Press Coverage: Ryan Day Hits A Home Run with Hiring of Chip Kelly to Replace Bill O’Brien As Ohio State’s Offensive Coordinator

By Dan Hope and Andy Anders on February 9, 2024 at 4:09 pm

Chip Kelly is replacing Bill O’Brien as Ohio State’s new offensive coordinator.

What would you have thought if you heard that sentence a month ago?

Neither of us would have believed it, but it’s now a reality in Columbus, as Ohio State is set to hire UCLA’s head coach to be its new offensive coordinator after Boston College selected O’Brien as its new head coach just three weeks after the Buckeyes hired him.

While we both felt O’Brien was a good initial hiring for Ohio State, we think Kelly could be an even better choice to lead Ohio State’s offense given his history as an offensive innovator and the familiarity he and Ryan Day already have with one another.

On a rapid-reaction edition of Press Coverage, we share all of our immediate thoughts on the big news of the day and why we feel Ohio State hit a home run by quickly moving to hire Kelly after losing O’Brien.

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