Ohio State Offensive Tackle Commit Carter Lowe Feeling “At Home” In Columbus

By Andy Anders on June 6, 2024 at 10:10 am
Carter Lowe

Since his commitment on Jan. 27, Carter Lowe has only felt more and more comfortable in Columbus.

The offensive tackle commit made his latest return trip to Ohio State for the first of this year’s OSU high school football camps on Wednesday. While he also camped at Ohio State last June, five months after OSU offered the Toledo resident, his feeling at camp this year was distinct from a year ago.

“Definitely a lot more comfortable, talking to Coach (Justin) Frye, talking to Coach Mike (Sollenne),” Lowe told Eleven Warriors. “I really do truly, truly feel at home. So, it's great to be back on campus again.”

Wednesday’s camp didn’t go according to plan for Lowe, who pulled his hamstring while running a 40-yard dash. While he didn’t participate in any drills or pass rush one-on-ones afterward, the injury is nothing long-term.

“It's a little tight right now, but I'll be okay,” Lowe said. “In about a week, I'll be fine.”

Lowe’s relationship with his future coaches isn’t the only thing making Ohio State feel familiar to Lowe. Over the course of his recruitment, he’s developed a rapport with many of the players on the Buckeyes’ roster, and he got the chance to converse with one of the players he’s closest with on Wednesday.

“I know all the coaches on the staff. The players, too,” Lowe said. “I talk to Donovan Jackson a lot. Just to be around these guys, to know that I'm coming here, I feel super comfortable around these guys.”

That comfort level is a big part of why Lowe ultimately selected Ohio State as his next-level destination, but it’s also how early the Buckeyes got involved in his process.

Lowe’s been a gradual riser through the 247Sports composite rankings, going from the nation’s No. 161 overall prospect in April 2023 to now being the country’s 50th-best recruit. 247Sports’ individual rankings have him 33rd, close to making him a five-star prospect. Ohio State’s been involved with Lowe since before the first set of rankings for his recruiting class of 2025 even came out, however.

“I'm big on, whoever wants you the most, put them as a priority,” Lowe said. “And I think they made me a priority from day one. I think a lot of schools did, but out of everybody, I feel like they needed me the most, and that's all you really want to feel as a recruit. So that was definitely one of the leading factors overall.”

Generally, Lowe felt the Buckeyes had a lot to offer.

“I just love the culture,” Lowe said. “Everything about it. So, I'm just really glad I made the decision.”

“I really do truly, truly feel at home.”– Carter Lowe on being at Ohio State

Now, as is often necessary on the recruiting trail in the modern day, Lowe is involving himself as a peer recruiter for the Buckeyes. He’s jumped in on the team’s pursuit of David Sanders Jr., the nation’s No. 1 offensive tackle, and of three-star interior offensive lineman Jayvon McFadden.

“I’ve talked to a lot of guys, but I'm super excited for this recruiting class,” Lowe said. “We've got a lot of stuff coming.”

Lowe added that he’s continued strengthening his bonds with Ohio State’s other commits, namely five-star quarterback Tavien St. Clair, who will return to Ohio State camp on Thursday.

“We clicked super easy. That’s my guy for sure,” Lowe said of St. Clair.

Going into his senior year at Toledo’s Whitmer High School, Lowe is taking a holistic approach to improving his game. 

“Getting stronger, getting faster, keep running, staying in shape, for sure,” Lowe said. “Just improving my game overall, in general. I'm excited for my last year of high school.”

Lowe is scheduled to make his official visit to Ohio State next weekend, from April 14-16, but he added that he may take an unofficial trip back to OSU this upcoming weekend as well. He wants to return to the place that now feels like home as often as he can.

“I love being on campus, so whenever I get a chance to (come back), I’ll be here for sure,” Lowe said.

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