The Hurry-Up: Fourth-grade Ferns, Feder's flexibility and a closer look at Ohio State's newest commitment.

By Jeremy Birmingham on September 16, 2014 at 9:12 pm
I always feel like, somebody is waaattching meee..

Welcome to The Hurry-Up, which runs Sunday through Thursday, serving as your last stop for recruiting news and notes nightly. We'll recap the day as it happened and preview the days ahead while keeping our ear to the ground on the Ohio State recruiting scene.


One of Ohio's best linebackers in the 2016 class, Brendan Ferns, has been a regularly discussed target for the Buckeyes. He's the second-ranked linebacker in the country, and an Ohio-native, so his popularity on these boards and more is understandable. Of course, as you might know, his brother Michael is a freshman linebacker at the University of Michigan. That hasn't stopped the younger Ferns, who grew up a fan of Ohio State, from seriously considering the Buckeyes. He is, after all, a fan and it appears from this photo, that started early in his life.

The Senator with a young Brendan Ferns
A fourth-grade Brendan Ferns got to spend some with the Senator, err, the President, err Jim Tressel.

Now a bit more grown-up, Ferns has become one of the state's most intriguing prospects thanks in large part to highlights like this.

The Crystal Ball has Ferns eventually ending up in Columbus. So do I.


Last week the Buckeyes added their 16th pledge for 2015 when Virginia athlete A.J. Alexander to the "Elite '15." A 6-foot-4, 220 pound wide receiver/tight end at Lake Braddock, Alexander also plays defense — at safety — for his high school. Right now at least, he's not exactly concerned about where Ohio State has him playing. 

"I don't know where they see me," Alexander told Eleven Warriors. "I just liked the challenge Ohio State presents for me."

The challenge?

"All these other schools were preaching to me that I am going to come in and play right away," he said. "Ohio State didn't do any of that. They broke down the depth chart for me, and they showed me the necessary steps I'd need to take if I want to play early. It'll be a challenge."

Alexander clearly isn't short on confidence, and he went straight into recruiter mode just hours after his own selection Friday night. He was engaging Buckeyes' wide receiver target Lawrence Cager on social media almost immediately, working to get another offensive weapon to join him in Columbus.

Tough not to like that attitude.


Last weekend in New York, Buckeye commitment Kevin Feder and Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, New Jersey) went toe-to-toe with one of the nation's best teams (St. Thomas Aquinas) and knocked them off handily. Feder, who projects as an offensive tackle at Ohio State, didn't line up there much in the game, to the surprise of many interested observers. It was a decision made to help put the best group on the field against St. Thomas' many talented players, including Buckeyes' target Nick Bosa.

One source on hand was very impressed by Feder's ability to neutralize Bosa and to impact the game at different positions.

"He was at tight end most of the game," the source shared with 11W. "He was amazing handling their defensive line. He is playing both ways this season, and he's done very well."

Now, as you try and picture a 6-foot-9, 305-pound tight end, consider what the value is.

"(Feder) was making big holes on the line for run plays and can take out anyone on the other side. They had him lining up against Bosa to take him out of the game, and it was a great match-up. Be ready for some more surprises this season when they start throwing the ball to him."


Zack Smith was in the DMV yesterday and while he stopped in primarily to check on Lawrence Cager as I told you last night, he was also in Reisterstown, Maryland, the home of 2016 wideout Steven Smothers. Ohio State is one of the top choices for Smothers, and he plans on visiting Columbus sometime this fall.


Class of 2015 offensive tackle Kieffer Longson has set up an official visit to one of the three remaining schools on his list. BYU, Ohio State, and Utah are his final three, but it is BYU that is going to get an official visit this Thursday.

"I am taking an official to BYU this thursday," Longson told Eleven Warriors. I am excited for it. I do not think I'll commit, because I want to take all of my official visits, but we shall see."

It was a big of a long shot for Longson to come here, and in the end I do see him picking either BYU or Utah, with BYU being his likely destination. Where he chooses, might not get him for a year or two, as he plans on taking his mission for his faith.

Ohio State commit taking Moore visits?

Class of 2015 commit, Josh Moore, was at the attention of some rumors today. There were some chirps that he might be visiting Florida State in a couple of weeks. We spoke with Moore and he quickly denied those rumors.

"The rumors about me visiting Florida State are completely false," Moore told 11W. "I do not know where those rumors came from, but I am not visiting Florida State. I am hoping to get to Ohio State soon." 

Moore went on to tell us he was all Ohio State.

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