11W Community Interview: IMG Academy Offensive Lineman Tyler Gerald

By Jeremy Birmingham on May 17, 2015 at 11:15 am
Tyler Gerald tranferred to IMG Academy.

The 11W Community Interview is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. You submit the questions, vote on them, and then we pass the top ones on to the biggest names in the world of Ohio State athletics.

An Ohioan now at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, Tyler Gerald was the second commitment in Ohio State's 2016 recruiting class. The Portsmouth, Ohio native transferred to IMG following the end of his junior season and has been impressing his coaches at teammates in Florida.

The nation's fifth-ranked offensive guard and 165th-ranked overall prospect, Gerald is a classic mauler along the line and will fit into Ed Warinner's Slobs perfectly with his aggressive attitude and coachable attitude. 

Today, Gerald becomes the first member of the 2016 class to take a turn in the 11W Community Interview Series.

Being that you were a big time recruit, do you feel people always gave you their best shot? Did you feel like you had a target on your back?  – BroJim

TG: I put a lot of pressure on myself during both practice and games, always trying to make myself better. I always hoped people would play their hardest against me because there is nothing I love more than great competition. Of course there were always people who would try to get under my skin and things but I never really felt as if there was a target on my back because after the games, even after plays, we would help each other up and shake hands. I don't give a people a reason to dislike me, I try to play with gratitude and respectfulness toward other players but while playing aggressively and with a chip on my shoulder, I try to be kind to people because they love the game just as much as I do. 

How beneficial has the transfer to IMG turned out being for you?OkayIllBeThe12th

TG: It's been a great transition here at IMG. The level of competition is just what I've been looking forward too. It's a lot of hard work, both physically and mentally, but I believe this was the best choice I could've made toward having an immediate impact in college.

With an O line coach like Ed Warriner, do you think that you will be more advanced than other lineman in the country when you're senior season/draft time comes?OSU_1992_UFM

TG: I think Coach Warinner is the best offensive line coach in the country. I haven't put much thought into what I'm gonna be like in the draft to be honest, I'm just looking forward to representing my home and playing for my people and playing for the best damn fans in the land. I know when that time come after my senior year or whenever my time for the draft may be that Coach Warinner will have prepared me to my fullest potential.

As a kid from Ohio, can you talk about what it felt like to be recruited by, offered, and then commit to Ohio State?TennBuckeye19

TG: This is a great question and one I love to answer. As a kid in Ohio, you always dream of playing at Ohio State. When I started to get recruited by them it only made me work that much harder and even after my commitment when I train and practice I think of being able to impact my team as well as I possibly can. It's a great privilege and honor to play for my home state, the greatest fans in the country and the best coaches in the nation.

Who else in your class or in the '17 class are you working on hardest to join you in Columbus?JohnnyKozmo

TG: I work to bring in the guys who I think are tough and have a great work ethic. I only want people who love the game and love the grind that we go through everyday.

What do you and the coaches feel are the biggest strengths and weaknesses in your game and what are you doing to improve?BrewinBuckeye

TG: I never get satisfied with the way I play no matter if I make a good play or not; I'm always finding something to work on and do it. Whether it's technique, strength, agility, speed, etc. anything I need to do I just work for it. My greatest weakness is probably my pass setting, though I am working very hard on it and it is getting much better.

Have you continued to be recruited by other programs?  How do you handle it?Toad1204

It's a great privilege and honor to play for my home state, the greatest fans in the country and the best coaches in the nation.

TG: Yeah, I have still been in the recruiting process somewhat. I've picked up several more offers as well. I just take it how it is and enjoy it but I always know I'm loyal to my state and after I've made a commitment there is nothing that could change my mind.

How much pressure do you get from schools down in Florida to stay down south? What about from your friends, and people around you? I get that it may be a different situation for you being from Ohio, but what about other players committed to the Buckeyes down there?AB1993

TG: There's not really much pressure from anyone to stay south for the collegiate level. My friends always tell me to stay with Ohio State and so does everyone else outside of a few people who have commitments to other schools. They try to bring me with them. All the Ohio State guys down here love it and we stick together. Yeah, a lot of people might try to persuade us but we don't budge.

Ohio State has a long history of putting the game on the shoulders of the O-line when it is crunch time. Fast forward 5 years-what legacy do you want to leave at TOSU, and what will the highlights of your career here be?Alex Boones Liver

TG: I want to leave a legacy of toughness, winning, and the willingness to do things right. The highlights of my career are the games where the game is put on our shoulders and my offensive linemen carry us to a win. The highlight of my career will be to watch my brothers receive the rings they deserve. 

What is your favorite snack or dinner?ICouldNotGoFor3

TG: Cheeseburgers and fries. Simple and the best.

I love you guys, thank you so much for the fantastic questions! Look forward to seeing you guys up in Columbus!

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