No Cap Pod: The Justin Fields Slander Gets Even Dumber and Brent Venables Says Things Ohio State Fans Love to Hear

By No Cap Pod on April 2, 2021 at 9:55 am
No Cap Episode 30

No Cap, featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas, is back with another episode of the internet's nicest podcast.

This week, Tyvis explains why there's nothing better than the home cooking of Pro Day, the guys put ESPN's Dan Orlovsky in a body bag for his ridiculous second-hand comments on Justin Fields, and marvel at the sheer number of 4.3s being clocked across the country.

Also discussed: E.J. Liddell's due diligence, that time Chris Ash shot his shot with Tyvis, and Brent Venables saying all the things Ohio State fans want to hear.

01:32 Sports You Can Work To
04:30 Tyvis Learns to Hate the Mexican National Team
07:10 The Home Cookin' of Pro Day
09:30 “I Have Never Seen So Many 4.3s in My Life!”
16:41 Dan Orlovsky Slowly Backs Up into a Bush
22:09 Kamryn Babb's Incredibly Bad Luck
27:26 E.J. Liddell and Due Diligence
32:42 That Time Chris Ash Shot His Shot
35:31 #AskTyvis: Were You Ever Starstruck Meeting an NFL Great?
40:17 We Wish Thad Matta Well in Bloomington (But Not Too Well)
42:37 Iowa Cashes that Truckstop Check
44:14 Say It Louder for the People in Back, Brent Venables!
51:42 WHAC Stories: Shaping the Culture of a Championship Team
56:41 Going for Three: Throwing Up Airballs When You're Wide Open

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