11W Community Interview: Maple Heights' Four-Star Athlete Kierre Hawkins

By Jeremy Birmingham on January 24, 2016 at 8:15 am
Maple Heights' Kierre Hawkins

The 11W Community Interview is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. You submit the questions, vote on them, and then we pass the top ones on to the biggest names in the world of Ohio State athletics.

Although he's spent most of the last year being relatively quiet off of the football field, Ohio State 2016 commitment Kierre Hawkins made sure his play spoke volumes as a senior at Ohio's Maple Height's High School.

The country's 11th-ranked tight end could play a number of different spots when he finally arrives in Columbus but the 6-foot-4, 225-pound athlete is just working towards getting himself to campus and letting the chips fall wherever they may.

"I feel like I'm underrated, I have a lot to prove," Hawkins told 11W. "But I'm just going to keep working for my family and staying humble. It will all come in time. I am very aggressive and I'm hungry. I want everything I can get.

Today, he focuses on the Eleven Warriors' Community Interview and your questions.

What position do you see yourself playing at Ohio State? - Maka

KH: I honesty see myself playing like a combination H-back/tight end. I'm able to play multiple positions because I'm a athlete who is very versatile on the offensive side of the ball. I think I can be used kind of like a Aaron Hernandez or Jordan Reed was when coach Myers coached them at Florida.

Do you have a favorite all-time Buckeye player?TeddyBallgame

KH: My favorite all-time Buckeye players are Cris Carter and Troy Smith. Cris Carter was kind of like me; he was kind of quiet and came out of nowhere with some great plays and played physical, fundamental football and always came through for his team. Troy Smith was a guy that had to grind, grind, grind to get better and push through all the hard things he dealt with and turned out to be a legend at Ohio State. Someday, I want my name right next to his in the stadium.

How would you best describe your playing style?  — Nutbuckas

KH: My playing style is a very calm and smooth, but I can also get very physical and rough at times. One of my teachers in school calls me "The Quiet Storm" because I could burst out at anytime and turn up and you wouldn't even know it (laughs).

Are you dreading or looking forward to your first week with Mickey Marotti? - BuckeyeVsTheWorld

KH: I'm actually really looking forward to grinding it out with Coach Marotti, week one. He seems like a great coach and someone I need to help me grow as an athlete and a person. It's going to be hard, but I'm going to get better, and he's gonna push me to my full-potential. 

It's apparent, at least to me, that blocking on the edge is a priority for our wide receivers and tight ends, and likely a prerequisite to playing time. Is this a strong suit for you and has this been part of your discussion with the staff on your path to the field?  – Knarcisi

It's going to be hard, but I'm going to get better, and he's gonna push me to my full-potential.

KH: Blocking on the edge will be a big part of getting on the field for me. If you're playing receiver or tight end you have to be able to block before you catch. If I'm able to meet my standard of blocking, I think I have a good chance of getting on the field (early in my career).

As a high school football player, what was your best experience on the football field?  – Seattle Linga

KH: My best experience on the field was just seeing all the fans that we have created in our community cheer us on. It's made it a crazy place for other teams to come play. Also, playing with my brothers that I've known for years, to play with them one last time was great. I really enjoyed every second.

What's your craziest recruiting story? How did the Ohio State coaches impress you during your recruitment?Toad1204

KH: The way Ohio State impressed me was sitting me in the room with the greatest coach of all time in 2014 before the Rutgers game. The fact that Urban Meyer knew my name, and wanting me to come to my dream school and play for him was a honor. How I committed was crazy I just walked up to him and told him face-to-face that I wanted to be a Buckeye and all the coaches were happy. It was great. There wasn't really any other schools ever involved.

What is a hobby or interest you have that might take people by surprise?BuckInChicago

KH: One hobby that I have that some might find interesting is that I like to listen to speeches. I listen to motivational speakers all the time and try to capture everything that they say and use it every day in life. I also like to write poetry.

At what point did you know you wanted to be a Buckeye, and was there anything specific that made you come to that conclusion?RBurgundy4

KH: I always wanted to be a Buckeye. Since the 5th grade, I remember watching all those great players–my favorite players in my favorite colors– this was a goal that I set for myself. Now, I'm living it, so I knew I had to commit the moment I had the chance.

I honestly want to leave a legacy everywhere I go. I did in high school and now in I will in Columbus. I can't wait to just live my dream and make something of it and make my family proud. Ohio State was always the place for me and a lot of people didn't really think I would get to the stage I am at now so I have to make something of it. I will love the Buckeyes for my entire life.

I just want to say to say to the fans and readers that I'm going to be the greatest, and I'm going to be remembered at The Ohio State University. I will work and work until I get there. 

I love the Buckeyes. I will live a legacy on, and off the field, to make other people's lives better. O-H-I-O

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