Across the Twitterverse: Jay-Z and Beyonce Come to Town and Other Great Tweets from This Week

By David Wertheim on August 17, 2018 at 2:10 pm

I go back to The Ohio State University tomorrow. Last night, I was on campus to move some stuff in. There was a massive concert.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Come to Town

And it was really massive.

This picture is incredible:

General Tweets

Evan Ravenel with a #good #take:

Costco is incredible. Grab yourself a cheap slice of jumbo pizza, some frozen yogurt, and get some bulk watermelons and Cheez-Its.

This is why you guys read these articles. For pictures of Jerome Baker in a chef's hat.

A fun exchange between Jon Diebler and Joey Lane:

Love it.

This week in Michael Thomas' Cryptic Tweets:

... and that's it. Slow week for Michael Thomas.

Tweet of the Week

The video production is just incredible. I don't care where they practice if they put out videos like this.

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