Across the Twitterverse: Cam Johnston Bombs a Long Punt and Other Great Tweets from This Week

By David Wertheim on August 10, 2018 at 2:10 pm

I go back to the Ohio State University one week from tomorrow.

General Tweets

Let's start with a doggo.

This is great to see:

Erick Smith has a #hot #take about the NFL 

I kind of agree with him... But I'm also not the one who is sacrificing his body... but Smith did sacrifice his body... LOTS OF CONFLICTS HERE

In other punter news.... Cam Johnston BOMBED an 81-yard boot today.

...which is not surprising, since he looks like a linebacker now.

This week in Michael Thomas cryptic tweets:

The week he stops with these tweets is the week I cease to write these articles.

In sad news, Jordan Hall recently made his Twitter account private. I have submitted a follow request, but this is just devastating all around. Sad!

Tweet of the Week

Joey Lane is some character.

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