship and focus more on the Buckeye basketball team.


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