Q&A: Mylan Graham’s High School Coach Says the Top-100 Prospect is “Definitely Excited” About Ohio State

By Garrick Hodge on October 7, 2022 at 11:35 am
Mylan Graham

New Haven High School (New Haven, Indiana) coach Kyle Booher watched as his wideout Mylan Graham blossomed into a top-100 prospect nationally on the camp circuit over the summer.

Seven games into his junior year, the four-star 2024 prospect is living up to his billing, as he’s caught 36 passes for 874 yards (24.3 yards per catch) with eight touchdowns. 

Ohio State has prioritized Graham as a top wideout target it would like to add to its 2024 cycle. Interest is certainly being reciprocated on his end, as Graham attended both the Notre Dame and Wisconsin games last month.

Eleven Warriors caught up with Booher to learn more about Graham as a wideout and his interest in the Buckeyes. This interview has been edited slightly for length and clarity. 

Q: Mylan’s rise in recruiting really happened over the summer, but when did you personally think he was going to turn into an elite prospect?

Kyle Booher: Oh man, that’s a good question. He definitely showed signs as a freshman when he played for us, he started on varsity toward the end of the season. We knew as a freshman he was already leaving people behind and people had to game plan for him. By the end of his sophomore season, he was as tough as one of our seniors graduating at the time. When you have a sophomore coming in and doing as well as some seniors, you know he’s going to be pretty good. Then you watch him develop more over the summer, and he just stands out. His speed, quickness and change of direction is just something that’s different. A coach that used to coach here for 20-something years before I took over (last year) has told me he’s special. So you get other people telling you that, it confirms what you already see. 

Q: So what is it about his game that makes him so special for his age?

Booher: We use him everywhere. He started out as a wideout and using his speed off the line, but he runs such great routes that he can get open in the slot, get open wherever he really needs to. At one point this summer, we had a 7-on-7 tournament and a team put two linebackers that tried to press him and a safety covering him, and we still threw the ball to him because he managed to put a move on them and get open 15 yards down the field to catch the ball with three guys on top of him.

He has great route running, but one of the things you said, on top of it, as a sophomore he’d learn to see the zone and settle in holes. You’re teaching guys for a few years to get good at that and he just naturally knew it and sits where there’s open spots. With his route running he changes directions so fast. There’s a couple clips of him where he makes one cut and he has four steps on a guy. He’s so explosive on his change of direction and he knows the game well. 

Q: Ohio State was the first offer Mylan received. Considering that doesn’t happen too often, did he have any amplified reaction?

Booher: He was blown away. He knew he was getting some looks by then, Notre Dame had talked to him and Indiana had came in and talked to him. He had seen some other places with him looking and searching around, but when the OSU offer came through, he was in disbelief a little bit. But he also tried to say it makes sense because everyone has been talking to me so let’s roll with it. 

Q: He’s visited Columbus twice in September for two games. What’s been his takeaway from those two visits from what he’s communicated with you? 

Booher: He likes it and likes the environment there. He really likes when he gets to talk to coach Hartline, he’s just a great coach there. He’s definitely excited about the Buckeyes. 

Q: What have your interactions with Brian Hartline been like?

Booher: Coach Hartline did come to visit us, he’s one of the very personable coaches and is down to earth. He talks to you straight and is a straight shooter. He said he’s looking forward to talking to Mylan and recruiting him. He’s a very reasonable coach and I enjoyed talking with him. He showed his interest in Mylan as well, he wasn’t beating around the bush. 

Q: What do you think Mylan is going to bring to a college program both on and off the field? 

Booher: He’s taken some great strides this year in our locker room and the weight room and other things. He’s become that leader that we’ve wanted to have. A vocal leader, he tries to bring the energy and gets guys going. When you’re a freshman and sophomore and have all these guys ahead of you, he tried to learn his place and not step on people’s toes. This year, he knows he’s putting the work in and is ready to lead those guys. I like the energy he’s brought and he brings a lot to practice and it translates to the game. It’s such a huge benefit.

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