Skull Session: Why Ohio State's Only an 8-Point Favorite, Buckeye Receivers Were Too Good, and Noah Ruggles Needs Votes

By Kevin Harrish on November 24, 2021 at 4:59 am
Brutus is waving a flag in today's skull session.

Three more sleeps...

Word of the Day: Detest.

 DOES VEGAS KNOW? Ohio State is a suspiciously narrow favorite this weekend for a team that just annihilated the only team to beat the Wolverines this season.

Vegas doesn't usually hand out free money, especially on high-volume games like this. So they have to know something we don't, right?

"I really like Michigan. I've liked them all year," Matt Metcalf, sportsbook director for the Las Vegas-based Circa Sports, said Sunday, a few hours after opening the Buckeyes at -7. "I just think this is just a different game than the other opponents Ohio State has faced so far this year. I think if anyone has a chance to keep it close, I think this may be the one."

Money poured in on the Buckeyes at Circa, limit bet after limit bet. For every bet on Michigan, Metcalf said there were six on Ohio State in the first four hours that the line was on the board.

"It's pretty much been all one way on Ohio State," Metcalf said. "I just couldn't bring myself to hang higher than seven, because I know I would've had this game like five last week. After making the adjustment for Ohio State shredding Michigan State, and Michigan beating a bad Maryland team, I think my number was -7, but I can see -8. It just felt like to go from five to eight over one week's results felt aggressive to me, so I kind of just wanted to hang seven and take the money."

Hmmm. That sounds a whole lot like someone begging people to to please wager on Michigan so their book doesn't have to pay the mortgage of everyone in the Great State of Ohio when the Buckeyes win by 30 on Saturday.

I ain't falling for it!

 SNUBBED! It wouldn't be all that controversial to claim that Ohio State has the three best receivers in the country. So it doesn't really make any sense at all that none of those receivers are actually a finalist for the award given to the nation's top receiver.

... besides, well, this pretty obvious reason:

It sucks, but it makes all the sense in the world.

The people watching the Buckeyes are splitting their votes across three players and not handing them all to one guy.

But this is a good solution:

But hey, if none of Ohio State's receivers are even worthy of this distinction, I guess that kills any argument that C.J. Stroud's numbers are inflated by incredible receivers, right?

Oh wait, they snubbed him from the Maxwell Award, too. Cool cool cool.

 VOTE RUGGLES. There may not be a damn thing we can do about Ohio State's receivers getting screwed out of awards, but we can make sure it doesn't happen to Noah Ruggles.

If you haven't heard, our adopted-but-still-quite-beloved ball kicker is one of three finalists for this year's Lou Groza Award, and you can help him take it home.

As if you needed any more incentive to simply click two buttons and give him your vote, he currently trails Michigan kicker Jake Moody.

I know y'all like beating Michigan more than life itself. This is your chance to do your part.

 “SHOUTOUT TO THE HATERS.” Fox made an ill-advised glorious decision to let Mark Titus call a college hoops game yesterday.

After successfully making it through the broadcast presumably without any FCC complaints, Titus signed off in the most Mark Titus way imaginable – by shouting out the haters.

Let him call an Ohio State game next, cowards!

 SONG OF THE DAY. "The Trooper" by Iron Maiden.

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