The Hurry Up: Tyjon Lindsey Update, Ohio State Making Lists, Calabasas Defensive Back Talks

By Jeremy Birmingham on March 27, 2016 at 8:08 pm
Tyjon Lindsey at Ohio State
Tyjon Lindsey

The Hurry Up is your nightcap of Ohio State recruiting news, catching you up on the day’s events with an ear on the ground for what’s next.


If you'll indulge me here for a moment, I'd appreciate it. 

On Thursday afternoon, a report surfaced on Twitter from multiple–and trusted–Michigan State-related folks that Ohio State commitment Danny Clark was visiting East Lansing that afternoon and on the campus with the Spartans. As we do with pertinent and/or interesting recruiting news, we ran a story and filed it as a report: no editorializing, no sensationalizing – just the fact that it was reported. 

Within 20 minutes, we received new information and promptly updated the details of the story. We also updated the initial report to reflect the nature of Clark's trip and that it wasn't really anything to worry about. On Twitter, where the news was originally reported, I reiterated the same:

This report appearing on our site drew the ire of some and so I felt obliged to try and explain the situation from our vantage point. 

Our job here, the reason people flock to this site, is to report relevant information in a timely manner. That's our job. That's my job.

The way we report on recruits, their families, their visits, etc. is to tell the news without trying to shape it. I feel confident that expectation was met in respect to the Clark “visit” the same as it was on Friday with another commitment.  At any time, I'm only publishing 20 percent of what I hear and our goal is to responsibly report the news in a way that shows respect for a prospect, their families and the schools that we cover; not to serve a page view master or any drive any other agenda.

It's my hope that after years of building relationships, fair reporting, photographing and writing about these young men, never with spin or agendas, that we have proven our recruiting department's intentions are honorable and player-focused and positive.


Just about an hour ago, five-star Corona (Centennial), California wide receiver Tyjon Lindsey officially ended his three-day visit to Ohio State, departing from CMH on his way back home.

The visit was an unmitigated success.

“It was perfect,” Lindsey said of the visit. “My relationships with the coaches, how they're nothing but real to me, that has really stood out.”

Lindsey has family in Ohio (Middletown) and he's made it known since last summer that the Buckeyes were a team he was very serious about. This trip, one that saw him engaged as a part of the Ohio State football program from meetings, hanging out with Austin Mack, Jonathon Cooper and others, helped him get a true understanding of what the Scarlet and Gray do. Yes, his relationship with Zach Smith has been the foundation of his interest but to get this time in Columbus now with Urban Meyer and others is huge.

Lindsey does not have any plans to commit soon, but it's evident from his social media this weekend that he's feeling very good about where things sit between the Buckeyes and himself.

We have more photos from Lindsey's trip up and I'll have more from Lindsey as he gets home and settled.


Our last few weeks here at The Hurry Up have had a decidedly western feel to them as the Buckeyes continue to take advantage of their strong national presence and recruit in areas they've traditionally been somewhat shy about doing so in the past. Late this week, they offered Calabasas, California, 2018 defensive back Brendan Radley-Hiles, a 5-foot-10 cornerback who will line up this season opposite five-star Darnay Holmes.

The offer–his 11th–is an exciting one for Radley-Hiles, who happens to be the cousin of...Tyjon Lindsey.

"It's a dream come true," Radley-Hiles said. "It's Ohio State. It doesn't get much better than that."

The dynamic cornerback says he's trying to play his game in a way that is similar to former Ohio State defensive back who had an OK career in Columbus.

"I'm a technically sound guy that brings a different kind of swag to a defense, I'm doing what I love to do," he said. "If I had to compare myself to someone from Ohio State, I would have to say Bradley Roby."

Radley-Hiles visited Ohio State when he was in eighth grade with one of his cousins and his uncle ,and he'll be back soon. 

"Me and Darnay are going together," he said of an upcoming spring game trip to Columbus. He's not worried about distance from home as he considers a final collegiate destination.

"Wherever the best fit for me is where I'll be attending college, and it doesn't matter where the location is. I'm an adaptive person."


Ohio State has made the latest lists for a pair of Pittsburgh area stars.

Defensive tackle Donovan Jeter, the country's 17th-ranked player at his position, has not been back to Ohio State since Friday Night Lights, but his relationship with Larry Johnson. continues to keep the Buckeyes in the mix.

Although he's from Pittsburgh, IMG's Robert Hainsey, who visited Ohio State on Friday, also updated his list and it's not a surprise to see the Buckeyes in the cut.

I'll have more on Hainsey, who is one of only a few interior 2017 offensive lineman actively being  recruited by the Buckeyes in this cycle, at the start of this coming week.


Few athletes in the country are better than Ohio State 2017 commitment Shaun Wade on the football field and he's pretty darn good on the hardwood as well.

Wade shows a well-rounded game and has excellent body-control as he and his teammates carved up competition this weekend at Disney World.

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