Urban Meyer Speaks to BTN About Ohio State's 2016 Class: ‘Very Little Drama, Which is Good for the Heart’

By 11W Staff on February 3, 2016 at 10:55 am

Urban Meyer took time out of his National Signing Day to speak with BTN's Allison Hayes Wednesday morning and the coach is pleased with the drama-free landing of the 25-member class.

“Well very little drama, which is good for the heart, and it's also good for fewer gray hairs. Our staff did a good job – we answered some needs, which we have a bunch now. We lost nine underclassmen, which kind of threw us for a loop a little bit after the bowl game.”

On the signing of four-star defensive back Jordan Fuller:

“I think Jordan Fuller was a big get because we needed help in the back end.”

On four-star offensive tackle Malcolm Pridgeon and how much he can help the class:

“We expect him to be ready in June. Oh, I think it's instant. We don't normally recruit junior college players, but we lost some good players on the offensive line – Taylor Decker and Chase Farris, our two tackles, are gone – we have some good players, but this gives us some immediate stability and depth.“

On four-star quarterback Dwayne Haskins

“I love him and he's a guy who I've become very close with. He has the skill set to do it all, make every throw. His best intangibles are that he's a fierce competitor and his work ethic and that's what you look for in a quarterback.”

On the changing game of recruiting where Michigan is putting on a show and Notre Dame is sending semi trucks to the houses of prospects:

“Well, you have to adapt and change. I remember when this Twitter stuff first started, you get kind of grumpy. I said, ‘I'm 50-years-old. I'm not doing it.’ You better do it. So we're watching it and if that produces results—we like to be the serious group, though. Remember, this is someone's life you're talking about. But you also have to adapt. And I think we've adapted big-time with the social media, our visits are much different than they have been.”

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