Gene Smith: Meyer's Contract will be Addressed at Appropriate Time

By Kyle Rowland on March 24, 2014 at 2:50 pm

Urban Meyer makes nearly $5 million a season at Ohio State. And that's without performance bonuses.

It's likely Meyer will stay at that salary level until he wins a national championship. In an interview with CBS Sports' Jeremy Fowler, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith said he'll restructure Meyer's contract at the appropriate time, which isn't now. 

"We started out with a good contract. The timing was right," Smith said. "The dollars will eventually change at some point because the market's changing, Nick Saban and all that. Urban's still in the top 10. He's probably in the top 8, he came in at top 5, he's probably slidden, he might be in the top 8 now. There will be a time, probably when he wins a championship, or there's some elite performance of that nature where we need to look at the market again. He's bonused extremely well. We have a huge bonus on that side.

"There will be a window, I don't know when. It will happen.”

"Elite performance" could mean a playoff or appearance or national title. According to USA Today, Meyer was the sixth-highest paid coach in the country last season. 

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