The Worst Ohio State Beat Tweets in 2016

By 11W Staff on December 30, 2016 at 1:45 pm

Remember the first rule of Twitter: never tweet.

2016, like every year since the Twitter became a thing, provided us with many awful tweets. Here are the worst of them.

Body shaming? Bold play.

Bad Tweet #1


How'd this one play out for you, Baker?

Vape jokes are the new Harambe jokes.

Is this something a real journalist actually thought to write an article about? Spoiler: yes.

Great call, Twitter scout.

Why so angry?

Idea: Let Cowboys fan coach this team (to a 2-14 season).

Another hot scouting take.

Still with this?

We didn't miss this, but we wish we did: 

Landscape photography game is on point.

This is about sports or Dragonball Z. We're not sure.

Shawn knows all.

Please don't ever do something like this again.


When you know you shouldn't tweet something but try to hedge:

Kevin's bad taste in food and tweets continues.


#WellActually, Penn State got both injured linebackers back for this game and they combined for 31 tackles.

Sent from a strip club. Probably.

Local man has bad opinions. A lot of them.

Michigan man has bad opinions. A lot of them.

How much awful can you pack into one tweet?

When pay sites give FREE weather updates.

Still angry?

One beer into the night...

Sportswriter attempts screen capture. Fails spectacularly.

Cool take, Nostradamus.

All Franklin did was win out...

Did we overlook a bad tweet? Let us know in the comments below. 

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