Gavin Cupp, Lineman Who Had Offered Pulled by Michigan State, Earns One from Ohio State

By Jeremy Birmingham on July 30, 2015 at 2:19 pm

One attendee for last Friday's Friday Night Lights at Ohio State set off a bit of a national firestorm, quite by accident. Leipsic, Ohio's Gavin Cupp, who had committed to Michigan State in May, was informed the day after his camp performance that the Spartans – unhappy that he didn't inform them of his camp intentions – were pulling his scholarship offer

Cupp told a number of outlets that he tried to contact the Michigan State coaching staff but was unsuccessful; that didn't stop the Spartans from dropping him from their class. Michigan State almost immediately offered – and received a commitment from – Olentangy Liberty's AJ Acruri. The decision to camp at Ohio State had seemed to be a poor one for Cupp.

He's attempted to lay low and stay quiet about the unfortunate situation. He told The Courier he was resigned to his fate. 

Cupp was reluctant to discuss the matter on Monday. But he did admit he “tried to get ahold of them (MSU),” before Friday. He said Michigan State contacted him on Saturday to inform him that his scholarship offer was being withdrawn.

“Yes, they did contact me. I have talked to them about it,” Cupp said. “But it’s their decision, and I guess I have to live with it.”

Living with it meant exploring any number of his other options. Cupp has offers from Illinois, Cincinnati, Missouri, Minnesota and others and it seemed that one of those schools was likely to be his next choice.

Until today.

The Buckeyes have offered Cupp, according to the 6-foot-5, 270-pounder. 

"It feels great," Cupp told Eleven Warriors. "It's just a huge relief and a childhood dream. I'm very happy at the moment."

Cupp has not committed to Ohio State – yet – but it appears that is likely, and possibly soon. Eleven Warriors will have more on this offer and other recruiting news tonight.

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