Brian Hartline Calls UTV Accident “A Learning Opportunity,” Says “I Probably Would’ve Rather Went to Bed”

By Griffin Strom on May 30, 2023 at 6:14 pm
Brian Hartline
Doral Chenoweth/Columbus Dispatch

Brian Hartline had his first chance to publicly address the UTV accident that left him hospitalized in April in front of the media on Tuesday.

The Buckeye offensive coordinator and a friend unaffiliated with Ohio State were injured after crashing a UTV side-by-side vehicle on Hartline's property early on the morning of April 17, but Hartline was released from the hospital later that same day.

According to the incident report filed by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, Hartline admitted to medics on the scene that he had been drinking prior to the crash, though no charges have been filed against him.

In an interview session with media members Tuesday at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, Hartline said “I feel good” after recovering from the accident and joked “I could play a game right now.” However, Hartline didn't go into detail about the incident.

“There’s nothing I can really say. All I would say is that in hindsight, I probably would’ve rather went to bed than rode in a side-by-side," Hartline said.

Hartline, who was promoted to the role of offensive coordinator in January, said he hopes to learn from the event.

“Everything provides a learning opportunity, and I would say it was a learning opportunity,” Hartline said.

As for whether or not he addressed the situation with the team, Hartline said no, but that “anything addressed or anything that we do will be kept in-house.” 

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